How Much Do You Charge For Wrapping?

A poorly wrapped gift is a common thing during holidays or events. However, some people offer gift-wrapping services and charge for them. Wrapping gifts creates a sense of fun and mystery which is part of every occasion or holiday. This is where you come in with a new business idea, a stellar gift-wrapping service as a business person. There are several pricing strategies to be followed when wrapping gifts for people. You can start by charging between $15 to $35 per hour according to how complex the process is and the gift type. You may also set a wrapping charge according to the size and weight of the package. For instance, you can charge $5 for small gifts, $8 for medium-sized gifts, and $10 for large gifts.

Gift wrapping businesses are not common, therefore, this can be a great business idea that can earn you a lot of money. Professional gift wrappers charge to wrap people’s gifts to a professional standard which takes the stress from special events and occasions. Follow this article to learn how you can start a gift-wrapping business and how much you should charge.

Skills Needed To Be A Professional Gift Wrapper

Skills Needed To Be A Professional Gift Wrapper

To earn from this business, you need to be good at wrapping gifts. When someone pays for such a service, they will expect a professional result; therefore, your gift-wrapping skills should be top-notch. Sometimes you may have to wrap a gift in front of a client, which will put you under a lot of pressure, and you will have to do it exceptionally well.

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Moreover, it would help develop a plan of how to market your services so that people can know about your skills and request your assistance. You can market through a website for people in your area to find you through Google. You probably also have to find other ways to get the word out to the public. To begin with, you can post in the local Facebook groups and print out some flyers to distribute in your local area. To wrap it up, the only skills you need to be a professional gift wrapper are knowing your craft and marketing your services to potential clients.

Is Wrapping Gifts A Profitable Business?

Is Wrapping Gifts A Profitable Business

The gift-wrapping field is an untapped niche; therefore, the competition is small, and the chances of succeeding are high if you do things the right way. However, do not wait to be successful in a day; there’s a lot you need to do to succeed.

People who live in large cities stand a high chance of making good money through gift wrapping. This is because the population is high in large cities, and there are numerous events daily that require your services. If you stay in a small town, you shouldn’t be worried about making money in this business since a professional gift wrapper can earn good money anywhere as long as they are good at what they do and possess unique skills.

If you have another business, you can treat professional gift wrapping as a side hustle and wait for it to pay off handsomely before you become fully committed to it. People hire gift wrappers because they want to present their gifts in an appealing and eye-catching manner.

Establish your brand’s image by setting a clear vision and providing your customers with top-notch services at reasonable prices. Attract more customers by giving them discounts and membership offers. Your gift-wrapping services should be innovative enough to bring value to customers. Being good at this business will help you establish a sustainable income source as your customers increase daily. The gift-wrapping business is promising as long as you have the proper knowledge and skillset to distinguish you from the rest.

How Much To Charge For Gift Wrapping Service?

How Much To Charge For Gift Wrapping Service

Before you charge for the service, you must first analyze the costs associated with gift wrapping; for instance, your charges should include wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, and any other essentials. Once you compute the costs, you must also include the labor cost. During the first few months in the business, you can expand it by giving your customers discounts and special offers to make them attracted to the company.

It’s also essential to analyze market trends and avoid charging a higher price than an established business in the first phase of your business launch. You can win customers and enhance your customer base by setting a lower price than the industry average.

If you have worked as a gift wrapper before, you can charge your customers between $25 and $40 per hour. But if you are a beginner in the industry, you can start by setting a $15 to $25 per hour charge before you gain the necessary knowledge and expertise of how things work.

These hourly rates are for bulk wrapping orders that require you to wrap several gifts as a professional, such as company gifts for an event ceremony. If a customer requests you to wrap maybe one or two items, you can charge them based on weight. Such things can cost anywhere between $4 and $10 according to size and weight. This is not the standard price; you can set your prices based on your market analysis. Remember to give your customers special discounts and reduce costs during some occasions to improve your customer base as you get better at it.

How To Wrap Gifts Professionally

Once you have established your gift-wrapping business and have all the supplies and necessities to wrap any gift that comes your way, you should make sure you know how to wrap the gift professionally. You may have done gift wrapping a lot of times in the past and think you are good at it, but your customers will want their gifts to look professional if they pay for the service. Therefore, you must make sure you are good at it.

You can learn how to wrap gifts professionally through YouTube and find out how to do it well. YouTube contains video tutorials from professionals to help you do it. From YouTube, you can learn the basic wrapping techniques, how to wrap odd-shaped gifts, diagonal wrapping, and any other wrapping techniques you may be interested in.

How To Ensure That The Gift-Wrapping Business Is Thriving

Gift-Wrapping Business

After establishing your gift-wrapping business, you can add other services like selling gift boxes, balloons, and mason jars. Therefore, your customers can buy the wrapping papers, packages, and containers from you, which will earn you a lot of money.

You can also design your own custom wrapping paper or find a wrapping paper printing company to brand your custom design for your customers. If you have set up the gift-wrapping business from your home, it may not have good visibility, and you can consider renting a small space to expand your business. This way customers can visit you at the shop instead of having them in your house.

Getting customers is a job on its own, but you can make the process easy by seeking corporate clients for gift-wrapping services during holidays and special events.

Where To Find Suppliers For Your Gift-Wrapping Business

Find wholesale gift-wrap and trim suppliers to get a quotation for materials needed. You can locate overseas suppliers and local and national Business to Business (B2B) suppliers. You may even find some supplies such as tape and tissue paper at dollar stores. As your business grows, you will need to purchase other equipment, including industrial gift-paper roll dispensers and tape dispensers. Ensure that you have wrapping paper for all occasions and include some solid patterns and ribbons for matching.

Items Required For A Gift-Wrapping Business

Fortunately, you do not have to invest lots of money upfront in starting the gift-wrapping business since it has minimal overhead. Some of the necessary supplies you may require to include: 

1. Gift wrapping paper

2. Cellophane wrap (for gift baskets)

3. Heavy-duty scissors

4. Tape

5. Gift tags

6. Ribbons

Other decorative items you may need to make your gift wrapping unique.

Ensure that you have all these items as you cannot do without them. The ongoing expenses for your gift-wrapping business include paper, scissors, and tape, which you will need to replenish regularly. If you have an actual storefront, your expenses will also include a lease, utility, and any other maintenance cost involved. Your business van may also be part of the business expenses.


The gift-wrapping business is an untapped niche with a lot of potential and less competition. You only need to have some professional gift wrapping and marketing skills to get started. The advantage of starting this business is that it is cost-effective and does not involve lots of complexities. Many people will pay you to wrap gifts for them since they do not have the patience to wrap their gifts or need someone with a less decorative flair. Therefore, as you choose to go ahead with this business idea, ensure that you are good at it, which will improve your customer base in no time.

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