How Much To Spend On Bridal Party Gifts

A bridal party is usually a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding by a group of people chosen by the bride. The biggest question of a bridal party is how much should you spend on bridal party gifts. Well, you should give what you can afford but on average from $25 to $75 is perfectly acceptable. While buying gifts make sure you pick something that is thoughtful, personal, and memorable.  

Remember, the range of $25 to $75 is not universal; you can spend more if you want and the opposite you can also give something lovingly homemade or a family heirloom. So first decide what type of gift you want to give. And when it comes to making a final decision consider your own budget and relationship with the bride because it will help you choose whether to gift her expensive gift or go with something traditional.

Giving a bridal gift doesn’t mean you have a free no-gift pass to the wedding. If your budget doesn’t allow you for two gifts then don’t feel bad. You can split the budget between the shower and the wedding gift. You can also skip the bridal gift if you want and it is not technically wrong for doing so.

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Take Advantage Of The Wedding Registry

There is a wedding registry for reason and you can take full advantage of it. You can easily pick any gift from the wedding registry. It may look like an easy getaway but it’s not. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t pick a gift outside of the registry. You can buy both the bridal gift and wedding gift related to each other. This type of gift will be an excellent thoughtful idea. You can also consider teaming up with your friends to give something special as a bridal party gift. If it’s a themed bridal party then you will get the clue of the gift from the invitation card. If it’s a couple of bridal parties then it is best to stick with the wedding registry. However, if you are attending a ladies only bridal party then you can go crazy with gorgeous lingerie or sexy honeymoon bathing suits, or other fun gifts.

When To Start Shopping The Bridal Party Gift

There is no set rule available that says when to start shopping for the bridal party gift but it is wiser to tick mark it from the list as early as possible. The close the wedding day comes the more you become busy and if you leave the bridal gift shopping for later then there are chances you might forget about it due to the added pressure. Therefore, it is best to start the bridal party gift shopping as early as possible. This way you will have plenty of time to shop for a fabulous gift.

When To Give The Bridal Party Gift

Opening the gifts in a bridal shower is a tradition so it is recommended to bring the gift to the bridal party. However, if the gift is particularly cumbersome or it would be very difficult for you to carry the gift then talk with the hosts and see if you can ship the gift in advance.

Unique Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Dessert Stand: Every host needs a dessert stand and if the occasion is a wedding then it requires quite a few dessert stands. A pedestaled stand will be a great bridal party gift because it can double for sweets or appetizers.

Picture Frame:  You can give a side by a side picture frame and it will be a great addition for the desk or can be used as a coffee table décor. The couple can use one side of the frame to slip the extra invitation and their favorite snapshot from the wedding day into the other side of the frame.

Crystal Vase: A unique style and high-quality vase will add instant class to an entryway or dining table. You can consider giving a crystal vase because the diamond cut design of this type of vase will create a gorgeous sparkle for the decoration.

Appetizer Plates: This is also another very thoughtful bridal party gift idea. The couple might not be expecting this type of gift but they are really good to have on hand for casual cocktail nights or formal holiday parties.

Champagne Glasses: A beautiful design and elegant champagne glasses set will be a perfect bridal party gift. The couple can use this glass set for the wedding day toast.   

Stand Mixer: This gift will be perfect for a couple who cook together. A stand mixer is considered as the holy grail of kitchen appliances. If the couple has a small kitchen then you can opt for a mini stand mixer with the same motor speed.

Jewelry Box: A jewelry box is an excellent gift option for the bride to store all scattered jewelry, makeup accessories, and other personal gadgets in an organized way. Most jewelry box has a compact design so it can be kept anywhere. Moreover, an elegant design jewelry box will be an excellent addition to the home decoration.                       

Slow Cooker: A slow cooker is not a very common gift to give at a bridal party but if you are looking for something unique then you can consider this gift idea. A slow cooker will be the perfect party food prep assistant for appetizers, main dishes, soups, dips, and many more.

Wall Décor: This is also a very unique bridal party gift idea. If the couple loves to keep their house elegant with high-quality, cost-effective household products, and home decorator items then what are you waiting for. Gift them a unique design, high-quality wall décor as a bridal party gift.

Juicer Machine: Great gift idea for a health-conscious couple. With the juicer machine, the couple can prepare healthy fresh fruit/vegetable juice at home in a convenient way.

Monogrammed Towels: These types of towels are foolproof personalized bridal shower gifts and they will make the future newlyweds feel super-posh right in the comfort of their own home.

Cake Cutter And Server: Excellent and very thoughtful bridal party gift idea. The cake is an intriguing part of a wedding and at the wedding, the bride and groom have to cut the cake and serve it among the guests. So the couple can use the cake cutter and server on the wedding day.

Pitcher: This type of gift is perfect for a couple who loves to host summertime guests. Well, a pitcher may not be a conventional bridal party gift but an elegant design and the high-quality pitcher will be appreciated by the couple.

Beach Bag With Honeymoon Essentials: If you are a close friend of the bride or close relative then you can consider giving a beach bags with honeymoon essentials. Usually, this type of gift bag is filled with a few essentials which are perfect for a bridal shower gift.

Garden in a Jar: A very unique and thoughtful bridal party gift idea. If the bride or the couple loves nature then you can give a garden in a jar. There are hardly any people who wouldn’t want some fresh basil sprouting in their kitchen window.

Bridal Emergency Kit: The name of the gift says everything. This emergency kit will make sure the bride is prepared for anything that comes her way. Usually, this type of kit includes safety pins, double-sided tape, floss, a mending kit, tissues, and many more.

Scrapbook: A wedding album is always precious for the couple so you can consider giving a scrapbook as a bridal party gift so the couple can store all the memories of their wedding.

Coasters: Coasters offer a practical and stylish solution to problems with drinks staining the table or table cloth. So coasters will be an excellent gift for a bridal party. The host can use them during the wedding day.

Ring Dish: A bridal party is all about the bride so you should think of a gift that is only for the bride. A ring dish is a perfect gift for the bride because she can keep her new bling safe while in the bathroom, the kitchen, the nightstand, and many more.

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