How To Ask For Housewarming Gifts

People throw a housewarming party soon after they move to a new house. It’s an age-old tradition for the hosts to show their new home to their friends and for the friends to present gifts that the host can use to furnish their new home. This type of party is informal and the guest can bring any type of gift. However, not every gift can make your house beautiful and there are chances you already have the item or gadget, or decoration that the guest has brought. So, if you want to avoid this type of situation then you can ask for housewarming gifts.

Many people don’t find it comfortable to include a gift request in the invitation card so asking for a housewarming gift can be a bit tricky. There are many ways you can ask for housewarming gifts like let your friends create and send the invitation card, mention “housewarming party” in the invitation card, include a unique yet funny request for gifts in the card, add an RSVP request and phone number on the invitation card and many more.

This is what lifestyle and etiquette expert Elaine Swann has said about asking for house warming gifts:

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“When it comes to gifts you should never ask for anything at all. Any revelation of gift preferences should be revealed in the context of an answer instead. So what this means, is you should not put any gift preferences at all within the invitation you are distributing to your guests. Now if individuals do happen to ask you what would like you can answer and share with them your preferences.”

The Appropriate Way To Ask For Housewarming Gifts

There are many ways you can ask for housewarming gifts without offending your friends or relatives. Let’s check them out!

Ask A Friend

If you feel shy to include a gift request in the invitation card then you can ask a friend to host the house warming party for you. However, it doesn’t mean that the party will be held at the friend’s house because, after all, it’s about your house. What your friend will do is, create, and send the invitation card for you. This way you can mention gifts on the invitations and it does look more appropriate.

Refer As Housewarming Party

There is a significant difference between a “housewarming party” and an “open house” party. Many people consider an open house party as a social event and to show off the house and a house warming party as gift occasions. It means people usually don’t bring gifts to an open house party. Therefore, when you are sending an invitation card make sure you refer to the party as a “housewarming party.”

Include A Gift Request

You can include a funny or roundabout gift request in the invitation card. You can consider including a poem or some gift wording in the card. If you add something funny then the guests would think it’s appropriate rather than being offended. You can also add a separate column to include customized messages if you want. Here are some examples of customized messages –

Example 1

“The Smiths are all moved in, but it’s looking a little dreary; bring a little something to help make it look cheery!”

Example 2

“You’ve become like family to us, and we can’t imagine a home without you in it. To celebrate moving into our new home, we’re having a small gathering of the most important people in our life, and that’s you! Please come and be with us and bless us with your gift of love.”

Example 3

It’s a party! And we’ve found the perfect spot. Come to our new house, the new party central to you. Bring a drink. We’ve got the food covered.

Example 4

Hip, hip, hooray! We are pretty darn happy that we are in our new house. Now, all we need is you. Come for food, drinks, and fun. Casual attire. The theme is Beers from Around the World, so please bring a couple of 6-packs, and let’s party!

Example 5

“We have a new mailing address and a new place to call home. We’re excited to welcome you to it and have planned a scavenger hunt inside the home with a prize at the end. So bring your thinking caps and come enjoy the fun!”

Example 6

“Home is where the heart is, and so we would love nothing more than for your heart to be there, too! Help us christen our new home at our housewarming party this Saturday at 11 am. Please come as you are and be ready for great beer, great BBQ, and great conversation. Shoes are not required.”

Example 7

“We want to start our journey in our new home with a bash! Please take a break from your busy lives and join the festivities. Unlocking the door to our new home wouldn’t be as satisfying without your company.”

Example 8

“There’s no real way to thank you for all that you’ve done for us, but we’d like to invite you to our housewarming. We’ll provide the gifts and won’t mind exchanging with you! We’ve got a fun evening planned, and we hope you can make it.”

Example 9

“Windows are in, walls are painted, and now we’re ready to welcome you for a visit. The theme is Stock the Bar, so do us a favor and bring a bottle or mixer and be ready to help us drink it.”

Example 10

“No housewarming is complete without my friends to share my joy and help me christen my new home! Do me the honor of eating my snacks and making a toast to what I hope will be the first of many get-togethers with you in my new home.”

Include An RSVP Request

While sending a housewarming party invitation card make sure you include an RSVP request and phone number. Including an RSVP means the host has requested the guest to say if they plan to attend the party. So when the guest calls the host they might ask what sort of gift they could bring. This is a great chance for the host to ask for a gift that they want.

Final Thoughts

If you are in doubt then don’t ask for housewarming gifts or mention gifts in the invitation card. Moreover, if you are inviting older people or etiquette-conscious friends then asking for gifts might offend them. So make sure, you take everything into consideration before sending a housewarming party invitation with a gift request.     

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