How to Ask for Money Instead of Gifts for Birthday

Receiving gifts on the occasion of the birthday is a pleasant experience. But this happy experience can turn into a nightmare when you understand that you have everything you need and there are boxes of new items on the way to your upcoming birthday party.

Moreover, there are chances you will get the stuff you won’t use at all. So it might be a great time to change the tradition and start a new custom like asking for money instead of gifts for birthday.

If you could get money instead of gifts on your birthday then you can spend the money on items that you need or like. But asking for money as a birthday gift is not considered a polite thing.

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how to ask for money as gift

So if you are wondering how to ask for money instead of gifts for your birthday, it requires a bit of tact. Keep reading the article if you are interested to know how you can ask the guest not to bring a gift but give you money.

Ask Politely

Asking politely and directly is the best and the most intimidating way to ask your guests for money instead of gifts. Directly asking for money may sound rude but if you ask politely then it won’t sound rude. In fact, you can directly ask for money as a birthday present for your family members or close friends. They won’t mind if you tell them the true reason for asking for money and be honest with them. You should tell them you would prefer money over gifts for your birthday. 

Tell them what you will do with the money or what you will buy with the money. If you keep yourself honest and tell them your reason, they’ll understand, and some of them might even feel relieved. Sometimes people find it difficult to buy gifts for a particular person year after year. So giving them an alternative might be stress relieving for them. Lastly, you shouldn’t be ashamed to make a birthday gift request as long as you’re not greedy, have a reasonable cause, and you do it politely.

Invitation Cards

If you are sending an invitation to invite guests to a birthday celebration then you can easily express the “Money Instead of Gifts” message. Generally, the invitation card contains important information like the date of the occasion, the time, the place, etc. So you can give specific instructions on the invitation card like a request to bring no gifts but money. You can use no gift wording in the invitation card. There are many different ways to write money instead of gifts on an invitation. For example:

  • Gifts are not required. But if you want to give one, I would appreciate a cash gift to help me spend a long-awaited holiday in my dream place.
  • The presence of your family and friends will do, no gifts, please. However, if you want to give something, some pennies would mean a lot.
  • Your presence is all I need for the day. But if you want to give me any present then any donation to help decorate my treehouse is appreciated.
  • Your presence is the only present desired but if you really want to give me a gift then give me money instead of gifts so that I can buy my dream bicycle. 

You can add the above request at the bottom of the invitation. But if you have other things to say then you can add a separate insert with the invitation with your message. This is a great way to say that you will appreciate money instead of gifts for your birthday. Moreover, the chance of hurting the fillings of your loved ones is zero!

Express the Message on the Phone

If you don’t have the chance to express your message in person then you should tell your guests on the phone that you don’t want any gifts this year but money. Though many people consider it difficult but it’s a great option because you will have the chance to explain in detail why you want money as a gift. Before you start the conversation make sure you remain calm or you might risk your words coming out all wrong. So, your guest will not understand and could misinterpret your message. Make sure, you start your conversation in a casual and fun way. Thanked them for accepting your invitation as well as appreciate all the gifts that they have given in the past. Finally, asked them to give you money instead of a gift this time and clearly explain to them your reasons for wanting money as gifts this time. They will definitely understand and most likely will honor your wishes.

Start a New Tradition

If you pursuit then you will find a lot of your friends, family members, co-workers who consider gift buying a hassle and they would also prefer giving and receiving money instead of gifts. Many of them are too ashamed to ask or say anything to you so they will follow what other people do. In this type of situation, someone has to be brave and take the first initiative. The person can be you and you can launch an idea and start a new tradition to give money instead of a gift. You will get the support from the people who also want to give money as a gift. This way you can start a new custom.

In big groups, people find it very difficult to pick the right gift. Moreover, many people don’t know each other very well so they don’t understand what to get, and most of them don’t like games like Secret Santa. So cash instead of gifts are the best solution to avoid all these things and awkward situations. Therefore, you should talk with your friends, family member, and co-workers and ask for their opinion. If they are ok with your idea then you can all start the new tradition together.

Notify your Guests in Advance

If you are wishing to get money instead of gifts on your next birthday then make sure you notify your guests in advance. There is no point in asking the guests for money instead of gifts just a day before the occasion or the ceremony. Most of the time guests buy their presents well in advance. So if the guest has bought the present then there is nothing you can do. Moreover, this will hurt your guest because he/she has already bought the gift. The best solution is, if you are sending an invitation then includes the wording to ask for money instead of gifts in it.

Avoid Rude Phrases on Invitation Card

I have already given an idea about wordings that you can use in the invitation card. But when you are mentioning about the money; you have to make sure that you don’t use any harsh or rude phrases that might heart the feelings of your guest. So make sure you avoid strong phrases and statements when writing invitation cards. Remember, asking for money instead of gifts is not rude but it might look impolite if you don’t get the wording right. Here are some words that you should avoid when writing invitation cards:

  • We receive only cash gifts
  • No regular gifts, just cash
  • Keep in mind that we prefer cash gifts
  • Come without gifts or with gift cards   

You have to keep in mind that your main goal is to let your guests know why you prefer money instead of gifts but not forcing them to give you money as a gift. This way you will avoid creating any misunderstanding between you and your guest.

Final Thought

I hope you have found the above suggestions helpful and successfully ask for money instead of gifts. Be honest about your needs & wishes and while approaching the guests make sure you don’t hurt their fillings. Let us know in the comment section how you have celebrated your birthday and if our tricks and suggestions have worked for you!

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