How To Give Gifts Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is a very popular role-playing game first released on November 3, 2009, by Electronic Arts. This is the first game in the Dragon Age franchise and it is available on platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS. In this game gifts are ways to gain influence outside of your actions. You can start exchanging gifts once you have reached +5 influences.

You can easily give gifts to a companion. In order to give a gift follow the below steps:

1. Open your inventory.

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2. Select the character you wish to give the gift to.

3. Highlight the gift.

4. Give the gift

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Gifts Sorted By Character


Gift NameLocationDescription
Alistair’s Mother’s AmuletRedcliffe CastleDesk in room west of exit to 2nd floor
Black Rune stoneDeep RoadsAeducan Thaig Chest in NW area with several Darkspawn near the bloody sack
Duncan’s ShieldDenerimWarehouse Hidden room after rescuing the Queen and Riordan tells you about the cache
Onyx Demon StatuetteBrecillian ForestE Brecillian Forest pile of bones near gravestone
Small Carved StatuetteLoitheringCrate next to Bodahns cart before leaving
Stone Warrior StatuetteRuined temple; cavernsPile of dragon filth east area with the drakes and cages
White Rune stoneTower of MagesDropped by Abomination center room of 3rd floor


Gift NameLocationDescription
Beef BoneTower of Mages4th floor Chest behind Dragon lings also has 2 Drake scales in it
Lamb BoneRedcliffe CastleNorth rectangle room with 4 Mabari enemies
Large BoneHavenVillage Store
Ox BoneBrecillian ForestPile of Rubble W Brecillian Forest North of Mystical Site of Power by fallen Tree
Veal BoneDenerimChest in run down apartments in ailenage on route to free the slaves


Gift NameLocationDescription
Andrastes GraceRedcliffe VillageNext to Landmark tree and windmill in redcliffe
Blue Suede ShoesOld TegrinRandom encounter on world maps appears sporadically
Bronze Symbol of AndrasteLoithering , ChantryBehind bookshelves on south of revered mother locked chest
Chantry AmuletTower of MagesSR mages qtrs 2nd floor w side dead soldier in room with a black vile right of the toppled statue
Cute Little NugDust TownIdle Dwarf standing by dead nugs in Dust town Liliena must have mentioned she thinks they are cute first needs about 50 influence with her
Etched Silver SymbolDeep RoadsRuck Ortan Thaig Middle East area if you don’t kill him he’s got some good items to sell
Golden Symbol of AndrasteOrzammar, CommonsLegnar Left Side before Dust Town
Silver Sword of MercyOld TegrinRandom encounter on world maps appears sporadically
Steel Symbol of AndrasteDenerimBrother Gentivis House


Gift NameLocationDescription
Ancient Map of ImperiumDenerimWonders Of Thedas
Botanist’s Map of ThedasDenerimCastle Redcliffe main floor after lands meet
Current Map of FereldenDenerimAlariths store in Ailienage he won’t sell to you if you don’t free all slaves
Map of Occupied FereldenDenerimChest in upper guest room Redcliffe castle after Landsmeet. PC Must be Rougue with level 4 deft hands skill It’s the room Alistair is in.
Map of the AnderfelsDenerimWarehouse across from Duncan’s shield in Grey Warden stash


Gift NameLocationDescription
Black GrimioreTower of MagesSR mages qtrs 2nd floor Irving’s chest
Flemeth’s GrimioreFlemths HutMorrigans Personal Quest after Black Grimiore
Gold AmuletOrzammar, CommonsGarin Right side before Diamond Quarter
Golden Demon PendantThe GauntletDead adventurer in room with sacred urn of ashes
Golden MirrorOrzammar, CommonsGarin Right side before Diamond Quarter
Golden Rope NecklaceLoitheringBarlin
LocketHavenLocked Chest in Front of Shopkeeper
Silver ChainTower of MagesVanity Sr mage qtrs 2nd floor NE room next to Godwin
Silver MedallionAncient RuinsDragon Hoard prior to entering lower ruins
Silver BroochDalish CampVarathorn sometimes sells it I think you have to give him all the ironbark Not sure sometimes he has it others he doesn’t
Piece of woodDogGood weapon for Morrigan if found early in game


Gift NameLocationDescription
AleLoitheringBarlin in building meet Lileanna
Alley Kings FlagonOrzammar, CommonsLegnar Left Side before Dust Town
Chasind Sack MeadRuined TemplePile of scrolls 1st room W side cultist qtrs middle section of temple
Garlbog’s Backcountry ReserveDogDog may find this  somewhere
Golden Scythe 4:90LoitheringCrate next to house by Elf refugees
Legacy of White ShearAncient RuinsSarcophogus lower riuns SW Rectangle room near the Arcane horror
Sun Blonde Vint-1Tower of Mages4th floor Vanity behind desire demon and templar (cut scene)
Wilhelm’s Special BrewHonnleathBeer Barrel prior to stairs before meeting villagers Stone Prisoner DLC

Shale (DLC)

Gift NameLocationDescription
Remarkable AmethystDust TownAlimar Dust Town
Remarkable DiamondOrzammar CommonsGarin Right side before Diamond Quarter
Remarkable EmeraldOrzammarFigor Right side in shop area north of Garin
Remarkable GreenstoneHonnleathDropped by a wraith in Wilhelm’s cellar en route to Amalia near a dead soldier Stone Prisoner DLC
Remarkable MalachiteTower of MagesQuartermaster
Remarkable RubyDenerimAlariths store in Ailienage he won’t sell to you if you don’t free all slaves
Remarkable SapphireOrzammar CommonsLegnar Left Side before Dust Town


Gift NameLocationDescription
Painting of Rebel QueenOld TegrinRandom encounter on world maps appears sporadically
Portrait of a Goose girlFrostback MountainsFaryn merchant next to Orzammar gate
Small Framed Still LifeRedcliffe CastleLocked in 2nd floor vault in a chest
TotemDeep RoadsCaridans Cross center upside down T with traps and bastillas
Water Stained PortraitTower of MagesNext to Owain charred corpse 2nd floor
Sten’s SwordRedcliffeTalk to Sten and follow the quest to get it.


Gift NameLocationDescription
Discovering Dragons BloodRuined Temple1st west room on left side in bookshelf
Fancy ScrollAncient RuinsLower ruins first south room also has tablet with ritual to get juggernaught armor
Rose Of OrlaisTower of Mages2nd floor behind a blood mage who begs for mercy in east room SR mages qtrs
Search for True ProphetOrzammarLocked chest in very back of Shaperate
Tattered NotebookTower of MagesAsk dog to look for it I have only found this with him in at mages Tower
The Guerins of Ferelden a HistoryRedcliffe CastleBookshelf small room on 2nd floor just west of exit to 1st floor
WineLoitheringmerchant who offers 100 silver to drive away peasants
WineLake CalehandSpoiled Princess owner
WineRedcliffeLloyds Tavern shop


Gift NameLocationDescription
Antivan Leather BootsHavenLocked Chest in Front of Shopkeeper
Dalish GlovesBrecillian ForestW Brecillian forest south of Grand Oak Behind a Tree a camp where Shade attacks
Medium Gold BarDenerimNE corner of Arl Howe’s estate in southern room amongst treasure piles
Medium Silver BarDeep RoadsChest south of the Anvil of the Void
Small Gold BarTower of MagesDropped by charmed templar in east room of 3rd floor
Small Silver BarHavenChantry, Inscribed chest in left room

Misc Gifts Give To Whomever

Gift NameLocationDescription
Dirty PantaloonsDogDog put an eaten rabbit in Morrigans unmentionables
Found CakeDogSten like sweets
Gemmed BraceletOrzammar CommonsGarin Right side before Diamond Quarter
Gold EarringsOrzammar CommonsLegnar Left Side before Dust Town
Painted Sky ballBrecillian ForestPile of Rubble W Brecillian Forest North of Mystical Site of Power by fallen Tree
Shiny Gold RingLoitheringBarlin
Silver BraceletTower of Ishal1st floor w room in front bunk beds
Silver Demon HeadOrzammar CommonsLegnar Left Side before Dust Town
Small Silver RingRedcliffe CastleLocked cabinet room just south of exit to 2nd floor
Steel BracersRedcliffe CastleRedcliffe castle basement in locked chest with love letter
Tangled ball of yarnDogWynne wanted yarn to knit Sten a blanket
Tribal NecklaceTower of IshalTop floor across from beacon in barrel
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