How To Inflate Pool Toys With Bike Pump?

Inflating pool toys is not an easy task especially if you don’t have an air pump. However, you can also inflate poop toys with the bike pump. But it will take a long time to inflate the toys. First, attach the bike pump valve to the air valve of the toys. Now pump until the toys are ready for play.

There are many other ways you can also inflate pool toys. They are:

1. Electric and Battery-Operated Pumps

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2. A Shop Vac

3. Manual Air Pumps

4. Hair Dryer

5. Plastic Garbage Bags

Electric And Battery-Operated Pumps

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You can quickly inflate the pool toys using the electric and battery-operated pumps. With this type of pump, you can inflate air mattresses, sofas, chairs, and other inflatable items. Another great thing about this gadget is, they come with a variety of nozzles, so you can also use your pump for fitness balls, inflatable kayaks, and other sports gear. There are different types of electric and battery-operated pumps available in the market and you can buy them for about $18-$20.

A Shop Vac

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If you have a shop Vac then you can easily inflate pool toys and can save the 20 bucks by not buying a pump. First, check if your shop vac has a blower because not all shop vac has a blower. Now attach Shop-Vac’s inflator nozzle to the air valve of the toys. Now blow up to inflate different types of toys that include beach balls, mattresses, pool toys, and other low-pressure inflatable products.

Manual Air Pumps

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This is another option to inflate pool toys conveniently. Manual air pumps are best for inflating air mattresses and furniture but you can also use this type of pump to inflate pool toys. There are two types of manual pumps available, hand pumps, and foot pumps. Hand pumps are tedious and tiresome so foot pumps are the best option. There are different types of foot pumps available in the market and you can get one at $8 from Intex.

Hair Dryer

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You can also use a hairdryer to inflate pool toys. When inflating make sure you use the cool setting and it should inflate the toys fairly quickly. However, the problem with a hairdryer is; it doesn’t have a nozzle that fits snugly into the plug on the inflatable. So you have to hold everything in place while you inflate other than that a hairdryer is very convenient to use.

Plastic Garbage Bags

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If you don’t have the above tools then the last trick for you is a plastic garbage bag. You can use the plastic garbage bag to inflate pool toys. The process is very simple. First, blow up the bag with just one breath and then roll up and tie the end of it. Now connect the toys that you want to inflate and then push down the garbage bag to inflate the toys quickly.

FAQs About Inflating Pool Toys

1. Can You Use A Ball Pump To Inflate Pool Toys?

If you occasionally inflate your pool toys and other inflate balls then a ball pump will do the job. Moreover, if the size of the toys and balls are small or medium then the ball pump will be enough to inflate them. However, if you have large size pool toys and ball then it will take lots of time to inflate them. In this type of situation, you should look for an alternative like an electric pump, shop vac, etc.

2. How Do You Inflate Pool Toys With An Air Compressor?   

If you have an air compressor then you can easily inflate pool toys. If the toys have a small mouth nozzle then put the hose end over the nozzle and hold it flush against the toy. On the other hand, if the toys have a wider mouth nozzle then use the narrow tip on the compressor and inserts it into the nozzle, and inflates the toys.

3. How Do You Inflate Pool Toys?

There are many ways you can inflate pool toys. You can use an electric pump, battery-operated pump, manual pump, garbage bag, hairdryer, and even a bike pump. If there are lots of pool toys then an electric pump or air compressor is the best solution. For a few numbers of toys, you can use a hair drier or a garbage bag.

4. What Is The Fastest Way To Deflate A Pool Toy?

Inflating the pool toys is hard but it’s even harder to deflate the toys. It’s a time-consuming process. However, you can make this annoying job easy using a simple straw. Usually, we deflate the toys by pinching the air valve with our fingers but we can use straw in the air valve instead of fingers and easily deflate the pool toys.

5. Can The Sun Deflate A Pool?

Yes, the sun can deflate a pool. For every 10-degree temperature drop, the air tubes will lose around 1 psi and it will start to deflate. This is because when we inflate a pool it fills with warm air and at night the temperature drops and it results in deflating.


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