Is Selling Gifts Rude? – Best Tips O Choosing Better Gifts

There are numerous reasons why people give gifts, and in most cases, the action gets influenced by emotion. The motivation behind gift-giving is that it creates positive feelings in the giver and the recipient. When someone gives you a gift, selling it may seem rude because it may look like you did not appreciate it and are trying to make money with something that someone else spent money to acquire.

Is There A Better Gift Than Another?

Is There A Better Gift Than Another

When someone gives you a gift, they do it with the best intention. However, gifting the wrong item may sometimes have consequences. For instance, the recipient may feel dismayed if the present shows that the giver does not know them. When buying a gift for someone, you want them to have that immediate ‘wow’ factor due to the surprise and happiness. But an ill-chosen gift may not offer that because the recipient focuses on the benefits of the present beyond the point of unboxing it.

Choosing Better Gifts

Many people believe that any gift you give needs to be appreciated. However, how you present the gift may influence how people react towards it. If someone gets a gift intended to make them money, they will most likely feel embarrassed, ashamed, and inadequate than a person who receives a gift designed to save them time. When people do not have time, they get perceived as busy and in high demand. Moreover, there is a higher status than not having enough money, which many regards as low status. A gift intended to save you money may make you feel like the gift giver implies that you cannot take care of yourself and are incompetent because you need money.

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Therefore, people need to consider their gifts because others will perceive them differently. An ill-given gift can also harm a relationship with the recipient if you are not careful. As a gift-giver, you can give a money-saving gift and avoid acknowledging the reason or making the gift about saving time.

When picking a gift, it’s essential to buy something the recipient will treasure and one you will be proud to give. Here are some tips on choosing better gifts.

1. Give Gifts That Solve Problems

When buying a gift for others, some people believe that you should buy more stuff to make the recipient happier. That’s not true because happiness does not come from adding positives but from removing negatives. Therefore, when choosing a gift, find a problem in the recipient’s life and solve it with your generosity. For instance, if they complain about neck pain, you can book them a session with a physical therapist. They will genuinely appreciate it. When giving a gift that solves problems, you should be careful about solving a problem they do not know they have, like buying deodorant for a friend who has perspiration problems. They may feel offended, and it could ruin your relationship.

2. Avoid Giving Them More Problems

People do not like a situation where they have to decide; therefore, don’t pick a gift that will force them to choose. For instance, buying a gift card will give the recipient a problem as you will pass the burden of deciding. If you want to gift them a physical therapy session, schedule it too. Even when a recipient is forced to reschedule, they will be forced to do so and won’t have to decide.

3. Give Practical Gifts, Not Flashy Gifts

People tend to be selfish when giving gifts. They want the glory of being great gift-givers, hence buy presents with utmost bedazzlement factor. Don’t forget that flash will fade away, and the recipient will be left to deal with what is left. The best strategy for buying gifts as a selfless person is to gift more practical gifts that will last.

4. Avoid Being Too Thoughtful

A gift-giver may need to show off how well they know the recipient but forget that the recipients know themselves better than you do. So, if the recipient tells you what they like to have, you should avoid outsmarting them and give them what they want. Although the gift may feel thoughtless to you, it may not feel that way to them.

5. Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Giving gifts that keep counting up good credit seek sentimentality. It would help if you gave others something useful as recipients value received items more than the ones they buy themselves. Although novelty may wear off, the sentimentality will not. To make your gift of an experience more sentimental, capture the moment. If you want to add that extra sentimentality, you should personalize your gift by putting the recipient’s face or name somewhere in the present.

6. Present Your Gift In A Proper Manner

Uniquely presenting your gifts will elicit emotions, form memories attached to your gift, and give it extra value. You can do this by fun wrapping the present and making it look fun and exciting.

How To Be A Good Gift Recipient

How To Be A Good Gift Recipient

A good giftee makes it easy for their friends and family who want to gift them. You can become a good giftee by;

Avoid Saying That You Do Not Need Anything– if you do not see the need to get gifts from your friend and family, you can ask them not to give you a gift but do not tell them that you do not need anything. It’s even easier to think about it and let them know about what you want.

Tell Them Precisely What You Would Like– although you may seem selfish by sending people a wish list, it’s better because they will appreciate it if they do not know what to get you.

Always Be Appreciative-if you feel like the gift is terrible, the giver will know. Avoid expressing your disappointment openly, and always let the giver know that you appreciate the present.

Is It Rude to Sell Gifts?

What happens if you do not like a gift and know you will never use it in life? Although some people may see the idea of selling a gift as rude, it is okay to sell a gift you don’t like or regift provided that the gift is in good condition and the giver does not get to know that you resold it or regifted their gift. You can also donate a gift if you don’t like it. You can make your reselling experience fast by selling as quickly as possible because even if you delay, you will not like the gift better after a few months.

When selling a gift, keep the tags on since you can get a high price for a product that appears new. If you want to sell a shoe gift, the best way to sell it is by keeping the tag, box, dust bag, and any inside bag. Ensure you have the complete packaging, and you will achieve close to the retail price. Also, the better the condition your item is in, the better you will price it.

If you are afraid that your friend or family member will stumble upon your listing for their gift on eBay, you can establish a pseudonym account with the resale site of choice and go incognito. Some sites do not need real names, only a valid email address to contact you. You can also dispense any unwanted goods in a local consignment shop so that it is entirely faceless.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Therefore, instead of throwing away a gift, selling it would be a good idea as someone else may love it more than you did. Instead of shoving a gift to the back of the closet, you should get money for it by letting another person enjoy it. 

As a gifter, if you decide to purchase something physical for someone instead of an experience, ensure that it is the best in class. If your budget does not allow you to buy the best, you can join hands with other gift-givers who will love the opportunity to pitch in and not have to decide on a particular gift. This way, you can buy a good quality product. Or you can think smaller. Giftees will get a long-term value out of incredible small gifts than one big one. For instance, you can buy the best nail clipper in the world. Although it is small, it’s of most value and will be helpful to the giftee.


Selling a gift may seem like a rude idea, although if you don’t like a gift is okay to sell it. However, before you sell a gift, ensure that the person who gave you the present will not find out in any way that you sold their gift. Gifts are given to appreciate someone and the last thing you should do is make a person regret gifting you and perceive that you didn’t appreciate the thought that went into buying you the present.

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