Unique Jehovah Witnesses Gift Ideas

Giving a Jehovah witness believer practical items like a messenger bag, a keychain, scripture wall decal, a necklace, and faith-based book, among others, is thoughtful. Jehovah’s witness religion is believers known worldwide due to their strong faith and beliefs, so if you happen to know one, you are fortunate. Take every chance to appreciate them!

Being a Jehovah witness believer is also a great achievement that needs to be appreciated. These are the people that tend to inspire and motivate us when we are going through emotional struggles and are always there for us in our heart-breaking moments. Jehovah witness believers always know the right thing to say and at the right time. Their comforting words always come from their heart, and it is impossible to doubt them.

Listed here are unique gift ideas that will blow a Jehovah’s witnesses’ minds. These are gifts carefully picked to ensure that an amazing believer in your life gets nothing but a pleasant surprise. They are based on their religion, which makes the gifts even more perfect.

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Top 10 Jehovah witnesses gift ideas

  1. Messenger bag
  2. JW.ORG cup mug
  3. Travel organizer case
  4. JW.ORG pens
  5. JW.ORG necktie bar chips and lapel pins
  6. JW.ORG bracelet/zipper pull pendant
  7. Book: Jehovah’s witnesses proclaim God’s kingdom
  8. Scripture wall decal
  9. JW.ORG necklace
  10. Family worship activity book

Can a Jehovah witness believer drink alcohol?

No, they do not believe in drinking. However, they are not against everything to do with fun, that is, dancing, partying, drinking, and music. This, of course, comes with the rule that is practiced in moderation.

What do Jehovah Witnesses believe?

Their key belief is that Jehovah (God) is the one and only true God with Jesus Christ as His first-born son. Jesus was created by Jehovah and is therefore inferior to Him. Holy Spirits are also believd by Jehoavah Witness believers as not a being but God’s active force that is always active.

Is it okay to give a Jehovah witness a gift?

Yes, not because it’s on occasion, or a thank you or anything’s sake for that matter. Just gift them something you know they will treasure and love.

Are Jehovah witness believers allowed to have non-witness friends?

They are forbidden from it. Jehovah witnesses have a strict rule against having non-witness friends that is equal to disobedience to God.

What can Jehovah witnesses eat and not eat?

As long as meat from a slaughtered animal has not been properly drained of all its blood, they cannot eat it. Everything else that is made with blood such as blood sausages, blood soup they cannot eat too regardless of the preparation. However, everything else is okay for them to eat.

Here are Jehovah witnesses gift ideas that you can think of:

A messenger bag

Jehovah witnesses’ life is based on various field operations; therefore, they deserve a gift that would greatly help in that area. A messenger bag is a great idea that will help them in carrying their field items conveniently. Consider Vera Gloria’s messenger bag that is perfect in size, spacious, and comes with a shoulder strap that can be worn crossbody or hang straight from the shoulder.

It is convenient for everyday use and made with premium quality material to ensure it lasts long. This amazing messenger bag is best for carrying a notebook, iPad, and tablet, among other items meant for personal use. Its interior includes two multifunctional pockets, and a zipper pocket meant to keep the content safe. With a lining that is 100% cotton, this prime messenger bag will enhance organization and security for all their items.

Here are more fascinating features of the Vera Gloria messenger bag:

Brand  Vera Gloria (Trusted for the manufacture of top quality products)
Color  Different appealing colors that allow you to choose your favorite.
Material  Canvas trimmed with cowhide leather (for a touch of style and durability)
Dimensions  9.8×11.8×2.7 inches (perfect for carrying around)
Other benefitsThe strap can be adjusted to the desired height, thus comfortable to everyone.
Canvas material used in its manufacture is eco-friendly.
Has a button closure for convenience

JW.ORG Cup mug

Give a Jehovah witness believer a reason to be proud by gifting him/her with a Tanos JW.ORG cup mug. The stunning print will be their reason to be pleased every time they are having a drink. The blue JW.ORG print is big, bold, and looks amazing on the snow-white mug.

The Cup mug is multifunctional and can serve both hot and cold drinks, making it perfect. They also don’t have to get a different mug for tea or coffee as this amazing cup mug can serve any beverage.

Tanos JW.ORG Cup mug comes with amazing features highlighted below:

Brand  Tanos (Known for top quality JW.ORG products)
Weight  12 Ounces (lightweight making it easy to use.)
Material  Ceramic (dishwasher and microwave safe)
Other benefitsOne can  comfortably  hold due to  easy-to-grip handle
It can be used to rewarm drinks in a microwave easily.

Travel organizer case

Something simple, convenient, and easy to use as a gift would be a huge relief to your Jehovah witness friend or relative. If he/she always has a hard time carrying a tablet, then surprise them with a Unimira travel organizer case.

A Unimira travel organizer case is rare, beautiful, and one of a kind that will make one feels professional even in field services. Meant to keep all items in one place, this astounding case has an iPad compartment, a functional elastic phone pouch, business cards holder, hand strap (removable), half-letter size pocket, and a small pocket for personal items.

That’s not all; the Unimira travel organizer case comes with these extra features:

Brand  Unimira (#1best seller)
Material  Vegan leather (durable)
Dimensions  11×9×1.37 inches (convenient)
Other benefitsHas a comfortable and smooth texture that gives the case its elegant look.
Easy to carry around due to removable hand strap.
Great organizer as the case comes with various functional compartments.
Has a zipper that wraps around for maximum security.

JW.ORG pens

The smile your Jehovah witness friend or relative will have every time they take out their pen to note something down will be mesmerizing. This will happen if you gift them with a packet of JW.ORG pens. The pride of belonging to JW.ORG will always be evident from their reaction.

In this packet are four blue, four black and four red pens each having enough ink. The print on the pens is clear to see and does not erase. If you are gifting them to a male, the clip that firmly attached to the cap will give him convenience as he can place it in his shirt for easy access and storage. Besides, the packet of JW.ORG pens is perfect for school and office use.

Check more impressive features of JW.ORG pens below:

Brand  Tanos (known for high-quality JW.ORG products)
Weight  0.13 pounds (lightweight making them easy to carry around)
Other benefitsHave smooth thin tips for easy writing.
Made with an alluring professional design that gives every owner a sense of pride.
Durable plastic construction ensures the pen lasts longer.

Necktie bar clips and lapel pins

If you are wondering which is the perfect gift set that will make your Jehovah witness friend or relative stand out, a collection of necktie bar clips and lapel pins will do. These are simple gifts, but only 1/5000 people will be wearing one. This means that your Jehovah witness friend or relative will always know they are one of a kind every time he/she puts it on.

A simple necktie bar clip or a lapel pin is a silent but quick way of showing off one’s religion and expressing their great pride in it. Jehovah witness is not an upcoming religion, all age groups and genders know it and being identified as a member is what many takes pride in. Pick one from Tanos brand and make your loved one from Jehovah witnesses’ faith have valuable items in their closet.

Besides, the following other features make Tanos necktie bar clips and lapel pins great pick:

BrandTanos (Known for quality JW.ORG products)
Color  Blue and gold (attractive)
Dimensions  Bar clips ­_2² Lapel pins_0.8 ² (standard size)
Other benefitsHave a unique and executive style that makes it stand out.
Goes great with any outfit.
Lapel pins can be used for both males and females.

Bracelet pendant

A gift that proves that you acknowledge one’s beliefs will make your Jehovah witness friend or relative smile every time they look at it. This you will achieve by gifting them with a Longzhaorong bracelet/zipper pull pendant.

Wearing this will be their daily routine as it has an emphasis that one does not have to speak out loud for people to understand. Its use is not just limited on a zipper pull or a bracelet; it can be used on a keychain, backpack, or anything else one might see fit.

Why is Longzhaorong bracelet/zipper pull worth?

Brand  Longzhaorong (officially licensed)
Material  Metal and glass (attractive and durable)
Dimensions  6×12mm (perfect for a pendant)
Other benefitsIt has a durable lobster clasp that is very convenient.
The print is a high-quality HD that looks stunning on anyone.

Book: Jehovah’s witnesses proclaimers of God’s kingdom

Let your Jehovah witness friend or relative impact more on the society by gifting them with a valuable book that embraces their faith. It is an excellent way of inspiring your loved one to go on with the good work because it does not go unnoticed.

With this captivating book, a Jehovah witness believer will also know their root, how Jehovah witness came to be, and all of its history. He/she will also be enlightened on what to do and what not to. This way, you will grant him/her the confidence of saying, “I am a Jehovah witness” in a unique way.

Here are extra amazing features of ‘Jehovah’s witnesses’ proclaimers of God’s word.’:

Author  Watch tower society (bestseller)
Weight  1 pound (lightweight making it easy to carry around)
Pages  750 (useful as it covers a lot)
Other benefitsHas a hardcover to ensure it is always safe.
Easy to flip the pages
They are written in simple English language that many will understand.
Cautiously written to bring enlightenment to the reader.

Scripture wall decal

“As for me and my family, we shall serve Jehovah.” These will be the first words your Jehovah witness friend or relative will read after making the first step into the house. This, of course, will be followed by a huge smile because they know how much it means to the whole family and secondly because it is a gift from you.

Gift him/her with a Wall good decals scripture and achieve all this wonder. It measures 18² × 40² which makes it perfectly stand out on any wall both inside and outside!

Wall good decals scripture makes a perfect gift due to the following:

Brand  Wall good decals (manufacturer of high quality and original wall decals)
Color  Available in different elegant colors
Weight  3.52 Ounces (lightweight making it practical for a wall decal)
Other benefitsIt does not get affected by any weather condition; thus can be displayed outside.
Does not leave any residue on a wall’s surface.
Words are clear and easy to read regardless of the decal’s color.

A JW.ORG necklace

Every time your Jehovah witness friend or relative puts on a stunning outfit, give them something valuable that will go great with all their outfits. A Xuxiayi JW.ORG necklace is an ideal present that will give one a sense of confidence in the religion. It will also provide an extra glow as the chain is made of bronze, which offers a glamorous magnification to the pendant.

The pendant is small but perfect in size, and the different materials and dimensions of the necklace complement each other. Inside the pendant is a JW.ORG print that is surrounded with slight decorations that make an appealing statement.

Here are more features of the Xuxiayi necklace:

Brand  Xuxiayi (officially licensed)
Dimensions  1-inch diameter pendant (perfect size)
Material  Alloy, glass, and bronze (attractive)
Other benefitsThe item is long-lasting due to the quality material used.
Prints bring a stylish appearance on the necklace.
The glass is made to be a magnifying dome which enhances the print.

Family worship activity

There is nothing lovelier than a family that worships together. Grant this ideal experience to your Jehovah witness friend or relative by gifting them with a family worship activity book by JW ministry supplies. This way, you will be unlocking a certain level of love and togetherness to the family.

The Family worship activity book does not only educate, but it also enlightens and gives the family confidence in everything they do. Being from the JW ministry supplies, nothing could serve this purpose best, as the family worship activity book. Let that family grow in faith together because you gifted them with a memorable present.

Why opt for family worship activity book by JW ministry supplies?

Author  JW ministry supplies (Perfect source of JW gifts)
Pages  24 (easy to learn and understand)
Weight  4 ounces (lightweight making it easy to carry anywhere you want to go)
Other benefitsFew pages that are easy to read by all family members.
Provide a message of hope and encourages the whole family.

Book: 20 questions Jehovah’s witnesses cannot answer

Challenging someone’s imagination is the best way to grow your Jehovah witness friend or relative spiritually. Do this by buying them with a book ’20 questions Jehovah’s witnesses cannot answer.’ It contains twenty non-offensive items, which will make one know just how much they need to delve deep into their religion.

The questions are only meant to challenge and educate, and this should be your priority in giving them this perfect gift. It is also a cool way to interact even among Jehovah’s witnesses.

20 questions Jehovah’s witnesses cannot answer by Charles Love has other amazing features as follows:

Author  Charles Love (best seller)
Pages116 (convenient)
Weight6.9 ounces (lightweight therefore can be carried around with ease)
Other benefitsQuestions featured are informative and challenges one to grow spiritually.
The questions are not offensive and it does not criticize one’s beliefs.


Having to be part of a group of believers who go around the world enlightening others is not easy. That is why a Jehovah witness in your life needs to know that they are not alone and have the freedom to do as per their faith. Gift them with an MTB publishing notebook, and the clear message written on its cover will do the rest.

The words read, “Go therefore and make disciples…. baptizing them. Mathew 28:19”. These are the words that will make one feel encouraged and give their best in the service. They will always be in a position to stay motivated and faithful, even when surrounded by negativity.

Here are more features that will prove its worth:

Brand  MTB publishing (trusted)
Pages  100 (perfect for long term use)
Material  Paperback (efficient)
Other benefitsThe book has a white lined paper on its interior to make it easy to use.
Ink does not bleed through the paper to ensure all things written remain neat.

A coloring book

The growth of kids in the knowledge of religion is the key foundation for a moral upbringing. Let that child from the Jehovah witness family become rooted in the family’s strong and helpful beliefs by gifting them with a JW ministry supplies coloring book.

The aim is not just to give the kid something that can entertain them; it’s about bringing the best in them. Through coloring, children will learn and be taught of the different characters of the images they color. By doing this, a child will be challenged to be like the favorite character from the coloring book.

JW ministry supplies coloring book makes a perfect gift for Jehovah witness children due to the following:

AuthorJW ministry supplies (perfect choice for JW gifts)
Weight5.3 ounces (lightweight thus can be carried around by the child with ease)  
Other benefitsOne can carry the book easily in a backpack or handbag as it comes with a sizeable size of 8.25″ x 8.25″.
The 52 available pages are meant to offer the best experience to the children.
Informative and help parents to begin discussing spiritual matters with their kids.

Hashtag Jehovah’s witness sticker

Let your friend show their faith even as they drive down the road by gifting them with Idakoos hashtag Jehovah Witnesses. This is a cool and fun way of a Jehovah witness believer showing off their religion in style. The sticker can be placed on the rear car glass, or anywhere one would wish.

Visibility is not a challenge as the sticker measures11×4 inches and is clear to read.  It also comes in different colors, which can all be easily noticed. The Idakoos hashtag Jehovah witness sticker might be that item missing in your friend’s life, so go ahead and fill that gap!

What makes Idakoos hashtag Jehovah witness sticker stands out?

Brand  Idakoos (officially licensed)
Material  Vinyl (great quality)
Other benefitsWeather conditions do not affect the stickes thus stay new for long.
Lasts long due to quality material used.

Book: Jehovah witness jokes

If you are looking for a perfect way to keep your Jehovah witness friend or relative occupied, gift them with a jokes book. Consider one from Mark Young that is 100% non-offensive and funny. It aims to lighten the mood and make one’s day better.  The jokes can be repeated as many times as possible as they don’t bring boredom. As much as everyone has their interests and preferences, this joke book will make crack their ribs due to laughter.

Jehovah’s witnesses’ book of jokes has other amazing features, as highlighted below:

Author  Mark Young (bestseller)
Pages  106 (for a great and fun reading experience)
Other benefitsWritten in simple English language that can be understood by anyone.
The jokes do not criticize and are not offensive.

Final word!

Jehovah witness people are known to have a unique personality different from everybody else. However, their reaction to a perfect present is not any different from others. They will be excited, grateful, and thrilled because of your worthy efforts. All the above items are ideal and giving them as a gift to a Jehovah witness will be worth every determination. The best part is that they are affordable and available to be ordered online, so you don’t have to stress about going shop after shop looking for them.

Go ahead and make a statement of a lifetime in a Jehovah’s witnesses’ life!

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