Justin Bieber Gift Ideas For Real Fans!

Justine Bieber is among famous artists worldwide. He has a lot of followers on his tweeter handle, Facebook page, and the Instagram handle. It’s, therefore, reasonable to shower your friends who are obsessed with JB with themed gifts such as bed sets, clock, poster, phone case, beanie, keychain, hoodie, and tee, among others. 

Possibly getting the right gift for them can be a little bit tricky, especially if you are not a fan of JB. Don’t worry anymore; we have listed 15 tempting lists of Justine Bieber gifts that will send his devotees into a frenzy. READ and choose a present for your loved ones or gift yourself one. 

Top 10 Justin Bieber gift ideas

  1. Justine Bieber Poster 
  2. Singing toothbrush 
  3. Justin Bieber 
  4. Justin Bieber Phone case
  5. Justine Bieber beanie 
  6. Justine Bieber keychain 
  7. Bieber Sweater 
  8. Justin Bieber T-shirt 
  9. Funko Pop Rocks 
  10. Justin Bieber clock 

Justin Bieber merch 

The following are the Justin Bieber merch worth buying:

Gift Items on Amazon
  1. Printed hoodie 
  2. H&M+ printed hoodie 
  3. H&M+ printed T-shirt 
  4. Slim Mom High Ankle Jeans
  5. Platform boots 
  6. Cropped sweatshirt 
  7. Ankle-length joggers
  8. Cotton shirt 
  9. Waist bag  
  10. Balloon-sleeved Jumper

The list is endless; we have mentioned just but a few merchandises for you to choose from.

Justin Bieber blanket 

Here are the Justin Bieber  that you can consider gifting to a loved one: 

  1. Justin Bieber Hearts and Stars Super Soft Fleece Throw blanket 
  2. Justin Bieber Heartbreak Plush Throw Blanket 
  3. Justin Bieber- Heartbreak Twin Blanket 
  4. Throw size Justin Bieber Mink Blanket 
  5. Justin Bieber Purple Polka Dot Throw Fleece Blanket 
  6. Justin Bieber- Zebra Twin Blanket 
  7. NWOT Justin Bieber blanket 
  8. Blue Hearts Justin Bieber Throw Blanket 
  9. Bravado Justine Bieber Twin Size Shadow Plush Throw blanket 
  10. Justin Bieber fleece blanket 
  11. Justin Bieber Comforter Size Twin Plush Blanket 

You can pick one that captures your heart from the ones motioned above. 

Justine Bieber hoodie 

Bieber fun prefer wearing themed hoodies, and you can consider presenting them with either of the following: 

  1. Holy hoodie 
  2. New unisex Sweatshirts Justin Bieber Purpose The World 
  3. Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Staff Hoodie 
  4. Drew- Justin Bieber Hoodie 
  5. Justin Bieber Yummy Hoodie 
  6. Justin Bieber changes silhouette Hoodie 
  7. Justine Bieber Signature Hoodie 
  8. Yummy Inspired Justine Bieber Hoodie 

Does Justin Bieber own drew?

Yap, Justin Bieber, launched his streetwear label called Drew House in January. The pop star has been consistently sported wearing drew gear on the streets. His wife Hailey Bieber has been seen with some of the pieces, though infrequently, wearing them in her style. This indicates that its streetwear label for Bieber. 

How much is Justin Bieber Worth?

Justin Bieber is estimated to be worth $265 million. The money comes from album sales, lucrative endorsement, YouTube Channel, His YT series, and sold-out tour dates. So, there is no doubt he is among the wealthiest artist worldwide. 

Here are 15 Justin Bieber Gift Ideas you can opt for:

Justine Bieber Poster 

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Are your friends Justine Bieber’s biggest fans? If yes, get them the Bieber posters. The fact is there is no better centerpiece for the room of Justine fans than a giant poster of this celebrity himself. They will be thrilled to receive such a gift. Even though they already have Bieber’s images instilled in their minds, a little reminder on the wall won’t cost anything. The poster makes an excellent gift for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary present. So, you will never upset them with such a gift. 

You can opt for LPG international Justine Bieber Glasses Fabric Poster Print following the features highlighted in the table below:

Brand LPG International (known for right quality products)
Material Polyester (Eco-friendly)
Dimension 40 x 30 x 0.1 inches (fit your wall perfectly)
Other Benefits These posters do not rip.
The posters are lightweight; hence can be moved from place to place effortlessly.
Fabric posters are the art of choice for music fans.
These posters feature vibrant graphics on soft as silk polyester.

Singing Toothbrush 

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Are you looking for Justine Bieber gift for children? If yes, this singing toothbrush is the perfect one for them. They will be joyful for such a present, and you will remain in their heart forever! There is no doubt they will wake up talking about Bieber and sleep dreaming about him again with such a gift. Isn’t that wonderful? Of course, it is. So, let them sing the Bieber songs while brushing their teeth with this great toothbrush! 

If you desire to settle for this particular item, consider Brush Buddies Justine Bieber Singing Toothbrush. 

Here is why:

Brand Brush Buddies (known for considerate and thoughtful products)
Color Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow (pick your favorite color)
Power Source Battery Powered (simple and readily available)
Weight 0.04 Kilograms (not quite hefty for the kid)
Other Benefits The toothbrush comes with batteries, and these batteries are replaceable. 
With its soft Dupont bristles and an ergonomic design, there is no doubt you will have plague cleaned in hard to reach places. 
With its soft rubber grip, you will have a firm hold and comfortable brushing experience. 
The toothbrush comes in various colors.
Some parts of the brush head are easily replaceable. 

Justin Bieber mug

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Anyone, including Justine Bieber fans with no doubt, likes coffee or tea. Why then not combine two of their preferred things with a JB mug? They will enjoy their morning coffee from this beloved JB mug. The cup can be gifted at any event, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, among others.  So, you don’t have to wait for their singular event to come over for you to present. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is. 

Are you looking forward to settling for such a gift? If yes, consider 4 All Times I Love Justin Personalized Name Coffee mug. Whether you are looking for high-quality drinkware, a perfect gift, spectacular design, or Something to enjoy your favorite drink, this mug has it all. 

Why 4 All Times I Love Justin Personalized Name Coffee mug?

Brand 4 All Times (known for its premium mugs and unmatched customer care)
Capacity 10.88 Ounces (enough to satisfy your need for coffee)
Material Ceramic (Strong)
Other Benefits The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe; hence effortless to clean.
The mug is made from premium-quality, durable ceramic materials: hence will offer long-lasting services. 
The mug is printed on both sides. 
The capacity of 11oz is enough for the coffee enthusiast. 
With its stunning design, there is no doubt JB fans will love it.

Justin Bieber Phone Case 

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Gifting Justin Bieber fans with a phone case is a fantastic idea. The phone cases are handy when it comes to protecting their mobile phones from scratching. Plus, it will give their phones new looks that will turn friends envy. Ensure you’re getting them a JB themed phone case to make it more respectable. They will appreciate this particular gift, and you will always be remembered for this thoughtful present! 

If you need one for a friend who possesses BlackBerry 9320, consider Justine Bieber Hard Protective Instacase Case Cover.

Here is why:

Brand Justin Bieber (known for high-quality products)
Weight 0.352 ounces (not quite hefty)
Other Benefits The case will protect your blackberry from scratches and bumps.
The phone case adds an attractive new look to your mobile phone.
The phone case features a hard plastic shell for protection.

Justin Bieber Beanie 

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Earnestly, who wouldn’t desire to walk around with Justin Bieber’s lovely beanie? Of course, no one. A beanie is very significant for those cold winter months. Plus, it’s a unique item for people who are looking forward to making a fashion statement. With such a gift, you will no longer have to tell your friends about your favorite artist. The name Justin is printed on it. So, they will know for themselves. Unlike other clothing pieces, a beanie is a versatile item that is effortless to build the outfit around. Isn’t that awesome? Yes, it is. 

You can go for Leegoal Unisex Winter Warm Letters Printed Knit Hat following the features shown in the table below:

Brand Leegoal (well-known for right quality products)
Material Acrylic (super-soft & comfort)
Other Benefits The beanie is super-comfortable to wear.
With it, your noggin will be warm, cozy, and stylish. 
You can wear this beanie during spring, autumn, and winter. 
The beanie fits all noggins because it can easily stretch.

Justine Bieber Keychain 

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Take your love for JB everywhere you go by gifting yourself this adorable keychain. There is no doubt it will be the prettiest addition to your set of keys! The good thing is that a keychain is low-cost, yet it’s beneficial. So, you won’t run out of your budget by getting yourself this pretty Justine Bieber keychain. 

There are numerous Justine Bieber keychains in the market, and it’s for you to choose the favorite one. But If you are new in this game of choosing, consider Keep calm and Love Justine Keychain Keyring.

Here is why:

Brand Keepcalm (known for premium-quality items)
Material Acrylic (strong & durable)
Other Benefits The keychain is lovely.
The keychain is made of durable and robust acrylic materials. 
The keychain is lightweight; hence cannot add much weight to the user. 
The message in it is very inspiring. 

Bieber sweater

No products found.

This is the perfect gift for those who want to show the whole world they are Bieber fans. A sweater will keep them warm during slightly cold weather conditions. Plus, it will make them look trendy. The incredible thing with a sweater is that both men and women can wear. So, let any JB fan in your life feel special and loved by surprising him/her with such a great Bieber sweater. 

If you are looking for one, consider Justine Bieber Box Logo Sweatshirt. This sweater has a picture of JB on it; hence, it will make an excellent gift for anyone obsessed with Bieber. Plus, it is an authentic and verified product. 

Why Justine Bieber Box Logo Sweatshirt?

Brand Justine Bieber (known for premium-quality products)
Fit Type Unisex (Both men and women can wear)
Size Various (pick your size)
Color Black or Heather Grey (choose the one you like)
Other Benefits The sweater is machine washable.
The sweater is made from cotton and polyester, hence eco-friendly and warm.
Both men and women can wear.
The sweater features a twill-taped neck and classic fit.

Justine Bieber T-shirt 

No products found.

Is JB your one and only beloved singer? Wear this tee and don’t allow someone else to claim that status! You will show the universe how much the pop star means to you. With such a tee, you might even end up getting JB attention. So, try your luck to meet him by getting yourself the popstar t-shirt.

There are hundreds of different JB t-shirts in the market. If you need one, consider Justin Bieber Official Standing Tall T-shirt. With this tee, everyone who sees you will understand that you are JB’s biggest fan. Isn’t that fabulous? Of course, it is. 

What makes Justin Bieber Official Standing Tall T-shirt a good option?

Brand Justine Bieber (known for high-quality products)
Fit type Unisex (both men and women can wear it)
Size Various (select your preferred size)
Other Benefits The tee features a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.
The tee is lightweight; hence cannot add much weight to your body.
Hassle-free to wash because it’s machine washable.
The tee is made of soft cotton.
The tee comes in various sizes.

Funko Pop Rocks

No products found.

Are you obsessed with JB? Do you have anyone in your life who is entirely in love with the pop star? This Funko Pop Figure would make an ideal gift! As fans, they will get a chance to get their hands on this mini-version of the artist and display it in their homes. Isn’t that incredible? Yes, it is. The Funko Pop Rocks can be given out on any occasion, whether it’s Christmas, birthday, or anniversary present. 

You can go for Funko Pop Rocks: Music – Justin Bieber Toy Figure following the features mentioned in the table below:

Brand Funko (known to come up with thoughtful toys)
Material Plastic (Durable)
Other Benefits Funko Pop Rock is made from durable plastic materials. 
The Funko Pop Rock looks very lovely.
The Funko Pop Rock comes in fantastic shape.
The Funko Pop Rock can be gifted to anyone, be it kid, youth, men, or women. 

Justin Bieber Clock 

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Do you know anyone who lives, breathes, and dreams Justin Bieber? If yes, get him/her a JB clock and be sure to put a smile on his/her face. Time is a vital resource for everyone. So, you will not upset any JB fan with such a gift. The clock will help you count down hours till JB releases his next track. Plus, it adds décor to your room.

You can opt for Belieber Clock due to outstanding features portrayed in the table below:

Brand Heyitsad (known to come up with unique and considerate items)
Frame color Natural Bamboo, Black or white (choose your favorite)
Hand ColorWhite or Black (go for your preferred color) 
Other Benefits The clock features four customizable metal hand colors for you to choose the best. 
The clock uses a Quartz clock mechanism, which is nearly understood by everyone.
The clock features contemporary printed polypropylene with plexiglass. 
The clock features a beautiful wood frame with a natural finish or painted white or black.
The clock is a built-in hook at the back for effortless hanging. 

Justin Bieber Bed Set 

No products found.

You can offer numerous unique gifts to JB fans that express your love and support for them. While a new Justin bed set may not be the first thing ringing in your mind when it comes to gifts, we are sure it would be appreciated, as it makes a fantastic useful present, but why? Because the bed set ware out and might need replacement. So, anyone will never have enough of such gifts. 

If you have decided to settle for such a gift, consider Justin Bieber Montage 2 Piece UK Single/US Twin Sheet Set. This bed set features a picture of your beloved pop star. With this set, you will feel your arms are wrapped around the singer himself. 

Why Montage 2 Piece UK Single/US Twin Sheet set?

Brand Justin Bieber (known for genuine and premium-quality (products)
Material Polyester (Eco-friendly)
ColorBlue/White (pick your color)
Other Benefits The best set is cozy.
The bed set is made from suitable quality materials; hence can provide you with long-lasting services.
It’s genuine JB products.

Justin Bieber Fleece Blanket 

No products found.

This is an ideal gift for JB fans who want to cuddle up to the sofa late at a cold night while watching movies. With such a gift, they are assured to be kept warm throughout the cold night. The good thing with fleece banket is that it can be used at home, traveling, etc.  Plus, it’s lightweight compared to a wool blanket; hence you can effortlessly carry along with you anywhere. 

You can pick Justin Bieber Fleece Throw following the benefits and features highlighted in the table below:

Brand Justin Bieber (Well-known to manufacture right quality products)
Size 50 x 60 inches (enough to cover yourself)
Weight 2.3 pounds (not quite heavy)
Other Benefits The fleece throw can be at home, for traveling, among others. 
This fleece throw is based on the pop star Justin Bieber.
The fleece throw is made of polyester; hence it’s eco-friendly. 
Lightweight; hence you can easily carry along while traveling.

Justin tote bag 

No products found.

Take your support for JB everywhere you go, whether it’s college, office, market place, or even hospital with this lovely tote bag. This bag is superb for all the JB fans out there! This bag as well is significant when it comes to keeping your items. So, it’s a great gift that anyone will like it. 

You can opt for a Belieber Tote bag due to features shown in the table below:

Brand ValentinaHramov (Known for considerate and unique products)
Style All Over Print (lovely)
Size Various (buy your preferred size)
Other Benefits The bag is made of soft yet durable 100% spun polyester poplin fabric.
The bag features a super-strong wide cotton shoulder strap. 
Lightweight; hence you can take along with you anywhere you go.
It’s easy to carry a bag with a sublimated print on both sides. 
The tote bag is machine washable. 

Coloring book 

No products found.

If you are a fan of Justin Bieber and art, this coloring book makes a great gift. Coloring has been shown to reduce stress. When you are coloring, your mind and body are operating in a more integrated way. Also, coloring is fun for many individuals. The coloring book can be given out on any occasion, be it wedding day, Birthday, or Father’s Day. So, it’s a useful gift without any restriction concerning issuance. 

You can shop for Justin Bieber Coloring Book due to outstanding features shown in the table below:

Author Sindy Jin (known to come up with thoughtful coloring books)
Paperback 75 pages (enough to accomplish your coloring task)
Paper Size  8.5 x 11 inches (large enough)
Other Benefits The 75 pages are enough for you to accomplish your coloring task. 
All pictures are laid out on separate clean white sheets. 
The coloring book features a glossy water-proof back cover. 

Bieber Pajamas Set 

Surprise your JB fan friend or family member with a lovely Justin Bieber pajama set. There is no doubt it will put a smile on their faces! They will be thrilled to carry their love for Bieber to bed with this charming night outfit. So, don’t let this coming weekend come to an end without getting them such a gift. 

If you require one for your little sister, consider Justin Bieber Little Girls 2 Piece Sleep Set due to the fantastic features portrayed in the table below:

Brand Justin Bieber (known for good quality merchandise)
Material 100% polyester (eco-friendly)
Other Benefits The pajama set is hassle-free to wash, given that it’s machine washable.
The pajama set is printed all over; hence look attractive. 
The pajama set is made of super-soft polyester materials. 

Final Thought

Gifts like the ones mentioned are all that Justin Bieber fans need. Choose one of these presents and give that popstar devotee in your life a buzz! Remember, nothing in this world is more important than taking care of our loved ones!

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