15 Clever Karate Gift Ideas Suitable For Both Instructors And Students

Is your sister, brother, father, mother, or friend, and relative a karate student or instructor? And are you thinking of rewarding them on their special occasion? Worry not as kick pad, karate bag, karate wall art, customized necklace, karate book, karate picture frame, punching bag, and karate uniform is among the presents that will win their hearts. 

Watching a karate trainee go through the hassle of mastering the skill is mind-blowing. The resilience, the time spent, and the dedication is sure to inspire you. Those that dedicate their time to it come out with special skills useful for self-defense and even can compete globally to win the medals that they so desire. If you know one such person, you are lucky. You need to take every chance to appreciate them as a way of motivating them to work harder.

However, the hardest part is in choosing practical presents that come in handy in their sports. If you are not one yourself, you can spend countless hours trying to figure out which item to buy. Luckily, we have taken the leg work for you and, with expert advice, came up with 15 gifts that will inspire every karate student and instructor.

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Read on and pick one based on your preference!

Top 10 karate gift ideas

  1. Kick pad
  2. Karate bag
  3. Karate wall art
  4. Customized necklace
  5. Karate book
  6. Karate picture frame
  7. Punching bag
  8. Karate uniform
  9. Karate belt holder
  10. Charm bracelet

What is the purpose of karate?

Karate helps in developing a well-balanced mind, body, and mental stability. It also enables a person to have different fighting techniques, thus being able to prevent violent attacks. It’s also used as a sports activity whereby competitors are required to learn the important techniques and serious attitude to win the match.

Why should I practice karate?

Due to intense training, karate will improve your mental health stability, body awareness, general body health, and overall body fitness. It enables a person to have self-defense, confidence, and be more disciplined. Karate helps one to exercise the entire body, thus improving speed, strength, and flexibility. Practicing karate will enable you to have physical fitness as well as feeling so great about yourself.

Is karate useful for self-defense?

Karate is a known, effective form of personal defense as it entails lots of training and understanding different fighting techniques. This happens only when a good Karate training is correctly taught because it’s crucial to get the techniques well and know when to apply them. Regarding self-protection, karate is very effective and important.

Is karate a sports activity?

Karate is very crucial and can be used as an art, self-defense, or combat sports activity. The competition of karate is divided into different style organizations. The competitions are organized from local to international though they are separated by gender, age, and rank. Each Karate category has different rules that are supposed to be followed by all participants. 

What is a good age to start karate?

Any age can be appropriate as long as the child can learn and be able to apply the Karate concepts. Once one is ready, he can join karate practicing classes. Karate schools have beginner classes that are recommended for any age. It’s much advisable to discuss this with your child to get their opinion and understand their interest before enrolling them.

What’s the difference between Karate and Martial Arts?

There is no difference as karate is one form of martial arts. It is a well-known martial art activity as it enables people to have very high self-defense techniques, good physical health, and body fitness. As a result, it enhances good discipline and competition purposes due to its superior training techniques. 

Here are the karate gift ideas worth considering:

Kick pad

When someone is good at something or loves doing something, it is only fair to help them get better at what they do. For karate lovers, it is constant training that helps them improve. When thinking of a gift, think of something they can use to train, such as a kick pad. 

A kick pad is a useful item that would help any karate lover in training. Look for one that is unique and safe for use by anyone from kids to adults, such as The Overmont Taekwondo Kick Pad. They are safe to use for all age groups and are of good quality.

Why the Overmont Taekwondo Kick Pad?

Brand Overmont ( Established brand)
Material High-quality PU leather filled with thick raw sponge (ensures safety and durability)
Weight 265 grams (can be easily held by the hands)
Dimensions 15.7×7.9×3.9 inches (perfect for training)
Benefits They are suitable for all age groups, therefore, can be used by both adults and kids

Karate bag

When they go out to train, karate lovers carry their items with them. Such gear may include the robes, changing clothes, and refreshments. Thus they need something spacious to carry all conveniently. 

A karate bag will thus make a great gift idea. Get them a spacious bag that can fit all the items that they need and one that is classy and elegant. The bag needs to be strong and durable for them to use for a long time. One such is the Under Armour Undeniable Duffle bag that is spacious with well- organized pockets that allow for easy arrangement of items.

What makes Under Armour Undeniable Duffle bag a good pick?

Brand Under Armour Bags (#1 best seller in sports duffle bags)
Size (14.1×28.7×15.7) inches (sizeable enough for sporting activities)
Weight 7.05 ounces ( Easy to carry around)
Benefits Suitable for different sporting activities and gym sessions
It is waterproof, therefore, very reliable even in the rainy season 

Karate wall art

If you love something, then the perfect way to keep it in memory is art. Art represents the things that we treasure and would not want to forget. A great piece of art will never be forgotten for years to come, and, thus, a perfect gift to karate lovers to remind them of your love and care. 

For karate lovers, you should consider a great piece of art representing what they love or something they look up to. This would make a great gift for them to hang on their walls. They value respect, and gifting them an eye-catching art piece is one way to honor them. 

You can opt for the iFine Art Samurai Warrior Wall Art that features a wooden frame bringing out the natural look that is irresistible to all.

Besides, the iFine Art Samurai Warrior Wall Art come packed with outstanding features below: 

Brand iFine Art (Established art brand)
Material Canvas with a wooden frame (Durable and looks classy)
Dimensions 16×20 inches (standard size for wall art)
Benefits It is classy therefore blends well with any interior décor
It can be used in different areas like home, in the office, hotels, and bars.

Customized necklace

A necklace is a special kind of gift often given to the people close to us. We have those special people in our lives who love karate, and giving them a necklace as a gift would be perfect. A customized necklace would be ideal for them. Look for one that stands for what they love to do and that they can identify with. It can be personalized, or you can get ready-made that has a general significance.

The Sportybella Karate Necklace is a great choice that looks awesome, highly affordable, and would make a great present.

That’s not all; Sportybella Karate Necklace comes with amazing features tabled:

Brand Sportybella (fashion accessories brand)
Material Stainless steel (built to last for a long time)
Gender Female (from small girls to grown women_
Benefits Can be worn both as a fashion item and a special charm pendant
The chain is detachable, and the pendants can be exchanged

Karate book

They say knowledge is power, and what better way to improve our knowledge than to read. Books contain additional information than one may need to supplement what they already know in all aspects of life. This applies to karate lovers, and a good book will make a perfect gift for them. You should look for an insightful book with useful information about karate to help then advance their hobby. 

You can opt for The Essential Karate Book that makes the best read as it offers the needed insights for them to prosper in the sport. It contains instructions that are useful to both instructors and students.

What makes Essential Karate Book great?

Authors John Lund ( karate and martial arts expert)
Mome swanepoel (president of combatcoaching.com)
Pages 256 pages (contains 20 chapters and is insightful enough)
Language English (easily read and understood)
Benefits Comes complete with video illustrations to aid students and instructors.
The book also contains diagrams and step-by step-photographs for the readers

Karate picture frame

We all love pictures; they represent a part of us and carry memories that we would love to treasure for the longest time. Pictures are best kept in frames to easily hang them on our walls at home or in the office.

A customized frame for a karate lover will thus make a great gift. Give them a special frame that bears meaning to what they love. They can use it as a decoration or place that special picture that they love. You can also customize it with a special picture, maybe from a tournament that they participated in.

The Memory shadow Box Frame with a Glass Front might just be what you are looking for. It is classy and meaningful with the right kind of representation that one may require.

Besides, the Memory shadow Box Frame with a Glass Front has the following amazing features:

Seller Amazon (Established online platform)
Dimensions 6.5×6.4×2.1 inches (perfect size for the wall or on a desk)
Weight 12 ounces (can be easily moved around)
Benefits Multifunction (suitable for displaying and preserving photos, picture, medals, and certificates 
Can be displayed as a piece of art by itself; it can, therefore, complement the home décor

Punching bag

When one wants to achieve something great, then practice is the best remedy. Sometimes Karate lovers might not have time to go to the gym, which is where a punching bag comes in. This is also good for kids and teens as they can start developing their skills at an early stage right in the comfort of their homes.

You can rest assured that a punching bag for a boxing or karate lover is a lifesaver. You can gift them one that they can keep in the house for their practice or for the kids to practice whenever they feel like it.

The ImpiriLux Inflatable Two-Sided Karate Punching Bag is just what you need. Even though all age groups can use it, it is suitable for kids as it is colorful and contains illustrations for both boxing and karate on either side.

Why the ImpiriLux Inflatable Two-Sided Karate Punching Bag?

Brand ImpiriLux (Established brand)
Size 5 feet high (standard size for kids, teens, and adults)
Weight 2.05 pounds (perfect punching bad weight)
Benefits Comes with illustrations that one can learn while practicing
It is inflatable, and this means that it can be carried easily to the desired location

Karate uniform

Just like any other form of sport, karate has a special kind of uniform. Uniforms make sports enthusiasts look neat and organized, and they play a key role in identifying participants. Thus, for karate lovers, a karate uniform gift will be pleasing and special to them. For those who are just beginning to take a keen interest in the sport, a karate uniform will be a form of motivation.

You can pick the Student Karate Uniform that is suitable for training and even tournaments. They are firmly stitched to ensure durability while its breathability makes it comfortable to wear when sporting.

What makes Student Karate Uniform an excellent choice?

Brand Knockout Fighter Gear (Established Karate and MMA brand)
Material Cotton and Polyester (a strong blend to ensure durability)
Color White (looks classy and elegant)
Benefits They are made to last due to the material used to make them
It can be used even by professionals since they are preferred for training.

Karate belt holder

For any young martial arts student, a bet holder is one of the things they aspire to have. A belt holder is very important for them to show their achievements and make them feel proud of how far they have come. Gifting them with a special belt holder is a good way to support and encourage their passion. They can hang it conveniently on the wall to display their belts 

One that will be great for karate lovers is the KidsKraft Martial Arts Wooden Belt Holder. It is easy to mount on the wall and has a great finish.

Below are other great features of KidsKraft Martial Arts Wooden Belt Holder:

Brand KidKraft ( kids sports and fashion bran)
Material Wood (looks natural and elegant)
Weight 2.65 pounds  (makes it easy to mount on the wall)
Benefits The extended bar at the top can be used to hold medals, ribbons, and other achievements 

Charm bracelet

Bracelets are very special gifts. They can be used as special pendants or good luck charms, so they make perfect gifts for the people we love. Bracelets are a fashion complements and as well hold very strong sentimental value.

Get them customized with a special kind of message to appreciate karate sports enthusiasts for their achievements and accomplishment. It is a simple gesture but will go a long way in showing just how much you appreciate them.

The sportybella Karate Charm Bracelet is a great piece and would be the perfect choice for that special kind of gift.

Here is why:

Brand Sportybella (fashion accessories brand)
Color Purple ( looks amazing and is unique)
Material Silicone and leather ( Durable and long-lasting)
Benefits The bracelet is expandable and can fit most wrists from kids to adults 
Can be gifted on several occasions like birthdays, and other birthdays

Customized ring

Rings are worn for different purposes, one of the most common ones being when one is married. Some people wear rings because it holds sentimental value to them. Rings can mean a lot and will make a perfect kind of gift.

For karate lovers, rings can be worn to express dedication and their level of skills in the sport. It can also be worn for fashion sense. Go for a customized Martial Art Ring that features an elegant design and looks classy. It would make the perfect gift for an experienced karate person.

Why the customized Martial Art Ring?

Brand Samborajewelry (fashion and jewelry brand)
Material Sterling Silver (strong and is built to last for a long period)
Color Silver (looks elegant and classy)
Benefits Can be adjusted to fit any size of the finger
Can be worn on different occasions

Training journal

Taking notes is essential to every good student, and thus Journals are an ideal gift to karate loved to help keep track of their training or studies. It will help them in noting down an important guideline that can easily be forgotten. It would be best if you consider a customized journal for a karate trainee or instructor. This is a sigh that you support whatever they are doing and the effort that they are putting during their training.

The Zui Quan Training Journal makes a perfect pick as it has enough space to note down detail as needed.

The essential features of Zui Quan Training Journal are tabled below:

Brand Martial Arts Journal (martial arts outfit)
Pages 121 pages (enough pages to document important details)
Size 6×0.28×9 inches (perfect size to carry around)
Benefits Has a general note section for additional points that you wish to include.
Can be used for other duties such as jotting down shopping lists

Customized wallet

Wallets are a very important aspect of our lives. We carry them everywhere we go. Wallets are essential since we use them to carry important items such as our credit cards and identification cards; therefore, giving one to karate students or instructors would be special.

A customized one would be ideal for a karate lover as it identifies with them and makes them feel connected to what they love doing. Without a doubt it all karate lovers would appreciate. Consider the Karate Leather Wallet as it is elegant and looks amazing. 

Plus, Karate Leather Wallet comes with remarkable featured below:

Brand GamekeepersGifts (Established fashion and gift outfit)
Material Leather (strong and durable)
Size 4×4 inches (perfect size for the pocket)
Benefits Consists of several compartments that allow for the organization of items in a neat way
Can be used by both men and women, therefore, perfect as a gift

Flexibility strap

Karate requires a high level of flexibility; therefore, they need to stay fit and flexible. One way of achieving this is by using a flexibility strap for the legs. It helps in stretching the leg muscle and, in turn, making them move freely and faster.

A karate lover would greatly appreciate this kind of gift for their training. It can easily be used at home and is perfect for personal training and fitness. The EverStretch Leg Stretcher is an amazing choice to pick for that special person. It helps in stability, and when used well, people will start to notice changes.

Besides,  EverStretch Leg Stretcher features the following:

Brand EverStretch (Fitness brand)
Dimensions 6.4×2.3×4.1 inches (can be used anywhere around the house or gym)
Weight 0.65 pounds ( makes it portable and can be carried along to different places)
Benefits Can be used for a wide array of sports like Ballet, dance, and gymnastics

Customized karate wall clock

Wall clocks are very common in our homes and offices and would be seen as a common kind of gift to give to someone. However, when the wall clock is customized to someone’s liking and preference, it would be a great gift.

Find a customized wall clock and give it to that special person who loves karate. It would be a great gesture and would mean a lot to them whenever they look at the gift on the wall. The 3dRose Karate Wall Clock is just what you need. With a glossy finish, it is perfect for the office or home setting.

That’s not all; 3dRose Karate Wall Clock comes packed with the following:

Brand 3dRose (reputable)
Dimensions 10×10 inches (perfect for hanging on the wall)
Material Scratch-resistant aluminum (ensures durability and reliability)
Benefit Suitable for both home and office spaces.
Due to its glossy finish and elegance, it can be used as part of the interior décor.

Wrap up!

A gift is a simple yet important way of showing other people love and care to feel appreciated and valued. For the lovers of karate, you can give them items to encourage them and show them that they are special. However, finding the right presents makes a difference. Thus, we advise you to follow the above-suggested presents for heart-winning gifts for all karate enthusiasts! 

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