Lovely Gift Ideas for Priests that will Inspire their Souls!

Show appreciation to dear priests by gifting them with excellent presents. Demonstrate through actions that the religious duties they perform have a great impact on your life. Armchair reader, fountain pens, embroidery starter kits, mugs, holy anointing oil, ordination cards, Eucharistic chalice and, candles are excellent gifts accredited by gifts experts.

There are both expensive gifts and cheaply affordable ones that you can use to assure your priests that you are thankful for the spiritual role that they play in your life.

Gifting does not necessarily involve expensive stuff. You can give according to your genuine affordability. We want to show you cute gifts that are available at gift shops that will leave priests smiling with thanksgiving in their hearts. 

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Lovely Gift Ideas for Priests (1)

Top 10 gift ideas for priests

  1. Armchair reader
  2. Classic sport fountain pen
  3. Embroidery starter kit
  4. Funny priest design gift mug
  5. Holy anointing oil
  6. Prayer candlelit
  7. Ordination cards
  8. Washable face masks
  9. Custom portrait
  10. Semi- bible calligraphy

How do you say thank you to a priest?

You can say thank you to a priest by gifting them with special rewards, baring encouraging quotes on them. You can have the quotes written from the brand where the gift is bought or use cards to write notes of encouragement such as; 

  • You are the priest I have ever seen
  • We appreciate your messages all Sundays
  • Congratulations on your appointments
  • You are a wonderful role model to us all
  •  We admire how you are a kind and compassionate leader

Can a priest drink alcohol?

There is no harm when a priest decides to refresh himself with alcohol. They are human beings and should be allowed to choose what they want as long as it is not prohibited in his church. Most priests take alcohol as a matter of choice. 

Can catholic priests accept gifts?

Just like any personality, catholic priests admire being appreciated with all sorts of lovely presents. Consider the allowing stuff, and they will feel respected:

  • Books
  • Movies
  • A piece of good music

Is it ok to hug a priest?

This counts on the personality of the priest’s circumstances and how you relate with him. If he likes hugging, there is no harm to it. Go ahead and hug with your priest, but do not force him if he is not accustomed to it. 

Here are great gifts ideas for priests that you can consider:

1. Armchair reader books

Armchair reader books

Occupy your priest with numerous hours of amusements with the armchair reader book. After a couple of hours serving, they are tired and need something to relax on. Who doesn’t need a priest who is knowledgeable and can prepare attractive sermons? No one since his content will enrich the soul. The most appropriate way is to give the priest with informative and fascinating textbooks to keep them busy and knowledgeable without getting bored. 

There are several series of armchair reader book, and you may opt for the 2008 series by J.K Kelly due to the following features:

Author J.K Kelly (Great writer of historical books)
NameThe Amazing Book of History (popular readers series)
Other benefitsThe book contains collections of comic facts interesting to the reader.It is an entertaining and informative book arranged in unique themes.

2. Fountain pen

Fountain pen

You got to make the work of the priest perfect by getting them a premium fountain pen. As they undertake different signing tasks, any ordinary pen may not work well compared to fountain types that are approved by many.  Besides, priests get to jot down sermons legibly on their notebook using the fountain pen. Pick a black one as it is official and help the priests execute their professionalism by keeping all their office records neat.  

If you settle for this kind of gift, consider one from Dryden Designs as it is suitable for both right and left people. Further, it comes with a gift box making it ready to present to your beloved cleric.  

 Why go for Dryden Designs fountain pen?

BrandDryden Designs (Known for luxurious and affordable writing instruments)
Material Stainless steel (Sturdy)
Type Fine nib (zero ink leakage)
ColorBlack (the best your office use)
Other benefitsComfortable hold as the pen is lightweight. Metallic silver designs that add some touch of modern to priest’s daily routine. Easily refillable as it is compatible with both bottled ink and standard cartridge. 

3. Holy anointing oil (Olive oil)

Holy anointing oil (Olive oil)

Buy this precious anointing oil for priests so that they may use it for purposes of sanctifying persons and objects. Olive oil is a precious gift to enable priests to designate ceremonial meanings and inaugurations. Taking this gift to clerics will show you honor them as you help them perfect their roles. 

If you are not a Christian yourself, you might not understand why anointing oil is important to the priests. They use it to fight spiritual battles for the church and even to heal the sick. You will never go wrong with one form HOA Blessed Anointing Oil, that has been made following the bible scriptures. Your priest will not only embrace but get to use it for their church duties. 

Here is what makes HAO blessed holy anointing oil a perfect gift for priests:

BrandHAO blessed holy anointing oil (Trusted brand)
Size1 ounce
Ingredients Myrrh, calamus, cinnamon, cassia and olive oil (made according to bible specifications Exodus 30: 22-25)
Other benefitsBelieved to be Holy since God declared it holy Exodus 30:22-25, thus acceptable to many preachers. It has a good smell since it is made up of unique frankincense.

4. Great priest coffee mug 

Great priest coffee mug

Surprise priest with mugs which have appreciation messages printed on them. Buy some with notes quoting how their performance is in the ministry. Thank you, messages, encouragements, or congratulations ones are great notes that keep priests motivated to their selfless work. You will get such wonderful mugs form gift shops, and you can choose one that inspires your soul. As such, they will be reminded that they are great achievers every morning as they take a cup of tea.

Consider 4 All Times Coffee Mug with sayings’ priest Be with You’ gift due to amazing features tabled below:

Brand 4 All Times (Known for premium products)
materialCeramic  (Durable)
Print/ packageUSA (Quality guarantee)
Other benefitsHas words of encouragement printed to uplift the priest. The material dishware and microwave-safe, so it is easy to use and care. 

5. Officiant gift flask

Have you been lucky to have found a priest to officiate your important ceremonies? Gift them this wonderful flask to show that you were happy when they accepted your requests. Your priests deserve a thank you gift; do not just go for any thermos flask while there are special ones, very unique and well printed with a caricature of the priest on them. 

Ask the brand to insert photos of your officiant on the flask and see how special they feel. The beautiful officiant gift flask will be a gift like none other. You will get an amazing officiant gift flash from the brand of the ToonedUp gift that has been perfected to change the priest’s mood.

See why officiant gift flask by ToonedUp Gifts is unique for priests:

BrandToonedUp Gifts (Known for handmade and personalized gift items)
Material Stainless steel (Durable)
Other benefitsThe hand-drawn caricature of the priest proves to them how much you appreciate their efforts. 

6. Washable face masks 

Washable face masks

Who doesn’t wish their priests good health? No one. Gift your priests with the washable cotton masks that will keep them safe from contagious respiratory diseases such as COVID 19. The mask will help to prevent the spread of infections and prevent the possibility of contracting airborne infections. Help the priest to be safe against the coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic by buying them masks. 

Consider one from TnUcraft as they fit well and give comfortable breaths while allowing the priests to preach with ease. 

See why a washable face mask from Tnucraft is the best?

Brand TnUcraft (Trusted brand)
Material100% premium cotton (comfortable, easy to wash, and durable).
StyleUnisex(usable by both male and females)
ColorDifferent colors (to give room for clients to choose their very favorable).
Other benefitsTnUcraft masks are well fitted and comfortable for easy breathing.
Cotton material is soft and durable.

7. White boys vestment

White boys vestment

You can appreciate the priest’s sons by gifting the white boy vestment. The attire gives the sons angelic look that makes their dad thankful. You can also consider giving young priests this garment that makes them very attractive. If you want priests to retain you in their hearts, appreciate them or their children during special occasions, and you will become valuable to them. Good grooming is good, especially for the leaders who always stand in front of big congregations. The white vestment claims attractions from the audience. 

Consider the white boy’s vestment as the top gift mind for priests due to features highlighted below:

BrandAgnusDeichildren (Premium design)
sizeDifferent sizes (for a variety of choices)
MaterialFabric cotton (smooth and comfortable to wear)
ColorWhite (attributed with holiness )
Other benefitsBeat suits all occasions for priests’ sons.
White boy’s vestment is very attractive and makes the sons of priests appear well-groomed.

8. Streaming media player

Streaming media player

Show how grateful you are to the priests who play great religious roles by buying a streaming media player to them. If he is a kind that endows music, then you will have hit the climax of their music moods by gifting this excellent media player. Let them remain lively in their rooms during their rest time as they watch TV channels of interest, watch games, and endless entertainment. 

Consider Roku media player as a top gift that will help them remain updated with current news, which is a good character of prominent leaders, always knowledgeable and updated to the season to stand the test of time. 

Here are the unique features of Roku premiere/ HD/4K/HDR streaming media player:

BrandRoku (Trusted)
Item weight1.28 ounces (portable)
Product dimensions3.3×1.4×0.7 inches
Batteries2 AA batteries (already included)
Other benefits It has incredible pictures optimized for TV sharp resolutions and attractive colors.Has a variety of popular channels that are enjoyable while relaxing.Modified to accept connections from mobile phones.

9. Religious Officiant Priest Custom bubblehead 

Religious Officiant Priest Custom bubblehead

How precious and pleasing it is to be appreciated! Priests are normal human beings and need to be shown their worthiness in the community. Rewarding them is quite encouraging. Make your priests the happiest ever by giving him a custom bubblehead gift as a surprise. Admiring it, especially when tired with the alter activities, is so relieving. 

One can make sure that the custom bubblehead exactly resembles this special one. It should also match the functions, purposes, occasion, or even your intentions. This may be a father’s day present, graduations, birthdays, or just a normal gift. Since these servants serve us well, their joy is our joy too. Gift them to appreciate, encourage, praise, and make them feel honored among other people, to the service of the mighty. 

Consider custom bubbleheads from as a great gift mind for priests due to the features highlighted below: 

BrandCustom bubbleheads (very promising)
MaterialPolyresin (very attractive)
Dimensions7 inches (considerable)
Other benefits.Have a unique craftsmanship.Unlimited proofing process until complete satisfaction.Composed of top-notch customer serving with the fastest turnaround on-time delivery.

10. Semi-bible calligraphy 

Semi-bible calligraphy

Our broken world constantly releases so many challenges to priesthood work, and so they need a source of encouragement to keep them moving. The heart healer could be a person, card, or any other gift. When a priest remembers that they are not made for this world and has someone who has conquered it, he slips into a quick prayer meditating of the power of the caller in the ministry. 

Purchase ordination gifts like the rosary cards for them are very encouraging. Let the cards remind them that they should take heart whenever sad moments meet them. The lovely light cards are portable, and so, seeing them every time will help keep them focused on their calling. 

Consider semi-bible calligraphy from Everyday prayer CO as a cute gift for priests due to the following:

BrandEveryday prayer CO.(Best brand)
Color  Silver, black and, white(Valued by many religious persons)
MaterialMetallic (good quality and a durable one)
Dimensions5x3x1 inches (portable)
Weights2.05 ounces (fits well in wallets and pouches. 
Other benefitsHas a quick prayer that can be used at any time.
Makes one meditate on the power of God and re-establish the dependency on him.
It releases stress from different sources, like career and relationships.

11. Pastor and pastor’s wife framed wall

Pastor and pastor's wife framed wall

Appreciation acts as a therapy to devoted priests. Take time to thank your priests during the October global pastors’ appreciation day by gifting them with a framed wall. Show that you understand the moments they always go through, trying to make sure that members benefit from them. Write notes of congratulations, praise, and comfort to the couple. 

Let the two feel loved by the members they serve by purchasing the frame with top quotes on how unique they are. Online shops have such great frames, and one that will catch your eye is from Faithworks. The frame has prints with wonderful notes that priests can never afford to miss.

Why faithworks frames are the best for priests?

BrandFaithworks (leading brand in the manufacture of unique and meaningful quality gift products)
Size17×14 inches(considerable size)
ColorVariety of colors (to accommodate customer choice)
Item Weight 1 pound (easy portability)
Other benefits.A source of inspiration, fun and, encouragement worth for priests.
Bears solutions for the ever-changing needs of the customers.The frames are very attractive to buyers.

12. Lord of the rings one ring to rule 

Lord of the rings one ring to rule

Various clothing is worn for specific functions. Priests should wear official gowns and their accompaniments while performing the temple duties. Show your value on this present from the Almighty by purchasing rings for them that match the garments for various priestly tasks. Consider Hoshen chosen rings that make them feel esteemed as they are being recognized due to their active duties that no one else can perform. 

Priests feel proud when they dress officially according to the professional code of priesthood. Such rings are part of the eight conspicuous garments worn by high priests. The spiritual energy and influence possessed by the Priestly rings will add great value to their ministry

Why opt for Hoshen priestly rings as a great gift?

Make Handmade (most admirable)
MaterialSilver (attractive to most buyers)
SizeDifferent sizes (to leave clients select their best)
Other benefitsIt’s a replica of the biblical priestly breastplate adorned with 12 stones.
Rich in spiritual symbolism that represents the enduring connection between humanity and the divine, to remind people of their uniqueness.

13. Printable breastplate stone (for high priests)

How pleasant it is to stay in an attractive environment, priests, just as other human beings admire touching atmosphere as they serve in the temple. Why leave them live in a moody atmosphere? Make them admire their service and perform their duties joyfully by surprising them with printable breastplate stone. Relate the presents to their responsibilities at the altar. Purchasing items relevant to the priesthood makes them real gifts that shall remain unforgettable

Opt for printable Breastplate stones from MomsAndCratfters that are automatically downloaded and make your priest afford laughter! This gift is prompt, and one can communicate to the manufacturer on the amendments he could like to be made on it. Admiring this gift also prolongs your priest’s life since he shall stay happy and strong in the spirit. 

 Why go for MomsAndCratfters printable breastplate stones for the High priest?

BrandMomsAndCratfters (Known or amazing breastplates)
DeliveryInstant download (assured to get it instantly).
MaterialAlcohol markers, drawing pens (quality and durable)
TypeDigital download (easy access)
Other benefitsThe downloaded breastplate is gotten immediately.
Attractive to look at since the colors used are priestly.

14. Youth pastor T-shirt

Youth pastor T-shirt

A sense of belonging is very vital in life. Make your pastor feel that he has caring followers by surprising him with a Youth pastor T-shirt gift on his birthday or any other special occasion. Get to know his favorite color, size, and material and then shop for him a present. This present does psychological therapy purposes. 

Order for a T-shirt according to your pastor’s favorites during his celebration day. A youth pastor T-shirt from Abraham clothing C can do it better. Whenever your special one wears these garments, you will be in their memories forever. 

Here are the most valuable factors that will make one choose a youth pastor T-shirts from AbramclothingCo.:

BrandAbraham clothing Co. (well known for cotton T-shirts
SizeFrom Xs-3×2 (caters for all sizes).
ColorBlack, dark, heather (best for most customers)
MaterialCotton (good quality and long-lasting.
FitUnisex (comfortable to both men and women)
Other benefitsLightweight and extremely comfortable fabric.
The design uses eco-friendly ink and materials.Easy to wash and iron.

15. Priest gift custom portrait 

Priest gift custom portrait

Portraits in a room are touchy to the eyes and keep one busy as he meditates on their appearance. Let your pastor not die of stress due to idleness during his leisure time. Get his image and order for a priest gift custom portrait from the Heather Buchanan brand.  Compose your sentiments on the inside of your card to encourage, motivate, uplift, and comfort the esteemed man.

Consider hot priest from fleabag-as a custom portrait for your loved one for the following awesome features:

BrandHearthernBuchanan (the best option)
MaterialCardstock (durable)
Size5.2×4.25 (considerate size)
Other benefitsThe portrait is attractive and resembles the owner.
Added quotes make the priest feel great.

16. Prayer candle lit

Prayer candle lit

Our altars are very important places. Safety and decency should be maintained in these sacred areas. The servants in the altars, too, should be thought about. Using high-quality items for the altar activities is highly valuable. Equip your dear priest with a prayer candle lit from reliable sources and make him value his work and admire it too. 

Candles constitute a very important part of the altar. Without them, something would be amiss during the service. Purchase these items for your priest to be comfortable as he serves the Almighty.

Varieties of prayer candles are available, but consider our lady of dissent for a gift to the priest. Its qualities would be more appealing as they appear in the altar.

Why opt for our lady of Dissent prayer candle from Theeternalflame as gift ideas for your priest?

BrandTheeternalflame (#1 bestseller)
MakeHandmade (Looks nice)
MaterialWax- type paraffin(Good quality) 
SizeHeight:8inches; Width:3inches 
ColorVariety of colors (This enables customers to have a wide range to select their best options. 
Other benefitsDigitally illustrated parody art.
This candle lite can burn for many hours, so many customers admire its efficiency.
The eternal flame candles can be recycled since eco-friendly packing materials are used.

Wrap Up!

Whether big or small, a gift genuinely given is a precious present worth accepting. Express your gratitude to the priests as a matter of personal conscience by rewarding their religious efforts. Choose any of the above and touch the hearts of clerics in a special way.

Let the gifts refresh the hearts of the priests!

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