15 Midwife Gift Ideas That Help You Say Thank You In Style!

Have you ever figured out how birthing would be without the midwives? Yes, this is a tough question, but the truth is the midwives are the guardian angels during delivery. They thus deserve special gift items such as a personalized notebook, book, birth logbook, lucky charm pendant, hand cream, picture frame, and a gift card. 

Midwives play a vital role in providing antenatal and postnatal care. They support and care for women during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. Their work entails checking the baby’s heath, monitoring the baby growth, helping with the hospital routine checks, and assisting the child-mother in preparing for labor and birth. They also give care to women in the first few weeks after childbirth.

The work of midwives is not easy because they try their best to ensure that the child and mother are okay. They do this by making sure the child gets the required immunization at the right time. They teach the mothers how to take care of the toddlers by giving them a good and healthy diet. They also provide vaccines for the child to prevent them from harmful diseases, leading to child mortality and complications.

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Midwives give care to the born baby by monitoring their progress to avoid mortality rate due to different complications. Due to this, they act as guardian angels during pregnancy period up to child delivery and growth. Midwife tasks aren’t easy at all, and gifting them can help them to relax due to the excess work they perform every day.

Gifts are meant to show the midwife that you do appreciate and care about them. By doing this, their morale is increased, and they will be happy knowing that you much appreciate their work. However, choosing a perfect one can be hectic. Luckily, you don’t have to hustle a lot on what to gift your midwife because below is a list of the best gifts for them

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Top 10 midwife gift ideas

  1. Personalized notebook
  2. Book
  3. Birth logbook
  4. Lucky charm pendant
  5. Customized picture frame
  6. Gift card
  7. Wall art
  8. Customized candle 
  9. Gift voucher
  10. Customized mug

What does a midwife do?

Midwives do a lot of work. They monitor a woman during pregnancy to childbirth. They also offer postnatal services to ensure the toddler is in good health by providing the necessary information to the mother. They also provide family planning methods to women and help women in making birth plans. Besides, the midwives make referrals to doctors if the need arises.

Is it hard to be a midwife?

As we all know, midwives are so dedicated to their career. They get satisfaction when there are no complications for both the baby and mother during birth and afterward as the baby continues to grow. However, the midwife’s work is hard because they are on their feet mostly and time to rest is limited. Too they work with a wide range of women, thus requiring them to have the ability to relate well with all the people. As a midwife, you need to have the emotional and mental strength to cope.

Can a midwife be a Man?

For centuries women weren’t comfortable with men assisting in delivery. This made men midwives be few compared to women. Though as time goes by, women have accepted that men can help in a child’s journey till birth and care after so perfectly. Even other men do so well in the midwife job than women, but they have to be qualified to perform the midwife tasks.

Does it require training before being a midwife?

To be a midwife, you are required to pursue a course to get the appropriate knowledge in handling pregnant mothers, family planning methods, and child after birth care. Though in the past, midwives didn’t require any training so long they were able to assist mothers during delivery.

What is the best gift for a midwife?

Gifting a midwife will require choosing an appropriate present for them as this will make them proud and happy with their work. There are so many good gifts for midwives base on their work. For example, you can consider printed items with midwife messages such as T-shirts, mugs, and water bottles. Too you can consider practice journals and books because they will enable them to add more knowledge and perfect in their work every day.

Below are comprehensive midwife gift ideas worth considering:

Personalized notebook

No products found.

Due to the demanding nature of their work, midwives need to keep track of appointments and other important meetings that they might have. They also need to have records on how to effectively take care of the kids they help bring into this world.

To aid them in this, they need to have a personal notebook or logbook. You can thus gift them with one, and without a doubt, they will utilize it. Try to make the notebook special by personalizing it to suit them. 

The Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) Notebook is just what you need. It is simple, and the cover can be customized with a special message for them.

Why the Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) Notebook?

Brand CNM Gifts (Merchandize outfit)
Pages 120 pages (Allows extra information to be noted down)
Size 7.5×0.28×9.25 inches (perfect size to carry around)
Benefits Can be used for different purposes such as jotting down lists, taking notes


No products found.

Books are an excellent way to relax the mind once in a while. A good read will always give the mind the much-needed rest. Midwives perform a crucial role in society; therefore, they need to have peace of mind whenever they are called upon to perform their work. A book is thus an excellent gift for a midwife. They can read on their way back from work night or while going to work in the morning. 

Ensure you find a good read, such as The Healing Passage by Anne Frye, that will capture their attention and give them peace of mind. With detailed information that is women-centered, this book will surely capture their mind and provide them with extra knowledge.

Here is why Healing Passage by Anne Frye is a good pick for you.

Author Anne Frye (author, midwife, and consultant) 
Language English (can be read and understood by many)
Pages 676 (provides detailed information and knowledge)
Benefits Gives detailed and additional information and can also be used in learning institutions

Birth logbook

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Midwives, just like any other profession people, may want to document their work and achievements. They may love to honor what they witness and record clinical outcomes. For this reason, they may need a logbook to note down every birth.

There are special notebooks for this kind of work. Even though they are in the context of hospitals, they may also be relevant to the public. This may also help them in doing follow-ups on the young ones under their care. It also brings a sense of pride, having to see all the lives they have brought sound and safe.

For a good pick, consider The ERPHOTO Birth Log Book. This is designed by a midwife and comes complete with checkboxes and space for additional comments.

 Besides, the ERPHOTO Birth Log Book has the following amazing features:

Brand ERPHOTO ( Fashion and photography outfit)
Dimensions 9×6×1.5 inches (Easily fits into places like handbags)
Weight 12 ounces (can be easily carried around)
Other benefits It includes all clinical benchmarking points
Can hold up to 200 birth records

Lucky charm pendant

No products found.

All of us need a little luck once in a while. The kind of work that midwives do requires dedication and concentration. Having someone’s life depend on you is a daunting task, and you may need all the luck you can get to pull it through.

Pendants are considered protective charms and would make a perfect gift, especially to a midwife due to the nature of their work. Gift them with one to wish them the best of luck and to make them feel protected all the time.

If you settle for this kind of gift, consider the womb with a View pendant. This pick would be proudly accepted by midwives as it illustrates an infant safely tucked inside the womb. 

That’s not all; the womb with a View pendant has extra features tabled:

ArtistRussell Wray (Established contemporary artist)
Material Sterling silver on black silk cord ( looks classy and is built to last long)
Size 2 inches (perfect size for a pendant as it can be kept and carried everywhere)
Benefits Can also be gifted to the newborn mothers

Customized picture frame

No products found.

It is only fair that we appreciate a midwife with an item that they can keep for many years to come. You can do this by buying them a perfect picture frame. Consider customizing the frame with a special message or, better yet, with an amazing picture of her holding a baby that she delivered.

You can opt for the Midwife Stone Picture Frame that is simple yet classy and is guaranteed to hold a very strong sentimental value to the recipient.

Check below what makes the Midwife Stone Picture Frame popular:

Brand Windelzwerg (German art and fashion brand)
Size 13×18 cm (perfect for hanging on the wall)
Material Stones and a Frame (handmade, therefore, looks authentic)
Benefits Suitable for both an office and home setting

Gift card

No products found.

Sometimes giving a present may not be the only way to show your appreciation to someone; something small as a gift card will do the trick. You can get a simple gift card with the right kind of information you want to pass across. You can pick one, then customize with a message to show your appreciation or pass across that information that you might not be able to say personally.

If you want to order a ready one to appreciate a midwife, the Thank You for being our midwife gift card will sort you out. The message is simple and clear to show gratitude to the work that midwives do. 

Why the Thank You for being our midwife gift card?

Brand InkPaperPrint (art and fashion brand)
Size Square 5-inch (perfect size for a gift card)
Message ‘Thank you for being our midwife’ (a perfect way to appreciate a midwife) 
Benefits Come with an allowance for one to add their message 

Wall art

No products found.

Art is a form of expression and makes a good piece to give to a loved one. Art is always appreciated and is the right kind of gift to buy someone when in doubt about what will work best. For midwives, art can be a form of escape for them and a way to relax and keep a cool piece of mind. Look for a one that is natural and one they can relate with; for example, art that expresses what they do.

One that is expressive and natural is The Original Collect Art Home Décor Wall Art. This is one of its kinds and is preferred by many as a gift.

Here is why: 

Brand YuFeng_Art_Inn (art and fashion brand)
MaterialCanvas (standard material for quality art)
Size 12×18 inches (perfect size for wall art)
Benefits Complements all interior décor and is suitable for both home and office.

Customized candle 

No products found.

Just like hospitals and patient rooms have certain scents that they identify with, a midwife’s room should have something that sets them apart. Yes, scents can sometimes be therapeutic and soothing to patients and may help treat pregnant mothers. You should thus look for a special kind of candle, possibly with a sweet scent that is friendly to the nose. 

There are special ones such as the World’s Best Midwife Soy Candle that you can gift a midwife to use in place of work. A gift as simple as this is a great gesture and makes a perfect present.

World’s Best Midwife Soy Candle further comes with the amazing features below:

Brand BurnBabyBurn (leading candle manufacturer)
Dimensions 11×8 cm (takes less space)
Burn timeApproximately 50 hrs. (serves for a long period)
Benefits Comes in different fragrances for you to choose from

Gift voucher

No products found.

When you are not sure what kind of gift to give someone, the easiest way is to buy them a gift voucher to get what they love. This is not different for a midwife, as the gift voucher would let them purchase what they so desire. You can even dedicate the voucher for a spa treatment or their favorite restaurant as it would only be fair if midwives took time out for themselves and relax. This way, they will know and deeply feel that their work is appreciated, and their well-being is considered. 

If you are not sure how you want them to utilize their voucher, buy The Rustic Floral Gift Voucher. The design is elegant and can be used for different occasions and places like the spa, restaurant, and cash printable.

As well, Rustic Floral Gift Voucher features the following:

Brand Hardley Designs (Established git store)
Material Premium cardstock (durable)
Size 4×9 inches (Allows you space to fill in the required details)
Benefits Can be used on numerous occasions like weddings, baby showers, and restaurants

Customized mug

No products found.

Mugs are the simplest gifts to give to someone special. We use mugs every day, and thus, gifting a midwife with a customized one is a sure way to remind them of your care as they sip their favorite drink. Look for a customized mug with a special kind of message to them that will lighten up their faces when they receive the gift. It is the simple things that matter, and a mug will go a long way in showing your love and care.  Consider the world’s Greatest Midwife Mug that has a clear message and will make a great present.

Besides, the world’s Greatest Midwife Mug has the following features:

Brand Andaz Press (fashion brand)
Size 11oz (perfect size for taking tea or coffee)
Material Ceramic (looks amazing and is durable)
Benefits Can be used for both hot and cold items

Customized keychain

No products found.

Key chains are a special kind of gift that holds a sentimental value when presented on special occasions. They are unique because they are always carried everywhere someone goes. They are, however, common; therefore, you have to be intentional in choosing one that is customized for midwives.  

You can customize the keychain with a special kind of message for the midwife to express your appreciation for the work that they do in society. They will always value and treasure this kind of gift.

The BAUNA Midwife Keychain is a unique pick as it has the simplest and meaningful kind of message that will speak volumes when gifted.

Why the BAUNA Midwife Keychain?

Brand BAUNA (Fashion and jewelry brand)
Material Stainless steel (Durable and strong)
Message Midwifery is a Work of Heart (motivating) 
Benefits Due to the material, it is durable and lasts long

Hand cream  

No products found.

Midwives perform a very crucial role for many mothers. Due to the nature of their work, they have to wash their hands now and then. This means that to avoid constant dryness of the hand, they need to stay moist. Thus, gifting a midwife with hand cream is a welcome idea that shows them your appreciation and care. It would be best to buy a hand cream that is gentle on the skin, and that can keep their hands moist for a long time.

The Nursem Caring Hand Cream is the perfect kind of cream for them. It is scented and gentle on the skin and is guaranteed to retain moisture on the skin.

Here are the amazing features of Nursem Caring Hand Cream: 

Brand Nursem (skincare products brand)
Weight 0.1kgs (can be easily carried anywhere one goes)
Capacity 75ml ( can be used for a good period)
Benefits Apart from keeping the skin moist, it also has some healing capabilities for the skin

Customized shirt

No products found.

You can never go wrong with a customized t-shirt as it is a way your midwife can be identified with their work. However, many wear branded shirts, and thus, you need to pick one that is of high quality to show how much you value the work of your loved one. This will always put a smile on their faces.

For a great pick, consider the BlackcatTees Midwife T-shirt that is classy and of good quality.

Here are the features that set BlackcatTees Midwife T-shirt apart:

Brand BlackcatTees.co (Fashion outfit)
MaterialCotton (comfortable and easy on the skin)
Color Multicolor (Pick according to your preference)
Benefits Can be worn for different occasions since it is fashionable

Customized bracelet 

No products found.

Bracelets are kept close to us; therefore, they make a special kind of gift to anyone. Customized bracelets are special as one feels that they are loved and valued. Pick a quality bracelet to a midwife and consider customizing it with a message that says how much their work means and how valuable whatever they do is appreciated.

The ecobuty midwife Bracelet is just what you need to gift them to make it special. It is simple yet elegant and is meant to last.

Why the ecobuty midwife Bracelet?

Brand Ecobuty (Fashion brand)
Material Stainless steel (built to last for a long time)
Size 0.78 inches in diameter (can fit and average adults hand)
Benefits Can be worn as an accessory for numerous occasions

Customized hoodie

No products found.

Apart from keeping us warm, hoodies are also meant to be worn as fashionable clothes. Consider gifting a midwife a customized hoodie that identifies with what they do while at the same time can keep them warm whenever they are out at night or early in the morning.

The #Midwife – Men’s Hashtag Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt is a great choice for a hoodie. It is soft and comfortable.

What makes the #Midwife – Men’s Hashtag Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt a great pick for you?

Brand Harding Industries ( Fashion brand)
Color Multicolor (pick according to your preference)
Material Cotton (comfortable and easy on the skin)
Benefits Can be worn as a fashion outfit for numerous occasions 

Wrap up!

Midwives play a very crucial role in helping mothers to deliver safely. Their work is demanding; therefore, they need a break once in a while. One of the ways that we can make sure they are appreciated is by giving them gifts. They need to know that they are special and that their work is appreciated. From the gift ideas above, you can always find a proper present that will motivate them!

Go on and show thumbs up to your midwife through gifting!

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