Minecraft Gifts Ideas for both Adults and Kids!

Are you looking forward to gifting someone who loves Minecraft video games? If yes, consider surprising them with Minecraft-themed items such as a hoodie, pajamas, snapback cap, wallet, beddings, backpack, lunchbox, and mugs, among others. From kids to adults, the freedom Minecraft presents is super fun for all ages and is worth any occasion.

Don’t let Minecraft fans special celebration such as birthday pass without surprising them with one of these gifts. Luckily, there are wide varieties of Minecraft gifts at the market to select from that are quite sure to bring a beam to their face.

Even if you have no idea about the Minecraft game, do not worry, we have done all the needed work for you. So, it is much simpler for you to choose one from the top 15 Minecraft gift ideas that experts have proven to be perfect for both adults and kids.  

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READ and pick the one that you feel it will make your Minecraft lover happy.

Minecraft Gifts Ideas for both Adults and Kid

Top 10 Minecraft Gift Ideas

  1. Creeper onesie pajamas
  2. Minecraft Thermos Flask
  3. Creeper Snapback Cap
  4. Creeper Bed set
  5. Enchanted Bow and Arrow
  6. Creeper wallet
  7. Creeper lunchbox
  8. TNT Mug
  9. Minecraft Transforming sword and pickaxe
  10. Minecraft hoodie

What do you get someone who likes Minecraft?

There are various gifts you can get someone who adores Minecraft. Some of them are creeper hoodie, creeper shoes, Minecraft pajamas, color-changing potion bottle, creeper thermos flask, creeper lunchbox, Minecraft beddings, enchanted bows, and arrows, among others.  

Don’t hesitate to make them happy by getting them such a wonderful gift. Those presents can be presented on any special occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, or even graduations. 

What to get a kid who adores Minecraft?

There are various themed-Minecraft gifts exclusively for kids. Some of them include:

  • Minecraft games
  • Minecraft zip-up hood
  • Minecraft bedrock adventure
  • Minecraft transforming pickaxe and sword
  • Minecraft guide creative book
  • Color changing potion bottle light

Let your kid enjoy holidays like others by gifting them the above gifts. There is no doubt the kid will be thankful for the award. Nothing makes a parent happier than seeing their children’s joyful the whole day. Some of the gifts make your kids very creative and keeps their minds busy. They say, “Idle mind is devil workshop.” So, don’t leave your children idle all day.

Are there Minecraft gift cards?

Yes, there are beautiful Minecraft gift cards that can be presented on any special occasion such as Mother’s Day and birthday. You can order it online or visit any physical store near you. They are an excellent way to make any Minecraft lover happy.

Should I get Minecraft java or Bedrock?

Whether you should go for Minecraft java or Bedrock scales down to your personal preference, but if you want mechanical mods and stuff, then java might be best for you. If you require a game that runs quite smoothly and doesn’t care about much stuff, Bedrock is best for you.

Here are the Minecraft gifts Ideas you can think of:

1. Creeper onesie pajamas

There is no doubt a kid would love pretending to be a creeper, especially when they are waking up in the morning. Transform them into Minecraft zombie creeper with breathtaking creeper onesie pajamas. Kids will enjoy hanging around the house with this kind of pajamas; hence they will always remember you for the gift.

You may opt to buy Minecraft little Boys’ Blanket sleeper pajamas since its officially licensed merchandise. Also, it is an excellent Halloween costume.

Here are key features for Minecraft little Boys’ Blanket sleeper pajamas:

ColorGreen (appealing in the eyes of the wearer)
FitTrue to size (almost suits every kid)
Other benefitsFlame resistant. Versatile as it’s great for Halloween as well. Ideal sleepwear as it is entirely body union suit with hood. Soft and comfortable to wear.

Minecraft thermos flask

Gift Minecraft enthusiast with Minecraft themed thermos creeper flask to help them stay healthy by keeping hydrated all day long. Nothing is enjoyable than getting a gift with a themed image of what you like. So, you can at no time go wrong with this present. It suits all the occasions, be it a birthday, a fathers’ day, anniversary day or holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

You many go for Thermos F4019M16 Funtainer Since it preserves drink cold for up to 12 hours, which is quite sufficient for any Minecraft marathoner.

Here are features for Thermos F4019M16 Funtainer:

BrandThermos (well-known for quality products)
ColorMinecraft (Perfect for any Minecraft enthusiast)
Capacity12 oz (Enough to quench your need for water)
Other benefitsProvide long-lasting service because it’s made from durable stainless steel both inside and outside. Preserves your cold drink for up to 12 hours, which ensure you are hydrated all day. Provide maximum temperature retention. With its covered stray with push-button lid, you are assured to keep germs away. Easy to clean as silicone straw can be removed.

2. Creeper snapback cap

Do you know of any Minecraft lover? If yes, help them become the coolest boys on the block with an overwhelming Minecraft Creeper snapback cap. There is no doubt they will feel appreciated. Besides, the cap isn’t much expensive.

If you want to buy this cap, then go for JINX Minecraft Creeper Mob Snapback Baseball Hat since it features a customized fit. Thus, it can suit both kids and adults. Plus, it features a great print of the zombie creeper on the obverse and is officially licensed.

Here are key features for JINX Minecraft Creeper Mob Snapback Baseball Hat:

BrandJINX (known to manufacture quality hats)
Material used85 % acrylic, 15% wool
Other benefitsUniversal sizing. It is officially licensed. Customized fit because of the adjustable snap closure in the back.

3. Creeper bedding set

Give any Minecraft lover in your life the finest sleeping experience with this awesome Minecraft bedding set. They will be grateful as it will not only give them better sleep, but it is also a wonderful way of beautifying their bedroom. With such a gift, you will make somebody imagine they are playing a Minecraft game while sleeping.   

If you wish to shop one for your friend, you can opt for Jay Franco Minecraft Creeper Bed Set.  The set includes one duvet cover, two pillow covers, and a bedsheet. The duvet is awesome as it features a large creeper; hence Minecraft enthusiasts will like this present. With all this set, there is no doubt your loved one’s bedroom will turn into the final Minecraft lair.

Check the features that make Jay Franco Minecraft Creeper Bed Set ideal one:

BrandJay Franco (well-known for unsurpassed customer care)
Fabric Type100% polyester (Eco-friendly)
Weight4.41 pounds (not so heavy, hence you can easily transfer from one place to another)
Other benefitsAdd a touch of pretty charm to your bedroom. Keep you cozy all day because it’s made from super soft fabric. Versatile as it can be great for both home and school.   Eye appealing because of its fun design.

4. Enchanted bow and arrow

Allow your kids Minecraft escapades continue around the house with this whimsical enchanted bow and arrow. With such a gift, your kids won’t bother to disturb you while you’re busy with other stuff since they will be busy firing the arrow outside the house.

You can opt for Minecraft Enchanted Bow and Arrow since it’s appropriate for any Minecraft fan. Plus, it’s completely functional and features pixelated graphic style.

Why go for Minecraft Enchanted Bows and Arrows?

 BrandMinecraft (famous brand for Minecraft stuff)
Weight1.06 pounds (not so heavy for the kids)
Other benefitsCompletely functional and can fire the arrows. Provide long-lasting service because of the translucent metal finish. Beautiful as it features pixelated graphic style. Perfect for both boys and girls.

5. Creeper wallet

Money safety is paramount to anyone. So, you can never be mistaken with this gift whatsoever. Let your friend keep their money safe by gifting them this handy Minecraft creeper wallet, why appreciating their love for the game. Besides, this kind of wallet is affordable and can help scare away criminals.

If you are looking forward to purchasing one, you can opt for JINX Minecraft Creeper Face Nylon Bi-Fold Wallet. Unlike other wallets, this one is officially licensed by Minecraft, hence assured quality. Besides that, the wallet is very easy to use by anyone.

Why for JINX Minecraft Creeper Face Nylon Bi-Fold Wallet is the perfect present?

BrandJINX (Well-known to manufacture quality products)
Material used100% polyester nylon (durable materials)
ColorGreen (appealing)
SizeOne size (suitable for all)
Other benefitsGive long-lasting service since it’s made from premium quality materials. No insecurity as Minecraft has officially licensed the wallet. It safe your money fully as its bifold closure.

6. Creeper lunchbox

Minecraft friends without a doubt will appreciate you for gifting them a creeper lunchbox. You don’t have to purchase something expensive to make your friends happy.  The little things you manage to pay for, such as creeper lunchbox, will make them more comfortable. Lunchbox is useful in ensuring their lunch stays safe while in school or work, and therefore it remains a useful gift for your loved one.

If you desire to buy one, you can go for the Thermos Soft Lunch kit due to its outstanding features highlighted below:

BrandThermos (a leading manufacturer of insulated products)
Weight3.2 ounces (you can easily travel with it as its lightweight)
Other BenefitsNot harmful as its 100% PVC free. Comfortable because of its padded handle.  

7. TNT mug

Give any Minecraft lover a real surprise with this awesome TNT Mug. The mug is designed with TNT in three of its sides, making it perfect for any Minecraft fan. What makes it more fantastic is that one can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with it.

If you settle for this type of gift, then JINX Minecraft TNT Block Square Plastic Mug will be the best option. With its large capacity and premium quality material, there is no doubt it will serve your purpose.

Why JINX Minecraft TNT Block Square Plastic Mug?

BrandJINX (known for Unsurpassed customer care service)
Capacity290 Milliliters (enough to quench your thirst for the drink as it is standard capacity)
Weight0.15 kilograms (you can comfortably use It as it’s not such heavy)
Other benefitsHassle-free to clean as it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. It doesn’t compromise your health as it’s BPA free. Deliver enduring service as it is made from premium quality plastic. No worry because Minecraft officially licenses it. Versatile as you can gift family, friends, and other video game fans.

8. Minecraft transforming sword and pickaxe

Nothing is more enjoyable than doing what you like.  So, let Minecraft enthusiast play Minecraft in real life by gifting them this great transforming sword and pickaxe. One minute it is a pickaxe, the other minute it is a sword! Appropriate for both kids and adults Minecraft fans, this two in one doll is excellent for excavating for resources or fighting creepers.

If you are thinking of which one to buy, you can consider Minecraft Transforming Sword/ Pickaxe from amazon exclusive.

Why Minecraft Transforming Sword/ Pickaxe from amazon exclusive?

BrandMinecraft (Trusted when it comes to manufacturing themed Minecraft products)
Weight1 pound (effortless to carry along with you)
Other benefitsDual-action, hence you are ready to fight creepers and excavate for resources. Beautiful because of its new diamond design. Versatile as its appropriate for Minecraft fans of all ages.

9. Minecraft hoodie 

Any Minecraft fan without a doubt will enjoy wearing a warm game-themed hoodie. Gift your kids, family member, or a friend with a hoodie, and they will be very thankful as they embrace cold weather in style. Designed to look similar to a famous Minecraft creeper enemy, this hoodie, therefore, has a first astonishment.

Zipping the hoodie creates a creeper mask; hence you can use it to fright your neighbors. Besides that, you can use it while playing the Minecraft game. With its mesh mouth and eyes, there is no doubt you will have complete vision and room to breathe while ending creeper appearance.

You can opt for Minecraft Big Boys’ Creeper Premium Zip-Up Hoodie due to features tabled below:

BrandJINX (trusted by many because of its quality products)
Material used60% cotton, 40% polyester (provide maximum warm)
Other BenefitsHassle-free to wash as it is machine washable. Authentic hoodie because Minecraft officially licenses it. Multipurpose as you can use it as Halloween costumes and cosplay. It provides a perfect fit as the size runs smaller when compared to an ordinary hoodie. It’s functional and fun to wear as it offers hostile mob characters like those of Minecraft video game.

10. Minecraft fidget cube

Let your Minecraft lovers have hours of fun by gifting them this awesome Minecraft fidget cube. This fidget cube is ideal for busy minds and hands. They are destined to keep kids betrothed and focused on manifold tactile doings. Children can rotate the pickaxe and effortlessly slide the pig, among many more activities. Every side of this fidget cube is an engaging activity, and the devoted straps make it effortless to carry. It’s an amusing toy for children of all ages.

You can opt for Minecraft Grass Activity Block if you desire your kid to enjoy all the fun activities.

Here are features that make Minecraft Grass Activity Block a perfect present:

BrandMinecraft (Well-known to manufacture best Minecraft themed toys)
Weight0.96 ounces (kids can easily carry along)
Other BenefitsProvide a variety of fun activities. Perfect for kids of all ages.

11. Minecraft color changing potion bottle light

Do you need a unique and uncommon Minecraft gift? If yes, go for color changing potion bottle light. Minecraft fans will adore the gift. The Minecraft imagination will seem to come true to them with a colorful potion bottle that keeps the creepers away at night. So, it will be excellent for children who like to use desk light at night or to play Minecraft.

You can opt for ThinkGeek Minecraft Color Changing Potion Bottle since it changes into eight different colors that are green, yellow, white, red, peach, cyan, among many more. Also, it features a three-minute timeout to preserve battery.

Why ThinkGeek Minecraft Color Changing Potion Bottle?

BrandThinkGeek ( officially licensed  and well-known for unsurpassed customer care)
Weight0.9 pounds (not so heavy for the kids)
Assembly RequiredNo (give you a simple task)
Other benefitsPreserve battery as it features a three-minute timeout. Beautiful as it features eight different colors. Safe as Minecraft officially licenses it.

12. Minecraft kids backpack

The gift is best for the kids who like things linked to Minecraft. This backpack looks as if it was taken straight away from the game, and therefore you won’t go wrong it. Be it camping trips, exploring backyard, and school, the backpack will serve the purpose.

If you want to buy one for your kid or any other child, you can consider JINX Minecraft Pickaxe Adventure kid’s school Backpack.  The backpack is destined for fans of Minecraft game as it features iconic iron pickaxe. Plus, Minecraft graphics are all over the bag.

Here are features for JINX Minecraft Pickaxe Adventure Kids School Backpack:

BrandJINX (well-known for quality products)
Material used100% polyester (Eco-friendly)
Weight15.2 ounces (does not bear much wait for the kids)
Other BenefitsVersatile as you can use it to store school books, laptops, binders, and your entire Minecraft. The authentic backpack because it is officially licensed. Provide long-lasting service as it is made from 100% durable polyester. Comfortable to carry along because of its sturdy design.

13. Ender dragon interactive head

Bring Minecraft enthusiast adventure to life by gifting them this unbelievable Ender Dragon Interactive Head. With its adjustable straps, there is no doubt it will fit both adults’ and kids’ heads. Any Minecraft lover will adore the present as it  is designed like the actual Ender Dragon from the game

You can opt for Minecraft Ender Dragon Interactive Mob Head since it has light-up eyes that glow upon moving mask’s mouth. Plus, it is authentically designed to fit Minecraft’s video experience.

Why Minecraft Ender Dragon Interactive Mob Head?

BrandMinecraft (trusted to manufacture best Minecraft toys)
Weight1.9 pounds (it will not burden the kids)
Other benefitsBoth kids and adults can use it. Fits all head sizes as it has adjustable head straps. Bring Minecraft adventure to life.

14. USB torch wall charger

Let Minecraft fans charge their smartphones or tablets in style by gifting them this awesome Minecraft themed USB wall charger. Apart from charging, they can use it to provide light at night as it features two USB slots. It is designed like a torch from the game, and therefore Minecraft fan will adore it.

You can opt for a Minecraft USB torch wall charger since it is officially licensed. Plus, it can provide light at night while charging your phone.

Why opt for Minecraft USB torch wall charger?

BrandMinecraft (trusted when it comes to manufacturing product related to Minecraft video game)
USB slotsTwo (enough to charge more than one phone at once)
Other BenefitsAnybody can use it, be it men or women. Light-up your room at night while charging as well. They are designed to attract any Minecraft enthusiast.

15. Minecraft party supplies

If you are planning to prepare a party for Minecraft fans, then you can’t do it without Minecraft party supplies. With Minecraft party supplies, there is no doubt your loved ones will be very happy. Comprising everything you require to turn your table to look like the real Minecraft, this kit consists of napkins, plastic cups, paper places, a table cloth, among others. Invite them and throw an outstanding Minecraft party!

You can opt for the HeroFiber Minecraft Party Supplies due to features listed in the table below.

BrandHeroFiber (Trusted brand for quality items)
Weight1.85 pounds (it can be transferred easily from one place to another)
Other BenefitsThe kit comprises many essential items to make the party successful. It makes Minecraft fun, happy because the items are themed objects.

Wrap up!

The mentioned above gifts are ideal for every Minecraft enthusiast. Take one based on your preference and budget and let any Minecraft fan appreciate your love.

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