7 Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts For Asian Moms

Asian mothers are hard to please. Selecting a gift that resonates well with them is a challenge. It is mother’s day, and you don’t have an idea which gift to give to your loving mom. Most Asian mothers may complain that buying gifts for them is a waste of money. However, if you listen to them and don’t buy any gift during mother’s day or any other occasion, they complain even more than you have abandoned them. If you find yourself in such a scenario, select for them acceptable gifts such as puffer jackets, a trash can, a home surveillance camera, or a surveillance camera. These items auger well with parents because they are all functional gifts put into use; hence your mom can’t blame you for money wasting. 

The gift shops are awash with items suitable for Asian Moms’ mother’s day gifts. Choosing an appropriate gift that satisfies your mother might prove challenging. However, we have prepared a guide that analyzes the best mother’s day gifts acceptable to Asian moms.

Is It Important To Gift My Mom On Mother’s Day?

Is It Important To Gift My Mom On Mothers Day

There is nothing good like celebrating your mother when all other mothers are celebrated worldwide. Gifting her during this occasion signifies that you appreciate all the toil and moil she underwent to raise you.

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It is natural for mothers to nag and lose interest in everything as they grow old. However, she is still your mother, and you have to treat her with the utmost respect and provide for her. Ensure you appreciate her within a gift token not only during mother’s day, but also on special occasions such as her birthday, new year’s celebration, and any other event.

Stay on this page to enlighten yourself about the best 7 mother’s day gifts acceptable by stereotyped Asian moms:

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The 7 Best Gifts For Asian Moms

1. Women’s Lightweight Puffer Jacket

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As our moms grow older, they enjoy warmth by increasing clothe layers rather than turning on heaters. A puffy jacket for your mom on mother’s day is a welcome gift. Whenever she pulls it on during the chilly season, she must cherish you for enabling her to brave the cold. If there are gifts that stereotyped Asian mothers can’t resist, then the puffy jacket ranks high among them.


Fabric Type- 100% Polyester.

Care Instructions- Machine Wash.

Closure Type- Zipper.

Sizes- XX-S, X-S, S, M, L, XL, & XXL



The jacket’s fabric is made of 100 percent polyester that is water-resistant. Your mom can wear the coat when drizzling to shield her clothes from getting wet since water doesn’t penetrate the surface of the jacket.

Elasticized Waistband

The elasticized waistband features a drawstring that enables the jacket to fit well.

2. iTouchless Stainless Automatic Trash Can

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Consider gifting your Asian mom with this stainless automatic trashcan, and she will appreciate it. The beauty of this trash can is that it conceals a trashy smell and keeps pests at bay. Your mom will like this trash can that uses a sturdy motion sensor, meaning automation in the opening and closing of the lid.


Material-  Stainless Steel.

Color- Black/ Stainless Steel.

Brand- iTouchless.

Capacity- 13 Gallons.

Item Dimensions (LxWxH)- 12.75×10.75×27.88


Carbon Odor Filter

The Can feature one natural carbon filter that absorbs and neutralizes trash odors to provide a fresh and odorless environment.

Extended Battery Life

The gadget draws little power, enabling the battery to last 3x compared to other trash cans. The 4D size battery is purchased separately, and it lasts for around 1.5 years.

Two Power Options

The can is powered by either the battery or an AC adapter, and it comes with a full-service warranty.

3. See’s Candies

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If you are confused about the best gift to select for your Asian mom during the mother’s day celebration, try buying her see’s candies. The candies are favorite among the Asian folks, meaning gifting her with a box of Nuts, chew, or assorted candies will elevate her mood, and she will cherish you.

Product Specifications

Brand-  See’s Candies.

Flavor-  Candies.

Item Weight-  1 Pound.

Package Weight-  0.54 Kilograms.

Dimensions-  10.75×5.25×1.25


High-Quality Candies

The candies get baked with a commitment to the baker’s principle of quality without compromise. The traditional taste and quality of the product is unquestionable and lives true to the company’s catchy phrase, “we help make the world a sweet place, one piece of candy at a time.”

Insulated Shipping Container

During warm weather, the candies are shipped in an insulated container to preserve their quality.

4. Therapeutic Shiatsu Foot Massager

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The Therapeutic Shiatsu Foot Massager is a suitable gift for an Asian mom during mother’s day celebrations. Every adult likes foot massage; hence your mom will embrace the gift without much ado. The gift serves as a constant reminder to her about you whenever she is in a massage session.


Brand-  Best Choice Products.

Color-  Black.

Material- Plastic.

Power source- Corded electric.

Weight– 13.5 Pounds.

Dimensions (LxWxH)-  22x12x10 Inches


Screen & Remote Functionality

The gadget comes with a remote that controls speed, power, and massage directions. You can adjust mode settings between manual and automatic or custom. All operations are viewable via LCD.

Auto Mode

Your feet enjoy a deep therapeutic massage when you press the auto button and select the three modes that focus on your arch, toes, and sole.

Portable And Easy To Clean

The structure is compact hence easy storage, and it has a built-in handle that makes it portable whenever you are on the go. Cleaning is easy, courtesy of a removable cover.

5. OEM 1 Roses In A Vase

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A rose flower symbolizes love. Gifting her with these beautiful artificial roses in a vase will strengthen your mother-child relationship as she will feel cherished and cared for.

This gift is versatile, meaning you can gift it to your mom on various occasions such as birthdays and new year celebrations.


Brand- OEM1

Material-  Silk, Ceramic.

Color-  Blue.

Plant Product Type- Roses.


4 Bouquets

The package comprises 4 bouquets of roses, with each consisting of 6 branches. The roses come in a gorgeous ceramic vase.

Artificial Flowers

The flowers are made of high-quality materials that are safe and non-toxic. They have no pollens; hence they are friendly to people with pollen allergies.

6. WYZE Cam V3 Home Surveillance Camera

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If you wish your Asian mom peace of mind, surprise her with this night vision camera compatible with her smartphone. The gift is worth cherishing as it assures her of optimal security. The WYZE Cam V3 can be used for outdoors or indoors surveillance.


Brand-  WYZE.

Usage-  Outdoors, Indoors.

Form Factor-  Cube.

Connectivity- Wired.

Room Type- Office, Kitchen, Bedroom, Study Room, Hallway, & Living Room.


Starlight Sensor

The camera comes equipped with a starlight sensor that records full-color video at night. The sensor has the capability of seeing full color in surroundings 25x darker than ordinary video cameras.

Indoor/Outdoor Usage & Compatibility

The gadget is a wired video camera that you can install out in the rain or inside in the bedroom. The WYZE V3 is compatible with Android 5.0+ and iOS 9.0+.

Motion & Sound Detection

The camera records videos immediately it detects sound and motion. The video is then relayed to your phone.

Free Cloud Storage

All your recordings are stored in the cloud without subscriptions, and you can access them through the WYZE app within 14 days.

7. Selric Microfiber Washable Mop Slippers

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Is your mom celebrating Mother’s day, and you wish to surprise her with a functional gift? Search no further than the Selric microfiber washable slippers. These unique and stylish pair of slippers are soft and comfy, yet they mop the floor while walking. Its features will bring a smile to the face of your Asian mom, and she will cherish you forever.


Manufacturer-  Selric.

Department-  Women.

Item Weight- 6.4 Ounces.



The top and bottom of the slippers have the same thickness that won’t break easily. Its density is much higher compared to the rest in the market.

Water Absorption

The chenille is a microfiber fabric with elastic and soft features that are best in absorbing water off the floor as you walk.

Super Soft

The slippers are soft and comfortable to walk in. They have the feel of a carpet. Additionally, the sole is detachable and easy to clean.

A Buying Guide For The Best Gift For Asian Moms During Mother’s Day

Buying your Asian Mom, a delightful gift is not that easy. Follow the guide below to ensure you select an acceptable gift:

Taste- You Know your mom well to understand what she likes and dislikes. Ensure you surprise her with what she values most.

Age- consider your mom’s age before selecting a gift for her. For instance, you can’t gift a mom of over 80 years with the latest technology item.

Tradition- Older folks tend to hold the tradition dear. Understand your traditions before selecting an ideal gift for her.

Budget- ensure you select a commodity that is within your budget.

Final Thought

Gifting your mom during special occasions is an act worth cherishing. However, when it comes to gifting Asian moms, the task is challenging. Some distaste gifts, while others hold to traditions that prohibit certain items. Follow the guide in this article, choose one of the products on our list, and you can’t go wrong.



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