My Husband Buys Me Cheap Gifts-What To Do? (Tips To Make Your Husband A Better Gift Giver)

Everybody loves getting gifts from their spouses, but what happens when you feel like your husband gives you cheap gifts? Do you talk to him about it, or do you ignore, keep the gifts but never use them? Spouses need to put their best foot forward when giving gifts, but it can be hard when one spouse does not want to spend a lot of money on gifts. If your husband is the type who gives cheap and thoughtless gifts, you may want to talk to him about it and air your concerns so he can know how you feel about his gifts. While you may not know how he will react, it’s good to see if he will make a change.

Importance Of Being Truthful To Your Husband

Importance Of Being Truthful To Your Husband

When you do not like the presents bought by your partner because they are too cheap, it’s easy to feel guilty because we all want to assume that it’s the thought that counts. That’s true, but this doesn’t also mean that you should keep quiet about gifts that don’t make you happy.

 Pretending that you like the presents from your partner can be tempting because you do not want them to feel disappointed about getting you a gift which didn’t make you smile.  But, on the other hand, faking that you loved something when you didn’t isn’t good even when you are trying to save them the disappointment. After all, gifts are recurring things, and if you don’t talk about them, you will continue getting cheap gifts during every special occasion because you reinforced the gift as something you like, which is misleading.

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It’s not always good to discount cheap gifts, for example, flowers picked from the garden, because you may not have a vivid picture of your husband’s financial situation. If you genuinely love him, then the amount of money spent on a gift shouldn’t be all that important. However, if you are worried that they will give you a cheap present because they do not value you, it might be best to speak up about it.

How To Tell Your Spouse You Don’t Like His Gifts

It can be tough to tell a loved one that you do not like their gifts; that’s why it’s essential to consider your phrasing. You can start by acknowledging that you appreciate his thoughtfulness and effort in buying you a gift. Go ahead and let your husband know that since you are still in the process of knowing what’s suitable for one another, you would like for him to at least stop buying cheap gifts because there is a way they make you feel. Close your remarks by telling him that you are not saying that to hurt his feelings because you love him, and that is the last thing you would want to do, but you think it is vital for you to understand each other so that you are both happy in the marriage. That way, your husband will know that you don’t intend to hurt him and that you are coming from a good place.

How To Ensure That You Don’t Hurt Your Husband’s Feelings 

How To Ensure That You Dont Hurt Your Husbands Feelings 

It’s easy for your husband to feel hurt after telling him to stop buying you cheap gifts. Therefore, when discussing the matter, you should avoid being too critical and focus on the gifts you feel are a better fit for you. Although you may feel superficial for emphasizing getting better and more expensive gifts, you should know that this is an authentic way that some wives are wired to receive love. People whose love language is receiving gifts should talk about that, which does not mean that you are materialistic. When your husband gives you a thoughtful gift, it shows that he values your marriage, and your appreciation might not have anything to do with material gain.

Tips To Make Your Husband A Better Gift Giver

After talking to your husband about not getting you cheap gifts, you should try these tips on making him a better gift giver.

1. Stop Making Him Guess What You Need

Gift-giving should not be a test, and you shouldn’t be sly or secretive about what you would want your husband to buy for you during that special occasion. You should be open about it when you have something in mind. Crossing your fingers and hoping that your husband can read your mind will only make him buy gifts that you don’t like.

2. Give Options

If you have a gift at home that you like so much, ensure that your husband knows how much you appreciate the gift from another person so he can get a hint of the type of presents you genuinely enjoy receiving.

3. Appreciate Him When He Gets It Right

When your husband gets you that gift you have wanted for so long, you should feel free gushing over it to demonstrate how much you like it. You can wear or use the present in his presence so that he knows that you loved it. He will feel proud about his choice of present and most likely give you a repeat performance.

4. Encourage Him To Gift Experiences Too

If you feel like you have everything you want at home, you can encourage your husband to spend money on experiences rather than tangible items. Experiences lead to an increase in satisfaction and wellbeing. So, you can help your husband pick a better gift for you and make yourself happier in the process by telling him to focus on experiential purchases.

How To Pick Something That Your Spouse Will Love

Giving a gift can make you happy, communicate your feelings towards the recipient and even strengthen your marriage, but a less than stellar gift will have an opposite effect. Choosing the wrong gift, including a cheap gift that your partner will not like, is kind of risky for a relationship because it says that you have nothing in common. Since you do not want your gifts to cause more harm than good, you must choose a gift that your recipient will love. Here’s how.

1. Consider The Price

If your wife is complaining that you give her cheap gifts, then it’s time to get creative about the presents you choose for her. When she says that your gift is inexpensive, it doesn’t mean that you should spend millions of dollars but that you need to be thoughtful about your gifts because they look cheap. Spending a lot of money won’t always guarantee a well-received gift. Although you may think that spending a fortune conveys thoughtfulness, she may only want you to choose better gifts for her that show her personality with some class.

2. Think Longer Term

The trick for gifting better presents is thinking past the fleeting moment of handing over your present. When a giver is gifting, they want to think about the moment they hand over the gift and see a smile on the recipient’s face. However, the recipient cares about how much value they will derive from the gift over time. This means that you may think that your recipient won’t love the gift while in real sense they will be overjoyed when they think about the service the gift will give them over time rather than the smile on their face the moment you hand in your gift.

3. Don’t Focus Too Much On Uniqueness

Don’t pay too much attention to buying the unique gift out there. Many people desire what others have and would like to have exactly what they have seen with another person. We tend to pay much attention to the unique traits and personality of the recipient when shopping for them, which makes us ignore other aspects of the needs and wants. That causes us to buy them inferior gifts. People also tend to buy different gifts for different people, although they may be content with the same thing and never compare the gifts.

You don’t have to make yourself feel like a good gift-giver by erroneously feeling the need to diversify your gifts at the cost of giving a better gift.

4. Purchase A Gift Based On Shared Interests

To buy a better present, start with something you have in common with the receiver rather than using your preferences and adjusting them for how you and the receiver diverge. Pay attention to what you share and choose a present from there because something that you like will more likely be something your partner likes.

5. Don’t Overthink A Gift.

Don’t worry too much about giving terrible gifts. As long as something is appropriate, your recipient will feel a level of appreciation. If your wife wants you to buy her more expensive gifts, talk to her and discuss what she’d like. If the gift is within your budget, buy it for her, and you will see that smile on her face.


Some people don’t know how to pick gifts for their spouses. If your husband buys you cheap gifts, you probably want to talk to him about it and see how you can get better gifts. Nonetheless, it would help if you were careful about your phrasing when telling him about the gifts to avoid hurting his feelings.

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