Fantastic Nursing Instructor Gift Ideas

Do you feel inspired by a nursing instructor and wish to appreciate them in a special way? Gift them with life-changing gifts such as portable chargers, nurse watch, syringe highlighters, comfortable shoes, compression socks, a candle, and cell phone sanitizers, among others. These are presents that help instructors perform their duties comfortably. 

Nursing instructors provide academic lessons to nurses. Just like teachers, nursing instructors spend most of their time teaching their students how to deal with patients.  For instance, teaching students how to administer medicine to patients and give guidance and counsel to them. With this, they ensure that nurse students help their patients to recover.

In some instances, some nursing instructors serve as nurses in hospitals. Accordingly, it is good to appreciate them for the teaching they give to young nurses and the help they provide to patients.

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Whether you are related to a nursing instructor or not, it is proper to say thank you to them.  Finding a practical item for them, however small, is a great way to show your appreciation. It will brighten their life.  If you are willing to gift a nursing instructor, then this piece of writing will tell you the exact gifts that you can opt for.

Keep reading to identify with the tips!

Top 10 nursing instructor gift ideas

  1. Portable charger
  2. Nurse watch
  3. Syringe highlighters
  4. Comfortable shoes
  5. Foldable clipboard
  6. Cell phone sanitizer
  7. Tumbler
  8. Compression socks
  9. Messenger bag
  10. Candle

Can a nurse accept gifts?

Nurses can accept or reject presents, depending on the gift’s monetary value. This is because nurses cannot withstand exploiting their patients. So if a nurse is presented with a small token such as a gift card or an item, they will joyfully accept.

What is a good gift to give a nurse?

Good gifts for a nurse are practical items that can better their career life. The right presents for a nurse are widely available in the market. You can always buy any depending on your budget; for example, you can opt to buy a sanitizer for a nurse. A sanitizer will help a nurse to maintain proper hygiene more so because they come in contact with dirt daily in the hospital.

How do you thank a nurse?

There are numerous ways to thank a nurse. However, handing a ‘thank you note’ to a nurse is enough to make them feel appreciated. Therefore, you can invest in getting a nurse card and putting down some appreciation statements. The following are brief statements that you can write in a nurse card:

  • “Your zeal for the welfare of our patients is cherished.”
  • “Thank you for your kindness.”
  • “Because of you, our patient is healthier and happy.”

How do you praise a good nurse?

Words are enough to praise a good nurse. You can always use helpful and friendly terms such as:

  • “Thank you for your patience.”
  • “Thank you for always attending to the sick”
  • “You have always taken good care of our patients; thank you.’’

Here is an all-inclusive list of Nursing Instructor gift ideas that you can choose from:

Portable charger

No one likes dealing with a low running phone battery. It usually gets one in a sticky position, especially when in a tight schedule where they can’t stop to charge their phones. Nursing instructors typically have busy shifts in handling the sick in their sickbed or attending lessons. For this reason, they lack the luxury of spending time to charge their phones. 

Getting a portable charger for a nursing instructor is a thoughtful idea that will make a difference because it will come to their rescue when their phones are draining.

RAVPower portable charger makes a fantastic pick because of the following benefits: 

Brand RAVPower (Offers affordable quality portable chargers)
Dimension(5.53 x 2.8 x 0.81)’’ (Small-sized so it comfortably fits in a pocket)
Weight10.6 ounces(lightweight hence can be carried around with ease)
Battery15000mAh (It can recharge the phone many times before running out of charge)
Power delivery18W (charge phones entirely within a short time)
Other benefitsIt can recharge up to three devices at a go.
The unit consists of a LED display that indicates the exact percentage of power left, so one can quickly tell when it is time to recharge the power bank.
It has ion lithium batteries that safeguard it from overcharging.

Nurse watch

A nurse watch makes an excellent gift to an instructor, especially if he or she still offers services to patients. This is because a nurse watch has been designed with medical-grade materials that are safe for utilization in a hospital setting. Getting a watch for a nursing instructor is a proper way to help them observe time and make sure their inpatients receive medications as prescribed.  

Furthermore, with a watch, a nurse can document accurate medical records; for instance, the exact time and date they administer medications and tests to patients without having to rely on a hospital wall clock. If you are ready to buy a watch for your nursing instructor, then go for VAVC nurse watch

Here is why:

Brand VAVC (Provides easy to read watches)
ColourWhite (Most preferred in the medical field)
MaterialThe premium quality of surgical grade stainless steel (Safe to be utilized in the hospital)
Band MaterialLeather (Durable)
Dial ColourWhite (Easy to read)
 Case Diameter40mm (Highly visible to read)
Other benefitsWaterproof, thus, prevent any possible liquid damage.
Its band is soft so it can easily be cleaned.

Syringe Highlighter

Nursing instructors spend time researching and taking notes to equip their students’ fully medical wise. For this reason, they have lots of notes which they keep referring to when teaching. No matter the many times they relate to their records, they at times struggle to retrieve some vital information just at a glance. Getting them the syringe highlighters is a thoughtful way to help them pull out information quickly.

Syringe highlighter is a customized item for nurses and doctors, so your nursing instructor will be impressed with your gift.

Think of buying SDBING syringe highlighter because of the following justifications:

Brand SDBING (Offer multicolored syringe highlighters)
PackSix varied colors (Mostly preferred for highlighting different points in a note)
Dimension(0.79 x 0.79 x 5.31)” (Compact hence occupies less space in a bag)
Weight1.76 ounces (Easy to carry around)
Other benefitsIt is perfect for team giving.
Since it is medical-themed, it is an ideal gift to a nursing instructor.

Comfortable shoes

Nursing instructors spend most of their day standing, especially when giving lessons and practical work to students. This suggests that they experience muscle pain at their feet at the end of the day, which would affect their posture over the years.  To avoid watching your instructor struggle to stand throughout the learning sessions, get her a pair of comfortable shoes. Comfortable shoes will ensure they work more without experiencing pain.

YHOON Women’s shoes make a good nursing instructor gift because of the following features:

Brand YHOON(Offer comfortable footwear)
Size    Offer varied sizes of shoes so one can choose a pair that fits well.
MaterialWoven and fur (Comfortable and warm)
SoleMD and air cushion sole (Ensure the user gets proper buffering between feet and the ground)
Other benefitsOne can wear comfortably on all occasions.
The easy slip-on design makes them easy to wear and remove.

Foldable clipboard

A foldable clipboard is a perfect present for a nursing instructor who attends to patients. It is a convenient tool to document patients’ records such as name, age, blood pressure levels, and intervals of administered medications.  Alternatively, a nursing instructor can utilize a foldable clipboard to keep a few notes, especially when working with a small group of students rather than carrying a larger one.

Foldable clipboards are also very convenient since they fold into small sizes that fit into pockets. Therefore, a nursing instructor will appreciate it as a present due to its portability. You might wish to consider the PoneyChoice nursing clipboard as a gift to your instructor because it has beautiful features.

Here are the amazing features:

Brand PoneyChoice (Offer lightweight clipboards)
Dimension      (8.7 x 11.5)” (Compact so it easily fits in the pocket)
MaterialAluminum (Lightweight hence can be carried around easily)
Other benefitsThe clipboard is adjustable to fits one’s needs.
It has a HIPAA compliant design; thus, it can keep sensitive documents.

Cell Phone Sanitizer

Given that nurses handle patients who suffer from different diseases, they are exposed to the risk of contaminants.  Their phones are not any better because the same hands they use to administer services to patients are the ones handling phones. Therefore, if you decide to gift your nursing instructor with a phone sanitizer, it will make all the difference for him or her.

Cell phone sanitizers are very effective in killing bacteria and viruses, which are the common cause of most of the diseases. Moreover, they are lightweight; hence your nursing instructor will find it easy to carry around when going to the hospital or attending lessons.

If you opt for a cell phone sanitizer for your nursing instructor, then go for a Homedics phone sanitizer due to the following:

Brand Homedics (Offers the fastest UV sanitizers)
Weight           2.11 ounces (Lightweight so can easily be carried along when traveling)
Dimension(4.75 x 1.25 x 9.38)’’ (Small-sized thus it fits easily in a bag)
BatteriesLithium-ion (Prevents overcharging)
Other benefitsThe unit consists of a lighting position that facilitates full coverage of the phone hence provides optimal sanitizing.
Its design permits the sanitization of various sizes of phones.
Nursing instructors can carry around conveniently because it collapses flat after use.
The device is free of mercury and chemicals, so it is safe for human utilization.


Nursing instructors have busy schedules that don’t allow them always to have the comfort of sitting and enjoy drinking their preferred beverage. They are always on-the-go, especially those who still attend to patients. For this reason, you should opt for an insulated tumbler for them.

An insulated tumbler is a handy utensil that is customarily utilized to carry beverage because it keeps hot drinks hot for long periods. It comes with a lid which prevents the beverage from spilling and messing up one’s bag when on the move.  To ensure your nursing instructor makes the most use of your gift, consider buying a tumbler that doesn’t retain flavors to facilitate the switching of beverages whenever it is necessary.

Consider buying Contigo AUTOCLOSE tumbler due to its amazing features highlighted below:

Brand Contigo (Notable for spill-proof tumblers)
Weight           12.3 ounces (Lightweight thus can be carried easily)
Capacity20 oz (Perfectly hold a right amount of beverage)
Dimension(3.25 x 3 x 10.75)’’ (Fits well in a bag and a single-serve coffee brewer)
Other benefitsThe unit has an autoclose technology that safeguards the drink from leakages and spillages.
It has sweat-resistant design; hence it is comfortable to hold when sipping the drink.
The shatter-resistant material assures durability.
Dishwasher safe making it easy to care.

Compression Socks

Since nursing instructors spend the better part of their career life standing, they are prone to have swollen feet. As a nursing student, you wouldn’t wish to see your instructor suffer from swollen feet. Think of getting him or her pair of compression socks because they serve in boosting blood circulation and thus prevent feet from swelling.

On the other hand, compression socks reduce unsteadiness when standing. So, your nursing instructor will always stand for long without a struggle when giving lessons. You might wish to buy SB SOX Compression Socks because of the outstanding features it possesses.

Check them below:

BrandSB SOX (Notable for fashionable compression socks)
Size    It comes in four different sizes, which one can choose from and get fitting socks.
MaterialBreathable material (prevents sweat hence can be worn throughout the year)
Other benefitsIt provides optimum compression that is perfect for boosting blood circulation.
The breathable material is anti-odor; therefore, it secures the feet from bacterial and fungal infections.
The socks have cushioned heels which promote comfort while standing.

Messenger Bag

If your nursing instructor is a practicing nurse, then chances are he operates in shifts. He might be going to the hospital to work at night, and during the day, he comes for lessons. As a result, he rarely sits still. He is always on the move. Correspondingly, you can consider gifting him a messenger bag so that he can easily carry everything he needs as he attends to his duties.

A messenger bag is handy for carrying many things at a go. It has several compartments that ensure ample space when one is packing stuff. Moreover, the arrangements of the compartments facilitate easy access to things when one is on the move. Therefore, your nursing instructor will appreciate your present.

Sechunk vintage leather bag makes an excellent gift for a nursing instructor. Here is why:

BrandSechunk (Renown for high-quality messenger bags)
Material          The premium quality of canvas and leather (Makes the bag durable)
Number of pocketsSix (Provide ample packing space)
Other benefitsIt comes with a thick shoulder strap, which provides comfort when carrying the bag.
The bag comes with zippered pockets to safeguard the items kept in it.
Features minimalist design, so it is perfect for a nurse who goes for shits.


Given the tight schedule that nursing instructors observe during the day, they always feel exhausted at the close of the day. Getting them a stress relief candle is a perfect way to help them relax and feel refreshed after the busy day they have had with their students. A candle facilitates your nursing instructor to have a refreshing change from the classroom lights. It also gives fresh scent as it burns.  In the same way, the nursing instructor will feel relieved.

When buying a candle, go for the ones that are free from toxic and harmful additives. Think of purchasing Yankee candle because it is paraffin grade, and thus it is safe for human utilization.

Here are other benefits of Yankee candle:

BrandYankee Candle (Offers unique, pleasing scented candles)
Burning time  110 -150 hours (last longer)
Weight2.52 pounds (Lightweight so it can easily be moved from one room to another)
Additional benefitsIt gives a full bloom scent of apricot and soft petals.
Given that it is paraffin grade, it gives a clear and consistent burn.

Hand Cream

Transform the lifestyle of a nursing instructor by getting him or her hand cream. Nurses are known to wash their hands regularly. Consequently, their hands remain dry. Dry hands at some point make people feel uncomfortable. Thus it is essential to gift a nurse with hand cream. Using hand creams is the best way to restore moisture on the hands. Furthermore, it protects the skin from cracking.

If you are ready to buy a hand cream, then opt for Burt’s Bees Shear butter hand cream due to the following amazing features:

BrandBurt’s Bees (Notable for quality moisturizing hand creams)
Ingredients     Shea butter, sesame oil and cocoa butter (creamy, so it softens and repairs cracked skins)
Weight0.16 ounces (Easy to carry around)
Additional benefitsVitamin E and botanical extracts in it nourish the skin leaving it hydrated.
The hand cream is free from petroleum and parabens, so it quickly gets absorbed into the skin and brings about quick moisturizing.


Indeed, there is nothing better than covering oneself with a comfortable blanket after a long day of endless duties.  A nursing instructor will be impressed if you get him or her warm blanket.  Most of the cozy blankets are made up of lightweight fabrics; thus, it is easy for a nurse to carry to the hospital and utilize it to keep warm throughout long night shifts. This keeps them safe from cold, which would otherwise interfere with their health.

There are several brands of comfortable blankets in the market. So it can be challenging to settle for the best. Luckily, we are featuring one by the name Linenspa All-Season blanket because of its amazing features.

The table below outlines the features of Linenspa All-Season blanket:

BrandLinenspa (Offers high-quality blankets that provide comfort)
Weight5 pounds (Easy to carry around)
MaterialMicrofiber (Facilitates comfort while sleeping)
Additional benefitsMachine washable presenting no challenge in caring for it.
The reversible color design makes it great for adding elegance to one’s bedroom.

Lunch Box

At times nursing instructors wish to have a meal from home. Gifting a lunch box to a nursing instructor makes it simpler for her to pack and carry her preferred home-made food. The importance of lunch boxes is that they last longer so your instructor can reuse it over a long time. When buying one, go for those that are small-sized so that it is simple to keep in the bag after use.

If you are ready to buy a lunch box for your nursing instructor, then go for the MIER Adult lunch box. Check below what makes it outstanding:

BrandMIER (Provide durable lunch boxes)
Weight13.6 ounces (Lightweight hence portable)
Additional benefitsFood is kept warm and cold by two separate in-built sections.
The handle strap makes the bag easy to carry.
The temperature of food is maintained all day long due to the insulated interior is insulated.

Healthcare Book

Nursing instructors spend time reading healthcare books so that they can get relevant information to give to their students. Adding one to their bookshelf helps them to have a new book that they can compare notes with. To impress them, go for healthcare books that talk of nursing practice in a better perspective.

‘Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and Healthcare’ makes an excellent gift for a nursing instructor.

Here is a table that showcases its benefits:

BenefitsIt helps in developing skills and knowledge, which are crucial for making evidence-based practice part and parcel of clinical decision-making.
Evidence-Based Practice in nursing discusses the fundamental ideas for appraisal capabilities.
The book facilitates the unfolding of case studies in real-life practice.
It permits one to stay focused on essential nursing concepts.


Nursing instructors are healers by nature. Getting them a box of bandages will help them to continue administering first aids to their patients anywhere anytime. Bandages come in various colors, so you can take advantage and buy a color that is most preferred by your instructor. That way, your instructor will remember you each time they utilize the bandages.

Nexcare bandages make an excellent gift to a nursing instructor because of the following features:

BrandNexcare (Offers useful bandages for all types of wounds)
Weight2.08 ounces (Easy to carry when traveling)
Additional benefitsWaterproof to make it effective and prevent liquid from getting to the wound.
A thin and transparent look makes it less noticeable when one wears it on the skin.
It has a max design that allows it to stay on the skin for long until it is removed.

Final Word

We have highlighted several items that are fun and practical to a nursing instructor. You can pick any present from our list, and we assure you that all nursing instructors will love it. Buy one and appreciate your instructor in style!

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