How To Give Passive Aggressive Gifts For Christmas

A passive aggressive gift is a type of gift that you receive from someone as a gesture of hostility. For example, if a person smells bad then you can give him a gift of deodorant or cologne as a passive aggressive gift. Usually, Christmas is the time of the year when you get to exchange gifts with friends, family, and loved ones. Therefore, many people find Christmas as the best time to give a passive aggressive gift.

Many people find it a bit difficult to choose and give a passive-aggressive gift during Christmas. So when you are buying a passive-aggressive gift, you have to keep in mind that a gift must be subtle but not insulting. Moreover, you have to be specific about the gift item and make sure you don’t overspend on the gift.     

Give Passive Aggressive Gifts For Christmas

Things To Consider When Buying A Passive Aggressive Gift

There are a few things that you should consider when buying passive aggressive gifts for your friends, family members, or co-workers. If you follow the etiquette then it won’t be harder to buy a passive-aggressive present. Below are some tricks that will help you make someone seethe as they thank you for the gift.

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Pick A Subtle Gift

When you are buying a gift you have to ensure that you choose a subtle gift. It might be very tempting to give someone a blatantly mean, insulting, or disrespectful gift but trust me; you won’t get as much satisfaction from it. The main point of a passive aggressive gift is that your recipient can’t call you on it without looking like they’re being the unreasonable one. So instead of giving something insulting try to give a gift that is just ambiguous enough to grant you plausible deniability.

Choose A Specific Gift

This is another point when people make mistakes. We focus more on finding an insulting gift and forget to choose a specific gift that matches the gift recipient’s character. For example, if you have never complained about someone’s bathroom habits before then giving them a passive-aggressive bathroom gift is not appropriate. Moreover, it won’t deliver the wallop that you think. This type of gift will make the gift recipient confused. So you should pick a gift that revolves around a specific quality or memory and the gift recipient will immediately understand.

Spend A Little Money

While giving passive aggressive gifts make sure you don’t overspend on the gifts. If you do overspend then your secret Santa intentions become obvious. If you give them a cheap gift then the gift recipient will think that you’re being facetious. On the other hand, if you give an expensive gift then the gift recipient will wonder if the present is real. With a passive aggressive gift, you want to create confusion in the gift recipient’s mind like did you give the gift as a good intention, etc.

Best Passive Aggressive Gift Ideas For Christmas

1. Washable Dust Mop Slippers

2. Whatever Wall Clock

3. Decision Maker Paper Weight

4. Tic Tac Spender Box

5. Passive-Aggressive Pencils

6. Passive-Aggressive Note Pad

7. Handheld Crumb Cleaner

Washable Dust Mop Slippers

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If your roommate doesn’t do his daily chores then this gift can send a much-needed message. You will find different types of flexible slippers that are made from chenille fibers. So these slippers will pick up dirt, dust, hair, fur, and other gross things as your roomie shuffle around the living space. These slippers are very easy to wear and you can also wash them using your washing machine. So it’s an excellent passive-aggressive gift to your friends, family members, and co-workers.

Whatever Wall Clock

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If you have a tardy person in your life then the “whatever” wall clock is a funny but pointed way to call them out. This type of wall clock has its numbers all collapsed at the bottom of the clock. The word “whatever” is located in the center of the clock. Despite the weird design, it’s a functional clock with working hands. The gift recipient has to pay attention to the watch whenever he/she wants to see the time.

Decision Maker Paper Weight

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If you have a friend or a family member who spends more time arguing about movie options than actually watching a movie then this is an excellent passive-aggressive gift for Christmas. The person can use this decision-making tool to cut through a lot of the drama and take the decision in no time. What the person has to do is; just spin the wheel and let fate decide if it lands on “yes,” “no,” “tomorrow” or “sit on it.      

Tic Tac Spender Box

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A Tic Tac spender box contains 60 Mini Boxes. Do you have a roommate, co-worker, or family member whose breath smells like a rodent died inside the mouth six months ago then this is an excellent gift to present as a passive aggressive gift during Christmas. You can send a soft, subtle hint with this gigantic Tic Tac box. Moreover, it will be a thoughtful gift because lots of people love Tic Tac.

Passive-Aggressive Pencils

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Pencils are perfect for school and office desktop setup and these passive aggressive pencils look completely normal but each of these pencils has different passive aggressive sayings. Some sayings are “That’s so nice for you”; “Never mind, it wasn’t that important anyway”; etc. You can give these pencils to someone who is very boring or a co-worker who is ignoring you for no reason. In fact, it’s a perfect passive aggressive gift for people who hate people.

Passive-Aggressive Note Pad

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This passive-aggressive gift idea is excellent for roommates, siblings, colleagues, and other people who just get on your nerves. You can complain about their behavior without actually talking to them with this note pad. You can checkmark a number of requests on the note pad like “keeping it down,” “cleaning up after yourself” and “respecting other people’s stuff. You can also poke fun by threatening action in the form of “sulk,” “retaliate,” “call the cops” and “actually confront you.”

Handheld Crumb Cleaner

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If you share a desk with a messy eater then this is an excellent passive aggressive gift idea for Christmas. In fact, this versatile gift has many uses for many types of people. With this gift, you can nudge people into more sanitary habits. If the children of your family like to eat in bed then you can take away their excuse for not cleaning up with this crumb cleaner. You can give this Crum cleaner to your parents, teachers, students, co-workers, and people who love to cook and eat.

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