Exceptional Items for Great Picnic Basket Gift Ideas

A picnic is a beautiful way to enjoy your summer. You can go to the zoo or any place of your choice. But what is the better way to make this picnic successful other than an organized gift basket? Put together various necessary items ranging from foodstuffs to recreational items to have a successful excursion.

It might look difficult to filling your basket to make its purpose come true. Worry not, here; we will make things simple on your side, all you need to do is to read through, and you will make your gift basket more admirable. We highlight the beautiful, sweet, and necessary items that will match your needs. It doesn’t matter how long you will take on your picnic, but our advice is standard enough to make your adventure successful.

Stay tuned and have a basket full of adorable gifts that will surprise your loved one.

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Top 10 picnic basket gift ideas

  1. Wine picnic
  2. Chessboard set
  3. Oh nuts and dried fruits
  4. Chocolate gift basket
  5. Mini binoculars
  6. Flavored popcorns toppings
  7. Towel
  8. Butterfly net
  9. Map of local and regional trails
  10. Picnic basket

What do you put on your picnic basket?

There might be no good gift than a picnic for your loved one. The outdoor occasion sounds even better with perfect presents included on it. So, selecting the goodies to make for your picnic is another hectic thing that many people fail to do well.  But for your case, don’t worry, here we offer you the knowledge for the best gift to make into your picnic bag.

  1. Wine
  2. Fruit
  3. Cheese
  4. Extra gadgets and goodies
  5. Tasty olives
  6. Water tumblers with water inside
  7. Summer sausage 

What can I use instead of a basket for a picnic gift basket?

Yes, it’s an illusion which most people have adhered to it that always we have to use gift basket. But that cannot be the case; you can still make your picnic gift minus the basket. Just being a little bit different makes your package look attractive to your giftee. Here are the alternatives:

  1. Containers
  2. Shred
  3. Cellophane wrap
  4. Ribbon, bows, and toppers

What should I put in a comfort gift basket?

While their people might not need so much comfort, there are still others that you have to make your gift more comforting to match their needs. You can make your presentation with some of the most comforting items to make this picnic more appealing to them. Here are few that you can pick:

  1. Fine meat
  2. Almonds
  3. Cheese
  4. Truffles

What can I put in a guy gift basket?

To make your gift basket for a guy evaluate the best that men always crave for, like:

  1. Ballcap
  2. Bean bag toss game
  3. Beef jerky
  4. Bug spray
  5. Bungee cords

Here are great items that should not miss in your picnic basket gift ideas:

Wine picnic

Make your outdoor food activity enjoyable to your loved one with a bottle of wine. To the wine-loving friend, this is the better drink to pack on your basket for them. Taking wine out from the house gives more meaning to life. For joining friends, the drink will offer them the courage to explore more on this outdoor meal.

For your picnic basket choice, Red Pinot Noir is the best surprise. The brand is a red one, which is a perfect drink to sip outside. Its bottle is not that big; hence can be parked with other items on the basket with no fear of wasting space.

This Red pinot noir has the following features:

BrandRed (manufacturers of quality wine)
Item weight35 pounds, light thus makes it stress-free to carry while on the field
Dimension(14×12×14) inches, this size feet in most outdoor bags.
Other benefitsIt has fruity and well spicy characteristics of strawberry and blackberry.
Comes with wine, expert pinot noir ingredient kit.

Chessboard set

Yes, a chessboard is an excellent way to incorporate a game into your basket. Having fun while on a picnic will make things more enjoyable, and this game wizard will favor your ideas. The board is just light enough to carry, and packing it onto your basket will add no weight at all. Selecting one of the best chess board is not a tough decision, just make Wegiel Handmade European ambassador to your list and be safe. The board is detailed enough that playing it on any condition won’t be a problem.

Wegiel Ambassador is a unique design chessboard with the following outstanding features:

BrandWegiel (they have detailed boards that don’t confuse)
Weight4.62 pounds, light board for outside play.
dimension(21.65×21.65×1.2) inches, the square dimension, and thinness allow it to fit in different picnic bags.
Other benefitsBoard made from beech and birch look that gives it a classic attraction.  
Has a secure chessmen compartment inside the board that securely stores them.

 Oh nuts and dried fruits

This nut is the perfect way to enjoy a picnic with your loved one. The delicious fruits come already packed for your purpose. To sum up, the fruit selection is kosher, which has ten different varieties of dried fruits to choose from, with two kinds of nuts. The selection is easy to pack. It covers small space in your bag, so you still can have it and will not feel that effect of space limitation.

Oh, nuts and dried fruit give you the following features as shown in the table below:

BrandOH! Nuts (best taste fruits)
Weight1.8 pound, standard weight for your selection to an outdoor meal.
Other benefitsThe taste is sweet enough and will serve best for a picnic.
The fruit and nuts have essential nutrients that are to be considered with no doubt.


You know what chocolate implies in a real-life scenario, the sweet taste that is offered by it makes it better for a gift to your family or friends on a picnic. You should fill the basket with chocolate from different companies; this way, your friend or family member will choose the one they prefer over the others. Pick ones from well-known companies.

To make your work stress-free, you can buy a chocolate gift basket from GourmetGiftBaskets.com. The basket contains different types of candies that will win your loved one’s heart.  You will also enjoy the taste brought to you by this basket suggested by experts.

The chocolate cocktail comes with the following features for your satisfaction:

BrandGourmetGiftBaskets.com (specialist in basket gifts for different occasions)
WeightThe chocolate basket is 5 pounds, which is perfect for field and indoor serving,
Other benefitsThe chocolate keepsake basket is professionally wrapped with a festive ribbon.
For those who love chocolate, this arrangement makes an unforgettable gift.
The gift is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your recipient.

Mini binoculars

A taste of technology gives all spices to your picnic. While on an outdoor activity, you might be curious about some beautiful animals and sceneries. The binoculars will best solve your problem as it gives a perfect view from a distance. Create a space for this item on your main basket, given they are lightweight and will not frustrate even on small travel. POLDR 8×21 small binoculars have all the best features for your picnic. It has an eye relief of 16 millimeters.

The summary of POLDR 8×21 small binoculars features below makes it an excellent gift for picnics:

BrandPOLDR (high-quality small binoculars)
Weight6.2 ounces, best for hand carrying
ColorAttractive black color
Other benefitsIts compact binoculars thus can be pocketed and carried all the time.
Straightforward to focus on these small binoculars as it has a clear vision. One only adjusts the center-focus.
Perfect for both adults and kids when hiking, camping, and sporting.

Flavored popcorn toppings

Keep your tasty picnic with flavored popcorn toppings.  Note that one will need to have some bites while on an adventure. The popcorn toppings come with different flavors, and all you need is to decide on the best taste to add on your corns.  Before setting up for your outdoor excursion, prepare your pops, and add the delicious toppings, butter flavor popcorn toppings will inspire your picnic activity.

Butter flavored toppings are packed in different containers under various prices, and hence it will not squeeze much into your budget. Here we have summed up some market and product beneficial features that will add you knowledge of the excellent topping suggested for picnic popcorns.

Check below and add flavor to your picnic basket:

BrandAt the movies popcorn( manufactured for basket gifts )
WeightTopping of 1-liter bottle container weighs 8.5 pounds.
Other benefitsEasy pouring at a standard room temperature
You can add during or after the popcorn cycle to popped corn.
It comes with a 1 oz. displacement plastic pump for easy application.
No refrigeration required even after opening.

Butterfly net  

You might ask yourself about this item, but it should not be difficult. It’s simple. The net is designed purposely for catching insects, and for your curious friend, this will be a much good activity while on your picnic. Add a surprise to your basket with fun making a trap. The net has a small hole that won’t allow any insect to escape. The traps are produced in attractive colors and attract the target insect or butterfly just at a glance of an eye.

Insect catching activity on a picnic is such a joyful thing that will spice up outdoor activity just after a meal or a long conversation. It suites your basket without any restriction to a person you are going to surprise at your picnic. Just make your picnic lively with this item, and RestCloud insect and butterfly will serve the best for your selection.

The rest cloud has distinguishing features, as shown below:

BrandRESTCLOUD (quality nets for any type of insect)
Weight9.6 ounces, portable with a perfect handle that is sturdy fixed.
Dimension(15.75 ×5.12 × 1.18) inches (makes it easy to control while catching insects)
Other benefitsThe material of aluminum alloy and polyester makes it resistant do different harsh environmental conditions.
The handle extends from 17″ to 36,” which is perfect for adults.
Easy to carry store and quick to assemble.

Map of local and regional trails

You don’t need to get lost while spending time; these maps are marked to show different routes and features you might need as a clue for your picnic movement. Buy one and pack before making your basket half full. You will help your loved one have more knowledge of the suitable places for picnics while inspiring their journey. The maps are printed sizeable enough for hand carrying.

For a visible map, Summit County Trails Recreation topo map, a product by latitude, maps things easy for you. They are more details than other products on market maps, and you will surely get the best out of it.

Summit county trail recreation topo come packed with other exceptional features shown in the table below:

BrandLatitude 40 (best-detailed maps for different counties)
LanguageEnglish (understood by many)
Other benefitsThe map covers all parts of 44 USGS with a scale ratio of 1:24,000.
The latest edition of 6th 2016 makes it a more recent map on the library.
Size of : 39″ by 25″ – flat               8″ by 4″- folded (portable)
Detailed with more visible seven colors and also has GPS mileage between junctions.


Whether your picnic will be around the sea, Zoo Park, or other places of your preferred choice, having a large enough towel will make sense to pack on your gift basket. Remember, your loved one might need a rest, and the towel will turn to be a chair, to avoid making clothes dirty by sitting down.

Skova Temara round towel is so beautiful and will create that attraction on your picnic basket. The towel is large enough for one to spread it down on a camping tent to make as a carpet to sit on. Temara towel is of cotton material and is handmade, which makes it easy to clean. Also, they are designed for travel.

What makes Skova towel good for picnics?

BrandSkova (known for quality local handmade towels )
MaterialCotton, microfiber which accounts for its beauty and attraction
Other benefitsOversized for beach travel, pool, yoga, and picnics.
It comes with Morocco’s array of hues, detailed, and vibrancy designers.
Basket is equipped with an individual cooler compartment offered by the natural willow.

Waterproof backed picnic blanket

What do you need for a surprise gift to your friend other than this waterproof blanket? With changing weather conditions, a waterproof blanket will make any picnic successful even in the rainy season. Apart from covering one during the rain, it’s also warm to offer comfort when cold.

Many companies produce these picnic blankets, and for this reason, you need to be selective on the best quality possible. ZhongBan Extra Large Picnic and the outdoor blanket have the best feature that you can imagine. The blanket is large and easy to fold due to its soft material. This makes sneaking it into a picnic gift basket stress-free.

Zhongban Extra-large waterproof outdoor blanket comes with these extra beautiful features that make it advisable to your basket:

BrandZhongBan( quality blanket that fits picnic on any weather condition)
Item weight1.3 pounds, light enough to necessitate carrying on a picnic occasion.
Other benefitsIt has 100% soft polar skin that does not irritate the skin.
Spot clean /hand washed for maintenance also has a premium style for machine washing.
Easy to fold to a 10 inches size for stress-free carry.

Portable folding picnic table

A table more so foldable one is the best item to offer luxurious feeling while on a picnic. The table is folded into a small size for carrying before you think of sitting down in excursion to make that surprise by unfolding this gift from the basket.

Choose the Stan port picnic table. It has an umbrella that will provide shade during your excursion, and you will enjoy it with your loved one. Never forget that the portable table is lightweight, matching your activity better.

The table below gives a full summary of Stan port picnic table:

BrandStan port (best features that suit picnic needs )
Weight30-pound weight considerably light compared to what it offers.
Other benefitsHave a convenient carry handle to reduce frustration when transporting.
It has a different flexible height that one can choose according to their needs.
The powder-coated steel frame makes it rust-resistant.
Resistant to stains making it easy to clean

Salt and pepper

Don’t forget to add taste to your favorite meal on a picnic. If you are packing the ingredient into your basket, consider acquiring Latent Epicure that is battery operated for a picnic taste like no other. The grinder is adjustable according to your preference coarseness settings and has a bright light that illuminates food to help prevent over flavoring.

The grinder’s features are as shown on the table below:

BrandLatent Epicure (quality food guaranteed )
Weigh1.69 pounds, flexible enough for both outdoor and indoor.
Dimension(4.41×3.15×8.66) inches with enough capacity for your flavor.
Other benefitsThis item helps to keep the kitchen dining room surface clean and tidier while using at home.
Operational with one touch of a button which automatically grid spices to the desired texture.
It is easy to use, hold, and is of high-quality material for a gift.

Home Spa gift basket

This gift basket has a luxurious eight-piece bath and body sets that are unisex. The fresh peony scent makes an excellent present for people in a picnic when they think of grooming and self-cleanliness. A home spa is an excellent gift for your friends and family members while on a picnic. Gift includes a reusable bag and back scrubber, which one can still use for spa experience while on travel.

Consider home spa present gift basket from LOVERY. It is a luxury eight-piece bath, and body set for men and women and have the following amazing features:

BrandLOVERY( best home gifts)
Item weight2.2 pounds, which still falls the range of gifts preferable for the picnic basket.
Other benefitsIt has a fresh peony, which is of sublime scent with soft floral notes.
Full eight pieces contain assorted of a large number of lush bath accessories.
Heart shape soap gives comfortable, lathering action.
The shower gel provides a long-lasting scent.

Gift tree fresh fruit gift basket

Just don’t make a mistake to forget this mini basket into your main picnic bag; it’s a healthier option to make your outdoor fruity. The gift tree includes Northwoods Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese and a host of fruits that are sweet for your loved one. They are already packed in a gifted box, so you can easily pack on the main basket or carry on its own to make your picnic successful.

Check some exceptional features of gift tree basket:  

BrandGiftTree (nutrition company that are specialist in packing of fruits for gifts)
Other benefitsBasket packed with a variety of fruits, i.e., Almond Roca, Gift-Grade apples, premium Grade pears, Northwoods Wisconsin, premium Grade Kiwis, and Roasted Cinnamon Maple walnuts to make it more sweet and enjoyable.

Picnic basket

To sum it up, you need a basket to pack all the items suggested. A picnic basket is a great idea for packing your items for outdoor activity. Happy picnic Wicker picnic basket solves your excursion activity. The basket is a four-person capacity with large willow hamper, a big insulated cooler compartment, has a waterproofed blanket and beautiful cutlery service kit. The bag has an attractive brown hue that will make it outstanding on any picnic activity.

Deciding on this bag for your picnic will be a win situation; the large size and other features don’t just guarantee quantity but also quality. The bag can last for centuries without any sign of aging. Producers of the basket are well known for their determination to make genuine products for customer satisfaction. Shape and material also explain the reason you should go and shop for this picnic basket.

Besides, it comes with the following additional features: 

BrandHappyPicnic (manufactures aim at picnic purpose always)
Item weight5.7 pounds, lightweight despite the size of the basket.
Dimension(213.6 × 144 × 90) inches, ample space that you can decide to fold things to any size before packing them.
Other benefitsThe material composition of natural willow and cotton, making it genuinely tough for durability.

Final Word

With the above gift ideas to pack in your picnic basket, it is no longer stressful to surprise a loved one on an outdoor excursion. The items have been selected after extensive observation from different outdoor occasions. Choosing from them will surely brighten your picnic, and you will enjoy it!

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