15 Amazing Pokémon Gift Ideas For Boys, Girls, Adults & Couples (For A Real Fan)

Are you looking for a Pokémon gift for yourself or others? Worry not as many ideas are worth as presents. From trading card games, toy line, cartoon show, mobile game, clothing items, and books, among others, you can get branded Pokémon gifts that are extremely perfect for your loved ones.

Both adults and children love Pokémon that came as a result of video game series released in the ’90s. The brand has built its name, and many items trademarked to make great Pokémon gifts for everyone. Here we present 15 great ideas that make you or your friend be part of Pokémon’s legacy!

Top 10 Pokémon gift ideas

  1. How to draw Pokémon (the book)
  2. Super Deluxe Essential Handbook (Pokémon)
  3. Franco Kids Bedding Super Soft Sheet Set, 3 Piece Twin Size, Pokémon
  4. Itazura New Pokémon-Go Pikachu Coin Bank
  5. Pikachu towel
  6. Adjustable belt with 2 inch Pikachu
  7. Pokémon Kids’ Watch
  8. Boiworld Pokémon knit toque
  9. Pokémon Trainer Guess: Kanto Edition Electronic Game
  10. Pokéball Plush
15 Pokemon Gift Ideas

Do gifts expire on Pokémon go?

The gifts on Pokémon go expire after some time. You need to check the expiry date that is displayed beside the description of the present to redeem before the time lapses. The good thing is that you can always reach out to customer service to help in case of a challenge while playing the game. 

Gift Items on Amazon

How do you get gifts on Pokémon go?

To get gifts on Pokémon go, you first bring up the profile by clicking on existing trainers. Once done, the buddy Pokémon and trainer avatar would appear. Check to the left underneath the avatar, and you will see, and the icon above ‘can send them a gift.’ Click then pick one to send among the 10. 

How many gifts can you accept in Pokémon go?

At any given time, you will be able to receive at most ten gifts to your Pokémon bag. When your friend sends you a gift, they will also share pokestop where the items were picked. You will be able then to know the place they visited when they sent the present. 

What is the rarest Pokémon card?

Pikachu Illustrator is the rarest Pokémon card. It is also referred to as ‘Holy Grail of Pokémon’ and has only been handed out once to 1998 winners at the CoroCoro Illustration contest. The card is the rarest among the others on Pokémon as it is scarcely circulated around the globe. 

Are Pokémon cards worth collecting?

Not, really. The Pokémon cards aren’t worth much, even though they are used to collect an entire set quickly. That said, some are valued high like the Pikachu Illustrator card. The best thing is to check on the Pokémon site on how much your card is priced.  

Here are the excellent Pokémon gift ideas worth considering:

1. How to draw Pokémon by Tracey West

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Why not make your loved one a Pokémon drawing-master? Consider gifting children between ages 7-10 years with How to draw Pokémon by Tracey that would widen the imagination in no time. The book includes step by step guide on how to sketch favorite Pokémon characters including Pichu, Meowth, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Lugia and Pikachu, among others. What’s more, there are draw bonuses for Pokémon in action that help kids to create their baffle scenes. For sure, you will put a smile on the face of your loved one as they sketch the picture page by page. 

Here is why How to Draw Pokémon is a great gift:

Author Tracey West (Featured in New York times as bestseller author of the Pokémon book adaptations)
Age level7-10 years (Time when kids are fascinated by their creations)
Language English (Understood by many)
Paperback 32 pages (Variety of drawing)
Other benefits The book has Pokémon’s characters that are fascinating to the kids. Include a step by step guide that makes work easier for the children. Doubles as coloring books since once the characters are drawn, the child can go ahead and paint.

2. Super Deluxe Essential Pokémon Handbook 

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If there is something that cannot be taken from someone is knowledge. The super deluxe essential handbook is an excellent book to consider gifting someone who loves all about Pokémon. It helps children of all ages acquire knowledge on how the over 800 characters came about. The book contains all stats and facts of the latest Pokémon’s that are organized and written in simple language that kids can easily understand. Even Pokémon trainers would appreciate the book as it comes with 64 extra pages that include all information on the newest video games about Pokémon’s from the sun and moon. 

Why is the Super Deluxe Essential Handbook perfect for Pokémon lovers?

Author Scholastic (#1 best seller in kid’s electronic and video games books)
Paperback 496 pages (Contains lots of data on latest Pokémon’s characters)
Age level7-10 years (Kid’s friendly with the use of simple language that anyone can understand)
Other benefits
Include the latest edition with 64 extra pages for the newest Pokémon’s video games. Full-color pages that make it interesting for the kids to read. The book contains information about over 800 characters that impart knowledge on a kid about Pokémon’s world.

3. Super Soft Pokémon  Bedding Sheet Set by Franco

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Let the young ones enjoy a sound night sleep with Franco Kids bedding super soft sheet. The gift is worth as it comes in 3 pieces, all featuring Pokémon Pikachu design. It keeps the kids cozy all night long due to the microfiber material used that does not present any challenge while washing. One gets to toss it to the washer and drier without any chance of color fading. Further, the wrinkle-resistant fabric makes it a great addition to any child’s bedroom.  The comfort and fun are all that your loved one would remember you for such a great present.

Why gift Franco Pokémon sheet set?

Brand France (trusted for quality)
Package 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and pillowcase (All needed for elegant exciting and colorful bedroom)
Material 100% polyester (Soft and wrinkle-resistant) 
Other benefits Pokémon Pikachu design offers comfortable and fun sleep.  Easy care as it can be washed and dried without the worry of color fading. Vibrant color imagery adds some excitement to the bedroom. 

4. Itazura New Pokemon-Go Pikachu Coin Bank

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This is an electronic coin piggy bank that features Pokémon-go design. It represents a perfect gift as one will enjoy putting the coin. When the money is placed on top, there is a sound, ‘pika, and pika – Pikachu × 2), which encourages one to save. Any Pokèfan’s heart will melt with joy as the Pikachu pops out to pick the coins placed on top. Further, it can hold up coins worth $5, and the kid will be excited to hear the calls of Pikachu collecting such an amount of money.

What makes the Pikachu coin bank a great present?

Brand Itazura (Known for latest innovations on Pokémon cartoons)
Weight 10.6 ounces (portable)
Recommended age15+ years (Suitable even for adults poke fan)
Other benefits Hold up to $5, making it easy to save the coins with convenience. Electronic and constructed to last long, thus giving you value for your money. 

5. Pikachu towel

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We all know how hard sometimes it is to convince the young ones to bathe. Not anymore with the Pikachu towel that makes the children long for bath time. If you are gifting your niece or nephew, then without a doubt, they will make you one of the best aunt/uncle. To your kids, they will forever be grateful at how creative you can get by bringing home Pokémon Pikachu inspired towel. 

Kids can use the wrap up to the age of 7 years old, and it keeps them dry instantly due to soft and absorbent cotton fabric. Furthermore, the color doesn’t fade even when tossed in washer and dryer for normal laundry routine.

Check the amazing feature of Pikachu towel:

Brand Franco (Known for its cartoon-inspired cloth wear)
Material Cotton (Soft and absorbent keeping your loved one warm and dry after bath or swim)
Weight 13.4 ounces (Lighter making it easy for children to use)
Other benefits Pokémon design makes it more fun for kids during bath time. Handy corner pockets that ensure the kids wrap the towel comfortably around them. Easy care as it can be cleaned by washer and drier without color fading. 3D ears contribute to cute character detailing.

6. Pokémon Kids’ Watch

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Why not help the kid know how to read and keep time by gifting them Pokémon-inspired watch? The dial features official Pokémon’s characters and is pretty easy for children to use. Besides, the device is safe to use as it has been tested and approved as non-hazardous and non-toxic assuring you of the safety of loved ones. Regardless of the wrist of the child, the watch fits comfortably due to an adjustable stress-free buckle strap.  

Why buy Pokémon’s kid watch as a present?

Brand Pokémon (Official Pokémon watch) 
Band width 16 millimeters (Comfortable for the children)
Display Digital (Easy to read)
Other benefitsLED flashlights that are exciting to the young ones. Lab-tested, non-hazardous, and non-toxic to ensure the safety of the kids.  Adjustable buckle strap that comfortably fits most wrist size.

7. Adjustable Belt with Pokémon Clip and Carry Poké Ball

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Turn your loved ones into Pokémon’s trainers with the stylish clip and carry an adjustable belt. The poke ball is included, and you can opt to purchase more to make it more fun to Pokémon lovers as it can hold up to six. The balls open by a single push of a button and hold one character at a time. The hours of fun allow the young ones to improve on hand-eye coordination, develop fine motor skills, and arouse their curiosity. Do not feel limited, as the package is a perfect gift for both adults and kids during special occasions.

Here are amazing features that make Pokémon adjustable belt perfect for poke lovers:

Brand Pokémon (Experts in Pokémon-inspired items)
Recommended age4+ (Enjoyed by both children and adults)
Weight 11.2 ounces (Practical for poke trainers)
Other benefits Help the kids develop fine motor skills as it is fun and engaging. Can hold up to six balls that are enough for one to be an expert Pokémon.  They are enjoyed by adults, making the package a perfect gift on any occasion. 

8. Boiworld Pokémon knit toque

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Help your loved one fight the cold weather by gifting them with Pokémon knit toque. The yellow with long ears leave nothing to chance as it helps one to embrace winter in style. With brown eyes with pouches inside, smallmouth, and red circles on the cheeks, the hat is adorable, and every poke lover would appreciate it. Besides, it is one size fitting most and thus presenting a perfect present for kids, teenagers, and even adults.

What makes Boiworld Pokémon knit toque great?

Brand Bioword (Officially licensed to manufacture Pokémon’ s-inspired items)
Size (9 x 9 x 13)” L×W×H ( Fits most)
ColorYellow (Cute)
Other benefits Long ears that ensure your loved ones keep warm even when outdoors.
Yellow far that is soft and thus child-friendly. 

9. Pokémon Trainer Guess: Kanto Edition Electronic Game

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Challenge your friends and loved one by buying them Pokémon trainer guess. The Kanto edition uses voice recognition that frees the hand, allowing one to play with fun. If one is not a master in the game, they can make use of the trainer field guide included in the package. The 3AA batteries are also included ensuring that the gift is ready for use upon receipt. At the end of the game, one will be able to collect all the 151 Kanto Pokémon. Isn’t it amazing!

Have a look at great features of Pokémon trainer guess:

Brand Basic fun (Known for amazing cartoon-inspired games)
Weight 9.9 ounces (Practical)
Recommended age6-15 years (Amazing gift for children)
Other benefits Uses voice recognition that free hands for fun play. A trainer field guide to help beginners have a smooth learning curve. Include the required batteries, thus ready for use upon purchase. 

10. Pokémon 4″ Pokéball Plush

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The feeling of catching the ball around the house will be made possible by Pokémon plush ball. The stocking stuffer inspired design is a perfect gift for kids that allow them to play indoors without the worry of breaking items or injuring themselves. It features a weighted bottom, ensuring it land right on the white part to display the Pokémon’s character well. 

Why would Pokémon lovers appreciate the Pokeball plush? 

Brand Pokémon (Officially licensed for the merchandise) 
Size 4″ (not too big for kid’s hands)
Age level8-12 years 
Weight 15.2 ounces (Lightweight and practical for use by children)
Other benefits Very soft; thus, there is no fear of breaking items when used indoors. Weighted bottom to allow it land as expected to display the Pokémon character well.

11. Pokémon Poke ball Lunch Kit

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Lunchboxes are useful for everyone going to school, work, or while going outdoors and need to carry some snacks. Therefore, you will never go wrong gifting your loved one with Pokémon Poke ball Lunch Kit. They get to be part of the poke league while getting a convenient way to carry their meals anywhere anytime. Besides, its awesome look makes the lunch kit a perfect accessory. The zipper closures also keep the content with compartments and pockets for proper organization.

Check the great features that make Pokémon poke ball lunch kit amazing present:

Brand Pokémon (Officially licensed)
Weight 5.6 ounces (Portable)
Color Red (Show of love)
Other benefitsZipper closure keeps the content safe. Pockets and compartments allow for proper organization of items.  They are made in the USA, indicating superior quality. 

12. Pokémon Charmander Building Kit

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Help your loved one build their favorite Pokémon characters by buying them the Pokémon building kit. The set comes as Nano blocks presenting a superior building experience that challenges the kid’s imagination. Anyone who is eight years and older will find the details and sophistication fun with the ability to build authentic and unparalleled real block-based characters. Besides, the blocks fit comfortably at the palm, allowing one to create amazing 3D Pokémon characters using the step by step guide included in the package. 

Here are amazing features of Pokémon Charmander Building Kit:

Brand Nanoblock (Known for their originality)
Weight 4 ounces (Lightweight and practical for children)
Age recommendation 8-15 years (Challenge imagination for the young)
Other benefits Creates exceptional 3D characters that make it authentic and incredibly real. The smaller bricks present better build. The step by step guides included helping the kids cultivate problem-solving skills, develop fine motor skills and logical thinking. 

13. Pokeball Molded Coffee Mug

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Coffee mag is a fantastic way to inspire morning drink the poke style. The mug holds 12 ounces that are enough to be used for coffee drinks anytime. Gifting one with the item will always stir their morning and remind them of your love. Besides, the mug is durable but ensure you tell your loved one that it is not microwaved and can be cleaned by hand wash only.

Why choose Pokeball Molded Coffee Mug for a present?

Brand Just Funky (officially licensed)
Capacity 12 ounces (Enough for a coffee drink)
Other features It is molded into a Pokémon character that makes it fun for the coffee enthusiasts.  Weigh 363g that makes it practical. 

14. Pokemon Wand Makeup Brushes Set

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Do you have a friend who loves Pikachu’s little face and captain Americas butt in an equal measure? If yes, then Pokémon Wand make-up brushes will be a suitable present for them. It comes in a pack of six multi-sized brushes that are perfect for blending, shading, contouring, and highlighting. Plus, every single brush comes with avengers costume dressed Pikachu as a topping. 

No worry about bruising or irritation when your loved one is doing make-up as each brush is made of soft synthetic hair. Besides, it has the red-and-gold iron man and a green hulk; thus, one can achieve the striking eye shadows with nerdy pop culture all in one go.

What makes Wand Makeup Brushes Set exceptional?

Brand Rongji jewelry (Trusted for premium make-up brushes)
Set packageSix pieces (Contain essential brushes for daily needs)
Hair fabricSoft synthetic fiber (For gentle and non-irritating make-up)
Other benefits The brushes have a threaded metallic handle that ensures a comfortable grip. The pokémon-style top represents a cute symbol for teenage girls. Lightweight that makes it easy to use. It contains a magical wand that enables one to enhance the beauty in one go. 

15. FINEX Premium Pikachu Yellow U-Shape Travel Neck Pillow

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Help your loved one defeat the jet lag by gifting them a travel pillow. You get to appreciate their love for Pokémon and make their flight always pleasant. Not only is the pillow right for air journey but can be used for a car seat when traveling long distances. Or even better, one can avoid a stiff neck by using the pillow at home while glued on the screen. 

Apart from the well-padded u-shape and flexible design, the pillow comes with a hood. One can put over the ears and eyes to block the surrounding for enjoyable and peaceful travel. Not to mention Pikachu’s face that every Pokefun would appreciate.

Why FINEX Premium Pikachu Yellow U-Shape Travel Neck Pillow makes a great gift?

Brand Finex (Registered trademark)
Weight 11.8 ounces (lightweight making it suitable for travelers)
Color Yellow (Attractive to many Pokémon lovers)
Other benefits The u-shaped design prevents stiff neck while at home or when traveling. Easy cleaning as it can be done by wiping the surface only.  Feature Pikachu face hood that can be worn to prevent disruption from the surroundings while traveling. 

Wrap up

For sure, you will find the perfect Pokémon gift for your loved one from the items mentioned above. Each one has been picked wisely from the wide variety of presents to allow you to buy one that will brighten someone’s day during special occasions. Go ahead and choose one based on your preference!

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