Police Academy Graduation Gift Ideas That Are Worth Buying

Newly graduated police officers are people still adapting to their career. Gifting them is somehow technical. But don’t be locked out, make sure your picks revolve around nurturing their career.  Gifts like a police badge, wallet, waterproof notebook and key chain for police officers among others will sort you out big time. 

The police graduation gifts might look difficult to shop, but with this guide, we are sure that you will finish off with skillful professional items to your graduating police officer.

Read on below and be knowledgeable!

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Top 10 police academy graduation gift ideas 

  1. Emotional law survival law book 
  2. Car seater organizer 
  3. Police officer bracelets 
  4. Keychain 
  5. Personalized decanter
  6. Waterproof notebook
  7. Police badge wallet
  8. USA beer cap 
  9. Police watch
  10. Bulletproof sunglasses

What practical gift can I make to a graduating police officer?

A newly graduating police officer has little about what he might need for his recently awaiting job. To make him adapt fast and well try to gift him with necessary items to his work life like a tumbler, blue line hoodie, concealed carry holder and a bottle opener. 

What are the gift ideas to a graduating police officer who has everything?

At times you might meet a newly graduating police officer who is rich to his standards. At this instance, try practical gifts that he might not think buying such as the ones below:

  1. A night out
  2. Gift cards 
  3. A virtual assistance
  4. Meal kit delivery service 
  5. Personalized gifts 

How do you thank your graduating new police officer?

We all know how daunting it is for the training police; he takes some months with total restriction where they cannot have a single time with their families. And, normally, on their final day, you will need to thanks them. Here is the best way to than a new police officer:

  1. Writing a letter
  2. Put together a plate of cookies for him
  3. Pay their order
  4. Give them a thank you card 
  5. Create and frame a certificate of appreciation

Here the Police academy graduation gift ideas that you can think of:

Emotional survival law enforcement book for officers

No products found.

Yes, police have their own written guide that drives them best along the line of duty. Don’t think twice before you make this awesome gift to the new initiate police officers. The book talks about challenges facing the cops and also provides a solution to them.  This police journal also has good moral that are necessary to the relatives, and it guides the immediate family on how they can relate with the officer in their midst.

A new police officer will be guided on how to react to some unpleasant scenarios that are common within the job. Thus, the book is a perfect present that will act as a bible to graduate police.  

Check out in the table below the amazing features of the police enforcement manual:

Author Kevin M Gilmartin (one of the best sellers in law enforcement books category) 
Pages 142 ( brief yet informative) 
Weight 7.2 ounces (lightweight for portability) 
Language English (understood by many) 
Other benefits Engaging and humorous making it fun to read 
Fonts used in writing the document are friendly and readable.

Law enforcement seat organizer

No products found.

New graduation kits that will ease the life of a graduate police officer from the first day are a welcomed idea. One that will be impressive to all is Uncle Mike’s Side-Armor Car Seat organizer. The bag has one front and two side compartments that help police keeps his gear and paperwork organized and within reach.  Since often the officers share vehicles having their organizer make it simple for them to have essential whenever and wherever and remove them conveniently once their shift is over. 

The durable bag is well designed with a quick to detach buckle, making it a walkover to untie from the car chair. A police officer can then carry the bag on his back as the design allows it. 

That’s not all; Uncle Mike’s Law enforcement organizer features the following: 

Brand Uncle Mike’s Law enforcement (known for quality car accessories)
Style Unisex-adults (perfect for any graduate officer regardless of the gender)
Weight 2.2 pounds (portable yet hold enough) 
Other benefits The front compartment is zippered to keep the contents safe 
Easy to organize all accessories due to specialized pockets 
Stress-free access as the bag sits flat against the car seats

Police officer bracelet 

No products found.

Worried of what to gift to a lady graduate officer? Not anymore with a perfect bracelet bearing heart-warming message “she believed she could.” The bracelet has an attractive police brooch, which changes its purpose into beautiful wear. For a female soldier, the bracelet gives a perfect message to women as well as inspiring them to take risks into the forces and keep them going.

You can decide to make some changes to your bracelets before making a presentation on the main occasion. Customizing the present will make it more specific to your loved one. 

Check some fantastic features of women bracelet from MOOHAM store:

Brand MOOHAM store (known for quality customized jewelry)
Material Stainless steel (never fades, more attractive and long-lasting)
Style Design for women wears and fashion.
Other benefits The uplifting message engraved suit graduation events 
Flexible open scuff that fits most with ease of taking putting it on and off 
Packaged with an elegant-looking gift box to make it presentable 


No products found.

Police don’t need big and heavy presents that will stress them on how to carry.  Try something small like a keychain that is engraved with a lovely message. One such is Miss Pink keychain with writings’ be safe. I love you.” This loving message will always guide the officer to make the correct choices in life while on duty. Besides, the item is attached to a handcuff that is useful to every police graduate. 

What makes the Miss Pink customized keychain eye-catching?

Brand Miss pink (trusted) 
Style For men but still can be used by policewomen.
Weight 0.63 ounces (do not add that much weight to keypunch)
Material stainless steel (rust-free thus attractive and durable) 
Other benefits Have more efficient hooks and closure for connecting the keys
It is designed for door room keys, car and office keys

Thin blue line state art 

No products found.

This is an attractive art product made specifically for police and best gifted on graduation days. For the best choice buy the famous one with a thin blue line; a trademark for law enforcement. The blue line shows the high regard countries have for the law enforcement officers in the government thus convey your honor onto their work when presented

Consider one from AppalachianCharm VA that is designed by a member of the police group, and therefore, it has a great message and meaning related to the career. Besides, it comes with an amazing frame that allows the police graduate to create some wonderful graduation memories. 

AppalachianCharm VA also comes with outstanding features below:

Brand AppalachianCharmVA (experts manufacturers of police art pieces) 
Size 8.50 x 11.0 inch, (sizeable window display)
Material Burlap material (durable)
Other benefits Customizable to fit your own needs
Police make it to fellow cops welcoming them for their service.

Personalized decanter 

No products found.

What if your graduating officer is a wine lover? Make him busy with a decantation glass that allows him to take his wine at the comfort of his home. Surely this might be a memory catching present he will live to remember. The personalized police decanter from HomeWetBar is the top choice that features a police badge. This will earn pride to the graduate police who might love to show off his career in style.

The attractive glittering crafted glass of this decanter adds some classy touch that makes the item presentable on such special occasion as graduation. 

Why HomeWetBar personalized decanter? 

Brand HomeWetBar (trusted) 
Material Clear transparent glass ( durable and provide a perfect view of the content) 
Dimensions (10.0 x 8.0 x 4.0) inches, ( standard holding capacity)
Other benefits The personalized police are appealing to cops of all ranks.
Personalizing it with badge serial number, name and title makes it a good attractive gift to present on graduation 
Can allow the addition of whiskey stone which would enable your favorite officer to enjoy cold whiskey whenever 

Weatherproof notebook 

No products found.

Do not let a police graduate struggle taking note on rainy season. Their work requires accurate record-keeping at any point in time. A waterproof notebook is what they need so that their note-taking is not limited by the harsh rainy season. Rite IN the Rain is the perfect pick that provides all the solution to law enforcement officers. 

The weatherproof spiral notebook ensures that even spilled liquid does not damage the notes on the table. Not forgetting the light showers that the police are exposed while working outside from office. The pages of this book are water repellant, making them trustworthy for use while in the field. 

Check in the table below for a simple guide of your selected product:

Brand Rite In The Rain (best waterproof notebook)
Weight 1.92 ounces, (light enough to be carried along with other devices)
Dimension (5.25 x 3 x 0.38) inches, (good size that fit in almost all pocket dimensions)
Other benefits It is good for all types of inks.
Has a spiral binding with tough and impact- resistant wire.
The book can be written with either pencil or all-weather pen, and the note will stay intact for a longer period.
Completely recyclable hence it environmental concerned item

Police watch

No products found.

Gifting a police graduate with a nice durable waterproof watch is a thoughtful idea; watches serve a great role to any officer on duty who needs to operate on shifts. Consider Smith and Wesson watches that has an alert that will help an officer to keep track on time and maintain the flow of his schedule as per their code of conduct. 

Smith and Wesson watch with a handsome blue decoration with small police slogan is a cute gift to have for graduation presents. The tactical watch has a clear format enhancing visibility and easier usage. Its band is adjustable to fit any hand size.

Besides, Smith and Wesson watch come packed with the amazing features below: 

Brand Smith and Wesson (known for quality watches)
Material Nylon, ( less sensitive to impact-breakage)
Watch movement Moves in a Japanese Quartz (easy to read) 
Other benefits Have electronic backside glow
Features a police logo and shield thus perfect as a solidarity tool
Has a glittering hand and marking that makes an appealing gift 

Police badge wallet

No products found.

Police officers need something to hold their badges and job IDs. To help them ease this pressure, you should consider buying them a police badge wallet.  These are purposely designed for the police officers to reduce frustrations while keeping job ID and ensuring ease access. Opt for those that are spacious to hold almost all the desired items that need to be carried along. 

One such is from Magpul brand that has plenty compartments for keeping money and cards as well as a slot for a police badge. Still, on protection, the secure wallet has an undercover to offer protection against from wear and tear. 

Here are some of the useful features of this bifold wallet by Magpul: 

Brand Magpul (bet producers genuine wallet for men)
Style It is a tactical wallet for card and money holder.
Material Polyester (gives it a beautiful and decent look)
Other benefits The wallet is made in the USA by a genuine company known for premium quality.
Easily holds money, IDS and other important documents while ensuring stress-free retrieval 
Chemical resistant hence the documents cannot be tampered with by any chemical exposure 

USA beer cap map 

No products found.

Are you wondering what makes a good gift to a graduating police officer who has a hobby in travelling to different countries? Well, a USA beer cap map makes a perfect present. The wide beer cap map of America has plenty of space to put favorite beer lids that one comes across while adventuring the world. In turn, a police officer will be able to remember the different journeys he has made either on duty or tour activities. Once filled up, the beer cap will also act as an attractive beautiful house decoration to a young officer with much to explore.

There are many options in the market, but one from a wooden shoe design is a sure bet.

Here is why:

Brand Wooden shoe design (known for quality art pieces)
Weight 1.85 pounds (light and convenient to hang on the house walls)
Dimension (0.25 x 0.25 x 0.25) inches (compact for portability) 
Other benefits It comes with an already drilled standard hole that can hold all types of beer caps
The USA beer caps hold up to a maximum of 81 beer caps
Specific design for beer caps hence securely holds them in place

Bulletproof sunglasses 

No products found.

Sunglasses make up a good pair of fashion wear that almost everyone will crave to have; same case to the police. However, for them, they do not just require sunglasses for style and protection against the harmful UV rays but one that can fight back the bullets. So it will help if you buy a police graduate one that is anti-fog and impact-resistant as well as bullet-resistant 

Consider one from Venture Gear that ticks all the feature boxes that a police officer’s glass wear should have. The glass has a polarized lens with a durable frame that is impact resistant.  

Also, the sunglasses come with exceptional features highlighted below:

Brand Venture Gear (expert in military wear)
ColourBlack lenses (good fit to a soldier that need to camouflage)
Other benefits The frame inside and the outer part are designed smoothly so as not to pinch ones face while they are on.
High technology of polycarbonate is used for its production to eliminate refraction.  
It has a military vapor shield that makes it survive all sorts of weather changes.

Phone sanitizer 

No products found.

Police after their graduation will start on their main duties at their workplace. They mainly work on dangerous places as well as dirty areas, and they get to interact with people from all works of life. This makes them susceptible to a contagious disease that requires frequent hand washing and sanitization. You know what! Even if they wash their hands, their phone can keep them in contact with germs without proper sanitization. This is the reason you should consider buying a police graduate with a phone sanitizer form PhoneSoap. 

The product from a trusted brand will help the police officer to disinfect their devices, thus getting rid of germs they might have transferred to their phone surfaces. The smartphone sanitizer is easy to use without fear of interfering with the phone’s functionality. Besides, the kits include a charging cable and an acoustic amplifier to make it a valuable gift on special occasions like graduations. 

Check below other amazing features of phone sanitizer form PhoneSoap:

Brand PhoneSoap (known for trusted phone germs solution)
Dimension (7.6 x 5 x 1.75) inches (portable)
ColorWhite colour
Other benefits Compatible with all types of smartphones and headphones.
The smartphone sanitizer is a wireless device reducing the luggage weight pose by cable.

Tactical pen survival defense tool

No products found.

This is a high-quality pen that has an emergency feature offered by a rescue glass breaker which is designed purposely too small to break a window open for an escaping channel from a car or truck. The pen is also used for writing and other functions just like other ball pens. Its clarity is unquestionable, especially when used for taking notes. The gift will further give courage to your graduating officer, and for sure, he will enjoy the services he gets from it.

Tactical pen self-defense tool from TF Take Flight has the following feature that makes it best serve its purpose:

Brand TF Take flight(expertize brand on survival tools )
Weight 1.6 ounces, (light to serve its primary goal as a pen)
Dimensions (6 x 0.6 x 0.6) inches, a good size that fits into the palm quite well.
Other benefits Unisex design makes it suitable for both men and women 
It is safe to use the emergency tool as it cannot cause counter back injuries.

Police T-Shirt 

No products found.

The police support t-shirt from Trenz Shirt Company has a thin blue line which represents the role of a police officer in separating bad things from good.  It also has black stripes that act as a memorial for officers that have been attacked and killed on duty. This t-shirt shows the connection between police officers as they work to bring a better society free from evil doings. 

Making this gift to your graduating officer is like initiating him into his job; it will make the graduate develop that bond with other officers in a special way.  

A police support T-Shit have the following features:

Brand Trenz Shirt Company (trusted) 
ColourBlack (symbolize the fallen soldier support)
Weight 6 ounces (practical for wear) 
Other benefits Made of 100% preshrunk cotton to provide a great feeling while on the body
Great customer supports 

St Michael challenge coin

No products found.

This coin serves to honor the men and women who are working for the community and the entire country through prayers or offering security services as police do. The currency, therefore, works as a great gift for graduating academy officers. The coin also has a portrait of the patron saint of authority with a protective prayer on it. 

The saint challenge coin has the following features that make it an important item to present as a gift to a graduating officer:

Brand Eagle crest (known for quality products)
Weight 0.32 ounces, (lightweight and thus can be attached on a coat with ease)
Dimensions 6.8 x 5 x 0.6 inches (compact)
Other benefits Has diamond wave edge which makes it more acceptable.

Final Words

Experts have selected the above gifts after extensive research and findings. Yes, few people know the type of presents that can be presented to a graduating officer from the police academy. Therefore this piece serves the purpose of helping you pick the perfect presents that motivate and encourages the officers as they look forward to going to the field. Feel free to select at least one or use the ideas above to make an informed decision.

Best luck!

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