15 Practical School Counselor Gift Ideas

Has a school counselor helped you in one way or another? If yes, then gift them with practical presents like a pen box, wall art, frame quotes, relaxing neck wrap, an office plant, and fancy writing paper set, among others. These are the items that will keep the counselor relaxed and motivated to give their best.

Counselors play a very big role in a student’s life. Due to this, their job is tedious and stressful. They help and guide the students in different fields such as academics, social life, peer to peer life, and even to the extent of assisting them with their home life. They deal with all the matters affecting the students, thus ensuring they stay focused in school.

Students might be irrational, and sometimes dealing with them becomes so tiresome because counselors have to help them no matter how hectic it can be. As we all know, students keep visiting counselor office distraught for complaints and others seeking calmness and guidance. This means counselors have to have lots of patience and experience to be in a position to help students in anything. 

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Gifts play a major role in a counselor’s life as they assist them in understanding how important they are in students’ life. It also makes them feel motivated and also reminds them that they can do it. Some are meant to help them to relax, calm, and be more focused on helping the students. Gifting a counselor thus promotes stress relief, happiness, and also it’s a way of reminding them that they can do better.

Now, you might be wondering over the perfect gift for your counselor, worry not! Here we provide the school counselor gifts ideas that are practical and motivating.

Read on!

Top 15 school counselor gift ideas

  1. Pen box
  2. Wall art
  3. Frame quotes 
  4. Relaxing neck wrap
  5. An office plant
  6. Fancy writing paper set
  7. Customized gift mug
  8. Fancy wall clock 
  9. Customized key chain
  10. Mini Zen garden

What kind of gifts do Counselors want?

Finding the right gifts to express appreciation to your counselor can be a huge challenge. Depending on your budget, it’s very easy to find a good gift that will make your counselor day. Just go through our gifts list, and I do believe you will be in a position to find an appropriate nice gift that will make your counselor happier all day long.

Is it okay to give a Counselor any gift?

There is nothing wrong with buying your counselor any gift. Though on some occasions, people have given out some gifts which turn out to be embarrassing. Kindly ensure you buy a gift that will put a smile on your counselor’s face, always know that a good present is well appreciated, and makes the recipient know how much you care about them no matter how stressful their day can be.

How does a typical school day look like for a Counselor?

Every morning students have different issues which they require listening. A counselor has to have a lot of patience so as not to tire while dealing with all this student of having various problems, and others need immediate action. With all this, a typical counselor school day becomes very stressful, and some gifts encourage them a little by reminding them that they can do it.

How do Counselors help their students?

They offer individual counseling to students, thus helping them resolve personal and interpersonal issues. Counselors give a listening ear to the students based on their different grievances and thus ensuring concrete decision making. They offer support to students who have academic, behavioral, and mental health challenges. In other situations, counselors have to intervene on behave of a student based on the issue at hand. 

What are the counseling techniques?

Counseling isn’t an easy job, but due to passion, it becomes enjoyable mostly when the client’s satisfaction is met, and happiness is restored. They have to make their client open up to be able to explore and understand the problem, thus bringing intervention and appropriate solutions based on the client’s situation.

What should a school Counselor have?

They require binders, which enables them to be more organized. Reading is important when it comes to counseling, and having a collection of books can help in improving counseling skills. As a counselor having some games helps in meeting your student’s needs. It’s advisable to have a writing material such a plain paper and a pen so that you can note down important issues. Some problem requires immediate action while others need more time to be sorted based on the subject and where it involves other parties, writing some points will assist in remembering thus making a brilliant decision.

Here are the school Counselor gift ideas that you can think of:

Pen box

One of the main activities that counselors do is to take down notes, especially during counseling sessions. This, therefore, means that they do a lot of writing and need a lot of pens while at it. When thinking of a perfect gift for your counselor, a pen box might be just what you need for them. Pens can be easily misplaced when not safely kept, and thus, pen boxes would be just what they need to keep and carry their writing materials around.

When giving it as a gift, ensure it is a special and unique kind, one that is memorable and appealing to the eye. The African Savanna Customized Pen Box is one that you can consider. Made purely of wood, it is something special as it looks natural and unique.

Why the African Savanna Customized Pen Box?

BrandDashwood Designs (Home furniture and decoration brand outfit)
MaterialWood (has a natural look)
Size6 ¾×1 ¾×1 inches (the ideal size for carrying around)
BenefitsLong-lasting due to the material used
 Can act as a form of decoration as it is elegantly designed

Wall art

Paintings can be soothing. Counselors do a lot of work on a typical day, and this might take a toll on them. They also need to relax and free their minds once in a while. A great piece of painting in the office might just do the trick. Gift them with a special kind of artwork that will always light up the mood in the office or at home. Look for a natural type of art that depicts peace. This will go a long to help them relax.

The Gateway to Peace and Serenity Canvas Art Print is the perfect piece of art for a present. The nature painting depicts peace and serenity and is easy on the eye.

Besides, Gateway to Peace and Serenity Canvas Art print comes with the following amazing features:

ArtistFizdi prints (renowned artist and art seller)
MaterialCanvas (ideal for painting)
Size20×21 inches (the right size for wall art)
BenefitsCan be customized to different sizes to fit different frames

Frame quotes 

When you walk into a doctor’s office, you will instantly know due to the charts or writings on the wall. The same should be for a counselor’s office. There should be encouraging quotes to give hope to the kids. Look for elegant frames that carry important quotes that would impact positively on the people who get to read them. It can be a gift for the desk or the wall.

You can opt for the counselor classroom décor printable wall art that has a unique message making it is the right kind of art suitable for a counselor’s office or classroom.

What makes counselor classroom décor printable wall art a great present?

ArtistIrene Grape ( artist at printable beauty arts)
SizePrintable up to 16×20 inches (great size for the wall)
Message“You Matter” (encouraging to both counselor and the students)
BenefitsIt can be downloaded digitally then printed to your desired frame size.
 Can be used at home or the office

Relaxing neck wrap

Counselors sitting behind a desk the whole day can be exhausting. Counselors perform a critical role for the students since he has to be there for them all the time. Being there for the students requires one to be in good shape and sound mind. A relaxing neck wrap might be the perfect gift for your school counselor to enable him to have a good rest once in a while, even behind the desk. Rest is crucial for the brain, and they need to be at their best when they offer their services.

The Happy Wraps Microwavable Herbal Neck Wrap is a good choice for this kind of gift. Suitable for neck pain, migraine and, shoulder pain relief.

That’s not all;  Happy Wraps Microwavable Herbal Neck Wrap come packed with the features below:

ManufacturerHappy Wraps (recognized wraps manufacturer)
Material100% cotton (offers the much- needed comfort)
Weight2.25 lbs. (easy to move around in)
BenefitsHave therapeutic abilities due to the herbs used
 Reusable thus good for the environment

An office plant

Plants represent nature, and nature is always relaxing in their special way. An office plant brings a natural look to the place and is recommended. It is also a form of decoration and compliments the interior décor.

Look for a plant that looks elegant and classy. Let it be a rare plant that is not too common to make it extraordinary. Buy your counselor this special piece to show your appreciation for the good work he is doing.

The Juniper Bonsai Tree is a great pick due to its uniqueness and compliments the look of the office.

Check below other amazing features of Juniper Bonsai Tree:

CompanyFTD (Floral company Leader)
Plant typeGreen Mound Juniper Bonsai (lovable)
Size6-8 inches tall ( great size for an office plant)
BenefitsComes with a ceramic port that acts as a decoration

Fancy writing paper set

Part of the counselors’ work is to take notes while offering their services. They always have to write down a few things in the process. This means that there is a lot of paper involved during the process of counseling.

You can gift your counselor a writing set that will assist them in their work. A good paper set will make their job easier since they can always take down important notes whenever they need to and at any given place.

A Wagtail Design Writing Paper Gift Set will do the trick for you for this kind of gift idea. It is stylish and presentable.

Wagtail Design Writing Paper Gift Set also comes with the fantastic features highlighted below:

BrandWagtail Designs
Size23×3.5×16.5cm (ideal notebook size)
Sheet sizeA5 (good even for letters)
Weight200 g (can be easily carried around)
BenefitsCan also be used for different purposes like shopping list jotting

Customized gift mug

Showing appreciation can be done in the smallest ways possible. It is the little things that matter. Showing appreciation to your counselor doesn’t have to be a big deal. A gift mug is a good present, like any other item.

A customized gift mug with a special message will be appropriate for them. Find the right kind of mug with the desired message, or you can have it customized with your special message.

The counselor Mug by Wimly is a perfect pick for a counselor. It is customized with a special message ‘best counselor’ that shows appreciation in a special way.

The counselor Mug by Wimly is a perfect choice because:

BrandWimly company ( Renowned gifts brand)
MaterialCeramic (durable and fancy)
ColorCounselor (appealing to the eye)
Size15 oz (perfect size for a coffee mug)
BenefitsCan complement the office  or home interior decor
 The graphics are durable and can never fade

Fancy wall clock 

Many offices tend to have clocks hanging on the wall. Clocks are important in that they help us tell what time at a glance without having to use the phone or wristwatch. At the same time, clocks can act as decoration, both at home and in the office. A customized wall clock is a perfect gift for your counselor as it shows appreciation for what he does. It is also a sign of respect.

You should consider one that is customized with the right kind of message to make it extra special. In this case, the School Counselor Wall Clock is just the perfect gift to give to them. It is simple yet elegant, and the writings’ School Counselor’ on the surface of the clock makes it the right kind of gift to give.

Here are other amazing features of School Counselor Wall Clock:

ManufacturerSignMission (known for quality customized wall clocks)
Size10 inches (ideal for the office)
Dimensions12×4×12 inches (large making it easy to read)
Weight0.43 ounces (easily carried around)
Benefits Can be used for both office and home décor
 Has precision quartz movement

A customized key chain

Small gifts given in good faith can mean a lot to the recipient. Letting your school counselor know that they are appreciated doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. A simple gift such as a key chain can be the best present you can ever give.

Consider a customized key chain with the simplest of messages that will make a nice gesture to your counselor. One can use it for the office or home key, but it will always remind them that they are appreciated.

The Advisor Gift Keychain is the right kind when looking for a good one to gift. It is customized with a great message ‘good advice is beyond all price’ that is priceless to any social worker.

Why the Advisor Gift Keychain?

BrandKeytells (Recognized fashion brand)
MaterialStainless steel (long-lasting)
Message“Good advice is beyond all price.” (encouraging)
BenefitsCan hold a good number of keys
 The material is skin-friendly

Mini Zen garden

A school counselor’s work can be tiresome at times. Following up with school kids is not an easy task, and at the end of the day, the mind can be full. For the kind of work they do, they need to have a clear mind and be peaceful.

The perfect gift for your counselor can be a small Zen garden where they can work on and have a relaxed and peaceful mind after a long day of work. The Zen Garden Black Handmade kit Indoor Sand Garden is a great pick due to natural sand that makes it a sight to behold.

Other features that make Zen Garden Black Handmade kit Indoor Sand Garden an amazing present:

BrandPaintspiration (Established fashion brand)
Weight1.5 pounds (easy to carry around)
Dimensions(8.2×7.2×1.5) inches (great size for the office)
BenefitsBlends great with office and home decor
 Promotes relaxation and relieves stress

Customized notebook

Notebooks are very important when it comes to the work that counselors do. They need to take down important notes during their work. For this reason, they need plenty of notebooks to do their work well.

A customized notebook is a great choice when thinking of the perfect gift to give to your counselor. You can have it customized to your liking or depending on what they like to make it special.

The I’m A counselor What’s Your Superpower? The customized notebook is a great choice to lighten up their mood.

Why I’m A counselor What’s Your Superpower customized notebook?

PublisherIndependently published
LanguageEnglish (widely spoken)
Pages100 (enough for writing)
Dimensions(15.24×0.64×22.86) inches (easy to carry around)
BenefitsIt can be used for other activities such as writing down lists

Counselor sign 

Not every person may know where the counselors’ office is, and to make their work easier, a sign might be required. A well written and decorated counselor sign might thus be the perfect gift for your counselor.

The sign should be written with durable ink that will ensure it lasts for a long period. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the one chosen is made of long-lasting material.In light of this, The School Counselor Street Sign is a sure bet.

Here is why:  

BrandSignMission (American owned recognized company brand)
Size8×36 inches (can be seen)
MaterialPlastic (durable)
BenefitsCan be used for different types of signage
 Rust-resistant, therefore, lasts longer

Stress and pep talk balls

Counselors, when offering help to students, need to keep their nerves calm and be steady. The students also need to be calm to express themselves in a way that will allow them to get help from the counselor.

One way of calming the nerves is by using the talk balls. A counselor should have these in the office to assist both them and the students. Gifting your counselor, this kind of gift will thus be greatly appreciated.

The Motivational Stress Balls Assortment is a great pick for the perfect present. With a wide array of messages, this is just what you need on special occasions.

Why the Motivational Stress Balls Assortment?

ManufacturerTeacher Peach (recognized brand)
ColorPurple (widely loved color)
SizeComes in sets of 3 each measuring 2.5 inches (perfect size for the hand)
BenefitsCan be gifted to, teachers, parents
 Soft enough to be safe and squishy

An insightful counseling book

Even counselors sometimes need a little bit of guidance in their daily activities. They need to find inspiration from somewhere. One of the sources of inspiration that they need is from reading counseling books.

There are great counseling gifts that you can pick for your counselor. Choose an interesting and inspirational book such as the Handbook of Counseling. It provides a comprehensive guide for counselors and those using counseling techniques.

Besides, the Handbook of Counseling has the following amazing features:

Author/EditorTerry Hanley (renowned author)
GenreSelf-help book (provides insights on life and experiences)
Pages628 (contains enough insightful content)
BenefitsUsed by counselors and those receiving the services

A customized bracelet

Sometimes the simplest gifts have the greatest impact on the recipient. A simple present like a bracelet with a special message is a great buy for your counselor. Look for affordable ones that can be customized with a special message for your beloved counselor and present it as a gift. Ensure it is modest but elegant.

The SIERAA school counselor Gift Bracelet is a great choice as it can be customized to suit your needs.

That’s not all;  SIERAA school counselor Gift Bracelet comes with the exceptional features highlighted below:

BrandSIERAA (a renowned fashion brand)
MaterialStainless steel (durable, and friendly to the skin)
SizeExpandable (can be adjusted to fit all sizes)
BenefitsCan be gifted to different people on different occasions

Wrap Up!

School counselors play an important role in the lives of school children. They, therefore, need to be appreciated once in a while. Giving them gifts is a form of motivation to enable them to continue with their work. Find that perfect present from above and put a smile on their faces.

Best of Luck!

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