Ramadan Gift Ideas That Every Muslim Would Appreciate!

Do not let this special month for Muslim friends pass without appreciating them with gifts to spread the message of support and love. Clerics approve presents such as dates, luxurious prayer rug, Islamic wall art, perfume, watch, chocolates, Islamic books, neckless, Islamic table décor, and Islamic Rosary beads for prayers among other during the holy period.  

Let’s first start by understanding a bit more about Ramadan for the sake of non-Muslim, who seeks to gift their beloved Muslim friends. Well, Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam that provide the foundation to Muslims fraternity, on how they should conduct themselves in their everyday life. For over 1.6 billion, estimated Muslims around the globe consider this month to be holy and sacred. Typically it’s the ninth month of the Islamic calendar where Muslims fast and grow their spirituality by praying, increased charity, and generosity.

Muslims believe it was during Ramadan that God revealed to Prophet Mohammed the first verses of the Quran on the night, commonly referred to as “The Night of Power.” To add on that Prophet (SAW) reportedly said, “When the month starts, the gates of heaven are opened, and the gate of hell is closed, and the devils are chained” Now, you know why this month is significant to Muslims.  

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So, during this month, loved ones exchange various gifts with one another. As they promote excellent relationships with family and friends, seek forgiveness and peace with others. When Ramadan is over, there is a holiday celebration called ‘Eid-Al-Fitr or, better yet, the festival of breaking the fast. On this three day celebration too, presents are given out to all ages. People refer to this holy day as the Muslim version of Christmas, where people come together for big meals with their friends and family, exchange gifts, and enjoy quality time. 

You can thus not afford to miss gifting during this season. 

Read through and learn the ideal presents that every Muslim would appreciate!

Ramadan Gift Ideas

Top 10 Ramadan Gift ideas

  1. Dates
  2. Luxurious prayer rug
  3. Islamic wall art
  4. Perfume
  5. Watch
  6. Chocolates
  7. Islamic books
  8. Neckless
  9. Islamic table décor
  10. Islamic Rosary beads for prayers

What can I buy my husband or male friend during Ramadan?

Unlike women, men are less likely to say what they would like openly but can let on what they want. To get it right, you have to pay close attention to what he says and does. Just know each man is unique with his taste and preference. To make sure he likes the gifts, go the extra mile to learn more about his personality, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Apart from the earlier listed tips, these are some of the gifts you can give a man:

  1. Traditional backgammon
  2. Tayammum Pad with Dust for Dry Ablution
  3. Waterproof wudhu socks
  4. Arabian sandals
  5. Arabian fragrances
  6. Customized kandura
  7. Car rear hanging mirror
  8. Tea Mug
  9. Hands-free flexible led light
  10. Leather wallet

What is the ideal gift for a woman during this period?

Be it your wife, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, niece, girlfriend, a relative woman, or your girl colleague. These are some of the perfect gifts you can give them during this month to make them feel loved and appreciated. Of course, they have their taste and preferences as any other human being does. But, these present will put their smile on their faces:

  • Abaya
  • Forever roses
  • Bracelet
  • Coffee maker
  • Golden nose pin
  • Scarf
  • Make her chocolate hamper.
  • Healthy fruit and nuts gifts
  • Ramadan greeting cushion
  • Fudge cake for Ramadhan

What are Ramadan gifts for kids?

Traditionally kids were gifted with the money in the early days during this festive period. But nowadays, with modern society and advanced technology, kids are more excited about the physical gifts. The challenge now comes with selecting the ideal gifts, but based on their ages and gender you can choose some of the mentions of this gift here to make up their day;

  • Islamic books
  • Toys
  • Melissa &dough Disney princess wooden stamp set
  • Night light projector
  • Custom baby outfit 
  • Luck charm necklace with an informational card 
  • ‘Eid Mubarak centerpiece sticks
  • Tablet
  • Watch
  • Latest clothes brand

What is a gift in Islam?

A gift in Islam is called a Hadiya; here is where a present is given to another person, in the expression of love, affection, respect, and through it, the pleasure of Allah sought. But when something is given out for Allah’s sake, the intention is the reward of the hereafter, keeping in mind the receiver is poor and destitute, it will be charity known as Sadaqa. Both are righteous and will earn you a reward in the Next Life.

Can a non-Muslim give a gift to a Muslim for Ramadan?

We are all humans, and gifting one another is normal. Islam is not against this gesture, and there is no stipulation during this period, either. So long as the gift seems heartfelt and genuine, the other person will surely appreciate it. The offering should not have to be expensive regarding your financial stability; you can look for something simple, unique, and cheaper. You can consider some of the gift mentions for your Muslim friend this holy month.

Is it permissible to give gifts on ‘Eid?

Yes, it is! ‘Eid marks the end of the month of fasting and spiritual seeking of Muslims globally. It’s a day of celebration and glad tidings. People come together for big feasts and exchange gifts. You are encouraged to enjoy and join them to give thanks while offering your tips. Be mindful also that you should not expect rewards in return. Give out with your open heart if you get something in return well and good if not be contented with it there will be another time

Here are the great Ramadan gift ideas to consider:

1. Dates

Dates are the standard and most comfortable gift you can give someone during this season. Dates are majorly in Middle Eastern countries, and it has been their culture for many years to eat dates over Ramadhan. They are healthy and delicious, moreover, and they are known to boost energy. They can be found in local supermarket, Bateel shops or you can order them online.

Why don’t you surprise your loved ones with Saudi Arabic AL Ajwa dates 400g No. 1 Quality Dates as a perfect gift?

Check the amazing features below:

Brand Ajwa (Trusted brand)
Weight 400g (sizeable)
Other benefitsThey have high fiber, vitamins, and minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, selenium, soluble fiber, etc.They are easier to store, and when refrigerated in a sealed container can last for months and remain still fresh.Its genuine product as it is grown and packed at Madina Saudi ArabiaRelief constipation, as well as preventing one from anemia. Also, it’s the primary source of iron.

2. Luxurious prayer rug

A prayer rug is an essential item of faithful Muslim prayer, and even though one might have a few, there is a possibility they are worn out since it’s used more often. Give a beautiful new prayer mat to someone you care about and respect. There are many embroidered Islamic prayer mats out there coming in different colors, sizes with unique material.

Sajda rugs prayer rugs are simple yet luxurious and affordable mats you might want to consider. 

Here is what makes them great:

Brand Sajda Rugs (Known for quality products)
ShapeRectangle (preferred by many)
Size 48×30 inches (standard)
ColorBlack (other colors available too so you can choose your favorite)
Weight 13.6 ounces (portable)
Other benefitsMade of premium quality fabric that is durable and soft.The rug has its own unique yet quality craftsmanship that is genuine and authentic Islam mat.Turkish known for best quality janamaz prayer mat.

3. Islamic wall art

In Islam, calligraphy holds a vital place in Muslims. And what can be better ornamentation in their homes other than a lovely and beautiful wall art with stylized Quran verses in writing? We know almost every house has few of these, even though some are framed traditionally, and that is not what we intended to offer. Over a while, our taste and preferences change over time. Thanks to the modern world, offering advanced and new styles will inspire and catch anyone who looks at it.

You can also check the ceramic plates, the same as the Kaaba and other memorabilia inscribed with Quran verses that you can purchase. They came in different sizes and inscriptions with, of course, different prices.

Why don’t you try this large Metal Ayatul Kursi Wall Art, Islamic Wall Art? 

Brand Yobesho (known for quality products)
ColorsBlack, Gold, Cooper Tones (elegant and preference to many)
Size 27.5×0.7×35 inches (Ideal for living rooms, study room, prayer room, etc.)
Material Metal (Durable)
Other benefitsComes with a hanging tool meaning there will be a gap between the wall and the metal wall art of 2cm.It exhibits Allah’s beautiful and kind traits, which gives us the idea of how we should think about AllahFeatures the 255th verse of surah baqarah, better known as Ayatul Kursi. It’s believed to be the most memorized verse by Muslims globally thanks to its virtues that have many benefits. 

4. Perfume

The best perfume to gift a Muslim during Ramadhan is the Alcohol-free one. When it comes to non-alcoholic perfume, they are limited both for men and women since most fragrances nowadays have alcohol. If you are close with your gift partner, you might know the brand one usually uses or the brand s/he is looking forward to wearing. 

If you are gifting a new person, you can try the unisex Aquamarine perfume by Al Hala. Check it outstanding features below:

Brand Al Haramain (known for refreshing perfumes)
GenderUnisex (Perfect for both men and women)
FragranceFresh cucumber, bergamot, lavender, citrus, jasmine, and white musk (natural thus non-allergic)
Fragrance perfumeAquamarine (loved by many)
Other benefitsAn ideal scent for people on the move throughout the dayThis perfume has a hint of earthy tones to keep you clean all day long.

5. Islamic table décor 

With our modern interior, Islamic table décor makes our homes beautiful and stylized. More so for a religious person who wants everything s/he saw to bring him closer to Allah by always showing him praises. Islamic table décor will be the perfect gift for such a person since most of them come decorated with Arabic verses in Quran and hadith. While others bear the Islamic symbols associated with Islam like moon and stars, it matches most house interior décor. 

Home Table Décor Kaba Replica Model Showpiece Booked will be a perfect Islamic table décor that shows kind gestures during Ramadan, and this is why?

Brand Gunes (known for quality products)
ColorGold and silver (lovable)
Material Metal (durable)
Weight 1.98  pounds (portable)_
Other benefitsReplica of the Kaba one of the significant Muslim places.Features Arabic script inscription with resin and velvet accented rhinestones.Numerous options that range from mini, small, and large.The ideal gift made in Turkey; thus, quality is assured. 

6. Islamic books

A perfect gift for kids is an Islamic book. This book contains stories of prophets as others give stories of good morals. It will be celebrated during Ramadan as it will enlighten kids while also improving their discipline level. Generally, kind is so fond and curious at the same time, and they will surely like the present. The stories also help them understand more about their religion and ensure they grow up with good morals. 

Check out the Best’ Eid ever Storybook that is worth considering:

AuthorLaura Jacobsen
Recommended age2-5 years
Paperback 32 pages (contains more stories)
Language English (understood by many)
Other benefits Teach young readers more about ‘Eid celebration and the importance of Haji pilgrimage, where Muslims travel back to mecca.Illustrate more about Muslim culture and traditions

7. Islamic rosary prayer beads

Ramadan is the month where Muslims fast and pray more to thank and appreciate what Allah has given them. You will find more people in the mosque during the day and night praying. At the end of the prayer, Muslims say certain words countable time regarding what they are seeking from Allah. Here is where praying beads come in handy as it will help your Muslim friend with the counting. You can opt for one from A-Ameen.

Why Muslim Wooden Tasbih 99 Rosary Beads Amn081 Printed picture Tag Islam Prayer Zikr Misbaha Ramadhan gift will be perfect?

ManufacturerA-Ameen (best seller)
colorDark brown (preference to many)
Material Wood (natural that makes them look elegant)
Weight 1.27  ounces (portable)
Other benefitsExcellent quality product for Ramadan, ‘Eid, and other occasions.Suitable for praying Namaz, zikr ceremony for Islamic people.Suitable decorative ornament for car mirror hanging. Beautiful design printed picture tag beads.

8. Leather wallet

You can gift a Muslim man with a leather product with good quality, as it is known as a standard present for men. The leather products are durable and look very good for men, and it is something that he uses or needs daily though he rarely buys one for himself. Some of the leather products known in the market include shoes, belts, wallets, bags, just to name a few.

We recommend a beautiful wallet such as Two-fold Tommy Hilfiger men leather wallet in solid black. Here is why?

Brand Tommy Hilfiger (known for quality leather products)
ColorBlack (matches with different outfits)
Size 3.5× 4.5 inches
Material 100% leather (durable)
Other benefitsBlack is a standard color, and it will not draw much attention though the more exceptional detail will surely appeal to him. The wallet has excellent craft and a smooth finish.This wallet has two main compartments, i.e., two slip pockets and 5card holders and a hefty bill compartment with one removable id window thumb slider. Genuine, refined and stylish leather wallet

9. Toys

During Ramadhan children are the ones who receive numerous ‘Eid gifts and toys will make them excited. You might choose to give them money instead, but it will not thrill them and excited as toys will. So getting your little brother, sister, niece, or nephew is thoughtful as they will always remember you for the gifts.

Why don’t you try Attop Drone for Kids Drone with Camera due to its amazing features tabled below?

ManufacturerATTOP (trusted quality)
Recommended Age14 years and up
Weight Six ounces (portable)_
Other benefitsFoldable and portable drone with camera for kids means it’s easy to pack, and you can go anywhere with it.Gravity Trajectory Flight and App Control is the newest technology and built G-sensor that enables them to fly and control.Easy to operate with one key takeoff/ landing and attitude holder.

10. Tablet and cell phone universal mount stand

With advanced technology around the globe, our everyday life is unimaginable without smartphones, tablets, or other electronic gadgets. They make our life more comfortable and more straightforward in many ways, at the same time creating problems for some individuals. For example, the number of times we use our smartphones and tablets might cause a side effect of discomfort after holding them for a long time.

But worry no more with the Pur Tablet and Cellphone Universal Mount stand with suction cup base is solved, and it will be a perfect gift to someone you care about during Ramadhan. 

Below are the amazing features that every Muslim would appreciate?

ColorBlack (nice looking)
Weight 544g (portable)
Other benefitsMultipurpose stand as it can accommodate 11 inch iPhone, iPad. Samsung galaxy etc.Carry a maximum weight of up to one kg, thus can be used on a wide range of devices. The stand can rotate up to 360 degrees increasing its convenience. 

11. Chocolate 

Chocolate is a universal and standard gift that cut across all ages, gender, and religion. Be it white, brown, flavored, or added nuts, chocolates are still a very precious present to someone you love dearly. Many people love the candies, and it’s rare and unlikely to find people who don’t envy it.

You can consider Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, 12 counts, Assorted Coconut Candy, and Chocolate Collection Gift Box, 4.6 oz. due to the following: 

ManufacturerFerrero Rocher (trusted brand) 
Available pack12, 18,24,48 (choose what you can afford)
Size 4.6 ounces pack of 12 (enough to be gifted)
Weight 129 grams (portable)
Other benefitsA crunchy specialty with a velvety hazelnuts cream filling that is authentic.Combination of delicious taste and textures from the delicate wafer and creamy cocoa filling.Elegant wrap with glittery gold foil.

12. Watch

You can never go wrong for choosing a watch as a gift to someone; it doesn’t matter the age or gender. Nowadays, the watch is an accessory to match your outfit for the day, and that is why you will often see people purchasing them now and then. Choose the latest brand that people like to associate with because of class and their financial status. With advanced technology, you will find multipurpose watches that make the perfect gifts on Ramadhan month. 

Why don’t you try Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness smartwatch that would look amazing on your loved one? Here are the features:

ManufacturerFitbit (produces quality watches)
ColorBlack/carbon (preference to many)
Weight 0.1 6 ounces (portable)
Other benefitsKeep a check on one’s health as it can track your heart rate 24/7, steps, distance, and burned calories. With it, your loved one can call, text check your calendar with a smartphone app.The device uses Amazon Alexa built in to get quick news and information, keeping your loved one updated.

13. Tea mug

We all love tea, and a special gesture to someone fond of the drink is none other than a tea mug. You can get one that is tailor-made with the wordings you would like in various shops for the personalized present. You can also choose the favorite person color to make it more pleasing.

At the end of Ramadan, why don’t you try the 3d Rose Mubarak-Happy’ Eid Blessing tea mug? Here are the features:

Manufacturer3dRose (best seller)
Capacity10.88 ounces (hold enough drink making it practical)
Weight 0.8 pounds (portable)
Other benefitsPrinted images on both sides give the mug an elegant look. Microwave safe and hand-wash making it easy to use and care. Ceramic mug with black interior and handle that is comfortable to hold. 

14. Abaya

Muslim women are known for their modest dressing more so during the month of Ramadan. They are dressing in decent clothes, and that is what Islam advocates to avoid unnecessary attention from the group and individual. Abaya is some of the known clothes of Muslim women that are worth gifting any lady during the holy month. You can consider ABAYA Crepe that comes in different sizes; thus, you will get one that fits your Muslim sister.

Check the features of ABAYA Crepe that make it a great gift:

FabricCrepe& Nida (100% polyester)
CareHand washable/dry clean
Size Free size fit (easily up to 56 inches/142 cm bust)
Weight Six ounces (practical)
Other benefitsRound neckline abaya with gold zari embroidery in the front leaves your loved one stunning. Free sizes that fit perfectly up to 56 inches.Belt at the waistline is adjustable through the scarf and sleeves are not included.

15. Neckless

Another pretty gift familiar ritual during Ramadan is giving jewelry, even though the design and style for men and women differ, so do price. For neckless, you can choose to personalize it in the jewelry shop or go for the unique universal design to suit the person. If you know the person likes, it will be easier to choose one for her. Jewelry is considered wealth, and when someone needs money, she can sell or give it as a guaranteed. Jewelry is a precious gift that will not go out of fashion and style as they hold some value in today’s world, depending on the material used.

Consider Prosteel the Holy Quran Pendant Necklace for a woman due to the following: 

BrandPROSTEEL(known for quality jewelry)
Material100% stainless steel with 18k gold plated (premium quality and long-lasting)
Other benefitsThe necklace has a gift box ready for giftingThe neckless has one pendant and a chainGreat and unique, with a meaningful message that suits any Muslim woman out there.

Final Thought

Ramadan is an exceptional month to all Muslims; make it more special by giving them precious and thoughtful present. You don’t have to wait until ‘Eid to offer them something as the month itself teaches about giving. Surprise them and assure them you are together in prayers, no matter the location. So, if you are looking for gifts for Ramadan to give your loved ones, follow our guide above and uniquely show them love and support. 

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