Amazing Return Gift Ideas For Adults

Return presents are the best way to acknowledge and thank your guests at the end of an event. A celebration without gifts is dull. Change the whole atmosphere by gifting your guest with an indoor plant, photo frame, cardholder, salt pepper dispenser, customized apparel, tray set, handbag, dray fruit box, and jewelry pouch, among others. 

Occasion days are the happiest yet hectic when you have guests and friends of all ages surrounding you. That implies that you must be keen enough when planning the right presents for the party. Gifts vary from one occasion to another and according to age differences. 

Some gift items best suit a particular part set-up than others.  Therefore, you need to be cautious in selecting return gifts that best suit and respect adults. In India and across all the world’s communities, elders are considered most important and have a special place in celebrations.

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In as much as you value your guests, a gift must not overstretch your budgetary limits. Do not assume sophisticated presents only matters. Simple and affordable presents are also worth memorable. 

Read through for amazing and affordable return gifts ideas best for adults! 

Top 10 return gift ideas for adults

  1. Indoor plant
  2. Photo frame 
  3. Cardholder
  4. Customized apparel
  5. Tray set with six glasses
  6. Handbag
  7. Dray fruit box
  8. Salt pepper dispenser
  9. Marble lantern lamp
  10. Jewelry pouch

What are some birthday party return gifts for adults?

Who on earth wouldn’t be interested in having many friends and guests joyfully grace his or her birthday party? Obvious, there is none! Make your quests unique, feel loved, appreciated by showering them with amazing return gift ideas. Don’t be bogged down with second-rate items out there. Here are some birthday return gift options for adults worth gifting:

  1. Personalized mug
  2. Pocket mirrors
  3. Travel kit
  4. Handcrafted necklace
  5. Classy style ring for men

Here are the return gift ideas for adults that you can think of:

Indoor plant

Gifting someone with an indoor plant is no doubt an incredibly brilliant idea. Those who have a passion for nature and admire plants find it a grateful gift. It is thoughtful as it showcases an effort to conserve the environment. Besides, it is a symbol of purity and positivity. If you think of giving a plant as a return gift, consider selecting that which pays attention to the person’s daily routine. Avoid that which might be a hassle for them to maintain. 

Do not miss to pick Jade plant as a return gift. It is from ferns and is put in a yellow pot to make it a great addition to any home.

Here are other amazing features of Ferns N Petals Jade Plant:

BrandFerns N Petal (known for best quality indoor plants)
Plant height4 inches (convenient as an indoor plant )
Pot Dimensions(4×2) inches (portable)
Other benefitsCan be used both indoors and outdoors 
Attractive design enhances the atmosphere and bringing a peaceful and refreshed feeling.
It is easy to maintain as all is needed is to keep plant soil moist at all time

Photo frame

A well-decorated home is a desire of every individual. Home décor items such as photo frames change the house’s entire physical look and therefore are brilliant gift items for adults. It enables your guests to display your shared best memorable moments of life by putting the frame on a shelf or hang it on the wall.  Consider wooden synthetic photo frames that add a vintage look to a house, plus they last longer. Pepperfry brand will sort you big time as it has in-built hooks for both the landscape and portrait to make it easy to hang on the wall. Also, it has a polished glass front to keep and preserve the photo’s lifespan while giving a clear view. 

Here is why the synthetic wood frame from Pepperfry is the best:

BrandPepperfry (known for unique quality products)
MaterialWooden synthetic (durable)
Dimensions(8×0.5×6) inches (convenient to carry)
Other benefitsThere are many designs and color options to choose from.
Maintenance is hassle-free as one needs to hang safely and wipe the polished front glass)
A great décor piece to any room 


Most people prefer exchanging cards rather than giving out their contacts orally. Therefore, it is important to keep business cards in a leather card holder and always carry them along. The cardholder can also be used to carry national identity cards, credit, and debit cards. Gifting someone this item would save time as they help avoid any inconvenience that can result from leaving behind some important documents.  A great option to consider is the elegant blue credit card case from MARKQUES. 

The following unique features make it stand out from the others:

BrandMARKQUES (a major supplier of lifestyle products)
MaterialVegan leather (high quality hence durable)
ColorBright blue (best choice for many)
Dimensions9.8×6.5 cm (portable)
Other benefitsHas several compartments to store the cards(7 card slots, one money slot, and two secret pockets)
It’s very compact and slim hence easy to carry along. 
Handmade by highly skilled craftsmen to provide genuine making 

Customized apparel

A customized gift is an all-time treasured and remembered one. Thus, relax and think of gifting your guest a customized printed t-shirt. You get to choose the message that can be imprinted on it that you think would make the recipient feel recognized and loved. You can simply mention the name of the guest or just the occasion to create memorable memories. 

Effit has t-shirts of different colors made from the dry fit. The t-shirts can be used as casual outings or even worn while playing games. 

Check the amazing features that make effit t-shirts worth buying:

BrandEffit (known for best products)
MaterialCotton (high quality)
ColorVariety (choose your favorite)
Other benefitsThey can be customized to fit specific occasions or per the specifications of the buyer.
Can be hand washed with ordinary soap and water

Tray set with six glasses

An occasion cannot be that interesting with just a few guests or friends. Good attendance is the lifeline of every party. You will no doubt be overwhelmed by joy and blessings associated with such a gathering. Therefore, consider gifting your special guests with a tray set of six glasses to add to his or her utensils. Normally, one can never have enough silverware, so at no time will you go wrong with such a present.

Showering them with a set of glasses will make the guest feel appreciated and welcomed all the time. Choose Minakari peacock trays, a brand known for colorful peacock themed items that make them perfect and suitable as a decorative set. 

Here is why it is among the best:

BrandMinakari (best known for high-quality products)
MaterialSturdy wood with a metal sheet over it (strong and long-serving)
ColorPeacock design (favorite for many)
Other  benefitsThe six stainless steel glasses contain a colorful peacock design that is eye-catching to all
Affordable yet looks luxurious to guests

Raw silk handbag

Most women love carrying their valuables, such as makeup, national identity cards, credit, and debit cards. Thus, you should take a simple step and gift ladies at your occasion with elegant and stylish bags. A bag, no matter how many ones have, is always appreciated by women of all ages. Surprise them with such a beautiful and highly decorative present, and they would live to remember you. 

Therefore, if you expect a good number of female guests to grace your occasion, do not hesitate to give this handbag a thought. 

Raw Silk Bag from Dandiya prints is a good option due to the following unique features:   

BrandWedtree (known for high-quality handbags) 
MaterialFabric (high-quality, durable products)
ColorAssorted colors (well decorated, select your favorite) 
Other benefitsHelps one to keep a lot of items inside since it is spacious 
It has a sturdy handle to add comfort to the user
Maintenance is hassle-free as it can  be hand-washed with ease 

Dry fruit box

Adults who adore dry fruits and have fun enjoying them would find it fantastic to store them. In such a case, you should appreciate their love for dry fruit by gifting them with a pretty, elegant, and stylish dry fruit box by Meenakari. Besides, the package can be used for other things like a serving tray or a decorative piece. Featuring an apple-shaped design with color engravings, the box is sure to appear classy and extremely attractive, thus suitable as a return gift. 

Here are the unique features that make the Meenakari dry box the best option:

BrandLittle India store (deals in high-quality products)
MaterialWood (known for long-lasting service)
Dimensions24.69×23.09×6.3 cm (medium size thus portable))
Other benefitsThe design can vary. Hence you can select your best method from a variety.
Care is hassle-free; all that is needed is keeping the pack in a dry place

Salt pepper Dispenser 

Gift an artificially handmade wooden salt pepper dispenser to your guests as return gifts and add something special to their kitchenware. Each must have meals daily, and thus gifting them with such traditional design salt pepper dispensers is a great idea. It will be placed on the dining table, making add some classy touch to it while serving its main purpose in style.  

Consider one from Meenakari that comes packed with outstanding features that make it presentable. The cute set features a lion’s charming carving that will be eye-catching to all of your guests.

Check some of its amazing features below:

BrandMeenakari work (known for unique, high-quality products)
MaterialWood (durable)
SizeApprox. 10cm (convenient to place on the dining table)
Wight Approx. 100 gram (portable)
Other benefitsA charming carving of a lion on it makes it cute to add more décor to the dining room.
It’s pocket friendly; thus, you can afford to buy several guests 

Marble lantern lamp

From pure marble, a gorgeous jewelry designed lantern is one return gift that would inevitably amaze your guest. Pick one that is designed with high tech artisans and well engraved with assorted colors to make it eye-catching and more appealing to your guest. Meenakari brand will sort you out as they are known to design Indian-themed gift items that suit any occasion.  Spoil you, guest, with it and watch as they bid you goodbye with smiling faces.

Besides, the lantern marble not only serves for decorative purposes but also can be used as a night lamp. 

 Here are features that make the marble jewelry lantern lamp by Meenakari a unique present: 

BrandMeenakari (best known for Indian-themed premium products)
MaterialMarble (high quality )
ColorAssorted (studded with white, red, and green )
Dimension20×14×9 cm (portable) 
WeightApprox. 1100 gram 
Other benefitsPortable hence can be used to illuminate rooms at night without any inconvenience 
It can be used as light sources for signaling or decoration in any celebration.

Jewelry pouch

Women naturally value beauty, and showering them with beauty-themed items such as pouches as return gift is a brilliant thought. They would find it easy to show off before their guests with the utmost confidence. For this simple reason, choosing a floral jewelry pouch by Venxic for a woman would indicate your appreciation in their beauty. One would be able to keep a collection of precious and semi-precious jewelry safely. 

Why opt for a floral jewelry pouch by Venxic?

BrandVenxic  (value pack of 50 pieces)
Materialburlap (high quality without the chance of color fading)
Size5.3×3.9 inches (sizeable for keeping jewelry) 
WightApprox. 110 grams (lightweight making it portable)
Other benefitsHas drawstring that makes it easier to fasten to safeguard the content   
Serve multiple purposes such as storing snacks, gifts, candies, coins, and jewelry, among others

Personalized mugs

The majority of the people have fun taking coffee, especially during the cold season. If you want an appropriate option for a return gift idea for a married couple, worry no more as personalized couple mug will sort you out. The couple will appreciate it because there is something personal about it. The cups could be customized to include the wordings such as the names of the couple or anything you are sure the couple will appreciate.

Personalizing these gifts will reflect the amount of time and effort you are willing to dedicate to your guest. If you make up your mind to go for this gift, Vistaprint will give the best quality with adequate capacity.

That’s not all; Vistaprint mugs come with the features below:

BrandVistaprint (known for high-quality brands)
MaterialCeramic (high quality)
Capacity11oz (adequate volume)
ColorBrilliant white (favorite to many)
Other benefitsThe set contains two mugs for the couple
Each mug has a unique handle for a comfortable hold 
The printing engraved on the mugs is permanent

Pocket mirrors

Regardless of the number of mirrors a woman has, an additional one will always be appreciated.  Mirrors are a woman’s best friend, and thus they make cute and beautiful return gifts for ladies in general.

It is the best way to let a lady show off confidently before guests. Not only that, but you also get to buy a beautiful one that every lady will not miss carrying it wherever and whenever. Do not stress out already as Pink Flamingo Round Beauty Mirrors are the best option. They are durable, available in many colors, and perfectly fit in a handbag. 

They also feature the following:

BrandPink Flamingo (known for high-quality mirrors)
MaterialGlass (coated with silver; high quality)
ColorVariety (select your favorite )
Other benefitsDual magnification folding compact makeup mirror
Hang bag friendly so one can carry along with ease

Travel kit

Women may not find it easy to pack all their belongings, including toiletry items, in one bag when traveling. Most often, it is a hassle for them trying to fit almost everything in one pocket.  Kits international has the best stylish travel kits of all time that is worth gifting as it comes with the items women prefer. These include cleansing facial wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, modern comb, twin blade razor, and nail file.

Besides, the convenience kits international has the exceptional features below:

BrandConvenience kits international store (Deals in high-quality brands)
Weight 1.25 pounds (portable) 
MaterialSynthetic (durable)
ColorVariety (select your favorite color)
Other benefitsCare is hassle-free as it can be hand washed  with soap and water
The bag lasts longer since it’s made from synthetic material.

Handcrafted necklace

Both men and women have fun putting on stylish handcrafted necklaces. Gifting them as return presents is a way to keep the memories and letting them know how much you treasure them. Imagine when men wear plain white t-shirts and jeans and pair them with the handcrafted necklace? For sure, they will look very smart. Gifting such an awesome handmade necklace to a man you know who admires a casual and funky look earns you more love and respect.  

Consider one from Myntra that is a perfect jewelry gift that can instantly add a lot of glamour to any outfit while giving a minimalistic yet trendy look.

Check other features of Myntra handcrafted necklace that make them worth as return present for adult: 

BrandMyntra (known for high-quality handcrafted necklaces)
MaterialSynthetic (high quality)
ColorBrown (favorite for many)
SizeLength:26cm, Width:2.5cm (sizeable)
Other benefitsCare  is hassle-free as all that is needed is a gentle wipe with a clean cotton
It adds glamour to any outfit hence trendy look.

Personalized wall clock

A wall clock is no doubt another option for return gift ideas fit for a wedding or any other celebration you fancy. The customized clocks are gifts that are not only very practical but also commemorate the occasion. These clocks will be left hanging on the wall for many years to come if well cared for. They can also add décor to any living room.

 If you resort to this item as the best gift for someone, then Perfico has it all. You wouldn’t miss noticing the aquamarine personalized round wall clock. Besides, the watches are available in a gold or silver frame and consist of high-quality movement that lasts relatively longer. Here are other unique features that make this brand the best option.

BrandPerfico (trusted)
MaterialGlass (high quality)
Size10 inches in diameter (sizeable for easy readability) 
Other benefitsThe clock face can be customized with any design or photo that you like
Affront glass protects the printed custom wall clock face
Easy to clean as all is needed is a gentle wipe with a clean cotton

Wooden Coins Storage Box

Surprise your guest or friend with this unique gift. A wooden storage box is not just a mere package; its attractive design will melt the hearts of your guest. Don’t only perceive that metallic or glass items are sophisticated stuff worth gifting. Be a standalone person to surprise your guests with this special wooden storage box as a return gift.

The unique wooden curved box has a wide range of uses ranging from storing coins and other small items. You can gift during festivals, weddings, and other special occasions. Should you find this item quite reasonable to buy someone, Flipkart has the Happie shopping wooden coins storage box that is the best brand known worldwide. 

Below are the features that make a Flipkart wooden storage box worth:

BrandFlipkart(best known for best quality brands)
ColorBrown(most favorite)
Other benefitsMaintenance is hassle-free(wipe with clean cotton)
Portable( you can move it any place of choice)
Available in a variety of color options to select from

Hanging t-light holder

A beautiful butterfly hanging T light holder is absolutely another wonderful return gift that melts adults’ hurts. It is a trendy and lightweight present that can be kept or turned almost anywhere. It is made to hold a small T light candle in it and emit beautiful light, which enhances the room’s mood.

This can best serve as a practical, unique gift for your guests as a show of recognition and love for gracing the occasion. Consider this gift and go for Diyas products for the best quality.

Here is why: 

BrandDiyas(know for high-quality brands) 
ColorAssorted(select your favorite)
Other benefitsAdds décor to your guest’s rooms since it emits a beautiful light
It is made of a high-quality metal box.
Maintenance is hassle-free as one just hangs it safely

Final word

Appreciate your guests for gracing any family occasion by gifting them any of the above return gift ideas. It is a tangible way of your love through returning and giving an emotional touch to your guests. The presents will serve as a reminder to your event and a special way of showing love, respect, concern, and thanking visitors for sparing their time to be part and parcel of your event.

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