Sea of Thieves Generous Gift – Where to Sell

Sea of Thieves is a very popular action-adventure game and it was first released on December 16, 2016, by Xbox Game Studios. This game is available on platforms like Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X, etc. It is a first-person action-adventure video game where the player has to assume the role of a pirate and then completes voyages from different trading companies to become the ultimate pirate legend.

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What is a Generous Gift?

In the Sea of Thieves generous gift is a very rare type of gift and it contains mystery items that the Reaper’s Bones Company seems to value these packages and is willing to reward players with Doubloons and Reputation for them. There are various acclamations for gifting these items to other crews and instead of having the gifts, sell the gifts to get better rewards.

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Where to find Generous Gift?

There few locations available where you can find the generous gift. They are:

  1. From Emergent Skeleton Captain Skeleton’s Orders Quests
  2. Generous gift appear inside the Fortress Vault of a completed Skeleton Fort
  3. You can find gifts on Islands and Forts
  4. From rewards of various time-limited Mercenary Voyages

Rewards from Generous Gift

You can sell the generous gift to The Servant of the Flame at The Reaper’s Hideout for Doubloons, Reaper’s Bones Reputation, and Emissary Value. Depending on your Emissary Grade you will find the Emissary Value.

  • No Emissary – 10 Doubloons – 0 Emissary Value
  • Grade I Emissary – 10 Doubloons – 5625 Emissary Value
  • Grade II Emissary – 13 Doubloons – 6750 Emissary Value
  • Grade III Emissary – 16 Doubloons – 7875 Emissary Value
  • Grade IV Emissary – 20 Doubloons – 9000 Emissary Value
  • Grade V Emissary – 25 Doubloons – 11250 Emissary Value   

You can also give the generous gift to other crews and achieve Commendations if you don’t prefer cold hard beautiful Doubloons.

Where to Sell Generous Gift of Sea of Thieves

There is a place available in the Sea of Thieves where you can sell the generous gift. You can only sell the Generous Gifts to the Masked Stranger at the Reaper’s Hideout Island. The Island is renamed and now can be seen on the map at the coordinates I12. So the location is near the middle of the world. You have to take the gifts to the Masked Stranger, who is found standing in the center of the area. You have to set sail to the island and it won’t take much time to reach there. You can easily spot the Reaper’s Hideout from a distance thanks to the lights on the wooden structure that forms a kind of Christmas tree. Once you landed on the island to the southeast side of the island where the lights are and sell the generous gifts to the stranger to receive 5 and 10 doubloons per gift. During the festival of giving an update, Generous and Humble Gifts started washing up on shorelines. You can also get them from different voyages. So you have to sell the gifts before the festival ends. If you have gifts left and the festival ends then you have to sell them to another vendor.

Final Thought

I hope the above information was helpful to you and you have found the information that you were looking for. If you have any further query then you can leave it in the comment section. I will get to you.        

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