Secret Admirer Gift Ideas (Gifts for Secret Lover) that Leaves Crush Longing for Your Reveal

Having a person you’re secretly admiring is normal. It’s even best to stay long before you reveal yourself, that way you gain more information about your secret crush. But how will you alarm them that they have a secret admirer? Consider giving them secret gifts like flowers, cards, letters, and frames to make things clear. 

We know gifting these presents might be difficult, as you want to hide your identity a little longer while you impress your crush. But, there is no better way to do it than dropping hints in the form of presents. Here we show you how; by suggesting the best gift ideas to choose from. 

Read through and make your crush, crush back! 

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Top 10 secret admirer gift ideas

  1. Flowers
  2. CD mix
  3. Cookies & pastries
  4. Gift cards
  5. Thoughtful gift
  6. Send letters
  7. Mobile cover 
  8. Collage frame
  9. Customize crush certificate
  10. Photo clock

What should you write in a secret admirer?

It may be the case that one caught your attention, but you are afraid to approach him or her directly. A letter is the best choice and honest way to solve this love quagmire.  Write how you feel about your admirer, flatter how you can’t stop thinking about them and declare your interest in the letter. Your letter should be compiled in the following format:


Include the name of the person you are crushing for, i.e., “Dear (Name of your Crush)” using physical appearance like beautiful may creepy.


Show out why you are writing a letter to them on this introduction, the example you can say “I like you,”


Here is where you have to tell your crush what makes them unique to you, what catches you most and inspirations that drive you towards him/her.


Here you should go for a good complement that makes the person you are admiring feel great. 

Sign off

You can sign out with this format “your secret admirer.” Choosing an appropriate way to sign off make the message more attractive and they may want to read more times, make sure you don’t sign off with your name just makes it secret as the name suggests.

What is the best secret Santa gift for guys?

Coming out with a secret Santa gift look dreadfully hard, it is tough to predict what a man love with their introversive nature. Fortunately, with some trusted expert, we have compiled the killer list of secret Santa gift for men, all are affordable! Check below:

  • Electronic wine bottle opener
  • Skincare gift set
  • Touch screen gloves
  • Shower drink holder
  • Indoor slippers

What is the best secret gift for a woman?

Whether you are going to gift your secret crush on her birthday, lady’s day or anytime you feel right for your secret admirer, you need a special present.  Here is a list you should consider to make things happen how you want:

  • Matte Revolution lipstick in pillow talk
  • Heure h watch
  • Scented candle
  • Lee Radziwill small bag
  • Air wrap hair styler

What is the best gift for revealing yourself to your secret admirer?

Probably after a long-secret crush on your admirer, you might need to show who you are as a way of ending their curiosity. To be romantic enough, go for a gift that can be used to show off, such as the ones listed below: 

  • Love pop pop-up card
  • Beef jerky flower bouquet
  • Crushed candy cane bits
  • Flipbook it maker kit 
  • Orange crush t-shirt

How do you find your secret admirer?

It might look difficult to find out who your secret admirer, but don’t relax, try these clues and locate the real person sending you presents.

  • Carefully read their notes to compare handwriting or if email tries to check the names of an email.
  • Get clues from the gift given to you by relating it to different people around you.
  • Consider the time and place your admirer contacted you, and think about who would have been able to access you at the time.
  • If it’s an email or message, you received respond and gather more information by asking some sensitive question to derive their place or daily activities.
  • Look for patterns, i.e. how does he/she regularly contact you then relate with your movements and other activities.

Check below secret admirer gift ideas worth considering:


Flowers are just adorable and sweet whenever they are presented to a person. They communicate a lot only from the name and appearance. Love is most associated with a flower, so picking one completes all the questions and make everything clear to your crush. Your admirer will know your intentions before you reveal your real identity.  That way it will be difficult for them to reject the proposal but stack along will lots questions.

For the best flower gift, consider a Mixed Flower Wrist Corsage that has all the beauty to attract your secret admirer and send love in a special way. The flower is worn in hands, making it outstanding with romance. What will win your admirer’s heart the most is a mixture of different colors that is irresistible to most. 

Features that make Mixed Flower Wrist Corsage good present for secret admirers are: 

BrandD-Worthy (known for the production of colorful flowers)
Weight3.87 ounces (portable)
Dimensions3.00 ×3.00 × 1.70 inches (doesn’t take a lot of space) 
Other BenefitsArtificial rose flower is the major combination making it more attractive.Material type is polyester and plastic that is light enough to be worn the whole day.The flower is difficult to deform; hence can be used for a long time. 

Cd mix 

Combining your list of songs to make a mix cannot be too hard; it is a simple DIY worth gifting a secret admirer. Take time to select romantic songs for your crush that revolve around your main idea. For your surprise gift to sound more attractive and appealing, buy a CD that doesn’t have large while playing the mix. 

Consider Sony Cdp-ce500 5-disc player that comes at the top as it supports CD-R and CD-RW for personal mixes.

Check below what makes Sony Cdp-ce500 5-disc player a perfect present:  

Weight11.4 pound
Dimensions16.900× 15.700 ×4.300 inches
Other benefitsRemote control use is supported for stress-free plays.  The CD supports several discs and different file format for versatile use.One can use in the text display Mp3, ID3 and a version 1.1&2.0.

Cookies and pastries

Cookies with its label and taste make the best gift for any crush. It sounds good, especially with the love people do create with sweet stuff. Cookies comprise of chocolate chips, candies and nuts mixed. The pastry is baked well with ingredients of flour and fat pastes of pie crust and bear claws. Their method of preparations makes them sweat and ideal to your secret admirer. 

You have to select the best when you go for dedicating cookies and pastries. For that reason, we suggest Mini Red Velvet Cheesecakes that will make your secret admirer’s day great with the best-flavored cakes and cookies. Besides, the packs have different tastes and flavors of coconuts, barriers and vanilla for a yummiest taste like no other. 

Here are great features of 

BrandCheesecake Factory (known for yummiest cakes) 
Other benefits Different flavors that that many people like.The shelf life of 7 days gives you time to send and for your crush to receive it. 

Gift cards    

Raise that suspension in the face of your admirer by presenting a gift card to allow them to buy what they might need most. In this case, you offer your loved one an opportunity to buy what they would want instead of risking with a specific gift that sadly could end up in a trash. Consider John Lewis & Partners Gift Cards that are redeemable in John Lewis and partners stores, Waitrose Supermarkets and online, as they won’t disappoint. The brand is most trusted all over the world; making it most valuable. 

Acquiring the gift card might is not tough as they accept MasterCard Credit and debit cards, visa cards and American Express. You are assured that the card will capture the attention of your crush.

Why John Lewis Gift cards?

BrandJohn Lewis (most trusted) 
Weight0.8  ounces (portable) 
Format Plastic cards (preferred by many)
Other benefitsDesign in sizeable to fit in bags and to make it more portable.It can allow online payment.More can be refunded for the wrong payment.

Connected friendship lamps 

For a thoughtful gift to stand out more, think of something that will make your admirer remember it the most. Connection friendship lamps are the best idea as the gift to admirer as it suggests relationship. It has touch-activated light that sends an instant message, comes with a set of two lamps and still has room for the addition of an extra lamp.

Consider Filamin connected friendship lamps that are sure to make your secret admirer more jovial whenever they get in touch with it. Besides the item reduce stress, hence, making it more beneficial to your loved one. 

Familiarize below with the features that make connected friendship lamp from Filamin great: 

BrandFilamin (known for quality products)
Weight1..5 lbs. (portable)
Dimensions (4.75 x 4.75 x 8)″ (doesn’t take much space) 
Other benefitsThe diffused light can show over 200 colors that enhance the beauty in the house.Can be paired with many lambs to one group of family.Universal power system allows operation in any country. 

Phone case

As small as it sounds, a mobile cover is a gorgeous item that ladies adore. If you are a man, then sweep your crush by feet by gifting them with well-decorated or emoji phone covers. For phone lovers, a good mobile case will not only be noticeable by people but protect the device from great impact in case of a fall. 

Consider making Hundromi Crystal Rhinestone phone case your secret gift if your loved one is an iPhone user. Your crush will say bye to scratches, drops and bumps due to rubber skin case that offers superior protection.

Why opt for Hun

Brand Hundromi (Registered brand) 
Weight 0.8 ounces (does not add unnecessary weight to the phine0) 
Product dimension6 x 3.1 x 0.4 inches (compatible with iPhones 6/6s) 
Other productsIts 3D bling design makes the case lovely. Lightweight and long-lasting to offer phone protection longer.Allow full access to all ports. 

Collage frame

Capture some beautiful photos that win the heart of your secret admirer, and post all in collage frame that you think they love most. Malden 9-Opening Collage Picture Frame could make the best for your collection due to its sleek modern designed with nine openings and full glass panel. Further, it can be hanged either vertically or horizontally. 

Buying one for your secret admirer will make sense as it communicates love and appreciation to your secret crush.

The features below qualify Malden 9-Opening Collage picture frame:

BrandMalden (#best seller)
Weight 3.04 pounds (portable) 
Product dimension19.44×16.76×0.76
Other benefitsThe alluring look is perfect for artwork, portraits, and everyday shots.Perfect for all applications, either home or office.

Customize crush certificate

You know what certificate means when presented. Well, having a customized certificate for your crush is heart winning. You can opt for one from Digicert certificate sellers that design good documents that meet various individual needs, and sure to impress the giftee. 

The certificate is meant for one person award and giving to your secret person is so beautiful. It can’t be stolen nor transferred to another person and printings are durable.  They thus last long, and your secret admirer will carry on its originality for the longest time possible.  

The features below will make you satisfied as a customer of DigiCert crush certificate:

Brand Digicert (well-designed documents) 
Size 8.5 11 ounces (portable)
Material Paper with gold foil borders (last long and looks amazing) 
Other BenefitsIt can be printed in different sizes depending on customer needs.Ink print is bold enough to be read at any distance.

Photo clock

Creativity on the photo clock makes it a good gift, especially if your secret admirer is always busy, and on a regular schedule. Their unique designs motivate even the difficult crush who hardly accepts presents. You will be surprised to look at them feeling rejuvenated while on their duties; as they guess who presented the gift.

Personalized Toughened Glass Wall Clock is among the best that you can buy.  There is no need to worry about the photo you are going to display on the clock as they come with beautiful images plus great message imprinted on it. 

Here are features that make Personalized Toughened Glass Wall Clock worth a gift to a crush: 

BrandPhoto Wall Clocks
Size Small 4″ ×6″, medium 5″ ×7″ and large 8″ ×10″ (you get to choose one based on your preference)
MaterialGlass, wood and some plastic (durable) 
Other benefits You can add your picture or a picture you prefer most.It’s durable with its material selection from an expert.Easy to use.

Send letters 

One of the most adorable ways to surprise your secret admirer is to write a letter expressing your feeling and crush on them. Letters are one of the appropriate methods to deliver information, and a good writing pad makes the piece adorable to your crush. Roaring Springs Enviroshades is the best writing pad for your written gift to look surprising. The roaring pads are sold in a pack of six, thus, saves you money with a surplus reward for your next letter! 

The legal pads are produced with recyclable papers and are heavy backs with a standard size sheet. 

Here are more advantages of the roaring pads that make them great for jotting down letters to a secret admirer: 

BrandRoaring Springs (premium quality) 
Size8.5″ x 11.75″ per sheet (standard size) 
Weight3.17 pounds (lightweight and portable) 
Other benefits Come in style name of 3 pack and six-pack making it perfect for writing frequent letters to your crush. They are legally acceptable for use.Environmental friendly papers as the pieces are recyclable. 

Indoor slippers

The slippers are of great use, especially during winter. They offer comfortable warmth while one is walking on cold floors. As a gift, the item makes more sense, especially during chilly weather.  Your secret admirer will make use of the slippers and might find it hard to stay without as they long for your reveal.

Consider RockDove memory foam slippers due to exceptional features tabled below:

Style Unisex, though most preferred for men.
Foam Density45D
Other benefitsThe slippers are rubber-soled, for assured long-lasting services.Easy to put on and off with a low heel color.The quality is approved by the USA and certified as fit for use. 

Scented candle 

If you are a man and crushing on a lady secretly, then scented candles serve the best gift to her. Ladies fall in love with a pleasant smell, and for that reason, your present will be a perfect kill. Do not mess up with the type of a candle to choose; try to get glues of her favorite scent by guessing on her best perfumes. You can know their scent better, ask either those around her; or capturing it by smelling the air whenever you pass near to her. 

Nevertheless, you can’t be wrong with Yankee Lilac Blossoms Candle, the good scent of lavender, white and deep purple lilac is what most ladies will love.  

Some important features of this Yankee Candle are:

Brand Yankee Candle (known for premium candles) 
Weight2.52 pounds (portable)
ScentLilac Blossoms (preferred by most ladies) 
Other BenefitThe container is made of class hence can be reused after the content is finished.Takes 110 to 150 hour’s burn time which is reasonable. 


Having glasses to your crush is a highly welcomed idea; the lenses will capture swag as well as fashion. Ladies like more attraction, so go for the best such as Cat-eye sunglass that takes style to its level. Besides the attraction, the cat-eye designed sunglass also over protection from harmful UV light for better eye health.

Woman Cat Eye Sunglasses over the following features

BrandWearMe Pro (trusted brand)
ShapeCateye (loved by many)
Lens Width54 millimeters
Other BenefitsOffer eye protection from sand and harmful light.Satisfaction guaranteed as they solve customer needs.

Mini soap gift box

For a mini soap gift box, Sequoia soap will make you a good deal; they are nice with a pleasant smell. Besides, they are made of high-quality ingredients and come with fair prices. The variety of scent will, for sure unlock the heart of your crush. This present suits ladies most, but you can try for men; it might work as well. 

Soap for a gift sounds more unexpected but don’t be afraid to give one as it means you care much about the basic needs of your crush. Given the rate at which humans interact with soap, the item makes the best gift that is sure to be utilized.  

The following are features of Sequoia soap that make it perfect for your secret admirer: 

Brand Demeter (known for quality products)
Weight8.5 ounces (portable) 
Size8.4 oz
Other benefitsFree of artificial color parabens. They are infused with some unique Demeter scent to make the body skin fresh.

Classic zip around wallet

Your person of interest may love carrying small wallets, and thus you don’t need to be genius to gift them. Buy one zip wallet for them to help your secret lady admirer when on travel. The small mini bags offer a wide range of advantages as they are very flexible and beautiful to carry on a bare hand.

For the best one Cyanb, Women Wallets Tassel will serve you best as they are long-lasting and come in beautiful shape and sizes.

Here we have compiled features for your bag of choice, Classic zip around Wallet Cyanb Women Wallets Tassel:

Brand Cyanb (known for premium PU leather products) 
Material Leather and inner is polyester (long-lasting)
Dimension07.67″  x 04.13″ x 01.1″ (compact for easy carrying while fitting in most handbags)
Other benefitsIt has three structure compartments for small cash and cards.Your loved one content will be kept safe as the wallet has a zipper closure. Leather material is not prone to dirt, making it easy to care.

Final Word

The above-listed gift has been selected from gift lovers, and they are sure to win the heart of your admirer once presented. Feel free to choose one and make the person you are secretly admiring long for your reveal!

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