Top 20 Secret Pal Gift Ideas

Gifting our secret pals is a good way of reminding them that they are valued. This activity is a fun way of expressing care to those we love. The most common gift ideas for them include branded mugs, fun games, gift cards and shopping vouchers. These are presents that make one feel appreciated.

The items are unique because they prove that we’ve been thinking of our secret pals and their well-being. Of course, picking one is not a walk in the park as there are countless options in the market. Every one of them might look perfect. Here is a simple secret; choose something that looks personalized to add a special touch.  Also, have in mind their preferences if you know them and your budget.

Note that gifts sometimes spark lifelong friendships, and that’s why you should pick a special item. Here we present some ideas that will guide you in getting the perfect gift for your secret pal.

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Keep reading, pick one and leave a long-lasting impression in the lives of your secret pal!

Top 10 secret pal gift ideas

  1. Personalized mugs
  2. Weekly planner
  3. Gift cards
  4. Bluetooth speaker
  5. Card games
  6. Shopping voucher
  7. Desk organizer
  8. Pen set
  9. Earphones
  10. Drawing and coloring book

Who is a secret pal?

A secret pal is a person you choose randomly to gift in a gifting game. This game is popularly known as secret Santa since it is mostly played around Christmas time. In this game, everyone writes their names on a piece of paper; then everyone picks a paper and gifts that person.

The most electrifying part of this game is that you are not allowed to tell anyone who your secret pal is. You should try to find a unique and thoughtful gift for your secret pal to make them feel loved and appreciated.

What is a great gift for someone who has everything?

Getting a unique gift for someone who seemingly has everything can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. The best present for such a person is an experience they love or are yet to have. You can pay for a holiday or staycation or get them vouchers for massage or entertainment. If they enjoy traveling, you could get air tickets or pay for a service that will make their travel more comfortable.

What is a great gift for a coworker?

When your secret pal is a coworker whom you know little about, finding a gift idea can be puzzling. The perfect gift for a coworker should be something that makes their work easier and more enjoyable. You could get them a desk organizer or stationery of your choice or meal subscriptions during work hours.

If they are a coffee person, get them coffee subscriptions for them to receive deliveries. You could consider paying for a massage or manicure for them to enjoy time away from the office.

Below, we delve deeper into secret pal gift ideas worth buying:

Personalized mugs

Personalized mugs are unique and convey messages in a stylish and functional manner. Every time they are enjoying a beverage from the cup, your secret pal will get to think of you. You can have the mug branded with an uplifting quote of your secret pal’s name. You can also opt for emojis, flowers, or their favorite football club’s logo.

Personalized mugs are ideal for both ladies and gents and are very affordable. You can take it stylish by getting a customized magic mug by Moon love which is sure to impress them.

Here is why:

BrandMoon love (trusted brand)
MaterialCeramic (durable)
Size250 ml capacity (enough for taking coffee)
Main benefitsvarious colors options to pick from based on your preference.
The mug can be customized with a message of your choice to impress your secret pal.
Color changes depending on temperature of contents in the cup, making it more fun.

Weekly planner

A weekly planner is the most thoughtful gift for an adult, according to experts. Our busy schedules sometimes make us miss on some important details. The only way to ensure your secret pal doesn’t miss out on anything they love is to gift them a planner. A weekly planner helps one organize and prioritize their time and activities.

Panda planner is a great daily and weekly planner to get for your secret pal. This planner will help them in getting more organized and keeping their goals in check, leading to better productivity.

Here are other features that make panda planner a great pick:

Brand  Panda planner (trusted brand)
Weight14.7 ounces (convenient to carry in handbag or backpack)
Main benefitsHas a daily section that helps one prioritize on what’s important for more productivity.
Weekly and monthly sections allow your secret pal to get organized hit goals and improve habits.

Gift cards

Gift cards are ideal for gifting your secret pal when you are not so sure what they like. You can buy them gift cards from Amazon or a local store and let them enjoy choosing their present. The beauty of gift cards is that they can be personalized with a message or photo.

Besides, the card allows your secret pal to choose the gift they have always wanted. An Amazon gift card is a great piece since they have a wide range of products to choose from.

BrandAmazon (global brand)
Main benefitsNever expires and has no additional charges.
Multiple denominations and designs to choose from.
Can be scheduled in advance for later delivery.
Redeemable towards millions of items on amazon.
Allows you to tailor-make with a personal message.

Bluetooth speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a great outdoor companion that’s versatile and makes holidays better. Almost everyone loves quality sound on their favorite music. Your secret pal will appreciate that you went an extra mile and thought of their leisure time. We recommend a JBL flip five as the perfect Bluetooth speaker for your secret pal.

Check below what makes it amazing:

BrandJBL store (known for signature sound on speakers)
Battery lifeLasts up to 12 hours (keeps the music louder for long)
Main benefitsCompact and portable making it perfect for both outdoors and indoors.
Has a rugged and waterproof design to prevent any possible liquid damage.
Bold range of colors to choose from.
Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity for easy streaming with no worry of having to deal with cables.

Card games

Card games are a good way to bond with friends and have fun away from electronic gadgets. Getting your secret pal one is not only thoughtful but also a pleasant surprise. You can get them a card game for two players or even more. When choosing a card game for your secret pal, we advise selecting a family-friendly type as opposed to adult card games. Adult games are only good for a person you relate freely and openly with.

You can opt for Mattel Games UNO since it’s extremely fun to play and is appropriate for all ages.

Besides, it is packed with features highlighted below:

BrandMattel Games UNO
Weight5.9 ounces (portable)
MaterialPlastic (doesn’t wear out easily like those made of paper)
Main benefitsComes with 112 playing cards, instructions and playing rules.
Can be played by two to four people making it excellent for bonding and passing time
Ideal for both kids and adult; thus great for a family.

Shopping voucher

Getting your secret pal a shopping voucher from the nearest grocery store can be such a lifesaver. Shopping vouchers are ideal when you are on a budget, and your secret pal gets to buy an item that they need the most. Some coupons come with massive discounts that your pal will appreciate. We recommend shopping vouchers from Walmart since everyone can shops from there by ordering online. 

BrandWalmart (offers amazing discounts)
Main benefitsOne can redeem it at any Walmart.
Convenient and safe since no one else except the bearer can redeem the voucher.
Has no restrictions on what can be redeemed

Desk organizer

A desk organizer is a wonderful and unique gift for a secret pal to organize their working area. Every time your secret pal sits at the desk, they will be thinking of you and feeling grateful. You can take the organizer a notch higher by personalizing it with your secret pal’s name, photo or just an uplifting quote.

Desk organizers come in a variety of colors and designs, but we recommend the wooden desk organizer by smart space furniture. This organizer occupies minimal space while holding up most stationery.

Check below other amazing features of smart space furniture desk organizer:

BrandSmart space furniture (known for genius office solutions)
MaterialWood and plexiglass for the window section (looks elegant)
Main benefitsAesthetically pleasing design that matches any office décor.
Multiple compartments for different stationery to make it easy for one to locate items.

Pen set

Wondering whether a pen set is a good gift? We’ll tell you why it is. Getting your secret pal a pen set will ensure they think of you anytime they want to jot down something. The best pen set for gifting is one that comes with a variety of colors to choose from and looks pleasing to the eye.

Flair felt tips by paper mate are an excellent and affordable gift for your secret pal. They are made with the premium ink that doesn’t bleed and come in 24 assorted colors.

That’s not all; paper mate pen set is packed with features on the table below:

BrandPaper mate (best quality)
ModelFlair felt tip pen (doesn’t fray)
Weight6.4 ounces (portable)
Main benefitsComes in 24 assorted colors giving your secret pal a variety to choose from.
The bright colors make writing pop out nicely.
Has a point guard to prevent fraying
The ink used is smear-resistant and doesn’t bleed through the paper for neat writing.


Good quality earphones are underrated, and we all love listening to music or podcasts with the right set. Getting your secret pal a quality pair of earphones will go a long way in ensuring they enjoy their outdoors more. Wireless headsets are a plus if you can get them, but anything that produces quality sound is a perfect gift. We recommend Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud as an ideal pick. They feature silicone earbuds for a secure and comfortable fit; they are lightweight and deliver powerful deep bass.

Check other features below:

BrandSony extra bass (trusted)
ConnectionsWired (powerful)
Weight0.28 ounces (lightweight for powerful music)
Main benefitsDelivers powerful and deep bass due to high-energy neodymium magnet drivers.
Has an integrated smartphone and microphone playback control.
A tangle-free cable that presents no challenge when using.
Features silicone earbuds for a secure and comfortable fit.

Art and coloring books

Adult coloring books are unique gift items for a secret pal to enjoy their free time. Drawing and coloring help to unleash our creativity and relieve stress. Your secret pal will love playing with different colors to make art and trying out new drawing challenges. The best part about an art book is that they can keep it for memories to show even their grandkids. We recommend color and frame book by new seasons as it has wonderful illustrations and allows one to tear out the drawing for framing.

The other amazing features of new seasons drawing book are as tabled below:

AuthorNew seasons (#1 best seller)
Pages64 pages (great for both kids and adults)
Main benefitsPresents 31 images to color.
The perfect medium between complicated adult books and too simple kid’s books
Spiral-bound thus allowing pages to lay flat as one color.
The perfect medium between complicated adult books and too simple kid’s books

Throw blanket

A throw blanket is a perfect unisex gift, especially for winter and colder months. Getting your secret pal a one is cost-effective and functional for them. Throw blankets are versatile since they can be used to keep warm and also as décor pieces. When choosing a throw blanket for gifting, ensure the material is useable even by someone who is allergic to natural fibers.

We recommend the fleece throw blanket by bed sure that is available in a wide range of colors and is warm enough even for outdoor picnics.

Besides, it comes with other fantastic features as tabled below:

BrandBed sure (known for following premium process)
Material100% microfiber polyester (soft and extra warm)
Main benefitsAvailable in a wide range of colors to allow you to choose one of your choices.
Perfect for home décor due to deep color options.
Perfect for those with sensitive skin due to hypo allergic material used.
User-friendly as it is breathable and lightweight.


Every adult who cooks for themselves loves some cooking inspiration, and a cookbook gift is an awesome upgrade. Imagine your secret pal thinking about you each time they make a gourmet meal. Sounds awesome, right? Then a cookbook with healthy recipes is what you need to get for them. Cook 90 by David Tamarkin is our best bet, and you can get it cheaper on Amazon.

Plus, it has more features, as highlighted below:

TitleCook90: The 30-Day Plan for Faster, Healthier, Happier Meals
AuthorDavid Tamarkin (Editor-in-chief of trusted recipe website)
Main benefitsComprehensive recipes and meal plans that are easy and adaptable to follow.
Fast meal ideas that require basic ingredients.
Saves time that one could have otherwise spent thinking of what to prepare as the book comes with 100 recipes with strategies to follow.


Getting your secret pal a piggy bank shows that you care about their future and finances. A piggy bank is a good gift for anyone even when you don’t know their preferences. Consider getting a one that has a lock and key since this type helps improve one’s saving habits. A good money bank should also fit both coins and dollar bills.

Vacation fund by American flat is a perfect gift for your secret pal regardless of their age. Here is why:

BrandAmericanflat (trusted)
MaterialWooden shallow box frame and glass top (looks elegant)
Main benefitsIdeal for coins and dollar bills.
Can be displayed vertically and horizontally making it perfect for home décor.
Branded with ‘vacation fund’ for reminding your secret pal to keep saving for their dream.


Carrying your essentials is easier and convenient when you have a durable and stylish backpack. Your secret pal will love a good pack that can be used even for travel. We recommend one from Matein since it can be used by all regardless of their age. This bag features a lustrous design with large storage space and is comfortable to carry. Besides, it has a luggage strap that allows it to fit on a suitcase while on travel.

Here are other amazing features of Matein backpack:

BrandMatein (known for their dedication to quality products)
Weight1.94 pounds (doesn’t add unnecessary weight)
MaterialPolyester (waterproof and durable)
Main benefitsAnti-theft design to allow one to keep important document without the possibility of losing them. Has a separate laptop compartment that safely keeps the device safe for carrying. Has an external USB charging port for convenient phone charging while on the go. Available in a variety of shades for you to choose from. Comes with a suitcase sleeve for easy carry to prevent shoulder strain when transporting heavy items.

Handwritten card

While a handwritten card is not sufficient when given alone, it spices up presents such as gift cards and vouchers. Handwritten cards give you the opportunity to add a lovely message to your secret pal’s gift. You can get cards from Amazon or your local store, but we highly recommend T&M designs for the best cards.

These cards come with beautiful envelopes, and stylish designs plus the features highlighted below:  

BrandT& M designs (known for premium quality)
Main benefitsComes with snug-fitting envelopes that present no challenge when sealing.
Has a water-activated seal that is easy to use.
Variety of elegant designs to choose from
Made with high-quality paper that doesn’t tear easily.
Ample of blank space for writing.


Jewelry is the best gift for anyone, from kids to adults. You can customize them according to gender and personal preference.  The best part about jewelry is that your secret pal can pass them on to future generations. You can choose to buy a necklace or bracelet since they are nice sentimental gifts. We recommend jewelry and especially bracelets from The Iconic since they are affordable and genuine.

Besides, it comes with the following exceptional benefits:

BrandThe Iconic (known for premium jewelry)
Main benefitsAvailable in unisex, men’s and women’s designs; making it stress-free to gift anyone.
Wide range of classic and timeless designs to choose from.
Executive looking pieces that will impress your secret pal.

Faith-based book

A faith-based book is an excellent gift choice for your secret pal on their journey towards spiritual enlightenment. It will help them to be drawn closer to God and be rooted deeper in faith. There are lots of wonderful books you can buy that have an impact on your secret pals’ faith, but we recommend Hacking spiritual disciplines by Joe Fontenot. This book is easy to read and understand even for a new believer. It has simple hacks on how to be consistent in prayer life, establishing principles and becoming a better person.

Other features of Hacking spiritual disciplines by Joe Fontenot are presented below:

TitleHacking spiritual disciplines: how to find God in a noisy world
AuthorJoe Fontenot (works in a theological seminary)
Main benefitsContains practical spiritual guidance for believers.
Applicable advice on how to ditch addiction and become a better person.
Contains scripturally sound principles that can be applied in every day’s life.


A great scent lifts our mood and makes us more confident. The scent also remains memorable for the longest time, and that’s why we think a perfume is a wonderful gift for your secret pal. When choosing one, choose something unique that’s not too strong. Chanel perfumes are great for both men and women, but we recommend allure and coco mademoiselle as the best fragrances.

Why Chanel Perfumes present a top-pick?

BrandChanel fragrances and perfumes
Main benefitsAttractive and long-lasting scent
Elegantly packaged for gifting
Made of high-quality ingredients that do not cause skin irritation.
Perfect perfume selection for a signature scent

Ice cream sundae

What can be a better present than a perfect sundae box to fix that craving? Absolutely, nothing! If your secret pal is a sweet tooth, they will love making their own ice cream with different toppings of their choice. Get an all-inclusive sundae box that will last for months and mesmerize your secret pal. Sundae Night Special Ice Cream Gift Basket by design it yourself is a perfect dessert to buy, especially during summer.

Here is why:

BrandDesign it yourself gift baskets (known for the yummiest ice cream sundaes)
Main benefitsContains sugar cones, Smucker’s magic shell topping, Hershey’s chocolate syrup, a classic sundae glass, and a heavenly assortment of sweet and chocolatey sundae toppers to curb cravings
Comes with personalized gift messages worth communicating to a secret pal.
Made with the best ingredients that are loved by many.

Framed picture or quote

Do you want a gift that looks well thought out? Then a framed picture is the way to go. Find your secret pals’ favorite photo or quote and have it framed. Your secret pal will be amused by how you went an extra mile to personalize this gift. Besides, most frames are affordable to customize since you only need to buy one then print the photos or quotes yourself.

You can get cute and affordable frames from an up simple store. These frames last long and look good on any space.

Plus, they have other amazing features tabled below:

BrandUp simples store (known for quality customizable frames)
Main benefitsMade of light and durable frames that can be used comfortably on walls.
Have a plastic cover instead of glass making them safe for areas with kids
Available in different sizes so you can choose one of your choices.

Wrap up!

From all the above options, there’s a gift that will fit into your budget and mesmerize your secret pal. Choose a present that is durable to show how much you value them. Secret pals sometimes end up as lifelong friends just by this simple act of gifting. And that’s more reason why you need a well thought out present such as the ones discussed here. Go ahead and pick one of your choices!

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