15 Creative Secretary Gifts Ideas That Will Surely Motivate Them!

Do you want your business to succeed? If yes, you should motivate your secretary with presents such as bracelets, cardholders, sticky notes, digital photo frames, tea infuser, desk plants, and a mug, among others. You can also give them some time off, movie tickets, and spa receipt since their happiness will reflect on their work. 

Who will deny that secretaries are the face of the business? How they treat your customers will determine the direction of the company.  Do not wait until it is too late? Pick a gift and appreciate your secretary and see how they will purpose to work well to your satisfaction.

We know purchasing the ideal present for a secretary is involving since you need to pick a suitable one that conveys an essential message. Who has that time, when the focus should be on strategizing for the company? Worry not, as we have done the legwork for you and presented 15 creative gifts that every employee would appreciate. 

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15 Creative Secretary Gifts Idea

Top 10 secretary Gift Ideas 

  1. Bracelet
  2. Water bottle
  3. Tea infuser
  4. Sticky notes
  5. Mug
  6. Pen Holder
  7. Moody Cards
  8. Photo frame
  9. Desk Plant
  10. Notebook

What do you get a secretary?

Besides, the gifts that we have discussed above, you can also give these items as a present the secretary as a show of appreciation for good work done.

  1. Gift Box to show appreciation
  2. Letter opener
  3. Desk nameplate
  4. Key chain
  5. Achievement Award
  6. Memo holder
  7. Charging station
  8. Desk clock

What do you give your secretary for Christmas?

During the Christmas celebration, you can choose to gift a secretary with cash or items to show that they are of value.

Advisedly, the cash amounts you intend to spend on your secretary, should be between 100 dollars to more than 500 dollars depending on your ability and how much your secretary is significant to you.

Furthermore, you send those flowers, calendars, a gift box, and many other items of significant value.

What is an excellent gift card amount?

When gifting a friend or co-worker, the best card gift should be between 10 dollars to 20 dollars amounts. However, if you are gifting members of your family, you should ensure that you present 30 dollars to 75 dollars in the card. Also, offer 75 dollar card to a husband or wife.

Is it better to give cash or a gift card?

You can give a gift card or cash to someone as a present. However, many economists argue that money is the ideal gift as compared to gift cards because some individuals never utilize gift cards.

Here are the most inventive secretary gift ideas that you can select from:

1. Bracelet

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Bracelet is an ideal present for a secretary who works tirelessly for you. It is used to show your gratitude for the work she has done over the years. Moreover, after this gifting, the receiver should make a wish as they put on their bracelet.

You can select a Message Charm Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet as a present. This is because it comes in a magnificently packed box for gifting and display encouraging words to the recipient that they are braver than they believe, more energetic and smarter.

Below are the exceptional features of Message Charm Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet that makes it ideal for a secretary:

Brand Hidden Hollow Beads (Good quality items)
Material Stainless steel (With silver-plated base)
Size7.75 inches (Fits well into any  wrist size)
StyleThey are braver than they believe, more energetic and smarter)
Other benefitsLong-lasting because it is made of stainless steel hence no discoloration or bending after use.Stretchy to fit into many sizes of wrists.Suitable present for women during Christmas, Birthdays, or mother’s day.It comes in an elegant gift box that is silver in color and contains wristlets and charms.

2. Water Bottle

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Water Bottle

Are you looking for a gift to offer to your secretary that will show you value their health? Well, a water bottle is perfect as it will enable the secretary to carry water and drinks wherever they are going to quench thirst. Also, the bottle permits one to fulfill the health benefits because health-wise, it is recommended to sip eight glasses of water a day for the body to function well.

You can invest in buying a Contigo   Autoseal Chill Bottle to your secretary because it will keep her water cold for up to a day. 

Why Contigo Autoseal Chill Bottle a considerate present for secretary?

Brand Contigo (produce superior quality items)
Material Stainless Steel (Long-lasting)
Weight8.6 Ounces (lightweight for portability)
Size(2.95 x 2.95 x 10.75) inches (24.0 ounces capacity)
Other benefitsFeatures dual wall vacuum insulation that is thermalock to maintain the drinks cold for almost 28 hours.It comes with an auto seal button with lids between sips to prevent leakages and spilling.It comes with a spout cover to prevent filth and microorganisms from accumulating in the mouthpiece to guarantee that one drinks clean water.Features an Integrated handle for  one to carry it easily Easy to clean since the body can be washed using one’s hands, and the rack on top can be dish-washed. 

3.Tea Infuser

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Tea Infuser

Tea infusers are ideal for secretary working in the office setting because it enables them to drink tea without wasting time while restricting them to a particular context. Moreover, the tea infuser cleaning is secure, and one can use tea leaves to brew well before taking it. Also, it is very economical because it does not allow wastage, and it is reusable. 

Consider Fred MR. Silicone Tea Infuse as a reward to your secretary because of the following features:

Brand Fred  (Premium Quality)
Material BPA-free silicone (soft, food-safe and tasteless tea leaves)
Weight0.352 ounces (Balances on the rim of your teacup)
Size(3.25 x 4.75 x 1.75) inches (come in a package that is colored for great gifting)
Other benefitsAdds fun to one’s tea and curb wastage.Using it is easy since one needs just to toss tea leaf that is loose in trousers and let it sit on the cup to get brewed tea.Simple to clean since you need to dispose of the loose tea after use and wash it with hot water.Microwave and dishwasher safeEnvironmentally friendly because it can be reused.

4. Sticky Notes

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Sticky Notes

If you are looking for a fantastic gift that will come in handy to your secretary, then you can opt to buy them a sticky note. Sticky notes will help your employee plan, remember, personalize and prioritize events and occurrences that need to happen at a particular time.

Choose Page Markers Assorted bright colors sticky notes because it features a variety of benefits that suits office work. 

Why gift your secretary with a Page Markers Assorted bright colors sticky notes?

Brand Post-it (Quality Sticky notes)
Material Paper (Variety of Bright Colours)
Weight1.38 ounces (Easily Portable)
Dimensions(0.25 x 4.75 x 4.75) inches (simply highlight information)
Size500 Sheets (Can be used for a long time)
Other benefitsColorful flags that are eye-catching to assist them to be structured and creative by spotting documents for later checking. File and code work to know the most critical ones to handle at work. Can reposition sticky notes when needed because they stay place.Have room to jot down notes as well as flag documents.

5. Mug

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Mugs are a perfect gift for a secretary who loves taking tea, coffee, or even hot drinks. The cup will help one sip her favorite tea while recalling the best moments they had while working, traveling, or life in general. Mugs are practical and durable gifts that one can appreciate and use for long, either in the office, at home, or when traveling.                                                                                                                                                                     

Why will Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mug make a perfect gift?

Brand Contigo (manufacture high-quality items)
Material Stainless Steel (durable)
Weight0.72 Pounds (16 oZ capacity)
Size(2.87 x 3.54 x 7.8 ) inches
Other benefitsIt comes with auto seal technology with leads that are potted, thus free from leakages and spills.Comes with insulation that is a thermal vacuum thus can maintain cold drinks for almost 12 hours and hot beverages for about five hours.Suitable for travelers, commuters, and movers.Easy to clean and can be handheld as well as easily fit in several car cup holders.

6. Pencil holder 

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Pencil holder

A pencil holder is an essential item used in keeping writing devices like pens, pencils, and other small items. It is well located, thus noticeable and obtainable easily. Pencil holder will make an excellent gift to a secretary because it ensures proficient, tidy, and smart-looking office by providing a clean working space free from the cluttering of stationery. Moreover, it will ensure that the staff can access the stationery without any difficulty.

You should buy a creative design silicone pencil holder as a gift to the secretary because it brings it has benefits with and elegant design.

Why should you consider a creative design silicone pencil holder?

Material Silicone (long-lasting)
Weight3.2 ounces (lightweight for portability)
Size(5.98 x 3.46 x 3.07) inches (Does not occupy a lot of space)
Other benefitsIt is durable and free from breakage even if it falls off accidentally since it is manufacture using quality materials.Stable and does not collapse, considering the weight of the stationery.Features distinctive eye-catching design.Maintain the stationery in place for easy accessibility.

7. Moody cards

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Moody cards will make an ideal reward for your secretary as they put a smile on their faces. These cards have many different flips over post ideas; therefore, it enables one to convey their thought and feelings without speaking.

If you settle for this kind of present, then go for Select Moody cards different Practical Flip-Over Message as its features will make secretary communication work easier.  

Here are the benefits of rewarding your secretary with Moody cards different Practical Flip-Over Messages:

Brand Moodycards (Great deal, offers, and discounts)
Weight3.2 ounces (Easily portable)
Size(4 x 1 x 4) inches (30 messages that contain all messages that you want to convey)
Other benefitsHelp in putting a smile to clients and customers at work.Features 30 messages, therefore, easy to find a message that fits your mood.It comes with a blank card and marker that is erasable to enable one to generate their mood.Pocket friendly and is sensible and enlightening.

8. Digital photo frame

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Digital photo frame

A digital photo frame will make an ideal gift for a secretary because it will enable them to upload photographs and documents from the flash drive. Furthermore, it allows them to design photos into an automated slideshow, therefore allowing them to place additional pictures of their pets and family members on the working desk devoid of obstructing their workspace.

In case you are looking for a digital photo frame, you should choose Nix to play Smart Frame, because it will permit the secretary to remain close with loved ones as well as exchange videos and photographs from email or phone to the smart frame.

Here are a few benefits of the Nixplay Smart frame:

Brand Nixplay (Number one selling frame )
Weight1.3 Pounds (weigh less for easy transportation)
ConnectivityWi-Fi (features advanced technology)
Size(1.22 x 7.36 x 10.55) inches (can be mounted on the wall and fits well in a  limited space)
Other benefitsSuitable gift for; new parents, newlyweds, kids in college, and long-distance families.One can share securely and confidentially photos of loved ones or videos. Easy to connect to Google photos and update frame.Comes with a signal sensor that switches the frame on/off mechanically.A smart frame can be mounted without any difficulty.

9. Desk plant 

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Desk plant

Purchase a desk plant to your secretary as a reward for the effort they have put while working for you. The plant will help in decorating and adding color to your secretary’s desk and enhance her confidence at work.

Umbra Desktop Geometric Container Succulent will make an ideal desktop plant as it is lightweight and compact with decorative colors that suit office space. 

Why Umbra Desktop Geometric Container Succulent is the best gift?

Brand Umbra (produce high-quality products)
Material Copper (Brings a bright metallic luster look)
Weight1.3 pounds (lightweight and can be carried anywhere)
Size(8.75 x 3.75 x 15.25) inches (fits well on the desk)
Other benefitsThey are designed elegantly to greatly enhancing touch to the workspace.Exceptionally made to fit anywhere in your office, thus ideal for decorating bathrooms, your home, and workplaces.Multipurpose and come with instructions for use in wall and tabletops.Eye-catching and is easy to hang on the wall.It organizes and maintains small items like; pens and pencils.

10. Notebook

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A notebook is an essential item to have because it acts as a storage space for our ideas, thoughts, and memories. With a notebook, you can write down notes that only you can understand and comprehend. The notebook will come in handy as present to a secretary because she will use to write notes during meetings and events during work. Also, she can use it to write up her personal and private staff.

If you want a reusable notebook that can be used for a long time, then choose the Rocketbook Smart notebook because it features pages that are synthetic textiles to aid in simple writing.

Why opt to choose the Rocketbook Smart notebook as a gift?

Brand Rocketbook (Offers Pretty good writing experience)
Material Synthetic (to enable smooth writing)
Weight6.4 Ounces(lightweight thus can be carried easily)
Size(8.9 x 6 x 0.5) inches (For executive use)
Other benefitsReusable and ensures that there is no paper because, after use, you need to wipe it using a wet cloth.It features a well-coated paper finish.Pages are made up of materials that are synthetic to enable easy writing.Long-lasting.

11. Gel pens

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Gel pens

Most secretaries like writing calendars, memos, invitation cards, and minutes while working. Giving them a gel pen as an award is a smart and thoughtful proposal. The pen will enable them to write slickly on the surface when at work, studios, or home settings. Besides, they can use it to prepare enduring papers since its ink does not fade.

Are you searching for a pen that writes smoothly to a gift to a secretary? You should opt for BIC Gel-ocity Gel Pens because it offers comfortable writing experience.

Why opt for BIC Gel-ocity Gel Pens as a gift?

Brand BIC (More quality for your money)
Material Plastic resin(safe to use)
Weight2.32 ounces (Light in weight)
Size(1.31 x 6 x 2.75) inches (features a rectangular design)
Other benefitsComes with simple as well as comfortable to hold barrels and ink that is smooth.Ideal for long sessions of writing, therefore, can be used during meetings that last for many hours.Its ink dry at a faster rate to prevent unnecessary spreading.

12. Candles

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Candles will make a great gift for secretaries since one can use it once, but the meaning last forever in their hearts. Consider gifting them with more than one candle so that they can use longer that will leave some lasting memories in their minds. Candles illuminate a unique scent and will mark a brighter career to the secretary. 

Many brands of candles are existent in the market; therefore, we have featured for you Chesapeake Bay Scented Candle to gift the secretary since it symbolizes confidence and freedom to your devoted employee. 

Here are the reasons why you should award your secretary with Chesapeake Bay Scented Candle.

Brand Chesapeake Bay Candle (produce long-lasting candles)
Material Soy Blend (safe to use and has a pleasant scent)
Weight1.45Pounds (medium-sized)
SyleSymbolizes confidence and freedom
Size(3.15 x 4.13 x 2.87) inches (occupies small space)
Other benefitsDurable and can burn for more hours.Features a frosted jar candle that is supple colored to permit shining of the flame light during blazing.Come with a pleasant scent since it contains all vital natural oils.Features skilfully improved fragrances with all-natural essential oils that do not cause allergies. Come with lid made of wood and wick free from lead materials.

13. Post- it dispensers

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Post it dispensers come in handy because it helps in maintaining notes safe by sticking one note in place at a time. Getting a secretary a post-it dispenser as a present will enable them to have their workplace organized to fit their preferred taste. Also, with this dispenser, secretaries can modify their space of work with photographs that are small in size, therefore, enabling them to maintain pictures of loved ones or pets.

Below we feature Post Pop-up Dispenser that you can purchase for any secretary.

Brand Post-it (well-made items)
Material Plastic (Does not break easily)
Weight1.29 Pounds (lightweight for portability)
Size(4.5 x 4.38 x 3.38) inches (fits well on small space)
Other benefitsPresent always to grasp new ideas.They are planned to occupy a single pace to give an elegant look to your space.Facilitate popping up of one message before it can pop up another note.

14. Cotton shirt

No products found.

Cotton shirt

Shirt made from cotton materials is a suitable gift that you can give to a secretary because the fabric leaves them cool and dry. Furthermore, the material is breathable that allows the skin to take in the fresh air. If worn as an inner cover, the employee will keep warm and comfortable, thus attend customers with a smile.

You might consider double plus Open women’s collared shirt because it can be worn anywhere based on one’s preference.

Here are some benefits of gifting a secretary with a Double Plus Open women’s Collared shirt:

Brand A double plus (Produces well-made shirts
Material Cotton blend (natural insulator and breathable fabric)
SizeWide range of sizes (medium, large, extra-large)
Other benefitsCan be worn anywhere for any occasion: informal or formal events.Features a button for the front that is secreted from at the back.Features a relaxing, supple, breathable fabric that is simple to care for.Ironing after washing is not a must.

15. Cardholder 

No products found.


The cardholder is an exquisite item to have because it shows the level of professionalism that one has and facilitates the growth of a business. Cards for business are very vital to have; therefore, getting your secretary the cardholders a gift will enable them to keep their cards more securely and in an organized manner. Also, the holder ensures a clean workspace environment.

You may opt for Yellow Mountain Imports Solid Oak Wood Card Holders for your secretary due to the following reasons:

Brand Yellow Mountain Imports (Trusted)
Material Wood (Durable and hefty)
Weight1.01 pounds
Size(5.98 × 3.15 × 2.36) inches (perfectly sized)
Other benefitsFeature a storage capacity of 44 cards.It comes with row height that is ascending for viewing with ease.Suitable for young and old forks as well as people with health conditions like arthritis.

Final Word

Unquestionably, choosing a gift for a secretary is not simple since there are many items available for you. Even then you need to pick a useful present that will make the secretary pleased and know they hold a special place in your heart. That way, they will be inspired to work harder, translating to success in your business. 

Choose any of the above gifts and put a smile on your secretary’s face and watch them work harder for your success! s

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