How Do You Secretly Give Someone A Gift?

A gift is a great way to express your love and feelings for someone and there are many reasons we secretly want to give a gift. One of the common reasons is that sometimes we have feelings for someone and want to take the relationship to the next level. However, we don’t know how the person will react and become confused. In this type of situation sending a gift without him/her knowing about the gift sender is the best way to see how the gift recipient reacts.

There are many ways you can secretly send a gift. When you pick a gift make sure the gift recipient has an interest in it or loves it. You can send the gift to a least expected person or keep the gift in a common place for unexpected discovery. You can also use the “Misleading Packaging” or “Hoax Gift Cover-Up” method to secretly give the gift and completely surprise the gift recipient.

Secretly Give Someone A Gift

What To Consider Before Secretly Giving Someone A Gift

1. You have to identify the things the gift recipient is interested in

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2. Consider the characteristics and personality of the gift recipient

3. Check the hobbies and activities that they like to do

4. What type of sports the gift recipient enjoy watching or taking part in

5. Think about things they like to do to relax

6. Consider the things that are common between you and the gift recipient

7. Consider the relation between you and the gift recipient

8. Consider the occasion or purpose before picking a gift

9. Don’t buy an expensive gift or overspend on the gift

10. Don’t buy too many gifts for the gift recipient

11. Locate a safe place to hide the gift so that the receiver won’t find it

12. Maintain self-control so that the gift recipient won’t anticipate a gift coming from you

8 Ways To Secretly Give Someone A Gift

Many people feel intimidated when approaching a person they like; therefore they want to give a gift anonymously. Giving a gift anonymously will add suspense and romance to a relationship and create memorable moments that will make the relationship stronger. So if you are wondering how you can secretly give someone a gift then below are some amazing ways of gifting someone a surprise.

Deliver The Gift By A Least Expected Person

This is the easiest way to give someone a gift anonymously. Usually, people expect gifts from their close friends or family members on special days like birthdays and anniversaries. So if you are planning to give a surprise gift then it is a perfect idea. You can make the gift delivered by a person whom the recipient would never expect from. For example, you can send the gift via a distant friend who randomly visits the gift recipient’s house and the person is not very close with the family members. You can also ask the neighbor to do the favor. Now for the gift, you can pick some random packing and ask the neighbor not to mention it as a gift.

Make The Gift An Unexpected Discovery

If by any chance you won’t able to involve a 3rd person then you can make the gift an unexpected discovery. This way you will be able to send the gift anonymously as well as make it a surprising experience. But you have to make sure that you don’t hand the gift to the gift recipient by yourself. If you keep the gift in a safe place after buying it then move it to the place where the gift recipient will find the gift with ease. The place could be the dressing table, the medicine cabinet, the briefcase, the cereal box, or any other regularly accessible place. You can choose a gift that matches the theme of the location where you will put the gift.

Surprise Reveal Card

This is another great way to give someone a gift secretly. If the gift recipient loves to travel or loves going on a vacation then it could be the perfect opportunity for you to present the gift in a surprising manner. You can arrange tickets for both of you and then send the ticket to the gift recipient. To make things more interesting you can add a surprise reveal card with the gift. You can add a specific message about the vacation or the concert so that when the gift recipient reveals the card it will take them by complete surprise.

Add The Surprise To A Book

If the gift recipient loves to read books and he/she has a favorite line-up of books to read at home then you can hide the gift inside the book. But to do so, first, you have to identify which book is the gift recipient reading currently and then put the gift inside the book. If the gift is big and there is no way it will fit the book then you can keep the gift above the book. So when the person comes to pick the book he/she will find the gift. If you are planning on giving tickets to his/her favorite show then this idea will be a perfect fit for your plan.

The Misleading Packaging

In this method, you can use fake packaging to deliver the gift to the gift recipient. There are lots of videos available on the internet where people give a huge gift box containing a smaller one inside, with another smaller one within, and yet another smaller one inside. You can use this idea to pack the gift with something that makes it look like anything except a gift or a specific item. You can use an old torn out wrapper so that the gift recipient would think you pick something from the storeroom and not bought anything from a gift store.

Plan A Hoax Gift As A Cover-Up                 

To apply this method, first, you have to know the likes and dislikes of the gift recipient. Once you have the information you can use the package of something the gift recipient dislikes but containing the gift he/she likes. So when the gift recipient first receives the package he/she won’t be happy but once he/she will open the box and see the gift, it will make the recipient more excited and joyous after an initial phase of disappointment. For example, if the gift recipient wants jewelry then you can use a big toaster box to conceal the jeweler box inside.

Use The Special Place Trick

If you and the gift recipient have a common favorite place then you can use the “Special Place” trick to secretly present the gift. So take the recipient to that place with a plan made well in advance on how to reveal the gift. You can add a special flavor to the occasion with favorite songs, favorite dishes, or anything else. But you have to make sure that the recipient believes that you only planned for a day out and nothing else. Finally, make an unexpected person deliver the gift.

Put The Gift On The Platter

This is a very old and commonly used trick to give someone a gift secretly. You can take the recipient to a restaurant for a casual lunch or denier and use a hoax platter for presenting the gift. You have to make the proper arrangement before taking the person to the restaurant. You have to ask the manager and tell the waiter to bring the gift inside a platter with no food and a cover on top of it. Then make the gift recipient open the cover to serve the dish and get surprised by the present inside. Like the special place method, you can also add a special flavor to the occasion and make it more enjoyable.

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