Spiritual Gift Ideas That Enlighten And Relaxes

Spiritual gifts are ones based on sacred matters directly affecting the soul of an individual. They include Buddha board, relaxation fountain, bible, incense burner, acupressure mat meditation pillows, and a bag of Zen, among others. Gifting any of them to your family member, friend, or religious person send a cool massage that relaxes the mind.

Choosing this type of present looks more challenging to most people, and hence it is mostly ignored due to the difficulty of categorizing them. You do not need to go through the hassle!  Here we answer the need for spiritual tips and guides you towards choosing the best spiritual gifts for your family members or friends.

Read through for unique gift ideas that will win the soul of your giftee!

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Top 10 spiritual gift ideas

  1. Buddha board
  2. Relaxation fountain
  3. Meditation beads
  4. Acupressure mat
  5. Bible
  6. Zen bag
  7. Prayer sculpture
  8. Incense burner
  9. Buddha tea kettle
  10. Meditation pillow

What is the best spiritual gift?

To make the most appealing religious present, you must understand what different attributes a spiritual present should have. The characteristics are the combining factors that make any present stand out. Here are some of the features of the best spiritual gift:

  • Should offer wisdom
  • Give knowledge
  • Offer faithfully believe
  • Give a sense of healing.
  • Be miraculous by nature.

What are the four spiritual gifts related to religion?

Apart from the physical awards that are characterized by the soul of a person, there are other important charismatic presents suggested by the book inner guidance and the four spiritual gifts. These four gifts related to Gods work which is well valued by the faithful followers are:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Prophecy
  • Inner feelings

What are some of the meaningful spiritual presents?

Meaningful presents are also considered to be thoughtful by nature. The gifts are deemed to have an important deeper message that is offered to a person they bring that spiritual message. Check some of them below:

  • Custom made map
  • Expertly framed memories
  • An engraved timepiece
  • Specialized photo book
  • A custom comic book telling a shared story

What is the seven spiritual gift bible verse?

Before considering the entire bible as a present, you can be specific to some important verses and search for related documents that convey the message. Here are some of the poems that are sure to win the heart of your giftee spiritually!

  • The heir will come from the blood of Jesse, and there will be a success from his family.
  • God’s soul will be on thee, perception all together with discernment, and sense of God’s knowledge with fear.
  • And one will excel with the faith of the Lord.

The above verses convey the important religious gift of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, and piety.

Here are the Spiritual gift ideas that you can think of:

Buddha board

Which other items can you make a beautiful message to a spiritual person than a Buddha board? The board allows one to create an image on the surface of the water, and it comes to life when the water evaporates while the pictures disappear. Its main purpose is to give room for and make one free to let things go as they are. The board is an ideal present for a person who may be struggling with his or her past.

Making these items a present to your friend who is stressed or depressed sounds more sensible, and surely it will help them out.

The board has the following designer features that make it more appealing to your list of a spiritual gift. Check on the table below:

BrandBuddha Board store (known genuine products)
Weight13.6 ounces (easy to carry while doing some practical mental relaxation regime)
Dimensions(12.99 ×10.24 ×2.36) inches (portable)
Other benefitsEasy to use with some instruction, fill the stand, dip in the bamboo brush, and start drawing or painting
 The original Buddha board is made with high-quality material that does not peel

Relaxation fountain

The use of a relaxation fountain in a home brings tranquility and peace. The water on it is natural with soothing sounds that bring stress-free relaxation and calming effects. The unique lighting set on it illuminates a soft natural flow of freshwater in it. The best features of this asset make it more peaceful and enjoyable to watch it on while it is on the table. 

Making this gift to any religious person sounds more welcoming. When they are low in faith, it will act as the best-sacred prize that amazingly brings peace. Do not overthink when it comes to choosing the best relaxation fountain as one from HoMedics will sort you out.

Check its amazing features below:

BrandHoMedics  (trusted)
Dimension(8.1 × 7.25 × 8.25) inches, the size, and sound bring more imagination.
Weight1 pound, (convenient for tabletops)
Other benefitsHave some innovative artistic design, which makes it more attractive to tabletops.
 Have a convenient automatic pump with an ON/OFF switch

 Meditation beads

Meditation beads are one of the essential items that most spiritual persons use for prayer purposes.  It is well known for its ability to nurture the soul of a person and make them more relaxed. Gifting one to your friends, thus, acts to acknowledge their faith in God, and they would truly appreciate it. You do not have to worry where to find as producers have designed many types, and so the concern should be in picking the most appropriate one.

You can consider OVALBUY Mala spiritual beads that are more interactive, and the eye-catching design is one that no one will miss to recognize. It’s simple to use; all that one needs to do is to hold it on the right hand, draped between the middle and index figure while counting the smaller bead pulling it towards the body as they recite the mantra.

OVALBUY Mala meditation beads have the following features as shown on the table below:

BrandOVALBUY (known for quality products)
MaterialWood, this gives a feel able texture that even a person can narrate his mantra at night.
Weight1.44 ounces ( easy for finger counting while narrating the spiritual say)
Length85cm (long enough for prayers and meditation)
Other benefitsCome in attractive colors of orange or red, which can serve as a decoration.
 Comfortably fits on the wrist due to cord chain type

 Zen happiness book

Zen happiness book has some wisdom portrayed in it, making it the best article to invite magnificent experience into one’s life. It does create a personal philosophy that can sustain an individual through any difficulty.  For sure, this might be the best gift to any spiritual person who frequently gets through a lot of challenges. Science identifies that thoughts affect our lives’ and changing how your loved one thinks by buying them with Zen happiness book is all they need to look at life from a positive perspective.

Try the happiness book by Power press, and for sure, you will make and inspire the life of your soulful friends.

Here are its fantastic features:

AuthorPower press (known for their helpful written source)
QuantityOne hundred sixty-eight pages, the pages are not so many and thus can be read within one day.
Dimension11 × 2.54 × 17.15 cm, standard size makes it more portable and pocket size.
Other benefitsThe book is authored in English to reach more readers.
 It is a book that combines both spiritual aspects of belief with science, making it all-rounded

Acupressure mat

These mats are known for their ability to reduce pain and support weight loss when used. Your loved one will live a stress-free life as the mat is known to bring more energy and help one achieve deep sleep.  Apart from the physical and mental benefits, the acupressure mat is also a good gamble with varying health benefits as it helps one to stay the relaxed whole day.

Consider buying one from the Himalaya brand as they are known to manufacture original quality mats. You can rest assured with it as nine out of 10 users have reported positive results in mental, physical, and health benefits.

Besides, Himalaya Acupressure mat comes packed with the features highlighted below:

BrandHimalaya Acupressure Mat (Top sellers )
Dimension(16.6 ×13.6 × 1.5) inches, (wide enough for comfortable use)
Other benefitsKnown for an endorphin energy boost
 It has many possible benefits, i.e., stress reduction, easing calm sleep.  
 Produces feel-good hormones that help one stay relaxed

Incense burner

Just as the name suggests, this present is used to burn cones or sticks of incense. Burning of incense strengthens the spiritual life of a person, and as a result, helps grow their faith. Consider one that is waterproof, made of aluminum material, and sturdy to serve the purpose well.

Tibetan incense burner from new-age imports Inc. store contains all the above benefits and thus makes a perfect gift for your religious friend.

Here are more attractive features of Tibetan incense burner:

BrandNew age imports (trusted)
MaterialAluminum (rust-resistant thus durable)
Dimension(4×4×0.2) inches (provide enough reflective surface for incense burning and sure to catch more ashes)
Weight0.32 ounce (portable)
Other benefitsItem has a hole in the middle and some four around the center for sticks.
 Multipurpose as it can be used for both cone incense and stick burning.


What if the spiritual person that you target is a Christian? No best item can outdo a bible for such a case. Scriptures have touching messages that best uplift an individual’s soul at any time they get to read the good news. The bible teaches about perseverance and relaxation of the mind that helps build both physical and brain growth of your Christian fellow. To make a good bible to your Christian fellow, decide on best-authored one with direct translation without message distortion.

NKJV-Classic Holy Scripture is preferred by most Christians and thus makes a perfect choice.  Its features are as follow:

BrandThomas Nelson Publishers (genuine author specialist in bible translation)
Pages768 pages, (new and old testament)
Other benefitsHe authored in the English language, which is the primary language of the USA.
 Contains all the spiritual teaching necessary for your Christians growth

Christian related books

Do you know that there are other Christian related books apart from the bible that makes a great gift for a spiritual friend? Buy one by J.I. Packer ‘Knowing God’ that is sold all over the world. This religious book covers small verses that can easily inspire one to read without getting tired. Note that not many people can read the bible from start to end, and a well-chosen book can encourage a reader to understand God on a deeper level without straining.

That’s not all;Knowing God’ has the following appealing feature:

BrandJ.I. Packer ( also the author of the authoritative book)
Size288 pages, (brief with a wide range of information/messages)
Weight11.5 ounces (portable)
Other benefitsThe hardcover makes it durable and appealing over a long time
 English authored books, making it more relevant to English speakers.
 It is rated among the top 50 books that have shaped spiritual life as well as evangelism

77 fairly safe science activities with bible lessons

This is another good spiritual reward for your Christian friend. The book illustrates science activities with an explanation from the bible, which is an appropriate present to make for curious friends who are facing tough life challenges. The science experiments give meaning to the spiritual lessons conveyed on the scriptures and other related books.

The easy, engaging teaching from the book makes it more appropriate to people of all ages. Furthermore, the easy fun-filled and mind catching experiments that reveal the truth about God’s creation makes it a wonderful lesson that makes the reader more relaxed.

The table below gives some important features of this spiritual book:

PublisherDonald B. DeYoung (Author of several biblical and scientific books)
Weight13.6 ounces, (standard weight of any reading material.
PagesIt is a scripture 272 pages with all the necessary teaching that are always attractive when read.
Other benefitsBooks are authored in English
 The book has a standard dimension that makes it fit well with other books in the library.

Prayer sculpture

Sculptures are known for their ability to bring meditation, humor, and a peaceful mind. In the case of sorrow and lowness, this gift is important to any spiritual person. They are mostly designed to resemble an image of a sacred animal or feature in society to bring a sense of spirituality.

You can consider Zen Lion garden sculpturethat shows a mighty lion peacefully portrayed with a meditative pose. It brings tranquility to one’s garden as the sculpture comes in both small and large sizes, which best fits indoor and outdoor use.

Check also some amazing features of Zen Lion garden sculpture below:  

Weight18 kg, ( more stable to resist toppling even at a time of strong wind)
Dimension(33×19×42) cm, practical and can be seen even at a longer distance.
Other benefitsIt was made of high-quality cement that is resistant to all weather conditions.
 Perfect for home décor  
 All the elements are made by hand, bringing the beautiful artistic features in place.

Bodhi compassionate bracelets

This is the best bead bracelet to gift to any spiritual person. It can be worn as makeup on different occasions, bringing beauty while serving religious purposes. Your loved one will mainly use the beads for the recitation of mantra that helps in spiritual growth—not forgetting the shining bag that brings beautiful spiritual flavor while keeping the bracelet safe when not in use.

Order one from the Zen store as they sell genuine Bodhi bracelet that has amazing features highlighted below:

BrandZen store
StyleThe bead is Unisex, (suitable for both men and women)
Other benefitsOne size fits all given its adjustable feature
 It comes with a charm engraved with an om mani pad, which one can spin throughout the day 

Buddha tea kettle

Appreciate your tea-drinking friend with a Buddha tea kettle. The kettle is beautifully designed and inclined with the religious aspect making it an awesome gift for spiritual persons. Glittering the color of the kettle brings relaxation of mind, and therefore it’s able to win the mood of a person to bring the calm meditational feeling.

Consider Buddha Belly Tea kettle Spiritual Glass Teapots as it can be used to brew tea safely while enjoying the religious feel of it.

That’s not all; the kettle comes with the amazing features below:

BrandSpiritual Glass Teapots (trusted)
Other benefitsThe tea kettle is a beautiful designed to add décor on the table when serving tea
 Its refined design easily captures the mindset of an individual and hence maintains the calmness of a person

Bag of Zen

Does your spiritual counterpart feel imbalanced or less-centered?  Consider buying them a bag of Zen that has been proven to keep the mind and spirit in the inner-piece track.  The pack contains a mesh with each having a pocket caster, an Om coin, Gotana coins, and gold. All the mentioned features make the bag more spiritual when presented to a person. The design and material used in making the bag are of high quality to ensure it is durable and gives the cool and relaxation feeling for a longer time.

You can opt for Natural canvas Zen bag by Cafe Press due to its amazing features tabled below:

BrandCaféPress (known for quality products)
MaterialMade of Canvas (hard and durable material)
Other benefitsThe tote design is professional making it
 Both machine and hand washed for stress-free cleaning
 Can be gifted on any special occasion

Zenergy chime

This product is percussion with a single tone reverberate whose sounds help relieve pressure and keep one focused. Every spiritual person will find the chime useful as it is used for meditation due to its heavy mallet. The product is of high quality and created by a trusted and award-winning musician Grammy. When you gift one to your friend, they will be calmed down and thus get to focus on important ideas at hand.

Consider one from Woodstock chimes store that is highly responsive. A gentle tap is enough for the chime to emit a powerful tone of singular beauty that lasts long.

Besides, the chime has the best features highlighted below:

BrandWoodstock chimes store (trusted)
Weight8 ounces, (portable)
Dimensions7.25×2×7.25 inches (ideal size)
Other benefitsDesigned with a keyhole slot on the back that allows it to be installed on the door or wall
 They are expertly crafted featuring an ash wood frame with a beautiful cherry finish

Meditation pillow

Are you worried about how to pick a practical yet spiritual gift? Consider meditation pillows that come in different colors that drive one into a spiritual mindset at a glance.  Zabuton contemplation pillow especially has been recommended by many as a pleasant yoga mat that is sure to bring desirable results. The comfort is not taken to chance as the pillow is packed with cotton biffing. You get to choose from 18 different hues ensuring that you get to buy one of your favorites.

What features make Zabuton meditation pillow worth?  

BrandZabuton (known USA company that manufactures premium products)
Colors18 different colors (choose your favorite)
Other benefitsHas detachable enclosing for easy cleaning
 Perfect for all yoga and meditation levels and styles
 It can be used with a bamboo meditation bench.

Wrap up!

Spiritual gifts are essential for brain calmness and the inner peace of a person. Without the ability to bring that peace and meditation, the present is considered normal and doesn’t meet its spiritual purpose. Experts have reviewed the above-listed presents on the two conditions, and therefore they are a sure gift to offer to your religious person.   

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