Splendid Korean Gift Ideas That Speaks A Thousand Words!

When you think about Korea, you think of their beautiful culture, outstanding personalities, and breathtaking talents, among others and so are their gifts. A Korean celadon Buddhist incense burner, traditional Korean folding fan, traditional Korean ornate jewelry box, and Korean painting among many others are just but perfect examples of Korean gifts splendor.

Gifting a Korean person is therefore special because you get to be part of the magnificence.  Other than that, you will understand what being a Korean really means. As you know, not any gift can win a person heart but one that is chosen with them in mind. You’ve go to be intentional when it comes to gifting a Korean or those that appreciate that culture to leave a mark in their lives. 

Yes, the real challenge therefore is in choosing the most perfect gift. Being a sophisticated culture, most Korean gifts have meaning and that is why we are here to help. The gifts discussed will make any Korean feel proud of having you in their life. They are all Korean, simple and spectacular. 

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Top 10 Korean gift ideas

  1. Korean celadon Buddhist incense burner
  2. Korean hanbok for dolls/teddies
  3. Korean celadon vase 
  4. Traditional Korean folding fan
  5. Traditional Korean jewelry box
  6. Traditional Korean purse pouch
  7. Korean hair barrette
  8. Korean soju shot glasses
  9. Korean spoon and chopstick set
  10. Korean flute

What should I get from Korea as a souvenir?

Being an outstanding and cultural place, finding the perfect souvenir can be one of your greatest achievements while in Korea. Here are some perfect suggestions:

  1. Korean tea. Koreans hold a certain value towards their tea which makes everyone want to try it. The most popular Korean tea is Daegu-cha and jubabe. They are made of small and sweet dates in Korea and have a juicy flavor.
  2. Dejong stamp. It is the most famous in Korea and other countries. Its unique seals are traditional and are often made of wood, gold, or jade.
  3. Korean pillow. Its beautiful embroidery is eye-catching. Korean pillows are delicately and meticulously embroidered with flowers and Korea’s traditional symbols.

What products or items can be only found in Korea?

Extremely cute stationary

Koreans make pencil cases that are shaped like sneakers, very colorful and effective planners that have been perfectly plastered with cute characters.

Unique kitchen ware

Korea is the only place where you will find metallic chop sticks that are square in shape


It is known for its guaranteed healing medical properties which are known to boost concentration, reduce stress, treat high blood pressure and increase stamina.

K-beauty products

Korean skin care and make up products from masks, BB cream and sheets to hand lotion and cleansing products have been popularized by the pop culture in Korea. Korea is known to have the best, most affordable and most effective beauty products.

What should I not gift to a Korean?

Koreans have certain beliefs that affect the choice of gifts you should give them. Here are some gifts that you should not gift to a Korean;

  1. Expensive gifts. If you gift an expensive gift to a Korean, they will feel obligated to give to you a gift of equal value.
  2. Gifts in a set of four. It denotes death.
  3. Knives and scissors. They signify ending/cutting off a relationship. 
  4. Gifts with red writings on them or a green headwear. They denote death

What do people mostly shop for in Korea?

Here are the items that people buy during their visit to Korea:

  1. Soju (Korean alcoholic drink {liquor} with an 18.5% to25% alcohol level)
  2. Grim (well-known Korean seaweed)
  3. Ramyeon (Korean instant noodles)
  4. Korean beauty products
  5. Korean Zodiac figurines
  6. Korean character socks.

Here are the Korean gift ideas loved by many:

Korean celadon Buddhist incense burner

No products found.

By gifting an Antique Alive pottery Korean celadon Buddhist incest burner to your Korean friend, you will have proved how much you appreciate their culture. She will know that you really value her happiness.

It comes as an owl figurine that is in voluminous form. Its design is exquisitely inlaid and simple making it worthy and presentable. The owl head has holes that let out the smoke therefore acting as a lid.

That’s not all, these amazing extra features comes with the Buddhist celadon incense burner:

BrandAntique Alive pottery (known for making the highest quality Korean products)
ColorGreen (perfect for traditional pottery)
Weight4.7 inches Height (practical for an incense burner)
Other benefitsEasy to wipe clean
Makes a perfect room décor
Helps to remove bad smells
Its owl shape makes it easy to hold

Korean hanbok for dolls/teddies

No products found.

Let that sweet Korean child in your life grow knowing and loving her culture by gifting her with a Carpatina hanbok dress for dolls/teddies.

The hanbok is made in stunning floral brocade. It has an over jacket which is made using yellow satin. The dress is trimmed with white and red enhancing its elegance. The satin used is resistant to stain so her doll can remain to be always gorgeous, just like her.

Check out these extra features that come with the Carpatina Korean hanbok for dolls/teddies:

BrandCarpatina (Officially licensed)
Dimensions18 inches (practical for a hanbok doll dress)
Material Satin (durable and appealing)
Other benefitsEasy to wash
Comes with matching doll shoes
Beautiful and high quality
Its simple design makes it easy for kids to handle

Korean celadon vase

No products found.

Your Korean friend’s house already looks exquisite but you can add a touch of class and style to it. Gift her with a Korean celadon vase and undoubtedly achieve this. The present will stand out from everything else in the room due to its meticulous design. It has a broad base that makes it stand firmly on any surface. 

There is no bother whenever your giftee wants to put flowers in as the opening is wide enough. Besides, it can be washed with ease and resists odors, making maintenance stress-free. You loved one will also be mesmerized with beauty around the vase as its green color enhances that surrounding look!

Korean celadon vase also come with amazing features tabled that makes it the best option for you.

BrandAntique Alive pottery (known for making the highest quality Korean products)
Weight3.08 pounds (lightweight hence practical for a vase)
Material High quality porcelain ceramic (durable)
ColorGreen (perfect for traditional pottery)
Other benefitsHas a round shape making it easy to hold
Makes a great room décor
Has a simple yet elegant design that makes it eye catching

Traditional Korean jewelry box

No products found.

Make that special Korean woman in your life smile every time she wants to take or store her jewelry by gifting her with a Korean jewelry box. The jewelry box is from mother of pearl peony, known to be the most resilient and strong. Its black lacquer wood is decorated with red, navy blue, and purple flower bird colors making it attractive and unique. 

Your loved one will not have to worry about the organization of her items as the traditional Korean jewelry box has a drawer jewelry trinket. Wait until you open the box! It’s exceptionally elegant as it features colorful pieces from mother of pearl that no one can resist. The inlay design has lasted for over a millennium and it is just a perfect gift to buy anyone who appreciates Korean culture. 

Besides, the traditional Korean jewelry box comes with these extra features:

BrandAntique Alive jewelry store (known for making the highest quality Korean products)
Weight680 grams (lightweight hence easy to handle)
Dimensions5.5×5.1×5.9 inches, (convenient)
Other benefitsMakes a great room décor
Perfect for organization of jewelry
Made from premium quality material hence durable
Makes a great keepsake

Traditional Korean purse pouch

No products found.

Your Korean friend will have a new sense of pride and confidence if you gift her with a traditional Korean purse pouch. It comes as a 12 pack with every purse having its unique and elegant color pattern. Consider one from Mor time that is available in three sizes, large medium and small. Each purse is designed to effectively hold pendants, keychains, jewelry, cards, and stones, among other small items.  For security of her items, each traditional Korean purse pouch has a functional zipper and snap closure. 

That’s not all; the Mor time traditional Korean purse pouch comes with these extra captivating features:

BrandMor time (reputable brand)
ColorMulticolored (attractive)
Material Cotton and polyester (last long)
Other benefitsCompliments any outfit
Great for travelling
Made from high quality polyester and cotton which are wrinkle free
Its different convenient sizes make it easy to hold
Can be easily washed

Korean barrettes

No products found.

Korean accessories are always stunning and simple regardless of their size and color. eKoi Korean barrette is one of these accessories which would make a perfect gift for your Korean friend. The eKoi Korean barrette comes as a pack of an alligator clip for extra hold on to the hair, a stick and a hair comb. These are also available in peacock, flower and butterfly themes. 

For elegance and convenience the barrettes are made of plated metal alloy, black turquoise, and crystal diamond Rhinestones. The Korean barrettes have a vintage effect that will make her look stylish. Your loved one will for sure look stylish with it due to vintage effect that matches almost anything. 

Here are other features that make eKoi Korean barrettes worth:

BrandeKoi (registered trademark)
ColorMulticolored (attractive)
Other benefitsMade from high quality materials hence does not break easily
Makes styling much easier
Resistant to stain
Easy to use
The eKoi Korean barrettes are comfortable to wear

Korean soju shot glasses

No products found.

Ensure your Korean friend always has a good time every time he is taking a drink by gifting him with KEM Korean soju shot glasses. The glasses come as a set of five each having a different color; yellow green, Indian red, cream white, sea green and steel blue. Imagine how all this glasses will look on his table? Amazing!

Besides, the soju shot glasses are multipurpose and thus you do not need to worry which kind of drink your friend prefers. He can use it to drink his traditional Korean sake or soju, drink shots of any other of his favorite drink, use the glasses as décor, use them for provision of sauces and condiments during dinner or lunch. As well the glasses are fit for use at home, in restaurants or any other related business. 

Check out these extra amazing features of the KEM Korean soju shot glasses:

BrandKEM (trusted for making high-quality products)
MaterialPorcelain ceramic (microwave and dishwasher safe)
Weight15.8 ounces (lightweight hence easy to use)
Other benefitsHigh quality porcelain ceramic used is very durable
Anti-slip for comfortable grip 
They are thick and easy to hold
Resistant to stain and odor thus easy to keep them clean 

Korean spoon and chopstick set

No products found.

Let your Korean friend enjoy every meal by gifting him with a Yapully Korean spoon and chopstick set. This is the perfect gift if you are looking for something that will compliment his culture.

The set comes as three pieces of long hand spoons and three pairs of long hand chopsticks. Each chopstick is made of Korean flat which is smooth and square for excellent and easy control. Besides, you do not have to worry about the cleanliness of the set as they are resistant to odors or flavors.

Here are more features of the Yapully spoon and chopstick set:

BrandYapully (top manufacturers)
MaterialStainless steel (durable)
ColorSilver (attractive)
Other benefitsThe spoon and chopstick set are reusable
Manufactured using food safe material thus no health-risk when using 
Easy to store 
Hey are longhand making their use effective
Easy to clean

Korean flute

No products found.

For Koreans, playing a flute is special. One, because it is part of their great culture and they have always played a flute and second, because playing a flute is soothing, engaging and relaxing. Thus, gifting your Korean friend with an HMC Youngchang Korean flute will make flute playing his new normal.

You are sure that the type will serve your loved one longer as it is made of durable PVC. The one blow hole and seven fingered holes make flute blowing effortless.  Moreover, the flute is long making it easy to hold and play. The PVC material used is shiny hence gives the flute an appealing appearance and works great under any conditions.

What makes HMC Youngchang Korean flute a perfect choice?

BrandHMC Youngchang (#1 Bestseller)
MaterialPVC (durable with amazing finish)
Weight1.58 ounces (lightweight making it easy to use)
Other benefitsProduces clear sound
Very easy to use
Can be easily wiped clean
Comes in a soft zippered case

Korean traditional folding fan

No products found.

Give your Korean friend something that will always make her feel complimented and outstanding everywhere she goes by gifting her with an Antique alive paper traditional Korean folding fan.

It features hand paintings on a Korean mulberry paper which is known to be strong and durable. The 3D creases on the paper makes it eye catching. Apart from providing shade from the sun, the Antique alive paper folding fan can help her hide her face from onlookers. It is a great prop in Korean performances and dances too! 

Besides, the Antique alive paper Korean folding fan comes with these extra amazing features:

BrandAntique Alive (known for making the best Korean product)
ColorGreen (perfect for traditional Korean fan)
Weight4.8 ounces (light weight hence easily carried around with ease)
Other benefitsGenerally attractive
Made of Korean paper which is durable
Easy to open and fold

Korean painting scroll

No products found.

Do you want to make your loved one house really magnificent with something that marks her pride in being a Korean? Then, gift her with a Korean painting scroll. Consider the Antique alive Korean painting scroll that has whimsical visualizations that makes the Korean painting stand out on any wall. It has simplified patterns and bold colors that enhance the image on the painting. Besides, the colors do not fade which makes the Korean painting scroll a great keep sake gift. 

That’s not all; the Antique alive Korean painting scroll comes with these captivating features that will prove its worth:

BrandAntique Alive (Known for making the highest quality Korean products)
Dimensions(15.7×72.2) inches (practical for wall a wall art)
Other benefitsMakes a perfect room décor
Painted in bold colors for a clear visibility and understanding
The scroll is easily opened and closed without damaging it
Made using premium high-quality materials for guaranteed durability.

Korea moisturizing hand cream

No products found.

Assure your Korean friend that you mind about his well-being by gifting him with an Oh K! Korean moisturizing hand cream. Yes, Korea is known for making the best beauty related products and this is not an exception. 

The Korean moisturizing cream comes in a panda shaped pot to give him the ideal Korean feel. Its capacity is 18mm which means he will be able to use it for a while. The panda shape and its general light weight will help him to carry around easily in his bag, or purse in the case of women. 

Here are more fascinating features of the Oh k! Korea moisturizing hand cream:

BrandOh k! (officially licensed)
Weight0.14 pounds (lightweight hence can be carried around with ease)
Other benefitsPerfect for most skin types
Does not have a strong scent
Does not spill
Fit for long term use
Can be used by both men and women

Korea apron

No products found.

Let your Korean friend always feel comfortable and like a professional every time she is in the kitchen by gifting her with an Ambesonne Korean apron. It is available in different colors all looking stunning. You do not have to be worried about the size of your loved one as the aprons feature standard size of (31×26) inches hence can fit most people perfectly.

Besides, the black ties are adjustable for comfortable fit. There is also guaranteed durability as the apron is made of 100% polyester with edges professionally hemmed. 

What makes Ambesonne Korean apron stand out?

BrandAmbesonne (#1 best seller)
MaterialPolyester (durable)
Weight5.30 ounces (lightweight hence practical for an apron)
Other benefitsWater proof to keep the underclothing’s dry while coking
Its neck is adjustable
Has bold colors and clear images
Does not fade

Korean coffee mug

No products found.

Your Korean friend will be forever grateful to you with a 4 All Times Korean coffee mug. It has Korean colors and prints on both sides which will always remind him of his beloved culture.

You can choose 11 or 17 ounces mug based in your budget and preference. there is no chance of your giftee missing to notice the elegance of the present as the prints are bold and clear to see. 

Here are extra amazing features of 4 All Times Korean coffee mug:

Brand4 All Times (registered trademark)
ColorWhite (preferred by many)
MaterialCeramic (microwave and dishwasher safe)
Other benefitsDoes not condense hence keeping the surface on which it is placed dry
Fit for use with cold and hot drinks
Its handle is easy to grip

Korean traditional playing cards

No products found.

Your Korean friend’s life will be filled with occupation and joy if you gift him with a packet of OHTWO Republic co. limited Korean traditional playing cards. Any person who appreciates Korean culture would love the gifts as the cards are inspired by Korea’s history which is the amazing symbolic patterns and Korea’s traditional colors; yellow, blue, red, white and black. It will not be just about playing cards for him; it will be about appreciating and being proud of being a Korean.

Here are extra features of the OHTWO Republic co. limited Korean traditional playing cards that you makes it worth:

BrandOHTWO Republic co. limited (officially licensed)
Weight3.63 ounces (lightweight hence easy to carry around)
Dimensions(2.4×0.71×3.66) inches (convenient)
Other benefitsThe cards are colorful due to their Korean theme
Comes with four extra cards which explain the characters of the historical eras in Korea
Cards are easy to shuffle and use
Fit for use by all age groups and genders.

Wrap up!

There is no better way to appreciate one’s culture than buying them the presents that show just that. For your Korean friend, it is worth surprising them with any of the above gifts. All have been chosen following extensive research for gifts that appreciate Korean culture while being practical. In fact, your choice might be just what he/she needs to feel appreciated and know how much they mean to you!

Go ahead and make a lifetime statement in the life of your Korean friend!

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