15 Perfect Swimming Pool Gift Ideas

A swimming pool is a fun place to be; but do you know what would make it even better? It is an artificial palm tree, pool lights, floating speakers, a camera, floating wine glasses, an inflatable volleyball set and basketball hoops, among others. These are the ideal gifts that would make anyone inseparable from a swimming pool.

It’s not every day your friend or relative is expecting a pool presents so gifting them with one will make a lifetime’s remarkable statement. But, it can be a challenging task going through countless gifts to choose one for your loved one. This is where we come in. 

Here we provide brilliant gifts that are the real meaning of perfect and are worth presenting in any special occasion to pool lovers. 

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Top 10 pool gift ideas

  1. An artificial palm tree
  2. Inflatable drink holder pack
  3. Snorkel diving mask
  4. Microfiber travel towel
  5. Floating pool lights
  6. Camera
  7. Inflatable volleyball float set and basketball hoops
  8. Backpack
  9. Tire tubes
  10. Watermelon ball

What is the best gift for a person in the pool?

The best gift is one that pool lovers can use while in the pool. These include remote-controlled toys, underwater headphones, an inflatable theatre, a heater reader and a floating cooler among others. 

How can I get a cheap pool?

The only known cheapest in-ground swimming pool money can buy is a Vinyl liner pool.

How do I ensure that my pool is always clean?

Maintaining proper chlorine and PH values in your pool does not guarantee a 100% clean and germ-free pool. It is recommended that once in a week you should give the water a boost by administering shock and algaecide to keep it clear, clean and sparkling. Shocking or super chlorinating your pool weekly will ensure all the lingering algae or bacteria that is growing is killed.

Can I catch a disease or get infected in the pool?

If you are swimming in a public pool, you will likely to get infected with one of these quiet unpleasant diseases:


It is caused by a bug known as crypto and is responsible for the leading water-associated outbreaks in terms of recreation. Crypto can stay alive, even in pools that are well maintained. On entering the body, crypto parasite travel to the intestines then slowly burrow into the intestine walls. This results in severe diarrhea that can last for up to three weeks.


This is an infection caused by a parasite that lives in a human’s intestines called Giardia. It is passed through poo, so when one enters a pool contaminated with poo, this parasite enters the body resulting in lower intestinal backlash. This happens in the form of severe diarrhea, gas, dehydration, stomach cramps, and floating stool.


Unlike the others, Shigellosis is caused by a group of bacteria known as Shigella. Upon infection, shigella results in stomach cramps, and diarrhea. Symptoms may not be visible to some but to those who have the symptoms, they clear after five to seven days after exposure.

Here are the pool gift ideas worth considering:

An artificial palm tree

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Thinking of a gift that will make swimming pools look like a beach? Then think Light share artificial lighted palm tree. Every feature of this unsurpassed artificial palm tree will give any pool a new and appealing look. 

The Light share lighted artificial palm tree is available in five and seven feet, both looking spectacular. Its leaves are made of stunning green fiber and an elegantly curved brown trunk, just like a real palm tree. The trunk is covered with a minimum of 32 LED string lights having a lifespan of up to 30 thousand working hours that add more glamour to the pool.

That’s not all you get if you choose the Light share artificial lighted palm tree, here are more notable features:

BrandLight share (for unique and high-quality products)
ColorPalm tree (perfect for swimming pool setting)
Other benefitsStable due to the four ground stakes for the iron stand
The stand and its curvy nature make it easy to set up
LED string light used is energy saving
Easy to move as the ground stakes are stable

Inflatable drink holders

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A pack of fifteen Ishyan inflatable drink holders is what a swimming pool of your loved one might be lacking for a vibrant, colorful and appealing look. The pack is multi colored with different shapes such as flamingos, swans, unicorns, palm trees, crabs, rainbows and donuts; everyone is spoilt for choice! 

Each drink holder can hold up to 15 ounces without sinking, making them useful.  One doesn’t have to be stressed about finding their air gun as the Ishyan inflatable cup holders can be blown through the mouth.

Here are extra features of the Ishyan inflatable cup holders that make it an ideal choice:

BrandIshyan (officially licensed)
ColorMulticolored chose one of your preference)
Weight0.62 pounds (lightweight hence practical for drink holders)
Other benefitsThe holders are reusable
Made of water-friendly plastic material
The PVC plastic used is durable
Comes in different shapes to meet everyone’s preferences

Floating wine glasses

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How about you give your friend or relative the privilege of comfortably sipping his wine while inside the pool! Gift them with a Bubble Wally set of two floating wine glasses. Each floating wine glass is unique and has a capacity of up to 18 ounces. With its splendid extended rim, each glass effortlessly minimizes splashes from the pool from entering the drink. 

The glasses also have high clarity and give a one of a kind reflection to the drink, making it breathtaking. From the flat base to the dainty stem and the beautiful rim, the glasses will bring a touch of class and style to any pool.

Check out these extra features of the Bubble Wally floating wine glasses:

BrandBubble wally (known for innovative and satisfactory products)
MaterialTritan (durable)
ColorTransparent (preferred by many)
Other benefitsTritan material used is safe to use 
The stem makes the glasses easy to hold
Has a flat stemmed base so it can easily sit at the edge of the pool
Shatterproof for safety in case of breakage 

Snorkel diving mask

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If you want your loved one to feel like a professional swimmer, gift her with a Dive lux snorkel diving mask. The mask is available in different colors and sizes so you can gift her with one that suits her best.  At the mask’s top is a dry snorkel which is meant to prevent water from entering the mask. 

The part that covers the face is made of high-quality transparent material with an anti-fog and anti-leak technology. She can also breathe comfortably regardless of her dive depth without any complications from the mask. The different colors make it fit for unisex use.

Besides, Dive lux snorkel diving mask comes with these extra unique features:

BrandDive lux (top manufacturers)
Weight0.68 kilograms (lightweight making it suitable for an average size mask)
Other benefitsHas an anti-fog technology giving you a clear vision regardless of time used
The high-quality case used is waterproof
Dive lux snorkel diving mask has a panoramic Seaview of 180 degrees making it effective

Microfiber towel

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Do you know how devastating it can be when one gets out of the pool and unfortunately has a towel that is not absorbent? Do not let your loved one go through the hassle by buying them a unisex Yuphoria outdoor microfiber travel towel. The best thing about this fascinating travel towel is that it comes with an elegant carry bag and a durable snap loop for maximum ease of carriage. Besides, it is available in different beautiful colors and three sizes, 20×40, 28×56 and 32×72 inches.  You, thus, get to choose one that amazes you most. 

What makes it perfect for use at the beach is its ability to wick sand, preventing it from sticking on the skin. As well, you do not have to worry whether your giftee is a kid as the towel is lightweight; thus, the young ones can use too, with no stress at all. 

Check out these extra mesmerizing features of the Yuphoria outdoor microfiber travel towel:

BrandYuphoria Outdoor (reputable brand)
MaterialMicrofiber (preferred by many)
Other benefitsFast drying
When using the towel does not give up any fluff as it is lint-free
Has a super luxe feel making it comfortable on the skin 
Highly absorbent

Floating pool lights

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The thought of thirteen spectacular RGB colors changing LED 3 inches ball lights floating on your loved one’s pool is mesmerizing, right? This is why you should go ahead and gift swimming pool lovers with Loftek floating pool lights. 

Loftek floating pool lights are available in different packs. Each pack has more balls lights that vary in color with each having two color-changing modes, that is, flash and fade. This gives your giftee a fantastic touch as their pool. Besides, each has a battery life of up to 70 hours, presenting no challenge when in use.  Lastly, the waterproof feature guarantees one safe use while on the pool.

Here are extra features of the Loftek floating pool lights:

BrandLoftek (known for quality products)
Dimensions3 inches (perfect size for a sphere pool light)
Other benefitsSuitable for both cold and warm temperatures
Loftek floating pool light is U.V, IR, lead and mercury-free
Each light is housed with high-quality vinyl material making it durable
The floating pool lights are easy to use.


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Help your loved one capture and treasure every moment at the pool by gifting her with a prograce camera. It has detailed and well-described features that come in an easy to read and understand the instruction manual, making it perfect for use even by kids. Prograce has five functions; playback, photography, video recording, games and setting. All these give unique functionalities that will leave your giftee spoilt of choice.  

Also, the camera has a manual fill light and delays of three, five, and ten seconds that allow one to capture the images clearly and with precision. With its four-time zoom with 500 megapixels, prograce camera is the ideal gift that will make any day out in the pool worth it. It has filters and cute frames that will make any child’s experience epic.

The Prograce camera comes with these extra fascinating features:

BrandPrograce (#1 bestseller)
Weight1.6 ounces (lightweight hence easy to use)
Power sourceBattery (preferred by many as it is readily available)
Other benefitsThe camera is waterproof thus suitable for use at the pool
Pictures taken are in HD for clear and sharp images
Has an automatic face recognition
Easy to use
Long-lasting battery 

Inflatable volleyball pool float set and basketball pool float hoops

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Guarantee your loved one an epic time at the swimming pool by gifting her with a Joyin inflatable volleyball pool float set and basketball pool float hoops. The volleyball court measures (105×28×35) inches and the basketball hoop (27×23×27) inches, making them fit for use by everyone, including kids. 

The package comes as an inflatable volleyball court consisting of two weight bags, inflatable volleyballs and basketballs and an inflatable basketball hoop. These give any pool lover unending fun while enjoying time at the pool.  

Besides, the Joyin inflatable pool float set and basketball hoop come with these extra features:

BrandJoyin (#1 best seller)
MaterialRuff (lasts long)
Other benefitsFit for male and female kids and adults
Easy to inflate
Ruff material used is of the highest quality hence wear-proof
The dimensions favor both adults and kids


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Help save your loved one from having trouble when carrying all her gear to the pool by gifting her with a TYR backpack. The bag has a meshed venting that increases drying and drainage time, thus ideal for use at the swimming pool. 

Furthermore, the backpack has a barrel lock closure for safety and prevention of gear from falling off.  Its functionality is amazing as it is easy to use and gives one quick and easy access to the gear inside. With this, your loved one won’t have to keep going back to the house or taking hours looking for something.

What makes TYR backpack ideal for swimming pool lovers?

BrandTYR (#1 bestseller)
Weight20 ounces (lightweight therefore can be easily carried around)
Other benefitsIts main compartment is very spacious enough to fit all your swimming gears
Has comfortable shoulder straps for ease of carrying

Tire tubes

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If you are in trouble figuring out what is the safe, cool and perfect gift for that child learning how to swim, gift her with an Intex tire tube set. This set contains six inflatable and multicolored tire tubes that any child will fall in love with. The tires are made of high-quality material with tread and traction hence lasts long. 

One of the six tire tubes on a six-pack set is an adult rider tire tube so that the child can always know she is not alone. They also assure high performance and make every child an expert swimmer in no time!

Below are some fascinating extra features of the Intex tire tubes:

BrandIntex (reputable brand)
Weight1.6 pounds (lightweight making it suitable for use)
Other benefitsHas a large design hence a comfortable ride
Offers high-quality performance
Each tire tube can be easily inflated
The Intex tire tubes are wear-resistant hence durable

Watermelon ball

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Enjoying and making the most of every moment is what every swimming lover yearn for, and a Watermelon ball will help achieve more of this. Whether your friend or relative wants to pass it, dribble it, dive with it or play any pool game, the watermelon ball will be her key to exploring every possible thing she can do with a ball in the pool. 

The best thing about it is that unlike other pool balls, the watermelon ball is filled with water. It comes with a clear easy to read and understand manual that will be her ultimate guide in filling the ball. So now you know the watermelon’s ball worth, go ahead and gift it to her.

With the watermelon ball comes these amazing extra features:

BrandWatermelon ball (top manufacturer and highest quality produce)
MaterialP.V.C (lasts long)
Weight454 grams (lightweight making its use easy)
Other benefitsHas a 9-inch diameter making it effective
Fit for all age groups and genders
P.V.C material used is eco-friendly
The excellent idea especially for pool parties
The watermelon balls stain and wear-resistant

Swim diaper set

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Think it’s time for that beautiful infant or toddler to explore the pool already? Gift her with Alva swim diapers. The unisex diapers come as a set of two for convenience. Each swim diaper has 100% polyester lining which is an infant- and toddler-friendly for comfort. 

Further, the swim diapers have trim and appealing designs that add to its functionality and style. For adjustment, the swim diaper each has 3×3 functionalities that fit most. Each diaper is also 100% waterproof for guaranteed wellbeing of the infant or toddler while in the pool.

These extra features of the Alva swim diaper set to prove its worth:

BrandAlva (trusted for quality products)
AgeToddler and infant
ColorHappy dolphin and fish (perfect for infants and toddlers)
Other benefitsReusable thus value for money
BPA, phthalate, latex and lead-free making it suitable for use by kids 

Floating Bluetooth speakers

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Let your loved one know how much their happiness means to you by gifting her with a Blue tree floating Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth speaker is battery powered with a battery life of up to eight hours. It has a small and appealing appearance which gives it a perfect finish. They are also available in white, purple, 802 blue, gray and blue colors hence you can choose the most suitable for her. 

Besides, it can be immersed in water for a depth of 1.5 meters lasting for 30 minutes, making it ideal for use in a swimming pool.  There is no need to freak out as the speaker will continue working as expected and in good condition.

Why is Blue tree floating Bluetooth speaker ideal?

BrandBlue tree (Known for unique and high-quality products)
Weight339 grams (lightweight hence practical for a floating Bluetooth speaker)
Other benefitsEnables hands-free calls
Has a robust design making it unique
Effective as it has eight hours battery life 
Has a built-in mic for an amazing experience while in the pool  

Water shoes

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Gifting a pair of Skeeway water shoes will prove your thoughtful and caring deeds to any swimming pool lover. It is a unique and elegant pair that one can put on all day without feeling uncomfortable. Skeeway water shoes are made of 92% high-quality polyester and 8% premium rubber. Thus the pair dries quickly and maintains its unique features regardless of the number of times it gets in contact with water. 

The rubber soles have excellent permeability and are slip-resistant, thus protects one from falling even at the poolside. It also protects the feet from sharp objects as the sole is abrasion-resistant.

Check out these extra features of the Skeeway water shoes:

BrandSkeeway (registered trademark)
ColorBlack (preferred by many)
Other benefitsVery lightweight making the pair perfect for a pool setting
Has an arch support
Has a unique shock absorption performance soles that are ergonomically molded 

Digital Sports wristwatch

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Reviewing her achievement later while relaxing or showing it to others will bring your friend or relative great pride. Grant this amazing sense of pride by gifting her with a Pyle digital multifunction sports wristwatch. This one of a kind wristwatch will allow her to switch to dive mode, current time, chronograph, stopwatch, water temperature, her dive depth and duration. 

It also will enable her to choose her preferred measurement units, whether metric or empirical. The sports wristwatch has a backlight that is button activated and ascending and descending indices. If your friend or relative wants to switch from 12-hour format to 24-hour format, it’s entirely up to her. 

Here are extra astounding features of the Pyle digital multifunctional sports wristwatch:

BrandPyle (#1 bestseller)
ColorBlack (most people’s preference)
Other benefits100% water resistant
Has an LED dial display that makes it easy to use 
Pyle sports wristwatch is dive proof and splash-proof
Has a strong and comfortable band that is made of premium quality material making it durable
Pyle sports wristwatch has data recall

Final word!

With these exceptional gift ideas, your loved one will make the swimming pool her new favorite place to be. Each present is magnificent, and all age groups and genders have been considered while choosing these unique gifts.  Thus, there is guaranteed satisfaction that makes you the giver of the perfect and exceptional present when it comes to swimming pool rewards. 

Go ahead and make every day a pool party with these fifteen remarkable gifts!

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