15 Tennis Coach Gift Ideas That Will Motivate Them to Work Harder

The gift you choose to give your tennis coach shows how you think about him or her. So you should take time when selecting a gift item for them. Make sure you choose a present that helps them to enhance their training sessions, for instance, a whistle, coach’s clipboard, Tennis dampener, and a tennis scoreboard.

Tennis coaches give the best gift of a game that people take pleasure in throughout their lives. They provide training to tennis beginners by coordinating personal or group lessons based on their students’ skills. Therefore, they make sure that learners improve their tennis skills, which are vital for successful tournaments.

The tennis coaches also evaluate their students’ performance; thereby, they help one to note and improve their playing skills. Consequently, they deserve gifts to motivate them to give the best in their coaching.

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Here we highlight a list of gift ideas that you can select from to encourage your tennis coach. Besides, it will assist you in expressing your appreciation for what you have learned in the simplest terms possible.

We’ve got your sorted; relax and read on!

Top 10 Tennis Coach Gift Ideas

  1. Picture frame
  2. Tennis dampener
  3. Wrist strengthener
  4. Mug
  5. Coach’s briefcase
  6. Phone case
  7. Sporting tape
  8. Reflective safety vest
  9. Electronic whistle
  10. Agility ladder

Should you give a coach a gift?

It is wise to gift a coach to show gratitude for their effort and time in training and imparting the necessary skills in the best way possible. When gifting a coach, consider personalizing the present. This shows the thoughts and time you have invested in getting the presents. More so, think of getting a unique item for your coach, which he/she doesn’t have already.

What is a good gift for a coach?

An excellent gift for a coach is a practical item that will enhance the life of a coach and the training he offers to students. It may be one of the following:

  1. Mesh ball bag
  2. Bucket organizer
  3. Coach’s briefcase
  4. Coach’s shorts
  5. Coach clipboard
  6. Erase board

What should I thank my coach for?

Coaches do a lot of things that should never go unappreciated. They work very hard to see all their students improve their skills. They, at times, spend extra hours than they should not to provide training. In other words, coaches never give up on their students. Therefore, you should appreciate their effort and time that they invest in every practice and competition. 

What do you say when giving a gift?

When presenting a gift, you should accompany it with some words such as:

  1. I got you this. I hope you love it.
  2. Look at what I got for you!
  3. Here is a present for you. I hope you like it.
  4. Guess what I got for you!
  5. Though it is something small, I hope you will like it.

Here is a wide-ranging list of tennis coach gift ideas that you can choose from:

Coach Picture Frame

Help your tennis coach keep memories of the good times you spent together in training or competitions by getting them an engraved picture frame. The picture frame gives room for customization hence making the gift heartfelt for your coach. Accordingly, you can take the time to put a picture of your team and write the team’s name on the side of the picture frame before wrapping and presenting it to your coach.

The customized picture frame is a perfect way to bid your coach goodbye at the end of the season. He will hang the picture frame or keep it on his table, so he will always remember the team. If you ready to gift a picture frame to your coach, then consider buying the GK Grand LLC Coach Picture frame.

Here is what makes GK Grand LLC coach picture frame best among the many:

BrandGK Grand LLC (Offer personalized picture frames)
MaterialLeather (Stylish design)
Other benefitsThe engraved frame reads, “COACH – YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!” Therefore it is an ideal coach gift.
Folding easel on the frame allows the frame to sit on the table and create a beautiful tabletop display.
It consists of hangers which facilitate easy mounting of the frame on the wall.
5″ x 7″ photo fits on the picture frame.

Tennis Dampener

In case your tennis coach prefers to utilize a tennis dampener when training his students, then it’s a perfect idea to get him some. Tennis dampener reduces the vibrations caused on the racquet string bed when hit by a ball. The vibrations are commonly known as ping sound, and at times when the vibrations are too much, they can injure the wrist and elbow. When the vibrations are reduced, it creates comfort when playing, which is suitable for both physical and mental purposes. 

Consider buying ADV tennis dampener because of its outstanding features as described below:

BrandADV (Offer durable tennis dampeners)
Other benefits It has a set of three dampeners that differ in size, shape, and density. Therefore, your coach can choose one that suits his playing style because the three give different powers of dampens.
The proprietary grooved locking system protects the dampener from falling off when playing.
It protects the elbow and wrist from injury by allowing one to choose a perfect dampener that gives an ideal feeling when playing.
It works with all brands of racquets.

Wrist Strengthener

Without a doubt, your coach will appreciate it if you get them a wrist strengthener. Wrist strengthener is utilized to boost wrist strength, and they will use it to improve wrist speed, power, and endurance. Therefore, he will be in the best position of handling training sessions for long periods. Besides, strengthening the wrist is paramount in preventing injuries that generally result from repetitive movement of the wrist when playing tennis.

You can opt for Longang Hand Strengthener as justified below:

BrandLongang (Notable for good quality wrist strengtheners)
Weight0.38lb (Lightweight hence your coach can carry it for training sessions)
Dimension(8.2 x 5.5 x 1.1)” (Compact hence it occupies less space when traveling)
MaterialStainless steel and rubber  (last longer)
Other benefitsIt boosts the strength of one’s hands, wrist, and fingers. For this reason, one can play tennis for long without getting fatigued.
Screwcap facilitates easy adjustments from five to sixty kilograms so that one can train with varied resistances.
The unit is user friendly since it is noise-free so it can be utilized anywhere.

Themed Mug

A mug makes a beautiful gift for a tennis coach, especially during his birthday. With a good quality mug, your coach will enjoy drinking his preferred beverage. Be sure to get him a personalized mug that will remind him of his career as a coach. You can take time to customize a mug by having his name written on the mug’s side. Furthermore, consider purchasing a mug that is made up of long-lasting material; this will show how mindful you are about your gift.

There are many brands of mugs in the market today, so it can be challenging to settle for the best, but we have featured one by the name Play Strong Mug because of its amazing features.

Check them below:

BrandPlay Strong (Offer the best sport gifts mugs)
Weight0.77 Pounds ( Lightweight hence comfortable to hold)
Capacity11 Ounces (Holds reasonable amounts of the beverage)
MaterialCeramic (Durable)
Other benefitsThe mug is personalized to a coach because of the writings, “THANKS COACH!” and a clipboard design on both sides.
Microwave and dishwasher safe presenting less challenge in use and care.

Coach’s Briefcase

Every coach requires a quality bag to keep the team’s documents such as scorebooks or electronic devices like a laptop. Presenting a briefcase to your coach is an excellent way to help him stay organized. Consequently, you should make sure you choose a briefcase that is large enough for them to carry documents easily.

Go for one that has many compartments because it will take more staff when your coach is going for tournaments. Under Armour’s large coach’s briefcase can be a perfect fit in case you settle for this gift idea.

Here are the justifications:

BrandUnder Armour (Offer affordable briefcases)
Weight1.3 pounds (Lightweight for portability)
Dimensions(13 x 18.7 x 7)” (Large-sized so it can hold many documents)
Other benefitsIt consists of a padded laptop compartment.
Interior pockets facilitate the safekeeping of valuables such as phones and keys.
It comes with file folder dividers; therefore, it maintains the structures of documents.
Side water bottle holder allows easy carrying of water.

Tennis Ball Phone case

If your tennis coach likes to articulate their passion for their career, then it is ideal for you to gift him with a phone case that is tennis-themed. A phone case is a good present for a coach during his birthday or end of season party.  Moreover, your coach has to work out; hence his phone is at risk of falling and getting damaged. As a consequence, presenting a phone case to them will not only help in expressing personality but also in safeguarding the phone.

A tennis ball phone’s case for iPhone 7 8 is an ideal gift for your coach. Here is why:

BrandOwenSidney (Renown for colorful phone cases)
Weight1.28 ounces (Lightweight hence it is comfortable to carry around)
ColourTennis Ball (Articulates the career of a tennis coach)
Other benefitsIt is non-slip hence protects the phone from falling.
Drop-proof ensures phone protection in case the phone drops on the ground.
The case is waterproof, so it protects the phone from getting ruined by liquid.

Sporting Tape

The sporting tape is a good present for holidays’ parties and birthdays. You can gift it to your tennis coach at the course of a training season and watch him utilize it with the team. The sporting tape is beneficial to tennis players because it assists in stabilizing injuries, provides support to sore muscles, and gives relief for swellings. Moreover, the sporting tape facilitates proper posture and improves range of motion, which is paramount in playing tennis.

Before buying a sporting tape, consider its flexibility and adjustability because the two grants comfort when one wears the tape. Comfort is crucial to a tennis player since it promotes freedom of movement.

One that will catch your eye is FlexTrek athletic sports tape due to the following amazing features:

BrandFlexTrek (Notable for comfortable sporting tapes)
Dimension1.5″ x 10 Yards (Long enough for repetitive use)
Other benefitsThe zigzag design promotes tape versatility since it can be utilized in many forms, such as wrapping fingers and ankles.  
It is soft; hence it provides minimal irritation to the skin.  
The tape is hypoallergenic and latex-free; thus, it fits well on the skin and gives maximum strength to protect joints.

Reflective Safety Vest

A reflective safety vest is a smart gift to a tennis coach because it has a practical use. Your coach requires having an outfit that will make him stand out in the field during training and tournaments.  A reflective safety vest is a right outfit that will make the coach noticeable in the area. When buying, it ensures you go for one that is made up of breathable material and has high visibility. Breathable material prevents sweat during thorough exercises; thus, your coach will enjoy wearing the vest throughout the year.

Consider Gayisic reflective safety vest because it is made up of breathable material and possess extra features tabled below:

BrandGayisic (Notable for high visibility reflective safety vests)
Weight6.5 ounces (Lightweight hence can be worn when coaching)
SizeL/X-Large (Perfect size for a coach)
MaterialHigh brightness reflective cloth (Durable)
ColourYellow (Gives high visibility)
Additional benefitsMachine washable, thus easy to care.
It has five multifunctional pockets for keeping valuables, such as keys and phones.

Electronic Whistle

An electronic whistle makes a unique and thoughtful gift that you can present to your coach. Your coach will be happy with the gift because it doesn’t strain the lungs. A push-button operates an electronic whistle, and it gives clear and consistent sound. It promotes hygiene because the electronic whistle never comes in contact with the lips, so your coach will be in the best position of avoiding contaminants, especially when he lends it to others.

You can opt for Vodeson electronic whistle due to the following:

BrandVodeson (Offer the best electronic whistle)
MaterialHigh-quality ABS (Non-toxic hence it is healthy and friendly to the environment)
Loudness125 – 130 dB
Additional benefitsEasy to utilize because it is operated by a single hand.
It is lightweight hence convenient for carrying around.
Anti-slip protection ensures its durability.
It has three selectable whistle tones that a coach can choose from.

Agility Ladder

If your team is lacking some sporting equipment, then it is wise to buy a specific one and gift it to your coach. You can think of the purchasing agility ladder since it serves to improve speed and agility. Agility and speed are prime traits for playing tennis because they influence the rate of responding to different shots.

At the same time, the agility ladder helps in strengthening joints; hence one can run for long distances without stopping and turning when playing tennis.  

Mantra sports agility ladder makes an excellent gift to a tennis coach because of the following reasons:

BrandMantra (Notable for affordable agility ladders)
Length20ft (ideal length)
Other benefitsIt is an all-weather ladder hence can be utilized throughout the year.  
The unit can be adjusted to twelve rungs.
It comes with a carry bag, so it is easy to pack when traveling.
The unit is accompanied by drill charts that illustrate different footwork drills for agility in each fitness level.

Tennis Book

Usually, when people love a particular sport, they crave to know more about it. Your tennis coach is not an exception; you will please him if you get him a tennis book. The tennis book will equip him with more knowledge of playing tennis, which will better his career life and enhance the performance of the entire team.

Consider purchasing a tennis book by the name ‘Inner Game of Tennis’ because it is an authoritative guide for playing the game.

Here are the benefits of ‘Inner Game of Tennis’:

PublisherRandom House Trade Paperbacks (#1best seller)
Number of pages122 ( It is manageable to read and implement the tips)
Other benefitsIt focuses one’s mind on conquering nervousness and distractions; thus, one can perform better when playing.
The book builds skills by highlighting smart practices that are paramount in playing tennis.

Water bottle

While training students, tennis coaches need to stay hydrated, especially during summer seasons. Getting a water bottle for him during his birthday or team party is an excellent way to help him carry water to the field. Drinking from a water bottle is healthy because it is BPA free. Moreover, water bottles come in various designs so you can take time to find one that is tennis themed. That way, you will assist him in expressing his love for tennis.

If you are ready to purchase a water bottle for your coach, then opt for the Tervis tennis balls wrap water bottle.

Why should you buy Tervis tennis balls wrap water bottle?

Brand Tervis (Notable for well-designed water bottles)
Weight8 ounces (Lightweight so it is portable)
Other benefitsThe unit is insulated, so it maintains the temperature of the water. It is BPA free; thus, it is healthy to utilize in drinking water. Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe.

Personalized Tennis Balls

A tennis coach has many tennis balls. Therefore, you should be creative if you wish to gift him a package of tennis balls. You can invest your time in customizing them to arrive at a unique gift that will please your coach. Be sure to personalize the balls based on the occasion you wish to hand over your gift, for example, if it is a birthday gift, you may want to inscribe words such as ‘Happy Birthday Coach!’ or ‘To the Best Coach, Happy Birthday!’

There are many types of tennis balls in the market, but we are featuring Gamma tennis balls because of its outstanding benefits.

Check them below:

Brand Gamma ( Offer versatile tennis balls)
BenefitsThe balls don’t lose pressure, so they are durable and provide consistent performance.
They are perfect for tennis practice since they can be utilized in various types of courts, be it hard or soft.
The unit is accompanied by a durable mesh bag which facilitates easy transportation of the balls.

Tennis Notebook

Help your tennis coach to improve his sporting skills by gifting him with a notebook. A notebook will allow the coach to keep track of all the training sessions he has had with the team. It also permits documentation of the successful sessions and the points that the team needs to improve on. For this reason, the coach will always be able to review the training he has facilitated the students to go through and note the areas he has to put more effort into.    

In case you wish to gift your tennis coach with a notebook, then opt for Tennis practice notes.

Here are the reasons that make Tennis Practice Notes an ideal coach gift:

Author  Feel Good Journals (produce specialized notebooks)
Dimension(5×8) Inches (Compact hence can easily fit in the pocket)
Number of Pages90 (Spacious to record the outcome of several training sessions)
Other benefitsThe notebook pages highlight spaces for the place of training, the name of the coach, skills practiced, date of training, what was successful, and things to adjust.

Bath Bombs

Coaches typically have a long day when facilitating training to their students. Therefore, they ought to have a relaxing bath at the end of the day. In case you want to ensure your coach has a soothing bath, then consider gifting them with bath bombs. Bath bombs are excellent since they cleanse and pamper the skin. Furthermore, they help repair the dead skin.

If you are ready to gift your coach with a bath bomb, then consider buying Sportigift tennis Ball bath bombs.  It has amazing features, as highlighted below:

Brand    Sportigift ( Offer tennis-themed bath bombs)
Number of bath bombsFour (enough for swims)
DimensionLarge (ideal for coaches)
Weight2.49 pounds (portable)
Other benefitsThe bath bombs are individually wrapped, so they are perfect items for gifting a coach.
The bath bombs have curative and moisturizing ingredients, so they are suitable for the skin.

Final Word

When choosing items to gift to a tennis coach, then it is wise to select the ones that will help them enhance their life and career. We have given a comprehensive list of items that are good to gift to a tennis coach. Be sure to note one or two things and buy for your coach. We guarantee that all coaches will appreciate your gift. 

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