Thank You Gift For Letter Of Recommendation

Getting a recommendation letter can be a challenging process; therefore, when you find someone to do it for you, you should express thanks to that one person who gave you a pillar to build your career. Your recommender, who probably has a busy schedule, has taken time out of their busy days to write on your behalf. Therefore, it’s essential to give an appropriate thanks. The gifts may vary depending on who wrote the letter, for instance, a supervisor or other professionals. Some of the gift ideas you could give them include a wall clock, scented candles, gift pen, desktop organizer, pen holder, coffee mug, and key rack holder.

How Much To Spend On A Recommender’s Gift?

How Much To Spend On A Recommender's Gift

There is no perfect answer as to how much you should spend on your recommender’s gift. You should therefore use common sense and be creative in your approach. Some of the factors you should consider when buying a recommender’s gift include; their hobbies, what they like and what they don’t. 

Your gift should feel as if it was selected for them individually. However, it would be best if you avoided overspending on your recommender’s gift as it may damage your relationship with them. They may think that it is a move to coax a more positive recommendation, mainly when you want them to write you recommendation letters on multiple occasions. Therefore, you should get a thoughtful, customized, and moderately priced gift to let them know you appreciate them instead of breaking the bank.

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7 Best Letter Of Recommendation Gifts Ideas

7 Best Letter Of Recommendation Gifts Ideas

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Day Clocks Time & Day-Of-The-Week Modern Wall Clock

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Appreciate your recommender by gifting them a wall clock to show how much the letter of recommendation meant to you. A wall clock is a meaningful gift. It is necessary as we live in a society where keeping track of time is essential—moreover, gifting someone a timepiece is giving them the gift of time metaphorically to remind them of the good times you have spent together.




Operation Mode-Mechanical

Item Dimensions LxWxH– 13.25 x 13.25 x 1.75 inches

Shape– Round

Item Weight- 1.9 Pounds

Are Batteries Included-No

Number Of Batteries– 1 AA battery required.

Mounting Type-Wall Mount

Signal Format-Analog


Includes Time And Day Displays

The wall clock has a floating face design with transparent space between the face and frame, allowing the recipient’s wall color to pop. The black hands track time while the red hand tracks the days of the week.

Simple, Beautiful, And Functional Design

The simple wall clock has a 13.5″ plastic frame finish with a glass cover. The wall clock will act as a décor since it’s a beautiful piece.

It’s Unique, Quiet, And Easy To Use

This wall clock is unique and can be used in the kitchen, office, family room, and any other room in the house. The watch uses batteries as a source of power, and the recipient can easily set it up and use it without requiring any assembly.

Sweet Water Decor Thank You Candle 

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Helping a student achieve his dream school/job is an act that carries endless gratitude. This is why you should take time to think of a good gift for your recommender. A thank you wish candle is a simple, subtle, and thoughtful way to show his act’s significance.


Specific Uses- Decoration

Brand– Sweet Water Decor


Theme– Fruit

Usage– Outdoor, Indoor

Color– Thank You


Multiple Scent Notes

The top side of the candle has tropical fruits scent notes. The middle part has sugared oranges, lemons, and limes, while the base has redolent with lightly exotic mountains greens.

Safe For Use

The candle is gluten-free and lead-free. The wick is made of phthalate-free, lead-free cotton material. Moreover, it is non-toxic and cruelty-free hence safe for use and an excellent gift.

Coffee Gift Set

Coffee is a fantastic way to kickstart a day. When you can choose different tastes and blends, it makes waking up much more exciting. If you know that your recommender is a coffee lover, you should gift them this gift set to appreciate them; they will enjoy the unique flavors that give a special touch to the brewing experience of each coffee gourmet. Your recommender will be in awe of this set’s variety, and he will enjoy different coffee tastes when writing recommendation letters.


Flavor– Cocoa, Chocolate, Coffee

Brand– Generic


Multiple Varieties Of Coffee

The gift set includes stout chocolate coffee, bringing your recommender flavors of fresh roasted coffee and hints of hops. The numerous barley varieties will add sweetness, and the roasted cocoa nibs will get an excellent chocolate aroma and flavor.

The Black IPA coffee brings the floor of freshly roasted coffee and some barley to add some sweetness to the coffee.

The winter warmer coffee has the flavor of freshly roasted coffee with some hint of hops and different varieties of roasted barley.

Suitable For Different Diet Types

The coffee is suitable for paleo, vegetarian, and vegans

Metal Ballpoint Pen Pencil Office Business Gift Pen

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A pen might seem like a small gift, but one of the most classic, elegant, and mindful gifts you can get for your recommender. The recommender can use the pen to write recommendation letters and make other students’ school/ job hunting experiences more effortless. 




Material– Metal

Item Dimensions LxWxH– 5.63 x 0.51 x 0.51 inches

Point Type-Ultra-Fine


Fashion Style

The pen has a beautiful metal surface that matches different home and office decoration styles. The recommender can adjust the refill to the most practical writing experience.


This pen has a unique feel as it adopts an all-metal structure providing perfect balance when writing, hence not fatiguing his wrist.

Wooden Mail Desktop Organizer

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A wooden mail desktop organizer is a distinctive and practical gift used daily to keep some items, details, and notebooks. An organizer is a perfect gift for your recommender to provide space for every little thing and get rid of any mess on the desk. He will appreciate the thought.


Brand– Juvale


Mounting Type– Desktop


Easy To Use

This wooden desk organizer is relatively easy to use and can be used for note pads, pens, business cards, and other office supplies.


The wooden organizer has a 3-tier design that will add a stylish touch to an office. The organizer is a perfect combination of function and style.

Amoysanli Knight Pen Holder

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The Amoysanli Knight Pen Holder is classy, and your recommender will genuinely appreciate it. This fantastic pen holder can be accompanied by the pen discussed above as a double gift. Since your recommender is probably surrounded by all office tools that enable him to do his job efficiently, he will love the idea that he can safely place his pen on the table. Always make sure that he has a pen ready to write recommendation letters for those who need them.


Brand– Amoysanli

Specific Uses For Product– Desk

Material– Resin

Special Feature– Portable

Color– Blue

Finish Type– Oil Paint



The pen holder comes with a classy metal black inked cool pen, but he can also place other things and pens on it, including a toothbrush or flashlight.

Perfect Desk Organizer

The pen holder will help keep things organized in the office for your recommender to find them in the fastest time possible.

Engraved Coffee Mug

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Mugs are an excellent gift because they are simple yet striking.  A cup with a thank you message is a sure way to make them smile. The professional who wrote a recommendation letter for you deserves the best, and whenever they take their morning coffee, they will remember you and feel appreciated with this awesome mug.





Item Weight-16 Ounces

Capacity-16 Ounces


Engraved Message

The mug comes with a beautiful printed messaging reading “Thank You for Everything” for the person you would like to thank.


The mug is made of durable stoneware that will serve your recommender for a long time.

KiaoTime Retro Vintage Key Rack Holder Hooks

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If you want to play safe with your gift, you can get a key rack holder for the person who gave you a recommendation letter. The gift is simple, and they will genuinely appreciate the kind gesture. It’s a perfect way to say thank you for going out of your way to writing you a recommendation letter.


Brand– nKiaoTime

Finish Type– Antique

Material– Cast Iron

Color– Wrench Shape

Mounting Type– Door Mount, Wall Mount



The key rack holder is made of cast iron and comes with three hooks for the recipient to hang their keys.


This gift is unique and can act as a wall hook for coats or hats too. It will make a perfect gift for a man who loves his tools.


It’s always good to give an expression of gratitude. You do not have to buy a costly recommendation gift. You only need to ensure that the gift is heartfelt. Nothing feels as special as being appreciated; therefore, always ensure that you return favors offered to you.

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