15 Amazing Theatre Gift Ideas

A beautiful gift is an excellent way to honor your favorite actor after giving their theatrical performance. Whether your intended recipient is a performer or fan, it’s a loving gesture to appreciate them with expertized presents. These include vocal dampener, tragedy mask, trophies, books, badges, novelty mugs, and other themed personalized products.

You well know theatre activities are as a result of various talents that do need to be promoted for a better future. The best way to do it is by making some cool and cute awards that will rejuvenate the theatre participants either on their special occasions or outside.

Below are some of the presents that you can decide on and come out with encouraging meaningful gifts for theatre purposes.

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Top 10 theatre gift ideas

  1. Tragedy mask
  2. Vocal dampener
  3. Award trophy
  4. Books
  5. Plant theatre
  6. Face mask
  7. Music note bracelets
  8. Personalized theatre gift ticket
  9. The badge
  10. Stage door direction guide

What is the best holiday gift for theatre actors?

Whether you are buying a gift for a friend, making a wish list or shopping for secret Christmas, holiday gifting is a problematic venture. But from small presents to a huge one that you might decide on, here are the best gifts for your professional actor that will make their holiday season awesome!

  • Belt box
  • iTunes gift card
  • Lunchbox
  • Season ticket
  • Workout Gear
  • Video equipment
  • Books

What is the best present you can give to a theatre actor at the end of the play?

It all depends on how well you know your actor and their play. And from that knowledge, you can either make a personalized gift or a present that best motivates after the match. Here we have the best gift that you can think of to your actor after a play.

  • A card
  • Flower
  • Custom made shirt
  • Mug with photos

What is the best theatre gift you can make to someone who loves the musical?

Making a theatre gift to your music lover might be challenging and require some little research to narrow down to the specific item of interest. However, Autographed Broadway albums, ultimate playbill binder, Broadway’s carol for a cure 2017, Broadway starboard game, and Broadway legends will make the appropriate selection for anyone who loves music.

What is the best holiday gift for actors?

Gift a lunchbox, season ticket, workout gear, and video equipment to actors and let them celebrate their holiday with joy. Any other personalized present will do as long as you pick one that fits your budget.

Here are the 15 amazing theatre gift ideas worth considering:

Vocal dampener

Imagine how essential a vocal dampener is useful for rehearsing words before the actual presentation to make sure nothing is forgotten, and everything is in order. This product is beneficial to someone who has the problem of panic before making it to the final show time and wants to go through lines without making noise.

Consider a vocal dampener that lowers the voice by up to 30dB and is waterproof to allow one to rehearse while taking a shower. Also, the feature makes it easy to clean. Gifting one best brand to your singer, BELT BOXis a welcomed idea as it is removable and handheld for portability. Making this to your gift list will enhance your performer’s productivity on stage, and no doubt, it will be a present to remember.

Here are its amazing features:

BrandBELT BOX (brand highly rated by customers)
Weight7 ounces (lightweight, and material make it faster to dry after wash)
Dimension(6.75×4.25×4.5) inches (size that make it flexible to be handheld)
Other benefitsThe product includes a removable strap for hand-free use.
 It has a cloth carrying bag to necessitate movement with it and security.

Tragedy mask

Tragedy mask is a perfect gift to your intended theatre actor who is still new on the career, especially on their birthday or particular drama party coming up. The tragedy mask has been used in many ancient Greece theatre plays, and they serve well as a drama costume. They come in beautiful gold color with an elastic band. Besides, the mask is a multipurpose costume by nature, i.e., for parties, plays, and many other theatre events.

You can surprise your theater lover who is passionate about acting with Mask-It Tragedy Mask that comes with an instruction sheet to help them know their theatre prop.

Check on the table below to familiarize yourself with some useful features of Mask-It Tragedy Mask with instruction Sheet:

BrandMask IT (Chinese brand that is well known for its quality)
DimensionHas a measurement of (6×7.75× 2) inches (the standard size for any face)
Weight0.6 ounces (light enough to be worn for up to 12 hours)
Other benefitsIt comes with a color instruction sheet that helps new actors wear it well
 Have a beautiful gold color that can match a wide range of costumes with different colors.


Award-trophy is a thoughtful way to show love to someone acting to confirm to them that they are almost there, and you like their passion. The trophy is hugely made up of gold, and for sure, one receiving it will be proud. Placing it at home will always remind them of the unconditional love and support from the fans like you.

You can make your favorite theatre actor’s day better by buying them the Prextex award trophy.

Here is why:

BrandPrextex (known for the best trophy
SizeGiant 10 inch gold trophy standing black stand.
Other benefitsIt is made of healthy with a high-quality ABS plastic, which can handle any falling without breaking
 A black base can be personalized with a sticker or even written with a printer
 Perfect award celebration décor


Written words are a professional actor’s currency that is always appreciated at any ground. Selecting the best script for your beloved actor won’t cost you that much. Best books from great acting tutors like Stella Adler and Stanislavski are always advised. The books have a collection of plays from new amazing playwrights. These books are more inspiring and written to promote theater plays, which will sound more relevant to your favorite actor.

Building a character book by Constantin Stanislavski is the best acting book with the best series that you can consider. Present it, and without a doubt, you will build a brilliant theatre:

Building character has the following features shown on the table below, which makes it more appealing for your actor of choice:

PublisherMethuen Drama (rev Ed Edition 14 mar.2008)
Languagein English, (relevant to different people from different states)
PagesHave 80 printed pages that are light and structured in a friendly way.
Other benefitsContain up to 4 simultaneous devices per publisher
 The book is page flipped enabled.
 The eBook version of the book is also available

Bonsai trio kit

When thinking of a Bonsai Trio kit, think of a great brand of Plant Theater that makes an ideal present on any other day. It has three distinctive bonsai that are to grow on one box, making it more appealing when placed in the house as a decoration. The Bonsai Trio kit comes with sowing and growing tips, which ensures that the recipient will not struggle to maintain its impressive growth. This Bonsai Trio kit makes an excellent present for any actor, and for sure, it will add a memory to your giftee.

The table below samples some of the best features that will make plant theatre of bonsai trio kit a priority present to your loved one:

BrandPlant Theatre (professional designers accredited with their attractive products)
MaterialMixed materials that make the product more appealing.
Other benefitsHave a more attractive feature enhanced by silver birch, red maple, and mountain pine.
 It is easy to move it as the distinctive bonsai tree grows in one box.


Having a flower to your theatre hero is just the right idea to decide on for your best actor. Consider roses as they are the best traditional flower to make an award to someone after a performance. To be specific, buy the long stem red roses from Benchmark. The gorgeous bouquet is substantial with its directness. The 16 inches red roses are amidst beautiful greenish leaf-like features that make it more appealing as a gift.

Benchmark Bouquets 2 Dozen red roses make a happy occasion to your favorite theatre performer due to the following:

BrandBenchmark bouquets (dealers stylish flower for different events)
Weight3.4 pounds, weight more concentrated on the base to make it firmer
Other benefitsDirectly from the farm to ensure a longer life span
 It has a boxed for labeling just in case you want to personalize your gift.
 The floral designers arrange the bouquet accurately to maintain the high quality and attraction of the flower

Personalized theatre gift ticket

The personalized ticket is the best gift you can ever imagine to the performer or a theatre lover. It’s the perfect way to invite your target person for an occasion in the theatre room. The card is hand made with a description of the main events that will be on during the first occasion. The ticket has other important information like the guest of honor’s name and the concert place. Its design is commissioned according to the customers’ specifications.

The ticket as small as it might look makes an essential present in any theater.  Once you have delivered, it will create some imagination, and for sure your friend will long for the main concert. 

Buy AlmaliluzFiesta personalized theatre gift ticket for a birthday, Christmas or general occasion to your theatre lover and they will enjoy its best features as seen on the table below:

BrandAlmaliluzFiesta (UK designers specialize in party tickets)
MaterialPaper and pearlized card (genuine to resist any severe damage)
Other benefitsThe ticket is printed on a white pearl, making it more genuine and placed on an envelope to make it clean
 Allows room for writing where you get to send any personalized message

Music note bracelet

As by the name, it’s best for a musical event. This is the best way to make your theatre lover get in touch with varying intonation while enjoying their best concert. The notes represent the pitch and duration of a sound in musical notation. This note allows for personalization, and therefore you can decide to personalize one and make your friend feel happy while at their favorite concert.

Musical note bracelet creates more attraction and attention to the main event on the stage; this will take along the audience making the main occasion a success. You can consider one from BailanBoutique that comes packed with amazing features.

These are highlighted on the table below:

BrandBailanBoutique (trusted brand)
MaterialCotton (sturdy material that makes it long-lasting)
StyleHand made to make it a perfect gift for a particular person on all occasions.
Other benefitsThe note is sealed initially after design to minimize any chances of alteration.
 Bracelet is made up of waxed cotton with a slopping knot, therefore, making it adjustable.
 It comes with a music quote on a 300gsm Kraft keepsake card

The badge

“I love musical” 25 mm musical badge set is a perfect present to music fans. Just choose your favorite with 5 or 10 badges available and add a message that it has to portray to your favorite friend. Its high-quality button badges have bright and crisp images that add attraction to it and make them more appealing when delivered as a present on a special occasion.  The symbols are personalized to feature your preferred design that you would like to convey to your loved one.

The musical from A&T designers is one of the preferred presents that you might decide to gift either your actor or your theatre lover.

Check through the table below for some of the essential features that will best match your needs:

BrandA&T designers (specialist in jewelry badges)
Size25 mm, (attractive to the small size of the design)
Other benefitsHas a high-quality pinback button
 Style and design are both men and women.

Theatre ribbon

The ribbon with comedy mask and tragedy gold stars stands out as the best ribbon ever that you can select as your theatre gift. Red striped background and yellow stars on it makes the best present that you can make to your favorite fan. Theatre ribbons are relevant for different parties, theatre fundraising, and theatre parties.

You can pick one from REGENT Gifts that are printed using dye-sublimation technology, which guarantees durability and will not fade or peel off. It is hand washed and can be reused. Further, the theatre ribbon is designed and printed in the USA, especially for theatre activities, so worry less about making it a gift to your target theatre fan.

Theatre ribbon with the masks of comedy from REGENT Gifts has the following features that make it an appropriate gift:

BrandREGENT Gifts (known for excellent personalized gifts)
Weight0.06 lbs. (convenient to wear it even while performing)
Other benefitsSize pack of 10 and 5 badges is best and more convenient for your gift selection.
 The product has a straight and lovely design at the back of the badge
 You get to choose from the best colors to fit different selection.

Stage door direction guide

The best gift to make to your event planner and theatre fans is the stage door direction guide. One will find it essential as it provides direction to the central podium where theatre occasion is being held. The poster is printed with big, bold letters to make it more visible even at a considerable long distance.

Making this poster a gift to your event planner will make their work easier and reduce the chances of fans getting lost. Consider one from Steven that four holes for secure fixing to a point more convenient and visible to theatre fans.

What makes Steven’s stage door direction guide ideal?

BrandSteven (best known their rust-resistant quality products )
Size(280 ×1190) mm (ideal and can be seen from a distance)
MaterialGreat aluminum material quality (rust-resistant)
Other benefitsHave a pre-drilled hole for secure fixing
 Great material that doesn’t fade easily
 It’s a perfect piece to make a gift either for the theatre, garden, national park highway across, and many more.

Face mask

A theatre face mask is a great way to make your friend comfortable while enjoying their best event. Without a doubt, the face mask will reduce the amount of dust they are going to be exposed while the theatre becomes too busy. Consider one that has two layers of durable cloth material with an inner lining of 100% cotton and outer of polyester material that makes a better material print.

One such that will sort you out is the Premier face mask. The mask is convenient with an added metal wire for a better fit and an elastic ear loop that makes it appropriate to different faces and head sizes.

Theatre premium pleated face mask  by premier features the following:

BrandPremier (authorized to produce activity masks)
Size(7× 3.5)² (the standard format for the most face)
MaterialUnique cotton and polyester are complementing each other.
Other benefitsThe masks are customized for theatre occasion best to give an overall illusion of the main event.
 Made of two layers, which make it more effective

Customize t-shit

Making a piece of fashion wear as a gift to your actor is not just about giving cloth. It is a show of appreciation for their hard work that can be done by buying them a customized t-shirt they will inspire them to a different level.  Your selection might not be limited to only a few brands, but Stage manager theatre Tee with a particular brand that will add more value to your actor whenever they turn up.

The display is such beautiful and can capture the imagination of the audience while on stage. The product is a sure gift that even the choosiest actor will have a bride on it. You can decide to customize it more or present it the way it is and still have that appealing value.

The table below displays some best features of stage manager theatre tee:

BrandStage manager (trusted)
StyleIt is of Unisex design for both men and women.
Material100% genuine cotton with a stylish design. 
Other benefitsScreen printed by hand using an environmentally friendly ink with a super soft feel.
 Printed in on a soft, comfy Bella canvas unisex jersey short sleeve 100% combed.
 The jersey is hand washed.

Tote bag

A perfect tote bag makes a gift for your favorite frequent theatre attendant.  The carrier is credible enough to hold some of the alternate costumes or an evening food for the fan who goes to enjoy the different plays. One from FloxCreative is a top choice with a special message, “my home is at the theatre” that communicates whenever the person carries it. The long handle of this tote gift also contributes to its beauty, and it will match whatever purpose your giftee decides.

The tote bag has no specific period/ occasion to make it a present; all you need is get the right color that you think is more appropriate to your friend and present it. The massage and design will still stand out to be an exceptional award they might have ever received before.

My home is at the theatre tote bag come with the following displayable feature that you might need to know before presenting one; see on the table below:

BrandFloxCreative (they produce best bags that target drama and music fans)
MaterialThey are made of cotton, designed with different varying colors.
CapacityIt has a big capacity that measures up to 10 liters.
Other benefitsThe manufactures allow room for personalization and personalization to any design.
 The handles are long enough that can be hanged even while on live performance.

Theatre novelty mug

Nothing can sound better than PolluanaPoop’s communicative theatre mug.  It is more enjoyable if you buy it for your friend who loves taking coffee or related beverages. The beautiful message will always strengthen their bond to the fascinating hobby, that’s theatre entertainments. The mug is friendly with the material that makes it microwave safe.

Further, it features printed graphics on both sides of the cup, making it more beautiful and eye-catching when used to serve favorite beverages. Also, they are made of different sizes, and hence you only need to decide your standard for your loved theatre person.

The theatre themed novelty mug has the following features that best suit your purpose:

BrandPollyanaPoops (specialist in kitchen decoration)
CapacityCapable of holding up to 10 ounces of fluid.
MaterialThey are made of ceramic material, which makes it easy safe for dishwashing and microwave purposes.
Other benefitsThe printed side looks more attractive when presented as a gift.
 Its hand made to fit human interaction best.

Final Word

As evident above, there are many presents to make to your favorite theatre lover during various events like parties, birthday, and many other occasions. You should select valuable gifts that are more realistic to fit their hobbies. The ones suggested above are per experts’ advice and so feel free to present them to your theatre specialist and watch as they smile with joy.

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