Can You Use Tissue Paper For Gifts As A Rolling Paper?

Gift wrapping can be very time-consuming. It may seem easy, but a perfect gift is verified in its packaging and contents. There are numerous ways you can package your gifts. Nonetheless, most people search for that unique way to wrap their gifts and stand out from the crowd. If you are among the creatives, you can consider using tissue paper for gifts as rolling paper. The market is full of custom tissue paper that you can use to decorate the gifts. You will find tissue papers in a variety of styles, and most of them have thin textures. You can purchase the color, size, or print you need or get them custom-made for you from a gift store.

Tips For Wrapping Gifts Using Tissue Paper

Tips For Wrapping Gifts Using Tissue Paper

1. Size Of The Tissue Paper

If you want to wrap a gift with tissue paper, you should consider doing it with small items. Although you can also wrap large gifts, you will be forced to tape the paper together, which can be time-consuming.

2. Color Of the Tissue Paper

To ensure that your gift is not visible, you should use dark-colored tissue paper as it will cover the package better than light-colored tissue. If you have to use light colors like white or cream, wrap your gift a few times in the paper or use multiple tissue papers. 

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3. Wrapping Or Rolling

How you wrap the gift will depend on the size and shape of the gift. You may choose to cover it as a traditional gift or roll like it like a candy wrapper.  If you plan on wrapping it like a traditional gift, you can use the tissue paper for layering before you wrap. Ensure that you have a good pair of scissors when wrapping and rolling. When wrapping a gift with tissue paper, you can add some stamps or colored pencils to make the gift look more appealing.

Alternatives To Tissue Wrapping Paper

Alternatives To Tissue Wrapping Paper

Wrapping gifts is an art that requires a lot of creativity. Apart from using tissue paper, there are other alternatives you can also try to wrap your gifts. They include:

Baskets: if you don’t want to hide your gift under tissue paper, you can display it proudly in a coordinating basket. Gift baskets are available in all shapes and sizes, and they are handy for packaging any homemade gift like muffins.

Wallpaper- did you know that you can use your leftover wallpaper scraps to wrap gifts? Please don’t throw them away; put them to good use this Christmas.

Newspaper- find a newspaper with exciting graphics and use it to wrap a gift. You can go for the comics section as it’s a classic way of pulling this newspaper stunt off. You will also need a pair of scissors and tape to cut the unnecessary parts.

Tins, Cans, And Jars- mason jars have increased in popularity due to their practical benefits. Mason jars make the ultimate gift containers, or you can use a reusable tin to store your food gifts.

Paper Grocery Bags- the brown paper bags used to carry items from a grocery store are also good alternatives to tissue paper. You will only need to cut them up and turn them inside out to use as wrapping paper.

Fabric Scraps-if you have pieces of fabric scraps lying around your house, don’t dispose of them. Instead, gather them around your gift and tie them off with a piece of ribbon. They are unique and make for an excellent gift wrap.

Reusable Shopping Bags– reusable shopping bags are readily available and have some cute looks, making your gift look appealing and unique. Find a shopping bag that fits the recipient’s style, and they can reuse and pack their groceries around after opening the gift.

Pillow Cases-pillow cases can also serve as gift wraps. You can add a drawstring or the wrap with a ribbon.

Maps-when gifting a world traveler, use those pieces of old maps lying around. They are unique and quite appealing.

Old Calendars-instead of tossing your previous year’s calendar into the bin put it to good use by wrapping the new year’s gifts with it.

Gift Wrapping Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Although gift wrapping might seem simple, it is not. Incorrect gift wrapping makes it appear messy, and the recipient may not be too excited about it. However, a well-wrapped gift gives the recipient the motivation to find out what’s inside. Here are some of the gift-wrapping mistakes you should avoid when wrapping your gift using tissue or any other wrapping alternative.

Not Having A Specific Gift-Wrapping Area.

Before you start wrapping and rolling your gifts, you must ensure you have a flat, open wrapping area that allows for the leverage of crisper folds. This will help you avoid bumping into walls and scattered toys as you reach for the necessities.

Forgetting To Gather Your Supplies Before Starting

Before you start gift wrapping, you should have all the necessities with you to avoid jumping up every minute to get scissors or tape, which can throw you out of concentration and waste a lot of time. Gather everything you need for the session, including scissors, tape, ribbon, wrapping paper, etc., and put them within your arms’ reach before you begin working.

Using Dull Scissors To Cut The Ribbon And Paper

Using dull scissors will not cut your wrapping paper neatly. Instead, you will end up having to cut off some wrapping paper snippets once you are through. It will be impossible to get a straight cut with dull scissors. Sharpen your scissors before you start, or buy a new pair of sharp scissors for gift wrapping.

Using Only One Pair Of Scissors

Some wrapping items, such as wrapping papers with glitter and foil accents, can dull your scissors no matter how sharp they are. Dull scissors make it impossible to get clean and crisp cuts of paper and ribbon. To avoid this, have two pairs of scissors with you, one for cutting a ribbon and the other one for wrapping paper.

Using The Wrong Kind Of Tape

Professional gift wrappers don’t use standard clear tapes to wrap gifts as they look amateurish on gift wraps—other types of tapes that are more appealing include Scotch Gift Wrap Tape, etc.

Leaving The Excess paper on packages

Your wrapping paper should cover the item you are wrapping and trim off the excess. Avoid using extra wrapping paper which goes over the edge of the box. The extra paper will cause your wrapped gift to have bulges when you fold it up.

Wrapping boxes facing up

When wrapping your gift, you should place it upside down on your paper so that the seaming can take place on the package’s bottom side. Avoid showing the seaming at the top of your box.

Taping the wrapping paper to the box

The gift box may sometimes be a part of the gift, and taping wrapping paper on it can damage it and dull the unwrapping experience. Your wrapping paper should fall away after removing the tape.

Packing a gift in a large box

Folding a crisp net line on a surface that dips and gives can be difficult. When the box gives too much when pressing against it, you may damage the gift wrap. Therefore, if your gift box is too large, you can fill it with tissue paper and other forms of fillers to firm up the surface or use a small box just large enough for the gift inside.

Choosing the wrong wrapping paper

Don’t be tempted to buy an inexpensive wrapping paper as it may easily rip or crinkle when wrapping the gift. A heavy paper may also be challenging to work with since folding and creasing may be impossible. Buy a mid-range option that won’t be too difficult for you to handle.

Crossing your decorative ribbon at the bottom of your box

Start at the top and twist there when tying the ribbon around your wrapped gift. The crisscross should be at the top to avoid having lumps at the bottom of the package, which will prevent it from sitting flat.

Not being creative with the packaging.

Even for professional wrappers, it can be hard to wrap a bizarrely shaped gift. Getting the paper to look nice may take you a lot of time, and even when you do, the size and shape might take away that surprise element. This is why you need to be a little more creative when wrapping gifts. For instance, you can use tissue paper to wrap small gifts such as perfumes, socks, or nail polish and secure the issue with a ribbon after twisting the wrapping paper at the ends. Use cans and tins for medium-sized gifts and shipping boxes for large gifts.


Wrapping gifts with tissue paper is a creative idea that most people don’t consider. However, tissue paper can make your gift look unique and appealing. Before using tissue paper to wrap your gifts, you should consider the size and shape of the gift to wrap it perfectly.

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