15 Watermelon Gift Ideas For Real Lovers!

Is summer approaching, and you wish to surprise your loved one with a watermelon themed gift? Pick a watermelon Manson jar, watermelon mug, watermelon cupcake topper set, a watermelon tap, a watermelon slicer, watermelon doormat, or a watermelon slice with seeds grunge apron and watch as your giftee smiles with joy. 

These are the kind of gifts that will give any watermelon lover an electrifying thrill, and you cannot afford to miss such a moment. However, a perfect watermelon gift is not easy to come up with, as you will need an item that is not only themed but useful as well.  Stress no more! Here there are 15 watermelon gift ideas that real lovers would appreciate. 

Each present has been selected wisely to give your watermelon lover an unforgettable experience. You can rest assured that this is all you need to help you get that unique themed gift for any occasion.

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Top 10 watermelon gift ideas

  1. A watermelon tap
  2. Watermelon doormat
  3. Watermelon slicer
  4. Watermelon Manson jar gift set
  5. Watermelon twist and fold hat
  6. Watermelon crossbody bag
  7. Simulated watermelon ring
  8. Watermelon cake topper set
  9. Watermelon slice with seeds grunge apron
  10. Watermelon stationery set

What tastes excellent while taken with a watermelon?

Since watermelon is a fruit, it goes with most herbs, savories, dairy products, vegetables, and other fruits. Here are some examples:

  1. Fruits and vegetables include ripe avocado, berries, coconut, lettuce, corn, red onion, lime, and lemon.
  2. Herbs and spices include ginger, chili pepper, salt, and mint.
  3. Savories include pork, chicken, shrimp, balsamic vinegar, and whitefish.
  4. Dairy products include old cheddar, goat cheese, halloumi cheese, and feta cheese
  5. Some other products go well with watermelon too, such as pecans, almonds, maple syrup, and grains

Is it possible to make watermelon sweeter?

Determining whether or not a watermelon is sweet is impossible unless you cut it open and taste it. If you find the taste not as sweet as you expected it to be, sprinkle the part you are eating with a little salt. This will help in enhancing the watermelon’s sweetness.

When is the watermelon season?

Watermelons are available during most months. Any time between May and September is the perfect time to get a mouthwatering watermelon. Most people take the fruits during summer time as it contains 92% of the water that helps quench the thirst on hot days. 

What does the watermelon emoji mean?

The watermelon emoji symbolizes love, intellect, work, and desire, sexuality, lust, and fertility.

How much does a watermelon cost?

The average retail price during the national watermelon season is between o.31usd to 0.38usd per pound for the red-fleshed, non-organic, seeded type. The seedless, red-fleshed watermelon goes for around 0.46usd to 0.55usd per pound. 

Here are the watermelon gift ideas worth considering:

A watermelon tap

Any watermelon lover deserves to look stylish and classy when juicing their favorite fruit.  That is why you need to gift them with a Blazin watermelon tap. Apart from the tap giving him a touch of class and style, the blazing watermelon tap gives one a sense of pride. This fantastic gift comes inclusive of a chrome-covered faucet, one-inch shank with a nut, and a handle. 

The tap offers reliable, quality, and easy drink pour hence effective. This one of a kind tap will give one a chance to easily create and dispense alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks such as wine, cider, juice, beer, and punch, among others in a watermelon!

That is not all; these amazing extra features come with the Blazin watermelon tap:

BrandBlazin (#1 best seller)
MaterialBrass (durable)
Weight12 ounces (lightweight therefore suitable for use as a watermelon tap)
Other benefitsThe brass is covered with premium chrome to enhance its durability
The tap comes with an instruction manual which has a step by step diagram guide, making the installation process easy
Blazin watermelon tap does not leak or break
Very easy to use

A watermelon doormat

Let everyone entering your watermelon loving friend house be welcomed by an impression of her great love for watermelons. Achieve this by gifting her with a Fisura watermelon doormat.

It will stand out not just because of its eye-catching watermelon color but also from its thickness of ½ inch that gives it an appealing appearance. Fisura watermelon doormat is made from natural and durable material and is suitable for all seasons.

Here are more fascinating features of the Fisura watermelon doormat:

BrandFisura (reputable brand)
Weight3.4 pounds (lightweight making it practical for a doormat)
Material Natural core fiber (lasts long)
Acts as a perfect entryway décor
Easy to wash and dries quickly
The material used makes it an anti-slip backing fir safe use
The watermelon color does not fade even with frequent use

A watermelon slicer

How about you make slicing and eating fun for your watermelon lover friend or relative? Gift her with a Feenm watermelon slicer, and she will have a new favorite utensil. Regardless of the number of times, your loved one will carry out their new best activity, slicing watermelons, the Feenm watermelon slicer will not deform. It has thick sharp blades that easily and smoothly slice through the watermelon’s hard skin. The Feenm watermelon slicer is 15.7×11 inches large and smoothly cuts twelve pieces in a blink of a second. 

Check out these fascinating extra features of the Feenm watermelon slicer:

BrandFeenm (top manufacturer)
ColorWhite (many people’s preferred utensil color)
Material340 stainless steel (lasts long)
Other benefitsFeenm watermelon slicer can be easily washed
Has comfortable grip handles to keep hands safe from the sharp blades
The thick blades are firmly attached, so they don’t fall off
340 stainless-steel used is 100% food safe

Watermelon jar set

Let your watermelon lover friend or relative know that his happiness is your priority by gifting him with a Redwood home watermelon jar set.

This great Masons jar set comes as a set of three beautifully painted jars. Each has a regular mouth making it fit for multipurpose use. The jars are intentionally distressed to give them a unique and splendid appearance.

Here are extra features of the Redwood home watermelon jar set that you might opt to consider:

BrandRedwood home (officially licensed)
ColorWatermelon (perfect for watermelon lovers)
MaterialGlass (ideal for Manson jars)
Other benefitsThe watermelon jars are waterproof
They make a perfect décor no matter the setting
Suitable for use as barbeque silverware holder or flower vase
They are painted only on the outside hence perfect for fresh flowers
Dishwasher safe

Watermelon twist and fold hat

Let the stylish watermelon lover in your life stand out everywhere he goes by gifting him with a Been there watermelon twist and fold hat. The hat has a cowboy-style hence exceptional and admirable. Its effective brim is fifteen inches long; therefore, your giftee is assured of protection from the sun. 

Furthermore, the hat comes with a carry pouch, which makes it easier for one to carry around. After removing it from the splendid carry pouch, the watermelon twist and fold hat easily pop back to shape.

Besides, the Been their watermelon twist and fold hat comes with these extra amazing features:

BrandBeen there (award-winning brand)
ColorWatermelon (perfect for watermelon lovers)
Other benefitsIt is waterproof
Comes with an adjustable chin strap
Does not wrinkle
Made of premium material hence durable
Lightweight, therefore suitable for use as a hat
The hat’s elegant watermelon color does not fade

Watermelons crossbody bag

That amazing watermelon lover girl or woman is going to be mind-blown if you gift her with a Malgibag watermelon crossbody bag. It is a one in a million bag that makes a perfect option for her phone, money, keys, among others, and thus meet her daily needs. 

The cross bag comes with a chain that is long enough to be used while giving it a stylish and eye-catching look. On the sides, there is an elegant ornamental pendant that adds a touch of class to this captivating watermelon bag. There is no doubt any lady would appreciate the present on any special occasion. 

What makes the Malgibag watermelon crossbody bag worth gifting?

BrandMalgibag (registered trademark)
ColorWatermelon (perfect for watermelon lovers)
MaterialPu leather and polyester lining (durable)
Other benefitsThe polyester lining used gives a comfortable and soft feel
Fit for everyday use
Pu leather used can be easily washed
Water-resistant as it is made using high-quality leather
Has a strong and functional zipper that opens and closes with ease

Simulated watermelon ring

Let your loved one always walk head held high by gifting her with an ‘Inspired by you’ simulated watermelon ring. It is sparkly and will, therefore, make every head turn in admiration. The simulated watermelon ring is gold plated with a silver emerald to give it a touch of class. It is made of cubic zirconia and tourmaline, which make it all the more worthy. 

Besides, it is available from size five up to size twelve; thus, you get to choose one based on your budget and preference!

That’s not all; the Inspired by you simulate watermelon ring comes with these exceptional features:

BrandInspired by you (known for creativity and elegant, durable products)
MaterialRose gold with a 925-sterling silver plating (attractive)
Other benefits The meticulous polishing design used on this exemplary simulated watermelon ring has the perfect amount of sparkle that gives it a breathtaking appearance
Materials used don’t rust or tarnish
The ring does not get affected by water
Easy to wear

Watermelon slice with seeds grunge apron

The pride, joy, and gratitude of your loved one will be undeniable once you gift him with a Lunarable watermelon slice with seeds grunge apron. It is fit for any gender and age group and is multipurpose. This dainty apron can be used for gardening and cooking, among others. It has edges that are professionally hemmed for guaranteed durability. The black ties that can be adjusted give the apron comfortable and productive wear. 

This one of a kind apron does not disappoint; here are some extra captivating features:

BrandLunarable (#1 bestseller)
ColorWatermelon (perfect for watermelon lovers)
Weight4.5 ounces (lightweight making it practical for an apron)
Material 100% polyester (durable and comfortable)
Other benefitsCan be machine washed hence stress-free cleaning 
The watermelon colors are bold and clear
Does not fade; thus stays looking new longer 

Watermelon stationery set

Assure that lovely woman or girl who is obsessed with watermelons that you only want the best for her by gifting her with an Ace select watermelon stationery set. The watermelon set comes as a bag that can be used for pens, coins, keys, jewelry, and makeup, and a beautiful sketch pad. The bag is large enough to fit up to thirty-six pens making it worthy. 

Here are extra features of the Ace select stationery set that will amaze you:

BrandAce select (known for top quality products)
ColorWatermelon (ideal for watermelon fanatics)
Weight2.39 ounces (lightweight making it easy to carry around)
Other benefitsHas a large and functional strong zipper to secure her items
Has a soft touch feeling
The Ace select watermelon stationery set is made with premium long-lasting materials
Easy to wash

Watermelon pillow

Give your watermelon lover friend or relative all-time comfort from something she loves by gifting her with an Etrony watermelon pillow. It is an elegant and one of a kind watermelon pillow that will make you feel proud as you witness your giftee sleep comfortably. The pillow has a deep watermelon color that will make it stand out on any part of the house. 

Besides, it is stuffed which comfortable material that will protect one from back and neck pains. You can as well gift to children as the Etrony watermelon pillow has perfect dimensions that make it suitable for the young too. 

Why Etrony watermelon pillow?

BrandEtrony (known for the manufacture of high-quality products)
ColorWatermelon (perfect for a watermelon lover)
Weight8.8 ounces (lightweight making it suitable for use by children)
Other benefitsMade of high quality 100% cotton, polyester, and polyester blend, which is comfortable
Can be easily hand and machine washed
The materials used are guaranteed to last long
The watermelon color does not fade

Watermelon unisex bum bag

Have you witnessed your loved one struggle carrying his items while on the go? If yes, it is time to gift him with an Ambersonne watermelon unisex bum bag. With the dimensions of 10 inches length and 6 inches width, this unique bum bag will guarantee him satisfaction. It is fit for use during bike rides, shopping, concerts, and short walks, among others. 

Besides, the watermelon bum bag has a comfortable buckle that is quick to release. Its waist strap can also be adjusted and fit up to 43 inches.

These fascinating extra features come with the Ambersonne watermelon unisex bum bag:

BrandAmbersonne (reputable brand)
ColorBlack and watermelon (appealing)
Weight 0.16 kilograms (lightweight making it practical for a bum bag)
Material polyester (durable)
Other benefitsHas three compartments making it convenient
Waterproof due to the polyester material used; this keeps the content safe from accidental liquid damage 

Watermelon ball

Open up a world of possibilities for your watermelon lover friend or relative by buying her a watermelon ball. This is a one of a kind ball that is meant for use in the pool. Whether one wants to pass it, dribble, it diving with it or play any pool game, the watermelon ball will be her key to exploring every possible thing she can do. 

The best thing about it is that unlike other pool balls, the watermelon ball is filled with water. Once inflated, it forms a real watermelon, one she will be inseparable from. It comes with a clear, easy to read and understand manual that will be her ultimate guide in filling the ball. It does not matter what age she or he is; this is the perfect gift that you will not regret.

With the watermelon ball come these amazing extra features:

BrandWatermelon ball store (sell top-quality products)
MaterialP.V.C (lasts long)
Weight454 grams (lightweight making its use easy)
Other benefitsHas a 9-inch diameter making it effective
Fit for all age groups and genders
P.V.C material used is eco-friendly
The excellent idea, especially for pool parties
The watermelon balls are stain and wear-resistant

Watermelon mug

A funny mug that will always remind your loved one that she is one in a melon is the perfect gift you can buy someone special. You can opt for An Andaz press coffee mug that is unique, bold, and printed for multipurpose use. The prints can be read and understood from a distance, plus the clear mouthwatering watermelon slice on the mug will make it stand out from all the other utensils.

What makes Andaz press watermelon mug a great present?

BrandAndaz (registered trademark)
MaterialCeramic (preferred by many)
Weight1.3 pounds (lightweight making it practical for a mug)
Other benefitsPrinted on both sides for easier vision and extra humor
The ceramic material used makes the mug microwave and dishwasher safe
Has a comfortable and easy-grip handle
The prints are permanent hence do not fade or erase
The ceramic material used is durable

Watermelon cake topper set

If you are having trouble figuring out the best gift set for your little angel’s birthday who can’t live without watermelons, JeVenis watermelon cupcake topper set is the perfect gift set. It comes as a set of 25 glitter watermelon themed gifts. The topper is made of premium cardstock that measures 2 inches tall and 3.3 inches wide. 

Every gift is painted with a perfect watermelon picture to make it exceptional for finger foods, doughnuts, cupcakes, muffins. These are just but a few examples of what will make any young watermelon lover life memorable.

Check out these extra features of the JeVenis watermelon cake topper set:

BrandJeVenis (officially licensed)
colorWatermelon (perfect for watermelon lovers)
Weight1.58 ounces (lightweight making suitable for use as a cake topper)
Other benefitsThe premium cardstock used is food safe
Can be reused
Easy to use
Fills any room with color and decorative features of the watermelon
The cardstock used is eco-friendly

Watermelon journal

Do you know what would make every day of your watermelon lover friend or relative fruity and juicy? It’s a watermelon journal. Make your loved one start each day with a smile by gifting her glamorous watermelon journal.

Regardless of the occasion, the spectacular watermelon journal will prove you a perfect gift giver. It is lined to help her organize and plan her work in detail. Being only 6×9 inches, the journal is perfect as she can easily and effectively write on then put it in her makeup bag or purse.

Besides, the watermelons journal comes with these fascinating features:

BrandWatermelon journals (#1 bestseller)
Pages101 (convenient as she can use it for a long period)
Weight3.52 ounces (lightweight hence easy to carry around)
Other benefitsThe beautiful watermelon images on the journal do not hinder writing or reading
The journal is in paperback form hence durable
The lined pages do not bleed ink through
Any kind of pen is perfect for writing on this journal

Wrap up!

Buying these presents above for your watermelon loving friend or relative will prove your great taste in gifting. Each gift is worth all your efforts, perfect and watermelon themed, aimed to bring 100% satisfaction. The gifts described above are also fit to be gifted on any occasion and will definitely leave the watermelon lover speechless, with tears of joy and gratitude.

Now go ahead and show that watermelon lover how lucky they are to have you!

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