Fantastic 21st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Spouse!

Are you looking for the best gift to give to your spouse on the 21st wedding anniversary? Well, choose a present that will bring meaning and joy to a loved one. You can gift them with candle holders, earrings, rings, necklaces, tie pins, cufflinks, musical instruments, mugs, and watch, among others, as suggested by experts.  

In the life of married people, a wedding anniversary is a significant event since it brings a lot of happiness and joy to the couple, family, and friends. The present acts as a reminder of the love, commitment, and obligation towards each other.

Besides, when purchasing the anniversary gift, you may need a helping hand to select the best for your partner. This article entails several presents that you can select from to show your spouse that you still carry the wedding vows and promises at heart. Ensure that you go through this piece for more insight!

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Top 10 21st wedding anniversary gift ideas

  1. Earrings
  2. Rings
  3. Necklace
  4. Tie Pin
  5. Cufflinks
  6. Candle Holder
  7. Photo Frame
  8. Musical Instruments
  9. Mugs
  10. Watch

What’s the hardest year of marriage?

The hardest year of marriage is the Seventh year, as argued by the American couples in the research done. The seventh-year is full of challenges like disagreement because of finances, sex life, and house chores and in-laws coming in between the couple. However, these partners makeup after a little time and do not allow these issues to drag them along.

What year of marriage is divorce most common?

Most married partners based on statistics tend to get divorced in a particular year after their marriage. According to research year one, year two, year five to year eight, most couples get divorced. However, in year seven, divorce is most likely to happen in many couples married.

Are the husband and wife encouraged to sleep in different rooms?

The couple can both sleep in different bedrooms without any issue. Sleeping in different bedrooms is very advisable because it enables the partners to sleep quality sleep since both may have working schedules that are different.

What’s more, another partner may make their loved one sleepless because of snoring. Although this is advised, the couple has a fear of being separated from their loved one during sleep.

Below is an all-inclusive list of 21st wedding anniversary gift ideas that you can pick from:


A pair of earrings is a perfect gift to offer to your wife during the anniversary. It will make her feel valued and loved and give her hope of a stunning future in your marriage.

Consider choosing diamond earrings from Glamour Life because they are robust, therefore conveying a message that your marriage is still strong. Also, it is versatile since it can be worn in the office or during a night out or vacation.

Why Glamour Diamond Studs Earrings Women White is the ideal gift for the 21st wedding anniversary?

BrandGlamour Life Diamonds (Employ high quality of craftsmanship to produce earrings of great value)
SettingGold 4-prong setting (distinctive and protective of the gem)
MaterialWhite gold (14k solid therefore  durable and of high quality)
Dimension( 2 x 2 x 2) inches (2 inches in size to fit well to the ears)
Other benefitsHigh quality, affordable and eco-friendly earrings, therefore, can be gifted to a loved one on any occasion.
Consist of 14K & 18K white gold on post and backs and are nickel free.
It is must-have jewelry since one can wear it daily for custom and contemporary styling.

Candle holder

A candle holder comes in handy in everyday life. It is the right way of adding warmth and creating a tender mood at home during dinner and drinks carousing. Also, firing a candle brings peace and relaxation to the body.

Candleholders also offer a firm and secure base for the candle to prevent accidents. Besides, it helps in avoiding hot wax from spilling and damaging the table.

If you are willing to buy a candle holder for your loved one, opt for Vincigant Cylinder Anniversary Celebration Centerpiece.

Here are the benefits of the Vincigant Cylinder Anniversary Celebration Centerpiece candle holder:

BrandVincigant (offer quality candle holders at affordable prices)
Weight1.69 pounds (lightweight to facilitate easy carrying)
Dimension8 x 4 x 8 inches (small in size to occupy small space on the table)
Other benefitsThey are composed of excellent quality crystal beads made of octagonal K9 crystals. It delivers dignity and natural freshness.
Mostly used for votive candle since it emits a faceted crystal clear bead that will shine. As a result, it is used for decorations in any celebration and events.
Features a stylish and exceptional look, therefore, can add shiny elegance to the party.
Manufactured using high-quality materials, therefore long-lasting and has a stable metal base.


Cufflinks are essential since it acts like jewelry for men. It ages well with time, therefore, creates a sentimental worth that can be passed to future family members. It passes on a message that he is wearing clothes to impress their loved ones and other people.

Typically cufflinks come in different designs and styles that any man will love and are customized to fit one’s hobbies and personality.

Consider Stone Cufflinks Wedding Anniversary Warranty due to its amazing features tabled below:

Brand AUSCUFFLINKS (Offers cufflinks at an affordable price)
Dimension3.5 x 1.89 x 1.61 inches (small in size to fit well into the pocket.)
Other benefitsCome with a gift box for appearance and storage.
Durable since it is made of materials that will last for long.
It can be worn to any event, whether formal or informal.


A necklace is a beautiful jewelry present to your wife, particularly if she loves wearing them. However, when choosing the necklace, you need to put into mind the lifestyle and preference of your wife. Consider also the type of work that she does; for example, if she is working with kids, she will need to wear a short necklace.

What’s more is that the necklace show how much you care, committed, and think about her. The necklace will remind your loved one of how much you value her over the years.

For a necklace that looks good on your wife, consider one from the CDE store. Here are the reasons:

BrandCDE store (produce quality necklaces that are long-lasting)
MaterialCrystal, Glass (facilitates its shiny look like a luster)
ColourGreen(love by many)
 Length5 inches (Ideal length to show off  a v- neck))
Dimension(5 x 5 x 0.7) inches (It has an extended length thus suitable to make your neck look stunning)
Other benefitsIt is Long lasting and does not fracture easily.
Compose of a 3D effect, therefore, shines with a soft, durable luster.
Free of harmful elements like lead.
Feature versatility since it can be worn on any occasion.


If your wife loves wearing bracelets, you should get her one as a gift during the anniversary. It expresses her personality and how much your mind and values her. You should consider choosing one with a theme, for example, your journey together in marriage. However, you should look into whether she loves gold or silver before purchasing it.

PAVOI Zirconia Classic makes the best gift under this category. Here is why:

BrandPAVOI (Offer excellent customer service)
MaterialYellow Gold, Stone, Nickel (durable materials that are of high quality)
Length7.5 inches (ideal length to fit well to anyone wrist)
Other benefitsFeature cubic zirconia 3mm AAA+ stones in the setting of the basket of four-prong.
Skin health-friendly and environmentally friendly thus suitable gift for ladies during special events
It is plated with gold to facilitate attractive finishing and luminous look.


A watch is the best gift to give to your loved one. It is a gift of time, which will help your loved one to be present and always on time. It eliminates the boredom of always reaching out to the phone to check the time.

What’s more, by wearing a watch it presents someone as proficient and sophisticated. Moreover, a watch is an excellent award because one can put it on and take pleasure in using it daily. Also, it is durable and, therefore, can be used to keep the good memorize forever.

If you are gifting to your husband, the Husband Gifts Anniversary Engraved Pocket watch is the ideal option. Check the reasons below:

BrandLevonta (offers the watch at best prices)
ColourBlack (best color for men)
Dimension (3.39 x 3.03 x 1.42 inches (good size to fit the wrist well)
Other benefitsCome with romantic words that express to the one you love never to forget the love that you have for him and that you believe in him.
Consist of the watch, chain, waist chain, instruction card as well as quality gift box.
A suitable gift to offer to a loved one, father and men during celebrations like wedding anniversaries and birthdays
It features an accurate quartz movement, therefore, making it effortless to set time and open the watch.

Photo frame

Do you want your spouse to display a much-loved photo of both of you? Well, you should consider gifting them with a photo frame because they are durable; therefore, it can be used for long. Also, it will act as a reminder of the good memories you have for each other with your spouse.

Besides, you can personalize the frame by selecting the pictures of good experiences shared with your partner and allow your loved one to remember the memories you had together.

Think of buying an Artsay Picture Frames Sparkle Tabletop because of the following details:

BrandCalenzana (Produce quality photo frame that is durable)
Weight1.78 pounds (lightweight for easy portability)
ColourTransparent (To facilitate easy visibility)
materialGlass (Enables the photos been seen clearly)
Dimension(9.06 x 7.09 x 0.39) inches (Ideal for table tops only)
Other benefitsThey are designed with intonation as well as a shiny contiguous and beveled border, thus eye-catching to enable the effective display of the photo.
Delicate finishing shines to your loved photo making an ideal to anyone on any occasion.
Feature flexibility and versatility, therefore, can be positioned in portrait or landscape direction at the tabletops.
Come with a turning button to facilitate simple changing of pictures


Consider buying a vase for your loved one. It helps in not only holding water for cut flowers but also aid in the arrangement of flowers. Vases can also act as decorations for various locations in your house though you need to pair it with the exact flowers.

What’s more, is that the vase will exist for long; therefore will act as a memory to your spouse of the 21st anniversary that you celebrated together. However, before purchasing a vase, you should think in terms of the height, shape, materials used in constructing the vessel and color.

Vincigant Decorative Centerpieces Anniversary Thanksgiving is worth picking due to the following:

BrandVincigant  Store (produce elegant and quality vessel)
Weight1.25 Pounds (lightweight for easy portability)
ColourSilver (loved by many)
MaterialMetal (durable and does not fracture easily)
Dimension(4.92 x 4.92 x 6.5) inches (does not take up too much space on the house)
Other benefitsIt is manufactured using quality material, therefore long-lasting. Also, it has a stable triangular design and has a sturdy frame.
Multipurpose, therefore can be used for decorating ornaments, arranging flowers, and for storage use.

Photo album

Although people have adapted the digital technology in storing photos, it has its consequences since the photos may get lost in the computer folders. On the other hand, photo albums come in handy because it enables us to keep our memories and stories for future use. Your loved one can keep rare and personal photos that will last for generations to come.

If you are want to gift your loved one with an album to help in keeping the partner’s photos, choose to buy Zoview Self Adhesive Dust Free air Free Waterproof photo album.

Reasons for choosing a Zoview Self Adhesive Dust Free air Free Waterproof photo album:

BrandZoview (Offer quality album at an affordable price)
Weight3.55 Pounds (lightweight to enable easy carrying)
MaterialLeather (sturdy to enable long time usage)
Dimension(13.19 x 12.99 x 1.61) inches (fit well in your bag because of its size)
Other benefitsFacilitate storage of exclusive photos to be remembered.
Have dust and waterproof ability to enable quality maintenance of photos for an extended period.
Capable of holding pictures of various sizes.


Getting an anniversary ring to your loved one is a very thoughtful gift. It marks the milestone of joy, and the bond the partners have had in their relationship. Also, it shows the time, love, and good recollections of the spouses over the years.

If your settle for a ring, consider Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Swarovski Zirconia due to features tabled below:

BrandAmazon Collection (offer elegant rings for any occasion)
MaterialMetal (Platinum plated silver)
SizeVarious  (choose comfortable fitting)
Dimension(3.9 x 2.3 x 0.5) inches (has a length of 0.29 inches to facilitate  well fitting  into the finger of your loved one)
Other benefitsManufactured using high-quality products and fits well into the finger.
Durable and has a radiant appearance.
Contain well-decorated filigree on the inner side.

Tie pin

Are you wondering what to get for your husband on the anniversary? Well, you need to consider buying him a tie pin. It helps in clipping a tie to the shirt front to enable vertical hanging of the tie and evade it from swinging. Moreover, a tie pin will make your husband look elegant and neat while going for meetings or ceremonies.

If you are looking for a tie pin to buy, consider buying a Jstyle Regular Necktie Wedding Business because it offers comfort to your loved one, whether they are partying or in the formal events.

Other reasons for choosing a Jstyle Regular Necktie Wedding Business:

BrandJstyle (Offers Elegant tie pins)
Dimension(3.9 x 2.65 x 1.1) inches (Small in size and hold the tie well in place)
Other benefitsFeature strong claps and can hold well a range of ties.
Come on a diverse set of colors to enable every day wearing satisfaction.
Feature high-quality build and can be gifted to any man.

Musical instruments

Music instruments are the ideal gift to the loved one who loves music. It will help her or him to practice and enjoy music whenever they want. Playing the musical instrument helps your partner to maintain good health. It helps in reducing the blood pressure, stress, and lowering heart rate, therefore, enabling relaxation of mind.

Martin Smith Soprano Ukulele music instrument top the list in this category due to its exceptional features tabled below:

BrandMartin (Produce outstanding musical instruments)
Weight13.1 ounces (not heavy to facilitate simple portability)
ColorNatural (loved by many)
Dimension(20.9 x 2.8 x 6.7) inches (small in size to occupy little storage space)
Other benefitsCome with a bag to facilitate storage and portability.
Suitable for beginners because it enables a softer playing technique on your loved one fingers.
It is lightweight to enable relaxed practice when playing.
Feature a tiny body and is easy to play, therefore, ideal for use by all ages.


Buy a mug as a gift to your partner on the wedding anniversary. It comes in handy because it will enable your spouse to drink and sip coffee or teas anytime and anywhere. A mug is a practical gift as it will be used regularly with happiness by your loved one because it holds more than a regular cup.

What’s more, is that you should choose a mug with a printed message for your loved one to appreciate you while taking coffee.

Teravex Designed Ceramic anniversary birthday carries the day due to the following:

BrandTeravex store (Offers high-quality mugs at an affordable price)
Weight0.84 Pounds (lightweight for secure handling)
ColourBlack (A right color loved by many)
MaterialCeramic (durable and does not break easily)
Dimension(4.2 x 4.2 x 4) inches (ideal size to occupy less space in the table)
Other benefitsLong-lasting and of high quality because it is printed and crafted using ceramic.
Acts as the ideal gift for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and other events.
It is the ideal gift for your wife since it comes with a romantic message printed on the cup.


Are you scratching your head when it comes to choosing a gift for your loved one? Well, a keychain will make a perfect gift to your partner. It helps in keeping the keys together in one place to prevent losing them. You should consider buying your partner a romantic key chain as the anniversary gift to remind them of the good moments you both have had over the years.

Apart from these, a key chain comes with a sign of power and responsibility. As a result, the more the number of keys that you have, the more responsible you are.

Why go for Stainless Keychain Anniversary Valentines Engraved?

BrandSimdes (Offer superior quality chains )
Weight0.7 Ounces (lightweight to enable easy carrying)
length31mm (pendant length for easy access to the keys)
MaterialStainless Steel (Durable and will not rust)
Dimension(3.6 x 1.2 x 0.5) inches (small in size to occupy small space in your bad)
Other benefitsFeature a double-sided engraved keychain.
Come with a romantic message to your partner; I will Pick you forever.
They are made using quality materials, thus long-lasting for use by your partner. Also, it is rust free and does not stain or discolor.

Card case

Do you need to help your partner stay organized? If yes, you need to buy him a card case as a gift. It will help in the storage of cards for credit, IDs, cash, contact cards, and other small items. Besides, it enables effortless access to the cards and prevents confusion caused by cluttering of the cards.

You need to consider buying a Blocking Sleeves Genuine Leather Durable card case because it comes with RFID protection, therefore, enabling the safety of items from theft and prevents unwarranted transfers.

Other arguments for choosing a Blocking Sleeves Genuine Leather Durable card case:

BrandProtectif (produce superior quality card case)
Weight0.8 Ounces (lightweight for easy transportation)
ColourBlack (A color that is loved and appreciated by men)
materialLeather (durable and does not wear out comfortably)
Dimension (4.3 x 0.1 x 2.8) inches (Small in size to fit well into the pockets)
Other benefitsSuitable for everyday use to guard against strangers in public places.
Feature a compact make and is not heavy to enable easy portability.
Come with three gaps to provide peaceful space to store your cards and a zipper to ensure that the cards don’t come out unnecessarily.
It has a modern and stylish make and offers convenience to the user.

Final Word

Attaining 21 years married is not a simple task; this, therefore, calls for a celebration to enjoy that momentous day and gift one another for the hard work. We have, as a result, taking time to research for you the best gift to give to your loved one and express how you feel about them. Without a doubt, choose from the above list, and you will not regret whatsoever!

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