What Are Good Gifts To Take To Colombia?

Colombia, officially known as the Republic of Colombia is located in the north of South America. Colombia is considered as one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse countries in the world. Colombia has a rich cultural heritage that reflects various Amerindian civilizations, European settlement, forced African labor, and many more. Colombians are very social and they like to meet new friends. 

If you have friends or know people who live in Colombia and you have a plan to visit Colombia then you should take some gifts for them. Colombian love foods so it will be a great gift option for you. Just remember, when you are shopping for gifts for them make sure to pick a gift for the host instead of the house.

Good Gifts To Take To Colombia

Gift Giving Etiquette For Colombia

Every country has its own culture and gift-giving etiquette and Colombia is not an exception. If you are giving a gift to a Colombian then you must express tremendous gratitude. If you are invited to a house party then you can bring a meal, flowers, pastries or chocolates, nuts or fruits, etc. If you want to give flowers then make sure you don’t pick the lilies and marigolds. In Colombia, lilies and marigolds are exclusively for funerals. If you know that you will meet the family of a business associate then you should bring a gift for the children. It is considered as a thoughtful gesture. Games and candy made in the U.S. will be especially appreciated. In Colombia, wrapped gifts are opened in private; so if your gift is not mentioned don’t be upset. It is assured that your gift was received with gratitude. Gifts appreciated by Colombians are:

Gift Items on Amazon

1. Fine pens and other office accessories

2. Engraved quality items

3. Gifts native to your home region

4. Fine wines

5. Alcohol such as scotch, vodka, and gin

6. Perfume

List Of Gifts To Take To Colombia

1. Multi-Strands Fashion Necklace

2. Anjeer Dry Fruit Sugar-Free Sweet

3. Baklava Sweet

4. Mix Gourmet Hamper in Designer Gift Box

5. Laxmi Charan Paduka Wall Hanging

6. Fascinating Stuffed Doll

7. Personalized Journal with Leather Cover

Multi-Strands Fashion Necklace

Multi-Strands Fashion Necklace

This multi-strands fashion necklace will be an excellent gift option for the fashion enthusiast who prefers sophistication and elegance in her dressing. This is a beautiful multi-strand necklace in the gold base and it comes with three chains. Each chain comes with different pendants and they will go perfectly well with either Indian or Western dresses.

Product Specification

1. SKU: L11029907

2. Style: Everyday

3. Type: Fashion Jewelry

4. Material: Metal

5. Gemstones: Enameled Stones

6. Size: 6 X 4 X 2 

Anjeer Dry Fruit Sugar-Free Sweet

Anjeer Dry Fruit Sugar-Free Sweet

Colombian people love food especially sweets. Moreover, sweets are an excellent gifting idea. There are hardly any people who don’t love sweets and it is best for relationship building. You can give Anjeer Dry Fruit Sugar-Free Sweet to your friends or co-workers in Colombia and make them happy. It’s completely sugar-free so anyone can eat it.

Product Specification

1. SKU: J11070007

2. Weight: 500gms

3. Shelf Life: 30 Days

Baklava Sweet

Baklava Sweet

This is a very delicious dessert made with layers of crisp pastry filled with nuts and sweetened by drenching in honey. This is a very popular Colombian food item and this sweet is loved by all. It will be an excellent gift item if you are having lunch with your co-workers or friends. This sweet item is originally initiated from the Middle East so the gift recipient will definitely love it.

Product Specification

1. SKU: J11116169

2. Weight: 250gms

3. Type: Assorted Baklava

4. Shelf Life: 30 Days

Mix Gourmet Hamper In Designer Gift Box

Mix Gourmet Hamper In Designer Gift Box

If you want to send good wishes then the Mix Gourmet Hamper in Designer Gift Box will be an excellent choice. This gift box contains a bit of health and a bit of heart. It includes Roasted & Salted Cashew, Natkhat Raisin, Litchi Fig, Bites, Pineapple Coin, Black pepper Almond, Cheese Cashew, Blueberry Plum, Tangy Masala Pumpkin and Naughty Orchid pack. An elegant gift to present to anyone as it comes with a very beautiful box.

Product Specification

1. SKU: J11121071

2. Weight: 895gms

3. Flavor: Flavored dry fruits 

Laxmi Charan Paduka Wall Hanging

Looking for a wall décor to give a Colombian? The Laxmi Charan Paduka Wall Hanging will be a thoughtful gift to give someone on any occasion. The gift recipient can keep this elegant wall décor at home to exude a sense of serenity and prosperity. This wall décor represents good luck and a promising fortune for the future.

Product Specification

1. SKU: J11120820

2. Material: Clay

3. Theme: Religious

4. Size: 4.5in X 6in (width x height)      

Personalized Brass Pocket Sundial Nautical Compass             

If you know someone who loves to collect unique items them you can give this Personalized Brass Pocket Sundial Nautical Compass as a gift. This brass pocket sundial compass is really worthy to have on the list. This compass comes with a box made from sheesham wood so it is ready to gift. The dimension of the box is 3 x 3 inches and you can put the name of the gift recipient on the box.

Product Specification

1. SKU: L11095160

2. Size: 2.5in X 2.5in X 0.4in (l x b x h)

3. Material: Antique Finish Brass

Fascinating Stuffed Doll

Fascinating Stuffed Doll

This is a thoughtful gift idea for kids or children. You can give this doll as a gift to your loved one or kids. This is a high-quality alluring stuffed doll and whenever the gift recipient hugs this doll they will get a strong feeling of affection and warmth. The kids will surely get emotionally attached to this cute and charming toy.

Product Specification

1. SKU: L11007526

2. Age: 3-6 Years

3. Dimensions: 34in X 13in X 10in (l x b x h)  

Personalized Journal With Leather Cover

Personalized Journal With Leather Cover

This is an elegant design Personalized Journal that will help you jot down the daily thoughts or mystical daydreams in the journal. The color of the leather cover is royal blue and it resembles a striking tribal art. It is made from handmade paper and it will turn your words into whimsical prints.

Product Specification

1. SKU: J11108550

2. Cover: Leather Cover

3. Size: 8in X 6in X 1in (l x b x h)

4. Paper: Handmade Paper

5. No. of Pages: 100 

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