What Do You Say When you Give a Gift? (Keep These Etiquettes in Mind)

A gift reflects a person’s feelings towards his/her loved ones and to celebrate their accomplishment, life events, or occasions together. Generally, a gift is an accomplishment by a note that contains the words but sometimes you have to say something when you are giving a gift.

What you should say when exchanging or giving a gift depends on the occasion. If it’s a birthday party then “Happy Birthday” is appropriate, for the office party or promotion celebration party “Congratulations!” or “Nice work!” is sufficient. Many people don’t say any word but hug the gift recipient which is also an applicable manner.

There are lots of phrases available that you can use when giving and receiving gifts. Keep reading the article; we have separated these phrases into two sections: informal situations, formal situations. So you will easily understand what phrase you should use in which situation.

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What to say when giving a gift

Gift Giving Phrase for Informal Situations

You can use these phrases when giving a gift to your loved ones like the family members or close friends on occasions like the birthday party, Christmas party, anniversary party, and may more.

  • I got you something. I hope you like it.
  • Look what I have for you!
  • I thought you might like this for…..
  • Happy Birthday! Here’s a little gift/present for you.
  • Happy Anniversary! Here’s a present for you.
  • [Handing present to someone] Enjoy!
  • It’s only something small, but I hope you like it.
  • Here’s a little present for you.
  • Guess what I bought you!

Gift Giving Phrase for Formal Situations

For formal situations like the wedding, business dinner, or office party you can use these phrases when giving gifts to your co-worker, boss, etc.

  • [Name], I’d like to give you this present/gift.
  • [Name], this is a present that I/we/staff got you. 
  • I’d like to present you with this…….
  • In the name of [xyz], I’d like to give you this present.
  • Here is a token of our appreciation.

Phrases for Receiving Presents

When someone gives you a present and says something then it’s courtesy to say something in return. A sincere “thank you” with a smile is enough but if you are looking for some other phrases to use in different situations then take a look at these phrases:

  • Thank you so much!
  • That’s so kind!
  • You shouldn’t have!
  • Thank you! It’s beautiful.
  • I love it! I’ll put it on/hang it up/… immediately.
  • That is so thoughtful of you. It matches my…perfectly!
  • How did you know I’ve always wanted a… to go with my …?
  • Thank you. I really needed a…
  • Fantastic! I’ve been thinking about getting a…
  • This is exactly what I needed. Now, I can…
  • How kind of you! I’ve always wanted to see…in concert/at the movies/at an exhibition.
  • Wow! This is a dream come true! Tickets for…
  • Thank you so much! I’ve hoped/wanted to travel to…for a long time.   

Gift Card Giving Phrases

If you are planning on giving a gift card to someone then here are a few phrases you can use:

  • I got you something. I hope you like it. 
  • I thought you might like to update your wardrobe (driving gear, tech stuff, etc.) from your favorite store. 
  • Have a great time at … (name of the store, restaurant, or any other location in which a gift card works)
  • It’s something small, but I hope you like it. 
  • I thought you might like this for… (Birthday, Christmas, etc.)
  • Wishing you all the best…
  • With my love to you…..

Final Thoughts

I hope you find the above information helpful. Is there anything unique you say when exchanging gifts with your loved ones? Feel free to share in the comment section so other readers can know about it. Do you have any suggestions then let us know, please. We appreciate every critic.

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