What Does It Mean When Your Crush Gives You A Gift?

When your crush gives you a gift there is always a meaning behind it. Generally, there are so many pitfalls and other little things we do that could take on “meaning” for the other person but when it comes to gifts we become confused about the true purpose or meaning.

There are many reasons your crash can give you a gift. The purpose is obvious to the gift giver but it may remain hidden to you. But you can get an idea from the gift that your crash has given you. Below I have talked about a few gifts that your crash can give you and what each one means.


This is an excellent gift and a very common one that your crash can give you. If the occasion is not your birthday or any other gesture that comes too soon then it means your crash is over-eager. But if your crash gives you flowers on every birthday and Valentine’s Day then they are not very creative or invested. Usually, a flower gift is a great way to let the gift recipient know they were in the gift giver’s thought. John DeVore wrote on The Frisky – 

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“That’s it. It’s not complicated. Flowers announce: out of sight, still in my mind and heart.”


This gift has mixed meanings. If your crash gives you candy for Valentine’s Day in a heart-shaped box then it could mean that he didn’t spend much time thinking about the gift and just grabbed what he could quickly. However, it might also be a sign that he thinks you are beautiful just the way you are. Therefore, a simple heart-shaped candy box also means that your crash has some feelings for you.


If your crash buys jewelry for you and presents it on occasions like your birthday, Valentine’s Day, then it means your crash is very serious about you. According to E Harmony:

“When a guy buys a woman jewelry, it usually means he is committed and in it for the long haul.”

So, if you receive a jewelry present from your crash that means he also adores you want to have a strong and long-lasting relationship with you.

A Book

Many people consider a book gift from the crash is an excellent gift because it gives an idea about what the gift giver is thinking about you. It also means that your crash loves reading books and he wants you to read what he is reading. This is a great sign because your crash wants to express his thoughts and feelings through the language of the book. Moreover, if you love reading books then what would be a great gift from the crash than books, right?

Household Appliance

This type of gift is ok if you are receiving it from your husband after years of marriage but if your crash gives this type of gift on occasion like Christmas, birthday, etc. then it’s really weird. In fact, it is perceived as insulting if you are receiving a household appliance as a gift from your crash. This is really a bland gift unless you have asked for it or there are valid reasons behind the gift.

Homemade Items

If your crash offers you something that he made or any other family members have made then it means not everything with meaning needs to cost money and he also treats you like family. This type of gift is also a good sign that he has feelings about you because it’s clear that he has spent time into something and a little piece of himself to give you a thoughtful gift. But everything depends on the gift that your crash has given you. If he gives you a bad poem or a bad song or cheesy craft then that’s not something great. In this type of situation, you can appreciate the thoughts but not the quality.

Concert, Show, Or Event Tickets

If your crash gives you a concert, show, or event tickets then it’s a good sign because your crash wants to spend time with you. It also means that your crush likes you and looking for an opportunity to have some quality time with you. If your crash buys tickets of singers that you like then it means your crash is giving priority to your likes and dislikes. It’s also a sign that your crush is into you.

A Special Gift Card

A special gift card is one of the most meaningful gifts that you can receive from your crash. With the right words at the right moment can really help to build a relationship. Moreover, you can easily understand the thoughts of your crash from the words written on the gift card. You will understand whether he has feelings for you or he just consider you just a friend.         

What Means If The Gift Is Expensive Or Less Expensive

One way to evaluate what you mean to your partner is to look at the gifts he’s given on occasions like your birthday, major holidays, or Valentine’s Day but not the price. The monetary value of the gift is not always an important factor in any type of relationship and it means nothing significant from the gift giver. Usually, people give gifts according to their financial condition so it is quite clear that a rich person will give an expensive gift while a person with a limited budget will give a less expensive gift. However, many experts on dating and relationships think that if your crash spends money on good quality jewelry then it means he is saying something significant to the woman in his life. According to dating website eHarmony:

“Guys who ‘just don’t care’ usually will not spend money on jewelry for their girl. When a guy buys a woman jewelry, it usually means he is committed and in it for the long haul. This is especially true if he buys diamonds”

UK relationship expert Dr. Pam Spurr also agrees with the above statement. He says:

“If he’s given you a nice piece of jewelry then he’s seriously committed to your relationship. Men just don’t give the good stuff unless you mean something special.”

When A Gift Is A Bad Sign?

If you receive an impersonal, insensitive, or downright cheap gift from your crash then it’s clearly is a bad sign and he might not interested in you. Different studies show that good gifts create a great vibe between the couples and it works as a bridge between two people to start a new relationship. Poor gifts, on the other hand, question the similarity with each other and it indicates that the gift giver is not thinking about the gift recipient. Moreover, both men and women use gifts to mark special occasions, show affection, or apologize for a mistake. So if your crash gives a gift without any occasion then it might be an indication that he is apologizing for a mistake that he has made.       

Final Thought

Gift-giving is always tricky and when you are receiving gifts from your crash, a lot of feelings and expectations can get mixed up. So it is best to talk with your crash and clear the clutter and avoid any misunderstanding. That being said, whenever, we receive gifts from our crash it’s the thought that counts, right?

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