What is an Unconditional Gift?

An unconditional gift is a kind of gift that a person gives to another person without any expectation of reciprocation or in expectation of anything in return. It means there are no conditions on either the giving or the receiving of the gift. For unconditional gifts, the gift recipient is not obligated to give anything in return.

A birthday gift is a great example of an unconditional gift. People give birthday gifts because it’s the birthday of the gift recipient. Here the gift recipient is not indebted and he/she won’t have to do something in exchange. Likewise, the gift giver doesn’t expect anything in return from the recipient.

What is an Unconditional Gift

How to Give Gifts Unconditionally

Giving gifts unconditionally is not an easy task. Most of the time we give gifts in order to get something in return. So how can someone give a gift without strings attached when we are accustomed to feelings, duty, obligation, and gratitude? Well, the first step of unconditional gift-giving starts with sharing your love with the gift recipient. There are few other things that you have to take into consideration when giving an unconditional gift.

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Find a gift that expresses your feelings towards the Gift Recipient

Try to choose a gift that shows your feelings for the gift recipient. Not just buy a gift that is on sale or because it was the most expensive item in the store. Give some effort; think what your beloved ones will love, and consider other aspects while purchasing the gift. Creating the gift on your own is a great option to give gifts unconditionally.

Keep the Gift as a Surprise

While giving a gift makes sure you keep it as a surprise. If you are getting something from someone by persistent requests for it then it’s not a gift. So try to give someone a gift by observing their life and knowing what they require instead of them asking for items. Once you keep the gift as a surprise the recipient won’t have any idea and he/she can’t return you anything.

Stop Giving Stuff

Sometimes giving stuff ends up drowning us. There are occasions when giving stuff as a gift creates a burden to another person and the problem with this type of gift is that the recipient might have to put up with shelving your stuff in their already over-crowded life. If you are trying to pick a gift for a person who has everything then avoid the stuff. You can consider gifts like:

  • A promise to visit monthly to take an elderly recipient to different places like the art galleries or botanical gardens
  • A service – washing service, house-cleaning service, car-wash, and many more
  • Plants for the garden that will produce food, scent, color, or shade
  • A voucher for a massage, spa treatment, fitness class   

Think carefully about what the other person would not buy for themselves

If you buy a gift for a person that the person won’t buy or not like to use then it will create an awkward moment for both of you. If you know the person well then you will know what they have and what’s their choice and likings. So look for something that they might not buy before like the red shoes with really high heels or a trip to a spa resort that they won’t able to afford or a new food item they have never tested.

Let the recipient know the gift can be returned to the store   

If your gift can be returned to the store then tell it to the gift recipient. Don’t make an awkward moment for your gift because the sense of obligation can turn gift-receiving into a burden rather than a delight. There are chances the gift recipient might not like your gift or it doesn’t match the size so the option of changing the gift can relieve the gift recipient from additional stress.

Avoid giving “useful” items that everyone can use

You should not give something as a gift that everyone can use. Like a toaster for mother or car washer for your dad as these types of items can be used by everyone and they are not gifts in the usual sense. But you can include a coupon with the car washer so that the recipient can cash in to wash and wax the car. Otherwise, you can give this type of gift as a whole for the family so that everyone can use it unconditionally. These types of stuff are just too objective to be true gifts and this makes these gifts conditional because you are giving something provided that everyone else gets to use it.

Expect nothing in return

Unconditional gifts mean you are giving someone a gift because you want to not because you want something in return. While giving an unconditional gift don’t expect any gratitude, smiles, or something in return. Though, most of the gift recipients and well-mannered people will demonstrate gratitude. But for any reason, if the gift recipient can’t show his/her appreciation then it doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t respect your gift-giving or not appreciate it. Sometimes people become too surprised, embraced, or too shy to express their feelings in a gracious manner. If you have given the gift from the bottom of your heart then their reaction or lack of one should not bother you.

Emphases on Presentation       

You should wrap your gift with something nice and present it to the gift recipient because it will show your sense of style as well as demonstrate your respect for the gift recipient. You don’t have to make things complex as a simple wrapping with a colorful ribbon is more than enough!

Final Thought

There is nothing for satisfying than giving your loved ones an unconditional gift. While giving an unconditional gift try to follow the above advice so that you don’t end up hearting your beloved one’s feelings.         

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