What Do You Say When Someone Gives You An Expensive Gift?

Gift-giving is a tradition and it is a great way to show your love and gratitude towards the gift recipient. There are many types of gift givers available like some people give a gift for no particular reason while others keep forgetting to give their gifts. There are some other people who love to give an expensive gift.

Generally, people don’t find it difficult to respond to normal gifts because a thank you with a nice smile is enough to express your appreciation for the gift. However, many people find it very difficult or awkward and don’t understand what to say when they receive an expensive gift.

Most of the time the gift recipient feel lost between his/her own thoughts and feelings as well as social norms. This is because when you receive an expensive gift the first thing that comes to your mind is, should you accept the expensive gift or decline it? Depending on the answer arise these questions:

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1. If you accept the gift then what you will give as a return gift?

2. If you don’t accept the gift then how you can make the situation less embarrassing?

So it is quite clear that your response to the expensive gift depends on whether you have accepted the gift or not. In this article, I have discussed both scenarios so that you can easily face and deal with receiving expensive gifts.

Meanings Of Expensive Gifts

Before we talk about receiving the expensive gift, first we have to understand the meanings of expensive gifts. The first question you have to deal with is why someone gives you an expensive gift? Usually, people give expensive gifts to surprise their loved ones and show them how much they love and care about you. In this type of situation, the gift giver doesn’t even think about the price of the gift, because they have already decided to give whatever they want. Moreover, reach people don’t think much about the price; they just give whatever they find suitable for the occasion.

So it is quite clear that most of the time people want to accomplish something by giving you a pricey gift. In this type of situation, it is very important to consider whether you should accept the gift or not. Moreover, you have to determine whether the gift giver really wants to accomplish something or he buys an expensive gift to just wow you. Depending on the reason you have to consider if you would accept only the gift or a certain responsibility with it. Here are a few factors about expensive gifts:

1. It’s totally okay to take expensive gifts. If you don’t feel bad about the gift and have good terms with the gift giver as well as everything is clear between you two then there is no reason to refuse the gift.

2. It’s also okay to say no to expensive gifts. You don’t have to take something that you don’t want to or take any obligation to yourself.

3. Be honest with the gift giver; don’t lie about having gifts because a little honesty goes a long way in a relationship.          

Best Way To Accept The Expensive Gift

Accept Gracefully And With Gratitude

If someone gives you an expensive gift then the first thing you can do is to gently refuse the gift and then accept it once the gift giver pursues you. If you have planned to accept the gift then make sure you have strongly expressed your appreciation for the gift itself and the efforts of the gift giver. Also, thank the gift giver for being so generous and let him know how special the gift makes you feel. You could say “that’s a wonderful gift but you didn’t have to…..” This way you can let the gift giver know that though you do accept the gift; you found it too expensive for the occasion. Now make sure you return something solid with a sincere thank you note. You can also make the situation normal by following the below steps:

1. Ask the gift giver if you can open the gift right away

2. Give the gift that you have got for him

3. If you don’t get any gift then don’t mention it

4. Respond to the spirit of the gift

5. Mention something specific about the gift

6. If the gift is money or a gift card then you can tell the gift giver how you will spend the money

Talk To The Gift Giver

You should talk to the gift giver who gave you the high-priced gift. This way you can avoid such complicated situations in the future as well as let the person know you are not very comfortable in accepting such high-priced gifts anymore. So, in the future, the gift giver will understand the emotions and respect the gift giver’s decision.

Give A Return Gift That Will Make You Feel Less Guilty

When you receive an expensive gift; you should give something in return that is thoughtful and equally nice as a gesture of gratitude to make you feel less guilty. You should give something unique yet expensive enough to match the gift that you have received. Make sure you avoid giving gift cards or cash vouchers in such situations. If you give cash as a gift then the gift giver might think that you are repaying the overindulgence endowed on you disguising the gratitude aspect. You can express your joy and avoid awkward situations by giving a generous gift that also carries a personal touch. Moreover, you can also express your opinion about the expensive gifts right after giving them the return gift and tell the person that you won’t accept this type of expensive gift in the future.

When To Decline An Expensive Gift

Don’t Like The Gift

Of course, you can refuse an expensive gift. If you don’t like the gift then you can decline it on the spot. There is no point in accepting a gift that you don’t like. But, when you are refusing the gift make sure you tell the gift giver the actual reason. An expensive gift doesn’t mean that you have to like it; the price is not relevant for the gifts. So you have the right to like or dislike a gift that someone gives you regardless of the price.

In this type of situation, you can show your gratitude for the effort and thank the gift giver and politely return the gift. This type of response is socially acceptable. Just make sure you are kind to the gift giver and don’t use any harsh statements to hart the feelings of the gift giver and create an awkward situation. It’s already rude that you are not accepting the gift so opt for something like “It’s an excellent gift and very thoughtful of you, but unfortunately I don’t need this gift right now. Can we return it for something else or take your money back?”

The Gift Is Too Much

Many people don’t want to receive expensive gifts because they think that’s too much and makes them feel in debt to the gift giver. This type of reaction is normal for people who are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend extra money on exchanging gifts in a particular price range. If you think that an expensive gift is too much for you then you should tell it to the gift recipient and decline the gift or return it. You should not accept something that you consider a burden and make you feel bad in the future. So the best things you can do are be kind to the gift giver, show your appreciation as well as remain honest with the gift giver. You should tell the gift giver why you don’t want to accept a gift and why you think it’s too much. Just be open and you will find everything normal.

To Stop The Gift Exchange

It’s a custom to give a return gift once you have received a gift and if the gift is expensive then you have to give something that is in the same price range as the gift. So many people want to stop the gift-exchange ritual and don’t want to receive any gift regardless of the price. In this type of situation, you have to talk with the person with whom you’re exchanging gifts so that the person understands the reason why you won’t accept the gift. Make clear about the fact that you don’t want to exchange expensive gifts or any gifts at all. It will help you to maintain a healthy relationship with the gift giver as well as avoid any misunderstanding.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it’s always better to trust your instincts than complicating the situation with fake appreciations for the sake of formalities. You will be fine with everything as long as you remain honest and express your gratitude properly regardless of whether you have accepted the expensive gift or refuse it. This way the gift giver will honor your decision.

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