When Do you Open Christmas Gifts?

Christmas is the biggest traditional Christian holiday that people celebrate in remembrance of Jesus Christ’s birthday. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th day of December. In this holiday people spent their time with the family members and beloved ones as well as exchange gifts with each other. It’s a tradition to open the presents with the family members but the question is when do you open Christmas gifts?

The Right Time to Open Presents on Christmas Day

A recent survey shows 48% people open their Christmas gift as soon as they wake up in the morning, 22% people open the present after the breakfast, but before the Christmas meal, 9% people open the gift in the afternoon after the Christmas meal and the other 9% people open the present in the evening after the Christmas meal.  

When Do you Open Christmas Gifts_

So, there is some debate about the time of opening Christmas gifts. Many families open their Christmas gifts early in the morning and then get together for dinner later in the day. While there are other families that open the Christmas present on Christmas Eve. Some families open few gifts on Christmas Eve and the rest of the gifts on the next day.        

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Many people think it’s a tradition to open at least one present on Christmas Eve, then, the rest on the following morning. So it’s out of the tradition to open all the presents on Christmas Eve. Now it’s up to you whether you would stick to the tradition or open the Christmas presents out of the tradition.

Manners of Opening Christmas Gifts

Many families have their own tradition of opening Christmas gifts like who will hands out the gifts and in which order the gift will be opened, etc. But here I am discussing some common manners of opening Christmas gifts regardless of the family traditions.

Inform the Giver When the Gift Arrives

It’s very important to notify the gift giver as soon as you receive the gift. You may have put the gift under the tree and planning to open the gift until Christmas morning, which is ok but when you receive gifts in the mail, make sure you call or text the gift giver and let them know that the gifts arrive safely. Don’t forget to express your gratitude and let them know that it was kind of them to think of you and that you look forward to opening their gift! Most people worry about their gifts arriving safely or not so informing them about the gifts put their minds at rest.     

Read the Card First

Every Christmas gift comes with a card and it contains few words from your beloved ones. You don’t have to read the card out loud and the personal sentiment is written on the gift-tag or Christmas note but it’s a good manner to read the card first. This way you can announce who the gift is from and thank him/her as well. For example “This gift is from Uncle Jhon. Thank you, Uncle!” This is a great way to show your appreciation.

Unwrap all the Gifts of the Children before they start playing with a particular one   

It’s very easy to distract the children and once they start playing with one gift it becomes very hard to make them focus on the gifts and show them the rest of the gifts. So it is best to unwrap all the presents of the children at once and this way the children can open their gifts by themselves and thanking the givers at the same time.

Don’t ask the recipients whether they liked the gifts or not

You may have spent a lot of time and energy thinking, buy, and present the perfect gift to your loved ones but when they open the gift their face didn’t show the level of pleasure you were hoping for and they might just say thank you. So you are not sure whether he/she liked your gift or not and you are thinking of asking the person about it. But this is not the right time to ask the person about the gift because if you ask now the person will say he/she liked the gift as it will hurt your feelings if the person says otherwise. So wait and see how the person reacts when he/she opens other gifts.

When there is another occasion approaching like the birthday of that person then you can ask him/her whether he/she liked your Christmas gift or if he/she wants anything particular as a birthday gift. Now that many times have passed after Christmas and emotions are lessened; so you will get a more accurate and realistic answer from that person. If the person didn’t like your gift then he/she will tell you the reason so that you can understand what type of gift you should buy next time for that person.

Don’t tell you didn’t like the gift and don’t ask where they bought it

It’s not a good manner to ask people from where they had bought the gift and directly say you don’t like their gift. People always try to find the best gift possible for their loved ones and they invest their time money, effort, and emotion to choose a gift that they think the gift recipient will love and appreciate. And they put all these efforts to see a big smile on their beloved one’s face.

So negative feedback from you can hurt their feelings and I think you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings on Christmas Eve, right? So if someone asks if you liked his/her present then say yes and show your gratitude for keeping you on their thoughts and the gift.

Final Thought

Finally, it’s Christmas! It’s that time of the year when everyone shares joy, happiness with each other. The gift is just a way of sharing love, happiness, care and you can’t let gifts ruining that moment. Open the Christmas gifts with your family members and show your gratitude for what gifts you get.                                        

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