How to Wrap Candles for Gifts

A candle is a great gift item and you can give it on any occasion. But the problem with a candle is wrapping and many people find it difficult to wrap a candle that doesn’t come with a box. There are many ways you can wrap a candle, like using the gift wrap, ribbon, tape, gift box, etc.

With a few basic gifts wrapping items you can easily wrap a candle. There are six easy methods available to wrap a candle. Let’s take a look at them.

Merry & Bright Doily Wrapped Candle


  1. Small Tumbler Candle
  2. One 10 inches red paper doily
  3. One craft paper tag
  4. Alphabet stamps
  5. Black ink pad
  6. Red + white bakers twine


First, you have to put the candle in the center of a 10-inch paper doily

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Now fold the doily around the candle

Once the folding is complete, wrap the baker’s twine around the doily 4-5 times to secure the folding around the candle and then tie a small knot to finish the wrapping

Finally, stamp a small craft paper tag with “Merry & Bright” and then tie it around the candle

Fabric Wrapped Candle


  1. Medium Jar Candle
  2. One fabric fat quarter
  3. One holiday foliage pick
  4. Twine


First, put the candle in the center of the fabric fat quarter

Now gather the fabric around the candle

At the top of the candle jar, tie a length of twine to secure the gathered fabric

Finally, insert a holiday foliage pick into the twine

Greenery Wreath Candle


  1. Large Jar Candle
  2. One candle plate
  3. Wired greenery
  4. One glittery poinsettia pick


First, put the candle in the center of the candle plate

Now wrap the wired greenery around the candle and you have to do it for several lengths

Finally, cut several gold leaves from the poinsettia and then attach them with glue in the greenery

Paper Bag + Felt Ornament Candle


  1. Small Tumbler Candle
  2. One white paper lunch bag
  3. One felt ornament
  4. One mini clothespin


First, put the candle inside the paper lunch bag

Now fold the top of the bag and then crease it

Finally use a mini clothespin to attach the felt ornament to the folded top of the bag

The Standup Candle


  1. A piece of gift wrap
  2. Ribbon or tape


First, cut the gift wrap and make sure it completely encircles the candle

If there are extra papers then trim as necessary and leave about two inches of wrapping paper on either side of the two flat ends

Now wrap the round seam and then start wrapping the paper from one end

Fold the paper down flat against the candle’s bottom to create a pleat

Then create another plate that overlaps with the first pleat

Continue the process until the whole bottom of the candle is covered

Now secure the end with the tape and follow the same steps for the side of the candle

Finally, add a ribbon to complete the process

The Gift Box Candle


  1. Gift box
  2. Tissue paper
  3. Ribbon or tape


First, wrap the candle with tissue paper for protection

Now put the candle inside the gift box

Make sure the bottom of the gift box is strong enough to hold the weight of the candle

Finally, add a tag or a ribbon at the top of the box

Final Thought

The above methods are very easy and they are convenient ways to wrap a candle. The methods also ensure your candle looks beautiful and the gift recipient will appreciate yours affords. Feel free to share the article with your friends and family.               

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