How to Wrap Large Gifts?

Gift wrapping isn’t an easy task especially if it’s a big large gift box. It requires different approaches to wrap a large box. You’ll need more wrapping paper and you might struggle with tape and end up with accidental gaps. So measure the box, make sure you’ve got the right amount of wrapping paper to wrap large gifts.

If you know the process to wrap large gifts then the task will be very easy for you. In this article, I have demonstrated how you can wrap a large box in a convenient way. Keep reading the article to know the details.

How to Wrap Large Gifts?

The process to Wrap Large Gifts

The best practice of packaging a large gift is to wrap the box in sections. This way you can easily wrap a large box. The process is simple. Follow the below steps properly.

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Method 1. Measuring the Box and Wrapping

Step 1. First, you have to measure the gift box and the wrapping paper. You can take the measurements with a tape or ruler. If you know the exact size of the gift box then you can understand how much wrapping paper you will need. First take the measurement of length, then width, and finally the height. Now perform these measurements in the same order for every side of the box.

Step 2. Now take the measurements of your wrapping paper. If the wrapping paper is at least 2 inches longer than the box on the left and right sides then you can use that wrapping paper. But, if the wrapping is short then use another wrapping paper to fit all the way around the box.

Method 2. Wrap a Gift Box with 1 Sheet of Wrapping Paper (With a Video)

Step 1. First, unfurl the wrapping paper. Make sure you completely spread out the wrapping paper and then check if the paper is completely smooth or not. Don’t cut the paper by any side as you may have to unfurl more paper as you work.

Step 2. Now position the gift box in the middle of the wrapping paper. Then check if the edges of the wrapping paper overlap the edges of the box in even amounts.  Check the left and right and on the top and bottom of the wrapping paper.

Step 3. Now wrap the box. You should do one section at a time because it will be much easier to wrap if you break the process down into small steps. So wrap the log side of the box first. Then fold and tape the corners down on one end of the box. Now repeat the process for the other end.

Step 4. In this step, pull the wrapping paper over the sides of the box so it fits tightly against the box. Try not to leave any slack as it will cause excess creasing and make your wrapping look less attractive. Then, fold the wrapping paper at each corner, and if there is more wrapping paper required then unfurls more wrapping paper until it touches the edge of the paper that is under the box.

Step 5. Now cut the wrapping paper and use the remaining paper to create a small overlap between the top and bottom edges of the wrapping paper.

You can fold the corner paper down to make a crease. Then fold the edge inward by 1 inch to create a flap. It will make your wrapping look much tidier and more eye-catching.

Step 6. Now move your focus to the side of the box. Crease the edge of the bottom end of the wrapping paper down into a 1-inch flap to make your wrapping fore attractive.

Make sure you pinch the corners down against the box to create two triangular flaps; after that fold the other side the same way to create another flap. Repeat the same process for the bottom end of the box.

Method 3. Wrap a Gift Box with Multiple Sheets of Wrapping Paper

Step 1. First, set the gift box in the middle of a wrapping paper. Check and see if the wrapping paper fits half of the sides of the box. Now measure the sides of the box and how much the wrapping paper overlaps. So you will understand how much extra wrapping paper you’ll need from the other sheet.

Step 2. Now put the wrapping paper sides against the longest sides of the box. Hold the paper tightly against the box and then secure both sides of the wrapping paper with tape before using the second sheet.

Step 3. Place another piece of wrapping paper on the other side of the box. Position the paper accordingly so that the paper lines up with the bottom half of the wrapping paper. Now check if the paper covers the edges of the bottom half. Finally, secure both sides of the wrapping paper with tape like the first piece of wrapping paper.

Step 4. Now fold the top edge of the wrapping paper against the side of the box and make sure they press down flat against the box. You can use the edge of the box to guide the creasing of the wrapping paper and then secure it with tape.

Step 5. Create a triangular flap by creasing the top edge of 1 side of the box and then pinch the top side and fold it flat. Repeat the process for the other side of the edge and try to keep the folding even to look the wrapping more elegant.

Step 6. Now press the side of the wrapping paper to create a second flap. Fold one side at a time and repeat the process for other sides to create flaps. Finally, line up the flaps to make an even diagonal line.

Finally, fold the bottom flap up against the box and ensure it lies flat. You can follow the bottom edge of the box to determine if the folding is straight or not. Now secure the flap with the taps if you think the folding is straight.

Final Thought

I hope you have understood the above steps and able to wrap a large gift. If there is something that you don’t understand or want to know a few other things then leave your query in the comment section. I will provide you the right information.                                            

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